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Infinite prosperity pack 2018

Name Product: Infinite prosperity pack(2018)
Sale Page: _

Price: $379

This video course is composed of ten videos and several bonuses. With this complete course you will learn how to manifest money in a gracious and effortless manner.

This course will teach you how to use your most powerful tool, your mind, to create images to bring about prosperity. This course will explain how gratitude, generosity and affirmations can make your life more prosperous. In this course it will also be explained how the Universe supports you in all your financial endeavours. Other relevant topics you will learn in this wonderful video course are: emotional management, energy cleansing, goal-setting for prosperity, among others.

Video 1: How to apply the Law of Attraction

Video 2: How to develop prosperity beliefs

Video 3 : How to apply positive thinking

Video 4: How to use affirmations effectively

Video 5: How to visualise a prosperous future

Video 6: How to develop a generosity attitude

Video 7: How to become a more grateful person

Video 8: How to manage your emotions effectively

Video 9: How to become more intuitive

Video 10: How to eliminate energy blockages

Plus several bonuses such as:

Bonus Video 1: How to set prosperity goals

Bonus video 2:Other prosperity tools

Recording 1: Meditation on generosity, forgiveness and unconditional love

Recording 2: Meditation on prosperity visualization

Recording 3: Meditation on prosperity affirmations



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Same Day Ecom Profits

Name Product: Same Day Ecom Profits
Sale Page: _

Price: $695

Same Day eCom Profits Training Videos

Video 1 – How To use This Course

Video 2 – How To Use This Course Part 2

Video 3 – The Old Way vs OUR NEW WAY


The 3 weird items that Mr X Sells That
Makes Thousands of Dollars Daily…

Video 4 – RDSPF-Weird Product Research Part 1

Video 5 – RDSPF=Weird Product Research Part 2

Video 6 – Ugly Site Step by Step Tutorial

$114k eCom Campaign
The $114k Campaign Set Up Video Can Be Seeing Below.
This is a real campaign that made $114k in just 2 weeks and my friend Manie reveals exactly how he dd it. Enjoy!

$114k Campaign Video

My $9,000 Campaign Exposed!

eCom Profit Lab Coaching Recordings

Coaching Webinar Week 1

Week 2 – Research Part 1

Week 2 – Research Part 2

Week 3 – FB Ads

Student Store Critiques

Week 4

Getting Started With eCom

Setting up your first store

Business Manager Basics Part 1

Business Manager Basics Part 2

Interest Research



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Entire Shop – Powerpoint Keynote

Name Product: Entire Shop – Powerpoint Keynote
Sale Page: _

Price: $79

by Creative Slides in Templates Presentations

45 Templates worth $800 available only for $29

Limited Time offer. Grab it before the offer ends

We put our entire shop of presentations on sale for a limited period of time. This Super Saver Presentations Bundle is the perfect Powerpoint & Keynote Presentations Bundle for the professional people who wants to present their business in a more professional way.

$800 worth Templates for just $29 | THE SUPER BUNDLE




$800 worth of templates for just $29

This Bundle includes PowerPoint and Keynote in total there are 45 Presentations Templates

Powerpoint Templates Included



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[Special Offer] FB Master’s Training Program

Name Product:  FB Master’s Training Program
COST: $497
Size: 3.24 GB

Sale Page : _

Step-By-Step Training Shows How Marketers Drive TRUCKLOADS of Profitable Traffic From Facebook Every Month – Growing a List of Repeat Customers and Making Over $184+ Every Day of the Year.,

Here’s What You’re Getting..

Module #1 – Getting Started
This module covers some basics that set the foundation for the rest of the training; like setting up your ads manager correctly, understanding the different elements of a Facebook ad, how different audiences work, the different types of objectives and why they matter, and more. You also get a fast-action worksheet at the end including a review, quiz, and action plan before starting the next module!

