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[Special Offer] Jack Shepherd -The Personal Branding Mastermind

Name Product:  Jack Shepherd -The Personal Branding Mastermind
COST: $497
Size: 3.85 GB

Sale Page : _

You could keep trying to figure out ALL of this stuff on your own and waste hours and hours and hours, plus thousands of dollars.


This Is The Beginning Of Your New Life!

-Join The Private Student Community

-Knowing Your Niche

-How To EASILY Get Over Camera Fear

-How You’re Going To Get 10x ROI From This Course

-The Personal Brand Roadmap *ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEOS… EVER* (14:44)

YouTube Growth Mastery

-How To Structure Your Channel For SUCCESS

-How To Easily Create Content & Never Run Out Of Ideas

-YouTube Algorithm Secrets EXPLAINED

-How To Create Insane Thumbnails – LIVE Interview With My Designer

-Engaging With Your Niche = Growth!

-How To Utilise End Screens & Cards

-WHY We Want To Use YouTube Ads *Epiphany*

-How To Create An Effective YouTube

-Let’s BLOW UP Your Channel – YouTube Ads For Growth

-YouTube Ads Optimisation

-Collaborate With Other Members In This Course – So You Can Grow Together!

-Want To Be Interviewed On My Channel? Let Me Show You How…

Facebook Group Growth Mastery

-The Importance Of Growing A Facebook Group

-FB Group Set Up – AVOID Making These Mistakes!

-How To Develop Your Voice & Brand For Your FB Group!

-The 5 Ways To Explode Your Group With Growth

-How To Create Content Every Day For Your Group

-How To Create Engaging Content So You Build Loyal Fans

-Using Live Video To Hack Engagement & Reach

-How To Leverage Your Facebook Group For More Subscribers/Group Members/Email List/Messenger List

-How To Convert Members Into Customers





PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $20.96 ($29.95)


Jack Shepherd -The Personal Branding Mastermind

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Spark CPA Social Traffic Edition with Eric James, Stefan Ciancio, Tim Miranda

Name Product: Spark CPA Social Traffic Edition with Eric James, Stefan Ciancio, Tim Miranda

Sale Page:

Price: $71.2

Regular Guy Cracks The CPA Code And Spills The Beans On His Exact $19,000 Per Month Formula.

And the best part is, you only need $5 to get started getting traffic, making sales and building the business of your dreams! With clicks so cheap it’s impossible NOT to see ROI!

We Are Starting a CPA Revolution All About YOUR Results! Watch The Above Video For The Important Details
Finally Follow A Proven 3-Step Formula To Reach $19K Per Month Like Clockwork.
That gets you better results than anything else on the market. Stop following the other CPA courses on the market which are full of rehashed content taught by people not truly earning with CPA.

Achieve 400% ROI and beyond and all on a shoestring budget by learning from a regular guy who is out in the trenches making a killing with CPA every day working online part time.

You’re just one click away from copying Eric’s exact steps to $1000+ per day like clickwork.

Step 01
Apply our proven CPA marketing system so you can make money without ever selling a thing yourself

Step 02
Flip the traffic on starting with just $5 due to Eric’s exact secret FB ads blueprint you’ll learn inside

Step 03

Scale your profits, enjoy passive commissions completely stress-free just like Eric

It doesn’t even matter which niche you’re in!
You KNOW social traffic is blowing up right now. Everybody – from major corporations like Coca Cola to marketers like you and me – are getting involved with FB ads.

Fact 01
FB traffic is the biggest revolution to Internet Marketing since Internet Marketing first appeared as an industry. You can finally drive traffic at will with hungry buyer clicks you WON’T find cheaper elsewhere, and once you’ve got campaigns set up – you’re truly earning passive commissions. When you add Eric’s exact CPA formula to the mix, you have a powerful system that will help you achieve true life changing results.

Fact 02
Because of its popularity, it’s getting crowded and hard to properly monetize the traffic and actually make a positive ROI. That means you need to have a solid blueprint in place that is proven to work and that you can replicate every time knowing you make money. Again, this is where Spark CPA Social Edition comes in. This method is proven and being taught by a REAL CPA earner.

You Learn All This In Spark CPA: Social Edition
Discover exactly how to drive super cheap clicks that turn into big commissions
Learn the secret strategy to start with just a $5 budget
Spark CPA debunks ALL the myths about paid traffic you’ve heard before
You’ll learn why earning with CPA is much easier than you ever thought (hint: you don’t actually have to sell anything)
Tap into my step-by-step method that got me to 19k/mo profits so you can replicate it yourself (Proof on this page)
Access the ONE tool that will give you the most profitable campaigns
Find out how to get 400% higher ROI (most people miss this and fail)
Finally someone shows you how to find WINNING campaigns
And the best part is: Spark CPA is the FIRST system that’s straight to the point and shows you exactly how to go from point A to point B and make major profits with REAL LIFE examples and case studies.

