Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write about Anything

Name Product: Analysis and Critique: How to Engage and Write about Anything

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For thousands of years, writing has been a powerful way for us to communicate with one another, to share our distinct thoughts and ideas through the power of words. Even in today’s technologically saturated 21st century, we still express ourselves in writing almost every single day. And oftentimes, we write to argue our viewpoints, persuade others that we’re right, and share our unique experiences and perspectives.

1. How to Write about Anything
2. How to Be an Effective Reader
3. How Literature Can Help
4. Shaping Your Voice
5. Knowing Your Reader
6. The Art of the Essay-How to Start
7. How to Organize an Argument
8. Supporting Your Argument
9. Finishing Strong
10. The Uses of Poetry
11. Poetic Diction and Syntax
12. Drama-Writing Out Loud
13. What You Can Learn from Autobiography
14. Writing and Leadership
15. The Rules of Rhetoric
16. Invention and Arrangement
17. Ethos and Pathos
18. Finding What You Need
19. Using What You Find
20. Getting Started-Writing First Drafts
21. Editing-Finding What’s Wrong
22. Rewriting-Fixing What’s Wrong
23. Avoiding Common Errors in Grammar and Usage
24. The Power of Words



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