Module #2- Sales Funnels
During this module, I’ll show you my perfect funnel which has made me $10,000’s in the past year alone. I’ll also tell you what you need to setup your own funnel, and how to create the type of landing page that won’t get you banned, and that actually gets you results. I’ll also give you a walkthrough of my secret “bump” page which grabs me $100’s in extra revenue each month…

Module #3 – Creatives
In this monster module, I’l explain the theory behind each of the 7 most effective ad types in Facebook, and then I’ll walk you through exactly how to create them yourself. I’ll also give you free software to design beautiful high-quality images using free stock photos. I’ll also explain how compliance on Facebook works and how to keep the compliance team happy.

Module #4 – Audiences
In this module, you’ll see how to target any audience that buys. I’ll even explain how I was able to laser-target an audience of 10,000’s that was this specific:
– Men 28-30
– Who have made an online purchase after clicking a Facebook ad in the last 30 days
– Who have a girlfriend/wife/sister with a birthday in the next 30 days.

Module #5 – Traffic Funnels
This is where the real magic happens! I’ll be showing my own own “traffic funnels” that I use to remarket ice cold traffic to bring them onto my list, make them buyers, make them buy AGAIN, and get them to attend HIGH-TICKET webinars of mine and my JV partners that make me thousands of dollars each month!

Module #6 – Tweaking & Optimizing
There’s no point running an ad if you don’t understand what you’re optimizing for. In this module I’ll explain exactly how I optimize for EVERY GOAL – objectives, traffic, sales, leads, engagement, so I can turn a poor performing ad into a winner!

BONUS #1 :150+ Interest Cheatsheet

BONUS #2 :Competitor Research

BONUS #3 : FB Ads MASTER Checklist

BONUS#4 :Click Predictor Calculator



PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $20.96 ($29.95)


FB Master's Training Program

You will see the hidden download links immediately after payment success !

We've discounted 30% If you pay via Bitcoin


Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Thank You


Brennan Dunn – Double Your Freelancing Rate

Name Product: Brennan Dunn – Double Your Freelancing Rate
Sale Page: _

Price: $147

Make the transition from Hired-Gun Freelancer to Highly-Valued Consultant in less than 30 days

Introducing: Double Your Freelancing Rate
The self-study course that has helped over 8,000+ freelancers and agencies charge more
Four years ago, I sat down to write a short little ebook that I could send to friends of mine who were struggling with charging more and closing deals.

Since then I’ve rewritten, redone, and reworked that seed of a product into something full featured and comprehensive: An in-depth course that covers everything you need to know about moving project leads through your sales funnel.

This course is designed for freelancers and agencies who work with businesses, regardless of what kind of work they do and the kinds of businesses that hire them.

And no matter what stage your business is in, you’ll equip yourself with the knowhow to build a thriving and profitable freelancing business or agency.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:
Module 1: Understanding Your Clients
You’ll learn what to do when you get a new lead. What do you ask them? How do you use Socratic questioning to get to the problem behind their project? And how do you determine the Financial Upside (value) of their project?

Module 2: Your Rate
Why do we charge what we charge? What effect does perceived risk and experience have in quantifying our value? How do you price on value, and why should you? And how can you be 100% confident in your pricing?

Module 3: How To Close The Deal
When should you pitch a client? How do you structure your proposals, how do you write them, and what do you say? How do you create packages and offers? And how do you handle pushback?

Module 4: The Path Forward
How can you create recurring revenue for your freelancing business? How do you productize your consulting? And how do you raise your rates on existing clients?

21 Case Study Interviews
I interviewed a number of successful students of mine with the intent of learning what held them back from applying the framework, how exactly they overcame limitations (both internal and external), and what effect success has had on their business and life. The interviews are with students of all experience levels and skillsets.

Interactive Accountability Follow-up Course
For the next two months I’ll follow up with you every few days over emails. In these emails I’ll help you apply each section of the course to your unique business through a series of interactive worksheets.

2 Years Of Access To My Private Community (Valued at $600)
You’ll join thousands of other freelancers and agency owners – current students and alumni – who are all working on building better businesses in my private community.

Ready-To-Go Templates and Documents (Valued at $3,000)
I’m giving you all the legal and document templates I use in my business. Many were written by expensive attorneys, and would cost thousands if you were to hire a lawyer to write them from scratch.

