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1.Ramit Sethi – Endless Audience  (complete course) only for  $56.96 ($79.95)

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2. Mike Balmaceda – InstaClient Academy only for $48.96 ($69.95)

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3 Ray Edwards  – Copywriting Academy 2017 version 2.0 only for $48.96 ($69.95)

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4. Hayden Bowles – Hacking Influencer Marketing only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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5 Moolah’s Facebook Page Strategies course only for $27.96 ($39.95)

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6.  Ramit Sethi – Mental Mastery only for $27.96 ($39.95)

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7.  Superstar SEO Consulting Master only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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8. Michael Port – Steal The Show A Crash Course In Heroic Public Speaking only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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9. Lead Generation Mastery Online by Jaelin White only for  $48.96 ($69.95)

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10. Brendon Burchard – High Performance Master’s Program only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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[Special Offer] Mike Balmaceda – InstaClient Academy

Name Product: Mike Balmaceda – InstaClient Academy
COST: $1997
Size: 1.4GB

Sale Page : _

Create a $10k / Month Business & Work Less Than 4 Hrs Per Week
Week 1: Our Instagram Crash Course: Learn A-Z Quickly!
Week 2: How To Generate Clients On-Demand: $0-$10K Easily!

Week 3: Delivering Client Results: And Working 4 Hours or Less Per Week!
Week 4: How To Scale to $10K & Beyond!
InstaTools & Resources



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Amber Jalink - Build Grow Launch Training

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Teeka Tiwari – Palm Beach Confidential

Name Product: Teeka Tiwari – Palm Beach Confidential
Sale Page: _

Price: $297

Why 2018 Will Be the Best
Year Yet for Cryptocurrencies
The Cryptocurrency Action Plan: Your Guide to Making a Fortune in 2018. You’ll get the name of Teeka’s top pick. a full write-up on Teeka’s BITS System. and complete access to Teeka’s training videos.

“The Blockchain: Your “Backdoor” to Cryptocurrency Fortunes.” You may have heard about the blockchain – the technology that makes cryptocurrencies possible.
It’s one of the reasons so much money is flowing into the cryptocurrency market. All the big players are falling over themselves to invest in it.

And for good reason. the outfits leading the blockchain revolution are making investors rich.
One start-up belonging to this tiny sub-niche recently shot up as much as 1,905% in 10 days.

This guide gives you a full write-up on Teeka’s top three blockchain picks and training videos on how to invest in them.
They trade for as little as 50 cents. and could easily turn a few hundred dollars invested into thousands.
You’ll get all the details in this special report.
Teeka’s putting the finishing touches on it, and we’ll send it to you in the next few days.

12 issues of Palm Beach Confidential – delivered on the third Thursday of every month, with full details on Teeka’s latest opportunity.
Bi-weekly video updates – sent to you every other week, Teeka will keep you up to speed on what’s happening with the picks in our model portfolio.

1,000% guarantee – Teeka guarantees that his model portfolio will give you the chance to see 1,000% total gains, or you’ll get another year for free. All you’d need to do is call our customer service team a year from now to get your free year.
$100 worth Bitcoin – As a special gift for joining Teeka’s research service, you’ll get $100 of Bitcoin, delivered via email.

One more thing. If you sign up today, we’re also including another timely special report called “Make 8 Times Your Money on Gold.”

Can you tell us about that, Teeka?
Teeka: Yes. It might be odd, a cryptocurrency guy talking about gold. There are some things going on in the gold market that could cause the gold price to multiply. I recently came across a little-known investment opportunity I call a “gold multiplier.” When gold moves higher, historically, this kind of play has moved 1,960%. even 3,754%.

Now, with gold rebounding off its recent lows, now’s a perfect time to get into this opportunity.

If gold hits $1,500, I believe you could make eight times your money.
If gold prices reach previous highs of 2011. near $1,900. you may be able to make even 10 times your money.

Bob: Excellent. You’ll get all the details in this report, included free with your subscription.
Ok, just remember, you have very little time to access this wealth of resources.


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Foxley – Mountains of Clients

Name Product: Foxley – Mountains of Clients
Sale Page: _

Price: $97

The ‘Mountains of Clients’ adventure is currently closed for enrolment.

