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Visual Voice Pro Edition – Bonuses

Name Product: Visual Voice Pro Edition – Bonuses
Sale Page: _http://visualvoiceproedition.com/offer/additional-bonuses/

Price: $179

Bonus #1 – 10 Secrets Of Highly Lucrative Video Marketing

Consumers love videos. They watch videos. They ENJOY video. If you’re not using video yet, you’re losing customers, clients, and revenue. Here are ten tips to get you started in the right direction and learn how to: Use more video in your business and make those videos perform as well as possible in getting your viewers to take action?
Bonus #2 – Easy Voice

Build Your List With a Software That Turns Your Content (PLR Articles, etc) into 1 or Many Audio Files (Mp3’s). See what Easy Voice can do for you and your customers… Turn any Article into an MP3 audio file.

You can automatically split your content into many files (break them into many MP3’s to add to membership sites etc). Great to turn PLR content into something fresh. Use it to create “Bonus” products on the fly, lead magnets and more! The possibilities are endless.

Yes, It’s Not The Typical “Text to Speech” App. It also SAVES the Content into one or Multiple MP3’s. Most of the Text-to-Speech apps are just “Parrots” and they don’t allow you to save the audio to an .MP3 file.
Bonus #3 – Create Perfect Online Videos

You need video in your business today. The Truth is… Incorporating Video into Your Business Increases Sales and Revenue By Over 90%. If I could show you the benefit of video in your business would you be interested? Just like most Web Masters and Internet Marketers, we are all trying to make more revenue and expand our businesses to greater levels. The competition is tough we know this! So we need an alternative solution to ensure customer retention and engagement on our websites.
Bonus #4 – Expressive Voice Culture

The first essential to one beginning the study of voice culture is an appreciation of the real significance of voice development. We must recognize at once the fact that the voice is a natural reporter of the conditions, emotions, thoughts, and purposes (character and states or conditions) of the individual.
Bonus #5 – Create Videos With Camtasia 9

Now You Can Get Instant Access To A Practical “Hands-On” Video Course With 15 Additional Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials Showing You HOW to Do What You Learned In the Course. Instantly Download These Videos Which Take You Step By Step Through The Technical Parts Of Putting Your Marketing Strategy in Place. If you’re like most people, you’re going to be super excited about what you’re about to learn about real life marketing strategy.
Bonus #6 – Magnetic Video marketing

Here’s Why You’re Ready to Profit with People Lined Up to Buy this Training from You. First of all, video marketing is on the rise, flexible, and stands out. Thousands of people, especially entrepreneurs, are using and looking for updated training on video marketing. According to studies, 74 percent of Internet traffic will be video, this means that if you’re not advertising through videos, you are and you will be losing a lot of opportunities.
Bonus #7 – Marketing Video Clips Collection

This is a various collection of video clips to help you with your multimedia presentations. Ideal for anyone who needs more information and helps with their marketing when it comes to presentations. Within this marketing video clips collection, you will find 15 different style videos that will not only save you time in your creating process but make you video presentations come to life



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Sale Page: _http://www.timelesstraffic.com/jv/

Price: $15

The methods of generating targeted traffic have CHANGED.

The old ways of doing it are dead…

This new method does NOT involve:

Heck yes it does!

“That’s Cool… But Are Your Students Getting Similar Results?”

YES! My students are making money from this method…

​(This is how much traffic and sales they’re getting in OTHER niches!)

FINALLY – How to Turn $10 into HUNDREDS of Dollars/week on Repeat With NO LIMITS to How Many “Traffic Packs” You Can Set Up…

From the desks of:

Soufian Chalouh, Stefan Ciancio & Mehdi Tihani

Hey there, Soufian here with my partners Stefan and Mehdi.

​This started out as a little experiment for me. I was sick of how long it took to generate targeted traffic.

​I tried everything. Spent thousands on Facebook ads and Google Adwords… nothing worked. I knew I had to get creative to generate targeted traffic.

​Then, the experiment happened.

​I spent about $10-20 on each of these “traffic packs” that took only a few minutes to set up, and over the course of that week, I was able to bring in 1000+ visitors and best of all, $1,700 in my pocket.

​Yes, I was able to turn $20 into $1,700!

​It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the massive potential of this method. One little “traffic pack” makes me $1,700/week, and now I have many running.

​When I saw how great it worked, I began teaching a few students.

​All my students are making money… That’s when I knew I was sitting on a goldmine.

​And today, I’m finally releasing this method to the world so that YOU can get similar results.