Swipe Copy For Each Part Of The Sales Process
Here you’ll find content that you can copy-and-paste directly into your emails.

Free Updates For Life
The additions that are included in the course (video interviews, document templates, swipe copy, etc.) are getting added to all the time. You’ll get these updates free for life.



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The Fast Track OTO by Winston Bromley and Saul Maraney

Name Product: The Fast Track OTO by Winston Bromley and Saul Maraney
Sale Page: _

Price: $9.9


We have all been there. I mean, people come into internet marketing to make money, yet most do not.

There is a pattern that we see, that a lot of people in this space simply do not have the resources to get to the next level. Actually earning money online.

You were never given a “fair chance”.

Frankly, it comes with the territory where sometimes you have to prove yourself FIRST in order to promote products for the very people you want to earn money from (and of course, help them with sales)

This is where most people get STUCK.

Being stuck SUCKS.

I was there just over a year ago, and Saul was there only 3 years ago.

Spinning ours wheels, trying to break into this business and actually work towards the “laptop lifestyle” everyone goes on and on about.

So we know how it feels.

When I came back into IM last year, I tried and tried to work out how to make money via Email Marketing, but kept hitting a wall.

Eventually did the right things, and now Saul and I sit here earning commissions daily from things we do online and email marketing.

And we wanted to show you how to do it as well.
Sound good? Read on..

“WOW. If you’re looking for great training, with DFY swipe files, review files, and more, look no further. The Fast Track is your blueprint to success! It doesn’t get any easier to promote products that have been proven to convert. The Fast Track lays it out in easy to follow instructions by two guys who have 15 DOTD (Deal of the Day) products between them.” – Randy Mann
“Hey man, we gotta put something together to show how someone in this business (even new) could find the best products that converted very well for us, and maybe include our funnels to boot.. You in?”

That was the question between Saul Maraney and myself (Winston Bromley), and The Fast Track is the result of that.

See, Saul has earned over $80k+ online using just Warrior+, not to mention that he is a 14 x Deal of The Day Winner (which means he knows his stuff).. I am a Deal of the Day Winner on “REFUELR” and a seasoned marketer..

And we want to help you!

Imagine being able to wake up daily to commissions that took you around 7 minutes a day to send out, knowing you are using what worked for us. however now it’s working for you?

It’s here. and it’s all about Plug’n’Play Affiliate Funnels.. Just Plug in and Profit!

Gotta love the Done-For-You “Ready to Go” products!

The simplicity of what we have created for you is in a no-fluff format (just the stuff you need)!

Sometimes offers like this you find certain things are lacking, so Saul and I wanted to make sure you had as many golden nuggets as possible to allow you to break into the profiting side of internet marketing.

Internet marketing is hard is you don’t know the steps. Most people don’t do this faithfully and earn $0 daily online. Like I used to. Like Saul used to.

It doesn’t have to be that hard. If you understand the GAME, then you can understand how to win at it.

If we took away the most common reasons don’t succeed online, would that be something that you could benefit from?

Hell yeah I say! It worked for me, it worked for Saul and it can work for you.

So – let me ask you a question?

Are you wanting to change where you were last year (2017) to where you want to be for 2018?

If so, you owe yourself the respect to grab this very plug ‘n’ play affiliate funnels & training, because WE KNOW that they work.

Because they worked for us.
Click here for INSTANT ACCESS!

Stuck = Sucks.

Unstuck = Freedom.

Freedom to hang out with friends and family more often than your 70 hour work week.
Freedom to do what you want when you want. If you want to binge watch “Black Mirror” on Netflix, do it! (No judging here)
Freedom to go where you want, when you want! (Aren’t you tired of having to answer to someone else to go to lunch? “Lunch, what’s that?”)

This process we have created will allow you to BREAK INTO (or expand) your reach in the world of online marketing and reach towards the “laptop lifestyle”!
“How to break into the Laptop lifestyle”

The following training and plug in funnels are Gold. Simply gold nuggest of information that should be costing a lot more however we have been where you are, and we know this WILL help you

Don’t be stuck anymore.. You are only stuck because you don’t know what else to do….