The boots are on, the trek has departed and you’ll find us hiking up Mt. Client.

The Mountains of Clients adventure is 90-day (12-week) online coaching program that consists of video tutorials, lesson material and easy-to-use 80% done-for-you templates.

We call it an ‘adventure’ because we’ve created it to be fun and to take you somewhere you’ve never been before.

And the adventure runs as a 90-day sprint as it’s the best way to stay focused and to hit specific goals. This is a very hands on coaching program. Those who sign up are required to DO THE WORK, with the aim to have their own sales funnel built and working by the end of the 12 weeks.

What this adventure does is teach people how to build Foxley’s own custom-designed sales funnel – The Freedom Funnel.

The Freedom Funnel is a proven 6-step marketing system to attract dream clients, increase your rates and build your confidence.


First, you’ll get to work out your target markets and who your ideal client is, and how to really get inside their heads so you can speak about results with more confidence… and they immediately see the value you bring to the table.


Then, use traffic strategies to get your ideal client to notice you, such as partnerships, email marketing, Facebook ads, guest blogging, etc.

Get proven strategies that work, more than just paid tactics, plus tons of templates to use for you and your clients. It’s the shortcut to traffic success.


After you have their attention, the aim is to get them on your list by offering them a lead magnet, such as a free checklist, cheatsheet, guide, etc. Get various tried and tested, done-for-you lead magnets you can swipe and go. Save 20+ hours in this step alone.


Now it’s your chance to get them talking to you by offering a hard-to-turn-down conversion tool, such as a website audit, brand audit, strategy session, etc. Use Foxley’s done-for-you templates to qualify prospects fast, and take the fast-track to converting them into leads.


Then you need to get your ideal client to know, like and trust you using a nurturing sequence of automated emails that let your expertise, authenticity and personality shine through. Use the fill-in-the-blank email templates and save another 15+ hours staring at the screen trying to figure out what to say.


And after you’ve gone through all the hassle of getting your ideal client to the point that they’re ready to buy, now it’s time to dive in and close the deal. Use these methods and you’ll probably find your clients will be closing the deal for you.



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Team Avenik – Avenik Instagram Course

Name Product: Team Avenik – Avenik Instagram Course
Sale Page: _

Price: $997

Avenik Instagram Course
The most complete Instagram course to date

Avenik Instagram Course Curriculum
Module 1: First steps to virality & starting your IG account 62:41

Lecture 1⎜1.1 – Determining Your Profit Niche FREE
Lecture 2⎜1.2 – Finding Your Hardcore Fans FREE
Lecture 3⎜1.3 – Securing Your Account From Hackers FREE
Lecture 4⎜1.4 – Ranking Up High In Instagram’s Search Engine
Lecture 5⎜1.5 – Finding the perfect username
Lecture 6⎜1.6 – Optimising Your Bio To Generate More Leads
Lecture 7⎜1.7 – Your Killer Profile Picture

Module 2: How to create viral content and be consistent 55:32

Lecture 8⎜Module 2 Introduction
Lecture 9⎜2.1 – The HQ Picture Trick That Gets You Seen Over Your Competitors
Lecture 10⎜2.2 – How To Make Your Posts Stand Out Above Others Using These Format Tricks
Lecture 11⎜2.3 – The Viral Content Method That Will Get You Seen By Millions Of People
Lecture 12⎜2.4 – Writing insanely converting captions
Lecture 13⎜2.5 – Creating a High Converting Thumbnail For Your Videos
Lecture 14⎜2.6 – The importance of being consistent
Lecture 15⎜2.7 – The Best Times To Post So You Can Skyrocket Your Growth

Module 3: The power hashtag strategy 40:04

Lecture 15⎜Module 3 introduction
Lecture 16⎜3.1 – The Hyper Power Of Hashtags
Lecture 17⎜3.2 – How To Leverage The 18 Different Types Of Hashtags For Your Account
Lecture 18⎜3.3 – How To Find Hashtags That’ll Blow Up Your Account
Lecture 19⎜3.4 – The Best Way To Create Your Hashtag Sets
Lecture 20⎜3.5 – How To Make Your Hashtag Go Viral

