Ben Adkins – Affiliate Master Sequence

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Affiliate Master Sequence

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Price: $1999.95

What’s Inside the Affiliate Master Sequence?
The Affiliate Master Sequence Explained

This is the secret sauce to how we put together massive affiliate promotions. You can pull large commissions and make tons of sales using this sequence, even if you don’t have a big email list.

Inside You’ll Learn Each Step:

Step 1: The Flux Capacitor Setup
Step 2: The Abstract Gets Real
Step 3: The Urgency of Live
Step 4: The Live Day Reminder
Step 5: The 1AM Sportscenter Technique
Step 6:  The Interview with Batman
Step 7: The Change up
Step 8: The Interview with Superman
Step 9: The Closing Day Webinar
Step 10: The Bonus Call Lock In



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