​It doesn’t get much easier than this, especially for someone with limited time and limited budget. The potential of this method is absolutely unlimited…

Here’s the Truth: My “Timeless”, On-Demand Traffic Strategy is the BEST Way to Bring in Tons of Targeted Visitors and Make Money Online in 2018…

Each “traffic pack” you set up acts to bring you thousands of visitors QUICKLY, in an effort to save you from slow, unreliable Google traffic or expensive Facebook ads.​

Imagine having one “pack” that brings you 500 visitors within a week and $700 in profit.

​We have a few of these running… and we’re building tons more.

​The beauty is you can set up many of these “traffic packs” as you like… how many will you set up?



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Offline Proximity Paydays

Name Product: Offline Proximity Paydays
Sale Page: _https://mikepaulonline.com/proximity-paydays/

Price: $37

What’s Killing Local Retailers?

The internet. Amazon, Ebay and all the rest are doing unbelievable damage…

Their advantage is obvious; No expensive brick and mortar operations.

BUT, Local retail and professional firms DO have an advantage;
Walk By Traffic.

IF they could just exploit it…NOW they can.
Introducing the Marketing Consultant’s best friend;
Proximity Marketing

From national business reporting…

“Proximity marketing transforms the customer experience, increases brand affinity, and drive sales automatically.”

“Early adopters are seeing remarkable results and generating highly valuable advertising impressions that build on themselves.”

Total proximity device shipments will easily exceed 400 million units in 2020.

The reason? The wide range of new marketing opportunities that businesses demand.

Retailers are more and more interested in using these devices in their marketing strategies.

They want their customers to receive personalized and time-relevant messages…THAT’S what sells merchandise and services!
Will Proximity Marketing Save Local Retailing?

Its expanded use is expected to help reinvigorate brick-and-mortar retailers.

Proximity offers customizeable shopping experiences to customers that can’t be replicated online.

A recent consumer study found that over 70% of shoppers who received content and offers on their smartphone said it increased their likelihood of making a purchase during a store visit.

More than 60% of respondents said they’d do more holiday shopping at brick-and-mortar stores that delivered mobile content and offers while they shopped…

and 61% of people said they’d visit a store more often if they offered these proximity marketing campaigns.

This is no theory, guys…it’s happening already.
“You’re Not Even Paying For This…Your First Client Is!”

I get excited about this proximity strategy because I’m SOLD on it. When you get to this level it is about passion, service and being on the cutting edge.

A year from now I’m betting you’ll say it was the best
$37 investment ever…and if its any lower than that price, GRAB IT with both hands!

The first difference is ‘consent’.

With SMS text marketing – the targeted prospect typically has to consent to getting the messages…Which requires a whole other step before you can even start marketing.

With Email Marketing – the targeted audience should be on a “list” which consists of people who have “consented” to get these emails.

With Proximity Marketing (Since Google stepped in) consent is no longer required.
As long as the Android mobile user has blue tooth enabled(and most do – especially if they are using bluetooth in their car) the mobile phone user is to receiving the business owner’s messages, announcements, reminders and promos.
AND, it’s low-key/non-obtrusive since the notification shows up at the top of the phone(no calls, no email clogging, and no irritating ring)
Better Cost – unlike email marketing that can charge in proportion to the size of the list, or online advertising that charges per click or per impression, there is no limit to the exposure using these devices.

A Few of The Power-Techniques and Strategies You Get in This 56 Page Guide…



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Lead Sensationz Training

Name Product: Lead Sensationz Training
Sale Page: _http://averagecarguy.com/Lead-Sensationz-Training_3641465.html

Price: $97

Did you know that local marketing consultants can make between $40,000 to $100,000 per year working part time?

And with thousands of businesses in your area that desperately need help with SEO, websites, content and social media. there has never been a better time to dive into this golden opportunity.

If you’re tired of trying to create products, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, Amazon, blogging – and all the other make money methods that just aren’t bringing in the cold hard cash you need right now. then becoming a local marketing consultant could be the perfect solution for you.

What if I told you that it’s possible to rake in paychecks from local clients anywhere from $250, $500 or even $1200 for a few hours of work? And better yet – what if you can do this without any experience, and without cold calling, running ads, writing content or networking.?

Then stop what you’re doing, close the door and watch the video below to see how…

Our Secret Shortcut To Attracting Thousands Of Hungry Clients Who Have Urgent Problems With Their Websites, SEO And Social Media.

This Is Your Golden Opportunity…

…to start selling mobile websites, SEO, social media, video marketing or WordPress websites. by finding clients who desperately need your help.

I’m talking about clients who.

