Ben Adkins – Video Spike

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Video Spike

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Price: $97

The 3-Part Master Video Formula that Will Show You How to
Engage Viewers and Quickly Transform them into Paying Customers.
Here’s a Sneak Peek to Find Out How Video Spike Will Benefit You…

Part 1: The Master Video Script Writing Formula
Inside the “Write It” Section You’ll Find:
4 Video Style Templates that Will Allow You to Max Out Sales on Every Promotion
Part 2: The Video Shooting Secrets of the Pros
Inside the “Shoot It” Section You’ll Find:
The “Shooting Secrets” of the Pros

Part 3: Laying on the Polish
Inside the “Polish It” Section You’ll Find:
Creating Elegant Intro & Outro Bumpers on the Cheap

Professional Intro & Outro bumpers are an easy way to add a touch of high class flair. These give your videos the appearance of big budget studio production, so viewers will never know you spent less than $10 with our sneaky trick.



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