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Name Product: MEME-O-MATIC
Sale Page: _

Price: $379

A Method That Brings Quality, Fast, Free Traffic
Art Flair & Aidan Corkery

Art Flair here. If you don’t know me, I’ve been involved in online marketing for a few years now. When I got started I struggled with the most important part- traffic.

I used to be a Fiverr seller, and it was nice because the traffic was given to me by that site. However when I moved to selling more stuff (because what you can sell on Fiverr is truly limited) I got smacked hard when I realized I could NOT get traffic so easily.

Ever since then, I knew the importance of traffic and the pain that not knowing how to get any caused me. So when I find something that works, I make sure to tell you about it!

My partner Aidan, a full time history teacher, and I have found something we’ve been silently using to generate fast, free traffic and we’re going to tell you today exactly what that is, and how you can tap in for rapid, free clicks and profits.
There’s One Main Secret To Our Method That Is
What Makes It So Different From Others.

Yes, those silly images with text on them that make people laugh.

Who knew these were the ticket to fast, free traffic and a GOLDMINE to anyone who knows how to use them properly.

People like MEMES.
They provide value in the form of entertainment to people.
Posting your MEMEs in the right spots will generate TONS of traffic.
When used properly, MEMEs can make you a LOT of money.

So now I’m sure it makes sense why we have been able to siphon so much free traffic from the power of MEME’s at no cost to us.

We needed something that would bring the free traffic for us while we focused on other things…me on other businesses, and Aidan on his history teaching.

Now we have more free time while our traffic grows on autopilot, and Aidan may be saying goodbye to his day job soon because of it!
It’s all thanks to our Special MEME Method.
Never Before Taught Case Study And Step By Step Course.

Showing How Anyone Can Get Traffic In Any Niche For Free, Using The Power Of Memes.
Start Having Memes Go To Work For You Today
Provides You And Your Make Money Efforts With
The Following Benefits:

Never have to worry about paying for traffic again
Never have to burn a hole in your wallet because you went through your whole traffic budget and didn’t make a penny
Never worry about HOW to get the free traffic, uses the power of MEMES to do the work for you
Save massive time and money by focusing on what’s already working for us
Tap into our MEME traffic method that literallly NO ONE knows about, let alone is trying to teach to others!

Here’s How MEME-O-MATIC Works,
Get Your Memes The Way You Show In
Distribute Your Memes Across The Traffic Channels We Show You
Enjoy Fast, Free Traffic In A Niche!
FINALLY! Drive Traffics for Free…

Let’s be honest…SEO takes a long time, and paid traffic is expensive and risky.
Until now, you didn’t have many options…but MEME-O-Matic changes that 🙂
Comes With Full Step by Step Training For The Newbiest Of Newbies:

Don’t worry at all about not knowing how this works. We break down everything from start to finish so you can generate fast, free traffic with ease in any niche.
Comes With Proven Case Study Of Our Results Doing This:

“But guys…does this actually work?”

Of course, and we are including our results to prove it!

We have gotten scammed many times and would never do that to you. We tested this and we use it in our business every day, the only difference is now you’ll be able to tap in, too.
Who Is Meme-O-Matic For?
Anyone who doesn’t have thousands to spend on paid traffic.
Anyone sick and tired of getting burned with FB ads, Adwords, and other pricey options.
Anyone looking to get more traffic.
Anyone who wants to build passive profits online.
Here’s More Early Users Had To Say:

Mosh Bari

Free Traffic is awesome, simply because you can test your campaigns without being afraid of losing money… but it doesn’t always convert. However, traffic generated with Memes is a whole different story.

I’ve been waiting for a course like this for a long time.
Mosh Bari

Ivana Bosnjak

It’s hard to generate High Quality Traffic… but with Meme Traffic Monster you’re generating instant traffic while doing something fun!

