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Learn how to level up your business by building a productized service.

Break Free of Billable Hours.

Still freelancing and living project-to-project? Has your earning potential plateaued? Stuck wearing all the hats and doing everything yourself?

If you wish you’d never have to write a lengthy proposal again or take a client who doesn’t value your work, then you’re not alone.

In fact, every freelancer hits these challenges at some point in their career. Even raising your rates and chasing after bigger fish won’t get you where you need to go.

What is a Productized Service?

From your customer’s perspective, a productized service offers a specialized “done for you” solution with a compelling value proposition, packaged at a set price and scope.

From the founder’s perspective (that’s you), a productized service is one that runs systematically, and continues to produce and grow with or without your direct involvement.

A productized service is your alternative to billing by the hour, and taking any and every project just to keep the lights on. It can be designed to let you focus solely on your craft (while cutting out the boring stuff). Or it can be streamlined, systemized, and automated to run itself, while you focus on the bigger picture.

But no matter where you take your productized service, you will finally earn your promotion from Freelancer to Business Owner. And with that promotion come these perks:

Create a service model designed for growth. Earn more as your business grows.

Remove Yourself
Design systems and automation so your business can run without you.

Get Paid, Even on Days Off
Detach your work from your time. Create a business that produces on its own.

Build an Asset
Own a business that not only pays the bills, but grows in value.

Focus on the Big Picture
Work “on” your business, not “in” your business.

Steady, reliable income
End the feast and famine cycle for good. Grow your baseline income month after month.



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