Don’t have a responsive website
Don’t have a fast loading website
Or don’t even have a website at all

Or maybe…

Clients who don’t have a social presence
Clients who need to improve their video marketing

These Are The Dream Clients Who Are Ready And Waiting To Pay You Money Today – But Until Now, You Didn’t Know How To Find Them!

Local biz owners are paying big bucks to solve these basic online marketing problems



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Steve G Jones Transform Limiting Money Beliefs

Name Product: Steve G Jones Transform Limiting Money Beliefs
Sale Page: _http://www.moneybelieftransformation.com/

Price: $27

Enough is enough!!!

How Many Sleepless Nights Have You Spent Worried Over Money?
It’s Time to Put Your Money Worries to Bed Once And For All!
Discover the Brand New Program That Shows You How To Clear Your Limiting Beliefs About Money So You Can Attract Massive Amounts of Wealth and Start Enjoying the Life You Deserve!
(And best of all, you can try it today RISK FREE!)

Dear Friend,

It’s late at night.

But instead of enjoying a deep, peaceful sleep you’re wide-awake. Indigestion churns in your stomach and up your throat. You stare at the ceiling while your mind roils with fear, doubt and worry.

You’re afraid because the rent is due – and you don’t have the money. And you’re angry because – dammit! – you can only work so many hours. And what’s worse, it’s always someone else at work that seems to get the raise, promotion or catches a lucky break.

You don’t know what to do. The walls are closing in and time is running out.

If only there was some way you could finally enjoy the peace and prosperity you deserve. But you’ve tried it all – working harder, picking up extra shifts, you’ve even dabbled with the Law of Attraction – but nothing seems to work.

If that sounds familiar I want you to know you’re in the right place, and everything is about to change for the better for you.

Hello, I’m Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Over the next few minutes I’m going to share with you what might be the fastest and most effective way to transform your financial reality. Yes, that’s an incredibly bold promise.

But continue reading and you’ll soon see why I can stand by the promise 100% and how it has the potential to change your life forever!
Need More Money?

Recently, I asked people from all over America “What is the biggest challenge you face today?”

The #1 response (it wasn’t even close) was this:

“I don’t have enough money in my life.”

Ring any bells? You’re certainly not alone.

Even though the economy has rebounded a lot of people are still struggling. And a LOT of people are looking for a fast, proven way to attract money so you can finally stop worrying about financial stuff and start enjoying life.

If you’re nodding your head right now and thinking, “Yeah, that sounds about right!” then know that I’ve created something especially for you.

“Transform Limiting Money Beliefs”

This powerful audio program presents 8 distinct training modules that will erase the limiting money beliefs that are preventing you from enjoying the peace-of-mind and prosperity you deserve.

Are you familiar with any of these feelings:

Worry because you’re living each month paycheck to paycheck?
Disappointment when you have to tell your child or spouse (again) that the vacation is going to have to wait this year?
Frustration because you work hard – really hard – but you feel like you don’t have a damn thing to show for it?
Stress over the fact that your financial destiny feels completely out of your control?

This is going to sound incredible, unbelievable even, but you can make all of those challenges disappear simply by listening to the audio trainings included in the “Transform Limiting Money Beliefs.”

Let me show you exactly what I mean…
How To Use This Program?
All 8 Modules Come With
Audio Tracks And Transcripts

Each training module comes with a 20 – 30 minute audio recording that you can listen to while you exercise, shop, drive to work, when you first wake up or just before you go to bed.

Just pop the recordings on your iPod or preferred music player and listen anytime, anywhere!

Listen to the recordings again and again, and let the training wash over both your conscious and subconscious mind. You’ll find the experience exciting, inspiring and invigorating!

Simply by listening and allowing your mind to be open to this experience, and doing nothing else in particular, you’ll feel your limiting money beliefs loosen, lighten and lift away from you.

Here’s a closer look at what you’ll get when you claim your copy of “Transform Limiting Money Beliefs” today.
Here’s What You Get With Your Copy
Of “Transform Limiting Money Beliefs”

As soon as you claim your copy of this unique audio program, you’ll gain instant access to the following 8 modules:

Module One: The Logical Technique

If you find yourself excited at the idea of having more money in your life, but don’t consider yourself an especially spiritual person then this module is for you. I’ll show you a logical, proven process for letting go of your limiting money beliefs and opening yourself up to abundance.

Module Two: Reprogram Your Subconscious

In this module, I guide you through a process of examining your subconscious so you can open your mind – and life – to real wealth and prosperity. You’ll learn a powerful “interview” process you can use right now to finally harness the almost immeasurable power of your subconscious mind.