Module 4: Hacking Instagram’s algorithm 28:50

Lecture 21⎜Module 4 introduction
Lecture 22⎜4.1 – Cracking Instagram’s Algorithm
Lecture 23⎜4.2 – How To Use The Data Instagram Collects To Your Advantage (part 1)
Lecture 24⎜4.3 – How To Use The Data Instagram Collects To Your Advantage (part 2)

Module 5: How to boost engagement and hack growth 50:16

Lecture 26⎜Module 5 introduction
Lecture 27⎜5.1 – The Explosive Power Of Engagement Groups
Lecture 28⎜5.2 – How To Explode Your Account’s Growth & Engagement With These Comment & Like Hacks
Lecture 29 | 5.3 – How To Get Into DM Engagement Groups
Lecture 34⎜5.4 – How To End Up At The Top Of Your Followers Feed 24/7!
Lecture 35⎜5.5 – How To Grow Your Account Using These Shoutout Strategies
Lecture 36⎜5.6 – The One Thing You Want To Always Avoid
Lecture 38⎜5.12 – The (Live) Stories Hack…



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Chad Mureta – AppEmpire Success System

Name Product: Chad Mureta – AppEmpire Success System
Sale Page: _

Price: $379

Module 1: Success System

How to set the vision so you start off right.
Navigate the tricky back ends of Apple & Google Play
Tools you’ll need for App success.
Find profitable niches, keywords & ideas so you can beat the competition even in saturated markets.
Set up your accounts to make money.

Module 2: Identifying Opportunities

Research markets like a Pro so you create apps that offer better experience and higher value for users.
Identify buying trends to guarantee repeat sales.
Avoid common & costly mistakes – I’ve done & learned from many, so you don’t have to.
Dominate Niche + International Markets – stay in the game for years to come.

Module 3: Finding Your Team

How to set the vision so you start off right.
Navigate the tricky back ends of Apple & Google Play
Tools you’ll need for App success.
Find profitable niches, keywords & ideas so you can beat the competition even in saturated markets.
Set up your accounts to make money.

Module 4: Getting Your App to the Store

App launching made easy: why some apps get rejected and what to do about it.
How to protect your app idea from getting ripped off.
How to put them to work on your winning ideas so you get to focus on your top money-making activities.
How to build relationships with them so you can enjoy long-term success.

Module 5: Getting App Downloads

The step-by-step plan to launching your first app!
App Store Optimization: All you need to know to get your apps to the top of iTunes & Google Play
Marketing your apps made easy (and top mistakes to avoid so you don’t lose time, money or sanity)
App Marketing 101: best practices for free & paid marketing strategies

Module 6: Data Driven Success

Measuring and understanding your success metrics for better business decisions.
Tracking and tweaking your progress.
Learn the metrics that really matter.
How to earn user reviews that boost your rankings & downloads.

Module 7: Scaling Your Business

How to tap into a network of appreneurs and get them to cross-promote for you.
How to get massive free traffic to your app.
Ninja monetization methods for more profits.
How to tap into a network of appreneurs and get them to cross-promote for you.
How to best price your app for optimum sales.

Module 8: Monetization Methods

How to build a portfolio of profitable apps.
How to sell (or buy) an app business for big money.
Insider secrets to negotiating profitable deals in the app industry (I’ve done this several times).
How to make money with sponsorships.



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Brand Builder Bootcamp 2.0

Name Product: Brand Builder Bootcamp 2.0
Sale Page: _

Price: $1997

Contains the Brand Builder Bootcamp 2.0, Live Event, Coaching Calls from The Tribe by Ryan Moran

What Can An Entrepreneur That Makes Over $1 Million Dollars Per Month Teach You About Building A Million Dollar Brand? . Not As Much As His Clients, Who Have Used This Process To Do The Same In 12 Months Or Less.

