Andy Fletcher – Video Traffic X

Name Product: Andy Fletcher – Video Traffic X

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Price: $97

“The First & Only Video Creation Service That is 100% Traffic Focused”

Back in 2007, all you’d to do to rank was slap up some content, add your keywords… and BOOM! You are Ranking On Page One

These days, ranking is not so easy.

Your subscribers know they need to use video clip to rank.

But making those video clips has been too complicated, too time consuming…

(… and if they are using Fiverr, it is costing them $35 per video clip and they STILL have to wait a week to get a single video clip back!)

Video Traffic X fixes all these problems in the push of a button.

VTX makes highly relevant videos full of 100% unique content in a single click.

There is no catch. There is not even a “learning curve” to master, and nothing complicated to do. There is no waiting around (the vids take a matter of min’s to make), and they are saving an insane amount of cash every time they use Video Traffic X to produce video clips.

That is why the probability of lock in is so high…

Once people start using Video Traffic X to rank, they will not want to stop using it…

And they certainly will not be leaving the service any time soon… which means long term commissions for you.



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