Module Three: Change Through Meditation…



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International Chess School • Grandmaster Package • Years 1-2-3

Name Product: International Chess School • Grandmaster Package • Years 1-2-3
Sale Page: _https://www.chessmasterschool.com/chess-course/

Price: $379

When you study at International Chess School, you are ensured high-quality chess lessons and world-class chess teachers.

We have been online for more than 12 years and continue to be the #1 website for professional chess training.

We are proud to have created a World Chess Champion at the scholastic world championship, several national champions (from more countries around the World) and many FIDE titled players. You can become student of our chess school by subscribing to our core chess course, Grandmaster Package.



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SEO & PPC June 2018 Collection

Name Product: SEO & PPC June 2018 Collection
Sale Page: _

Price: $379

JUNE 2018 Updates:


– Advanced Google Maps Plugin 5.0.4
– Content Locker Pro 1.0.14
– ez Form Calculator
– iThemes Sales Accelerator PRO 1.2.0
– Smart Invoice System 1.9.2
– Social Warfare Pro 3.0.7
– Team Showcase 2.0.3
– Thrive Clever Widgets 1.32
– Thrive Comments 1.0.93
– Thrive Optimize 1.1.0
– Ultimate GDPR 1.5
– WordPress Country Selector 1.3.2
– WordPress GDPR 1.2.7
– WP Content Copy Protection Pro
– WP Flat Visual Chat 5.372


– ADS PRO 4.2.12
– AffiliateWP 2.2
– Ajax Search Pro 4.13
– All in One SEO Pack Pro 2.6
– ARForms 3.4
– ARMember 2.2.1
– BackupBuddy
– Beaver Builder Pro
– BeTheme 20.9.3
– Bloom 1.3
– Convert Pro
– ConvertPlus 3.3.0
– Divi Builder 2.4.1
– Duplicator Pro
– Easy Social Share Buttons 5.5.2
– Elementor Pro 2.0.7
– FacetWP 3.1.7
– Fake Notifications for WordPress 2.3
– Flow-Flow 3.2.25
– Gravity Forms
– GravityView 2.0.7
– Image Map Pro 4.4.2
– iThemes Security Pro 5.2.1
– Knowledge Base 3.2.0
– Layered Popups 6.38
– LayerSlider 6.7.6
– Live Chat Unlimited 2.7.2
– Login Ninja 1.65
– Logos Showcase 2.0
– Mailster 2.3.7
– Master Popups 2.0.0
– MemberPress 1.3.34
– Modal Survey
– Monarch 1.4
– Newspaper Theme 8.7.5
– Ninja Kick WP Contact Form 3.5.0
– PageLoader 3.2
– Pinterest Automatic 4.7.0
– Premium SEO Pack 3.1.4
– PrivateContent 7.014
– Profile Builder Pro 2.8.2
– Quform 2.2.0
– Real3D FlipBook 3.4.10
– Restrict Content Pro 2.9.13
– Reviewer 3.18.0
– SEO Cleaner 1.4
– Smart Content Protector 7.6
– Smart Notification 7.7.5
– Snip 2.3.6
– Social Auto Poster 2.8.0
– Social Share and Locker Pro 7.4
– Super Forms 4.1.6
– Superfly 4.5.7
– Testimonials Showcase 1.8.5
– The7 6.5.0
– Thrive Apprentice 2.0.37
– Thrive Architect 2.0.33
– Thrive Leads 2.0.34
– Thrive Ovation 2.0.13
– Thrive Quiz Builder 2.0.34
– Thrive Ultimatum 2.0.33
– Ultimate Membership Pro 7.0
– UltimateWoo Pro 1.5.6
– UpdraftPlus Premium
– User Role Editor Pro 4.45
– UserPro 4.9.22
– WHMpress 4.7
– WooZone 10.0.4
– WordPress Automatic Plugin 3.38.0
– WP All Import Pro 4.5.2
– WP Courseware 4.3.1
– WP Rocket 3.0.4
– WP Social Locker 5.2.1
– WPML 3.9.4
– Yoast SEO Premium 7.5.1



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Allan Morrow Trance Fills Builds and Transitions TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

Name Product: Allan Morrow Trance Fills Builds and Transitions TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
Sale Page: _https://allanmorrowstudios.com/product/allan-morrow-trance-fills-builds-transitions-video-tutorial-2-hour/

Price: £19.99

This Allan Morrow – Trance Fills, Builds & Transitions Video Tutorial will show you how to make your own fills from samples, how to create more tension in your build-ups & how to make the most out of your impacts!

The video covers:
– Pitching samples to suit your track.
– Create snare rolls & kick rolls.
– EQ, FX & leveling.
– Impact Tricks.
– Automating parameters to create tension.
– Creating your on fills from other fills and samples.
– What elements to use in build-ups to create the most tension.
– EQ automation tricks to create the most impact.