Try it out – it works wonders.
Ivana Bosnjak

Declan Mc

When I was new to online business, I HAD TO learn how to generate Free Traffic…

I wish I knew a formula like the one from the Meme Traffic Monster back then – it makes traffic generation sooooo much easier!
Declan Mc



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Amazon Web Services Demystified – Featuring Compute Services

Name Product: Amazon Web Services Demystified – Featuring Compute Services
Sale Page: _

Price: $149

This course will take a closer look at the current Compute Services offered by Amazon Web Services.
Currently, there are six Compute Services offered by AWS: Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Elastic Container Service (ECS), Batch, Lambda, Lightsail, and Elastic Beanstalk. Each service features its own section which includes: a service overview and introduction, key terms, dashboard/ console overview, tutorial(s), resource page and conclusion.

Service overview and introduction: AWS definition of the service, reduced definition, features, benefits, and more!

key terms: terms that are most frequently associated with the section Service. For example, what is an elastic IP address, or what is a Virtual Private Cloud

Dashboard/ console overview: Quick run time of what you will see when logging into the service dashboard. No surprises!

Tutorials: Compute service in action! You will create servers, web applications, Docker images, and more. We also get to break stuff!

Conclusion: review of the section and an introduction to the next service

What are the requirements?

General internet navigation
General understanding of cloud computing
What am I going to get from this course?

Student will feel confortable logging into the AWS console, locating the Compute Services, and launching compute services
Confidently use any Compute Services Offered by Amazon Web Services
Confidence in knowing/ understanding AWS Compute Services
What is the target audience?

Anyone interested in learning about Amazon Web Services’ Compute Services
Anyone familiar with AWS, but is unsure which Compute Services to use and when to use them
Web Developers
Career Changers
Small business owners



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Jordan Welch – eCom Accelerators “0-100” Program 2018

Name Product: Jordan Welch – eCom Accelerators “0-100” Program(2018)
Sale Page: _

Price: $797

eCom Accelerators “0-100” Dropshipping Course

Everything you need to know about growing and scaling a profitable online Shopify Business. From Start to finish; From 0-100.
In this course, i’ve left no stone unturned and provided every single method & strategy required to grow a successful eCommerce business in this booming digital era.

If you’ve viewed any of my content previously you will know that I am transparent about what I do and how you can do the same.

This material can serve as a start to finish guide on building and scaling an online eCommerce store with shopify & facebook advertising.

You will find the exact systems and strategies required to find success in this industry.

I’ve grown one of my Shopify Stores from $0 to over $700,000 in just under 8 months with these exact systems.

Along with this i’ve been able to help other entrepreneurs generate over $200,000 online with my free content alone.

This course is the all-in-one package you need to grow & scale your eCommerce business. The content ranges from building out your store, to product research, to the explosive strategies to scale further to scale past five figures a day.

Let’s push the gas and take off!

My name is Jordan, I am a 20 year old serial entrepreneur.

I come from a lower class single parent household and my main goal since I was a child was to change the situation for myself and my family.

I have been pursuing entrepreneurship and starting companies since the age of 14. after 5 failed businesses I have discovered my passion is in digital marketing and eCommerce, so therefore I went all in.

After graduating high school my main focus was to create a profitable online business. After enrolling in to university I struggled for many months pursuing goals that were not in line with my own. I was broke and surrounded by people who weren’t on the same path as me. After my first year of college, I decided to take the summer off and figure out what business I want to create.

Using the last $600 that I had leftover from a student loan refund check
I launched my eCommerce business on the first day of summer and worked 12-15 hours every single day at growing this business. After 7 months of failure & growth I finally had a breakthrough with my business. It was this point I had my systems understood, I doubled down and went all in. I am now generating over six figures consistently every single month with my online businesses. Essentially I have achieved the goals that I set out for myself whilst developing the plan for this business initially. Though this is just the beginning..

While growing my own company is incredibly important to me and I plan on accomplishing incredible things this year with my eCommerce businesses. I also understand that I have an opportunity to share my knowledge with the masses to allow others to change their lives in the same way that I did.