You’re here because:
You want to learn exactly how to develop a brand that sells products that people want. and 100% confident that you can sell them at healthy profits.
You want to build a brand that stands out from all the competition, because you have something of real value that you feel proud to sell.
You want a brand that people believe in – one that people come back to over and over again – with lifelong customers that support everything you do, and buy everything you create.
How To Get Crystal Clear On Your Product Idea (even if you don’t have the slightest clue what you want to sell)
How To Use Amazon And Other Internet Sites As Research Tools To Guarantee A Winning Product (so you don’t end up creating something nobody wants)
How To Develop Your Prototypes And Product Lines (without getting ripped off or bullied by a supplier)
How To Fund Your Business (and how to do it without raising a single dollar)
How To Find And Correctly Pitch Investors (if you need startup capital)

You’re here because you want to create freedom and security in your life.
You’re here because you want to build something bigger than you.
A business that will make money and make a difference, with or without your involvement.
Something you can build and sell for millions of dollars, or pass onto the future generations of your family.

Who This Is Not For
This is not for those looking to “make a quick buck online”.
If you want to build a million dollar per year brand.
It takes time, focus, and hustle.
If you can’t invest at least $5,000 into your business, and hustle hard for at least six months.
.or at least use our training to raise the money to do so.
This might not be for you.
But if you understand that success belongs to those that are patient, disciplined, and focused.
And you trust the proven process I’m about to lay out for you.

Brand Builder Bootcamp
Now, if you’re still with me.
If you understand that this course is a way to make the million dollar business happen faster and easier.
If you understand that this will take years off your learning curve, and save you from painful and expensive “trial and error” lessons.
If you know that building a million dollar brand from scratch can be hard work.
If you’re ready to invest in yourself, and put in the work.
If you know that you need a proven blueprint to follow.

Laying The Foundation For Your Multi-Million Dollar Brand
Stage Zero is where your ideas come to life, get validated, and your brand starts to get built.
You will learn exactly how to validate your ideas (so you don’t pursue the wrong idea), and turn them into physical products that people want.



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Amazon Gorillaz Bootcamp by Rob Fortney

Name Product: Amazon Gorillaz Bootcamp by Rob Fortney
Sale Page: _

Price: $798

Its a proven fact that people who work in a groups are 10 times more likely to complete their goals!

Whats Inside The Boot Camp
Setting Up Your Amazon Business
Products to Avoid
Too Much Too Little Competition
Key Attributes Of Product Champions
How To Find A Product Webinars (4)
Suppliers On Alibaba & Beyond

Contacting Suppliers, Negotiating
How To Set Up Product Inspections
How To Ship Your Products
How To Create Winning Product Listing
Promos and Giveaways
Getting Your Initial Reviews
Pay Per Click & Advertising Strategies
What To Do After The Sale Auto Responders
Navigation Documents & Work Books
Essential Software Tools and Forms
Access To 50 Hours Of Coaching Sessions
Resource Rolodex
Product Finding Software Training
Q&A Webinars

The attributes below are just some of what the Gorillaz have determined to be the most meaningful.

Gorillaz Success Strategy 1
Sell in multiple products in low competition categories.

Gorillaz Success Strategy 2
Always be marketing
From the beginning of your launch be committed to marking & PPC

Gorillaz Success Strategy 4
Optimized Listings..
Make sure that you have an optimized professional listing

Gorillaz Success Strategy 3
Not A Place For Inventors
Dont be too innovative or try to change the market .

Gorillaz Success Strategy 3
We will teach which products to avoid Increase your odds of success.

Gorillaz Success Strategy 5
Test – Evaluate – Improve
Test your product for 45 days to find out if your product is viable.

This Is Why You Should Join The Gorillaz Tribe!
ITS A PROVEN FACT that people who work in a groups are 10 times more likely to complete their GOALS!!!!
YOU WILL DISCOVER: a strategy to help you find low competition products
YOU WILL LEARN to avoid products that increase your risk of failure
AVOID THE MISTAKES that most people make starting a business
GET YOUR QUESTIONS answered quickly and solve your problems
CREATE RELIABLE INCOME that you can count on to pay your bills
FEEL MORE CONFIDENT and secure financially with a successful product
SPEND MORE TIME with family & friends & enjoy the your hobbies more
HOW PROUD YOU WILL BE when your family and friends realize you started a business



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VidSummit 2017 by Gary Vaynerchuk