& much, much more!

Your Tutor.
Allan Morrow – Internation Trance DJ/Producer. Tracks signed to labels such as Armada, Blackhole Recordings, Discover Records, Kearnage Recordings, Mental Asylum Records, Pure Trance, Outburst Records & Many more!



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The Paradise Pack by Travis Sherry & Jason Moore

Name Product: The Paradise Pack by Travis Sherry & Jason Moore
Sale Page: _https://theparadisepack.com/

Price: $79

Discover how to create an online ‘lifestyle business’ so you can
.Even if you have no clue where to start.
People just like you are replacing their jobs with their own businesses, gaining FREEDOM and traveling the world thanks to The Paradise Pack.

Dear Friend,
Talk about a wake up call…
A few short years ago I realized something about life:
If you need to take a vacation from your job.
…then you should re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life.
So many people we speak to have dreams of traveling, experiencing new cultures…
Drinking wine in Spain under the stars.
Meeting elephants in Thailand.
And living their DREAM life…

When we ask them:
“If that’s your dream life. why don’t you just create an online business that gives you more freedom to travel and live the life you want right NOW.?”
Some people like that idea – traveling the world and running their own online business
Taking control of their life and gaining true FREEDOM….
Then they start to have doubts, and say things like:
“Is it really possible for ME?”
“I don’t know where to start.” or…
“Now’s not the right time.”
Which is why we created…



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Busy Works Beats The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle

Name Product: Busy Works Beats The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle
Sale Page: _http://www.busyworksbeats.com/product/mac-bundle/

Price: $219

Here’s What’s Inside:

Full How to Mix Beats Easily Course

Full Mixing Academy 1.0 Course

Full 808 Science Platinum Course

2 Quick Mastering Techniques

2 Quick Tips on Making Your Drums Stick Out

3 Quick Tips on How to Mangle Your 808

Drake Vocal Sample FX

How to Make 808s Punchier

How to Make Drums Sounds More Powerful

How to Mix RnB Tracks

How to Mix Using Native Plugins in FL Studio 12

How to Mix a 4 Track Hip Hop Song

How to Tune Your Instruments

Kanye West Vocal FX

Kanye West Vocal Harmony

Mastering with Maximus

Mixing 808s

Mixing Igg Knight

Mixing Pop

Mixing Pop2 Pt 1

Mixing RnB Full

Mixing RnB Track 1

Mixing Vocal Chains

Mixing Vocals 3 Mixing Academy

Mixing Vocals Pitch Correction

Mixing Vocals Using Melodyne

Mixing Vocals-Pitch Correction

Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Sound Design

Multiband Compression Mixing Academy

Plugin Exploration-Izotope 7 Mixing

Talk About It

Tape Stop Effects

808 Science Platinum Edition

Emailed Instantly

808 Science Platinum Edition Features
?Over 25 easy to understand demonstration videos showing you how to mix your 808s like the pros
?Bonus Workbook to help you understand every aspect of 808s
?Unique Discount Code
?Saved Session and Every preset from the course saved for your quick access
?Bonus 808 Learning tools
?Bonus 808 Science Drum Kit with over 40 808 samples
?Bonus Music Production videos showing you how to produce tracks for Dr. Dre, Drake, Eminem, and Wiz Khalifa

How to Mix Beats Easily

Emailed Instantly

Easy Tutorials

? Easy to understand videos on mixing
? Mixing Elements Explained and Demonstrated in Real World Scenarios
? Learn Mixing in Under 30 Days
? Organized Videos ensure You Won’t Lose Your Place
? Explanatory and Methodical Videos
? Gain Essential Mixing Experience
? Learn How to Make Mix Your Songs for the Radio

Mixing Explained

? Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Music Theory Fast
? Mix Full Songs
? Learn Mixing on the Plugins YOU Have
? Learn the Top Plugins for Mixing in the Industry
? No Specific DAW required (FL Studio Recommended)
? Mix like a Master

Everything You Need to Know

• Learn to Equalize Better
• Learn to Compress Tracks to squeeze Dynamics
• Learn the “Rules” of Mixing to Break them Later
• Learn How to Add Effective Reverb
• Learn How to Make Your Tracks Louder
• Learn How to Use the Stereo Field
• Learn How to Mix Vocals (Requires Advanced Mixing Course Acess-You Get in FREE!)
• No Confusing Vocabulary, everything is defined
• No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Five Year Old Could Understand

How to Mix Vocals Easily

What’s Inside?……




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