My values lie in transparency, authenticity and shamelessly providing value. That’s what you will find in my content.

Let’s hit the gas!



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Kyle Sulerud – AdWords For Local Businesses 2018

Name Product: Kyle Sulerud – AdWords For Local Businesses(2018)
Sale Page: _

Price: $997

For local business owners and marketing agency owners only..

Now you can get a complete step-by-step system for getting more quality leads from AdWords and increasing sales. without paying too much per lead and without paying Google more than you need to.
Here’s A Sneak Peak Of What’s Inside the AdWords For Local Businesses Training.
How to optimize the performance of your ad extensions. This is perhaps the most overlooked campaign optimization strategy available, but the results can be astounding when done correctly.

The truth about AdWords income demographic targeting, and why it may not be the magic bullet when you want to reach customers of a specific income level.

What to do with your “thank you” pages that will immediately increase your sales. Most business owners ignore this page, but it is one of the most important pages on your website and should be treated that way.

Crucial remarketing campaign settings and why there are some major differences between the preferred settings for search campaigns and remarketing campaigns.

My own unique strategy for creating highly effective remarketing ads that you don’t need to design or write.

An AdWords ad framework that enables you to enter the conversation already happening inside your prospect’s head. This is one of the quickest known ways to turn a prospect into a paying customer.

The only method you should ever use to show ads to people who are outside of your location target area. This traffic is usually worthless, but you’ll discover how to target the small percentage of it that IS worth paying for so you can generate bonus leads from your campaigns.

The ONE setting in Google My Business you NEED to change if you are using location extensions. Hardly anyone does this, but it is absolutely essential if you want to know which of your leads are coming from AdWords. (People have lost clients because they weren’t aware of this one little setting!)

The two questions to answer when building your keyword list.ignore these questions and the quality of your traffic is guaranteed to suffer.

Where to find all the “default” settings that are hidden behind dropdown menus and buried in tiny little holes inside your account. Google wants you to leave these options alone, but you’ll discover which ones to change, which ones to leave alone, and which ones need to be tested if you want to survive in the increasingly competitive and shark-infested AdWords waters.

How to make sure your ads stay relevant to whatever people are searching for, WITHOUT writing a different ad for every keyword. In fact, you can set up all the ads in your account in less than 10 minutes by following this easy process.

Two highly effective recipes you can use for your sitelink extensions. Use either one of these to make sure you are getting the biggest boost possible from this valuable AdWords ad extension.

How to know exactly which phone calls are coming from your call extensions. Set this up any differently and you could have no idea how effective your ads are because Google won’t report most of your calls.

Examples of cash-draining keywords that should never be added to your campaigns, and how to avoid them even more ruthlessly than a billionaire avoids paying taxes.

A system for transcribing and sorting the good keywords that are already bouncing around inside your head (and some that are buried deep inside your subconscious). Start with this system and you’ll cut your keyword research time in half.

A technique for brainstorming and planning your remarketing lists. Yes, you need more than just one simple remarketing list! See exactly how to define your lists so your remarketing ads have the biggest impact possible.

The big and small levers to pull when optimizing your AdWords campaigns. See when and where to pull them so you’ll know exactly how to improve the performance of your ads every time an opportunity arises.

The location targeting trap that allows Google to show your ads to people OUTSIDE of the locations you are targeting – sometimes causing you to pay for traffic from across the globe. Most advertisers don’t even know they are making this mistake. Discover where to find this trap and how to disable it.

Three questions to ask when setting a budget for a new campaign so you can eliminate some of the guesswork and start things off on the right foot.

How to handle “limited by budget” campaign issues. This is a sign of campaign health but it’s not a death sentence. See the exact steps to take to improve your campaign’s performance when you see this warning sign.

Advanced location targeting strategies used by the top AdWords marketers in the world but rarely used by amateurs. You’ll get the complete system that you can follow, step-by-step, to use these exact targeting strategies in your own account.

The worst way to write ad extensions. Nearly everyone does this, but it doesn’t help your ads and could actually be hurting you.



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