Name Product: VidSummit 2017 by Gary Vaynerchuk
Sale Page: _

Price: $797

Get access to the worlds leading experts on growing audiences fast, building serious brands and making millions partnering with influencers!
Where The Worlds Top Influencers, Video Marketers And Brands Reveal Everything They Know About Turning Videos Into Sales – Featuring Gary Vaynerchuk and 30+ Other High-Level Speakers

VidSummit 2017 – Schedule
Subject to Change Without Warning
Tuesday – October 10th

5-9 pm – Event Registration & Check-in
6-8 pm – VidSummit Kickoff & Networking

Wednesday – October 11th
8 am – Event Registration & Check-in
8 am Theater – Owen Hemsath, Cross Platform Optimization & Promotion To Grow Audience
8 am Westchester – Jeremy Vest, Boosting Website Traffic With Facebook Live
Facebook Live strategies that led to 40 million website visitors on Car and Driver

9 am Main Ballroom – Derral Eves & Shonduras, VidSummit 2017 Welcome
9:10 am Main Ballroom – Luria Petrucci, Advanced LIVE Video Marketing Strategies
9:10 am Theater – Travis Chambers, Facebook Ad Targeting: Reaching The Right People

9:10 am Westchester – Rob Sandie, Data Driven Decisions: How To Really Explode YouTube Channel & Business

10:00 am Main Ballroom – Derral Eves, Creative Tactics to Leverage The YouTube Algorithm
10:00 am Westchester -Cyrene Q, Weaving Creativity into Your Branded Content
10:00 am Theater – Michael Ronen, Engage Your Audience With The Latest AI/AR

11 am Main Ballroom – Gary Vaynerchuk, Keynote Address – Gary Vaynerchuck

1:30 pm Main Ballroom – Ricky Ray Butler, Things That Both Brands & Influencers Should Know About Working With One Another

1:30 pm Theater -Dan Lok, How To Make Big Money From A Small Channel
Dan Lok is one of the highest-paid and most-in-demand consultants in the luxury and high-ticket space.

2:20 pm Main Ballroom – A Changing Digital Landscape: How To Stay Ahead

3:15 pm Main Ballroom – Joel Comm, Future of Live Streaming and How it Affects You & Your Content

3:15 pm Westchester – Rachel Farnsworth,Growing, Leveraging & Monetizing a Facebook Audience

3:15 pm Theater – Bryant Garvin, Video Campaigns strategies That Lead to 1 Billion Valuation

4:05 pm Main Ballroom – Judy & Benji Travis, Sean Cannell, Balancing YouTube Growth & Family Life Without Going Crazy
How to let down your guard, connect with your audience and build a community

4:05 pm Theater – Matthew Faraci, Getting The Worldwide Media to Cover Your Content

4:05 pm Westchester – Mark Robertson, Facebook Hacks that Every YouTuber Should Use

4:55 pm Main Ballroom – Shaun McBride, ShondurasMaking the Brand The Hero

Thursday – October 12th
8 am Westchester – Jon Penberthy, How to Generate 7 Figures A Year With Simple 5 Minute Videos

8 am Theater – Peter Hollens, Collaborations: How To Work Together To Create Massive Success



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Differentiation and Integration made easy

Name Product: Differentiation and Integration made easy
Sale Page: _

Price: $20

Learn the applications and techniques of differentiation and integration today through short and to the point lectures!
This course will cover the following concepts

The applications of Differentiation and Integration
Basic Differentiation
Product Rule
Quotient Rule

Basic Integration
Differentiating trigonometric functions
Differentiating exponential functions
Difference between definitive and indefinite integrals
Area under the curve
The constant rule
Integration by Substitution
Integrating trigonometric functions
Differentiating exponential functions

NOTE: This course only covers the basics of differentiation and integration and does NOT cover concepts like integration by parts, limits, integration using ln functions or partial fractions.



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Project Management 4/4 Quality Management & Software Testing

Name Product: Project Management 4/4 Quality Management & Software Testing
Sale Page: _

Price: $200

Quality Management,Software Testing(White,Black,Regression),Configuration Management,Project Communication Management

What is the course about?
This training program on Software Project Management is divided into four parts. This is the last part.
This covers Project Quality Management,Characteristics and Assessment of Software Quality,Quality Plan Process,Quality Assurance Process,Software test,White box tests,Black,box tests,Regression tests,Software test case Design and Components,Software test Automation,Configuration Management,Baseline,Maintenance,Project,Communication Management,Communication Network.

Quality within the context of a project is concerned with two variables: Quality of the project deliverables (products) and quality of project management deliverables. This course first provides an overview of the quality concepts that will assist Project Managers run their projects in a way that results in a higher level of customer satisfaction and eliminates or significantly reduces rework. Class participants will then develop quality management, quality assurance, and quality control plans that will focus on both project and project management deliverables.

In this course, you will learn about strategies that are used for testing software. You will learn about the verification and validation processes of testing and the difference between the two. You will learn about the different levels of testing. You will learn about system testing and its categories and strategies. You will learn about integration testing, when it is applied and how it works. You will learn about the difference in testing an Object-orientated program compared to the traditional procedural program.

Software development is not a straightforward process and often requires multiple iterations between the development phases. To cope with this dynamic nature of software development, software engineers need to control the changes in the development process. Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the activity that helps us control the evolution of a software project. This course is a comprehensive review of SCM as a software-engineering discipline supporting all life-cycle phases by relying on tools and techniques to manage changes in software, including documentation, code, interfaces, and databases.

Managing project communications is one of the most important duties of a project manager. Project managers must communicate with project owners, team members, and other stakeholders, whether they are internal or external to the organization. Effective communication can only occur when project mangers identify all the people or organizations impacted by the project. Knowing the potential impact or support each stakeholder could generate allows project managers to create effective strategies that can be critical to project success. This online course helps project managers assess their project communication needs, plan for meeting those needs, and effectively communicate project status and forecasts throughout the project life-cycle. This course will familiarize you with the language and methodology commonly used by professional publications, associations, and your peers in the project management profession.

There is a wealth of information on project management. But unfortunately, we have come to realise that only a small fraction applies to software project management. This course covers new practices and new ideas Project Managers ought to consider to make their software development projects succeed.

Please remember that this is a serious course on Management. I believe that subjects like this cannot be learned in few hours. It required continuous practice. Students may have to put a lot of efforts in order to become expert manager and make the best use of this course. This course covers the essential information that every manager needs to know about management skills.

What kind of material is included?
1. This course consists of high quality training content using quality videos with industry oriented hands-on examples.
2. I have tried to include the juice of my 10 years of experience in this course.
3. The focus is on giving real life essential tricks and skills.
4. I suggest students to take this course with pen and paper handy. Note the important points and take part in discussions.

How long will the course take to complete?
1. This is the comprehensive course covering almost all the topics of Software Project Management.
2. I advise students to cover not more than one lesson/section per day and do not move to the next lesson/section untill the concepts are clear.

How is the course structured?
1. A perfect blend of theory and on the job training.



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Malloch, MacMillan – Common-Sense Business: Principles for Profitable Leadership

Name Product: Malloch, MacMillan – Common-Sense Business: Principles for Profitable Leadership

Sale Page: _

Price: $24.99

Category: Tutorial
“Has the potential to transform how all companies are runNothing could be more valuable!” – Mark Drewell, CEO, Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI)

From two of the world’s most successful business leaders comes Common-Sense Business – an accessible, actionable guide to better leadership, increased profits, and a more sustainable economic model predicated on prudence and socially conscious business.

Common sense and prudence have long been among the guiding tenets of society, but in today’s economy they have been completely abandoned in the interest of blindly maximizing profits. Common-Sense Business shows that this current economic model is both detrimental and unsustainable, and that we must transform the global economy along the lines of common sense toward the common good. Ted Malloch, a thought leader and policy influencer in global economic strategy, and Whitney MacMillan, the former chairman and CEO of the world’s largest private corporation, draw on recent research, history’s greatest minds, and their own successes to explain that ethically driven business is both a moral and financial necessity.

Inspired by Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, this work explains to listeners in all walks of life that ethically driven business will lead to better long-term profits, larger customer bases and more positive customer relations, and a holistically improved business. This book is a must-listen for business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and businessmen and women in all sectors of the economy.



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