In fact, you can see some of the offers Eric is killing it with right on this page. Eric is a real CPA earner and gets results. Most courses are sadly taught by people not actually earning with CPA, pushing around the same outdated, rehashed methods that don’t work.
In Spark CPA: Social Edition, Eric flips CPA on it’s head and reveals what you really need to do to make real CPA commissions online. HINT: It’s much easier than any of the bullshit other courses have taught you.



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Mike Kabbani – Facebook Consultant Accelerator 3.0!

Name Product: Mike Kabbani – Facebook Consultant Accelerator 3.0!

Sale Page: _

Price: $72,326

The Ultimate 4 Months
“No Fail” Money Back Guarantee
Unlike other programs that provide no guarantees,
or simply “30 days”.

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Velocity Conference 2017 – New York, New York

Name Product: Velocity Conference 2017 – New York, New York

Sale Page: _

Price: $997

We’ll make the Keynotes available here as soon as possible after they happen. Video of the sessions and tutorials will be available a few weeks after the end of the conference.

An exploration of the best practices for disaster recovery (e.g., where to store the documentation on recovering the documentation server) by Google SRE Tanya Reilly; detailed instruction on using BPF to diagnose seemingly impossible issues in production environments by Sela Group CTO Sasha Goldshtein; a revelation of why you need sponsors as much as mentors to boost your career by Kickstarter VP Lara Hogan. These are just three of the 80+ inspiring keynotes, tutorials, and technical sessions delivered at Velocity NYC 2017. In this video compilation, you’ll have access to them all.

The keynotes you’ll see include Jessica Frazelle (Microsoft) on the complex role open source projects play inside today’s highly competitive companies; Cynthia Savard Saucier (Shopify) on the ethical responsibility of designers and developers to not cause harm to users; and other thought-provoking talks by luminaries such as Neha Narula, MIT’s lead researcher in cryptocurrency and blockchains, and BMC’s Joe Goldberg.

The tutorials you can explore feature intensives on OpenTracing, HTTP/2 development, Vault-based microservices secrets management, a data science crash course on modeling and predicting the behavior of large distributed systems, and a how-to on developing resilient microservices with Kubernetes and Envoy.

The technical sessions you’ll gain access to include Arshan Dabirsiaghi’s (Contrast Security) insider scoop on the Struts 2 exploit and the Equifax data breach; Netflixer Joseph Breuer’s story on leveraging Cassandra, event sourcing, data snapshots, and data serialization for the Netflix Download feature; VM Brasseur, winner of the 2016 O’Reilly Open Source Award, sharing the secrets of leading productive and happy teams; and Riverbed’s Dina Goldshtein’s illumination of Event Tracing for Windows, the most important diagnostic tool Windows developers have for monitoring anything, anytime, anywhere.


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Teacher Tech Tips Weekly

Name Product: Teacher Tech Tips Weekly

Sale Page: _

Price: Membership
Teacher Tech Tips is a series highlighting educational technologies, with a focus on teacher effectiveness and learner achievement. Oliver Schinkten covers educational trends and classroom technologies that can help educators be more efficient in planning lessons, delivering instruction, engaging with students, and grading. Covering both emerging and well-tested technology, these tips help both teachers and students excel.



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5-Day Mograph Challenge: Animation Fundamentals

Name Product: 5-Day Mograph Challenge: Animation Fundamentals

Sale Page: _

Price: Membership
Even if you went to school for animation, the terminology can be confusing: follow through, anticipation, timing, and spacing. This fun, 5-day challenge concentrates on the basic principles of animation. Follow along with motion graphics veteran EJ Hassenfratz as he explains the concepts and asks you to put what you’ve learned into practice. In just 5 days, you’ll have a broader understanding of just what makes certain animations successful and why!

We encourage you to showcase your work online using the hashtag #5dayMograph, to get feedback on your work and stay inspired. You can also submit your projects to our Tumblr page at



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Loopmaster – June Miller Definitive DnB Collection

Name Product: Loopmaster – June Miller Definitive DnB Collection

Sale Page: _

Price: $46

Loopmaster – June Miller Definitive DnB Collection
Loopmasters proudly present June Miller – Definitive DnB Collection; a menacing selection of brooding Synthscapes, epic Atmospheres and hi-octane Drums! As always, all content is 100% Royalty Free and primed for deeply darkside productions in all genres.
June Miller have a pedigree like no other, with a back catalogue featuring what has to be the deepest and darkest Drum & Bass sound in the known universe! With releases on Ram Records, Deep Soul Music, Renegade Hardware and InnerActive – June Miller have established themselves as one of the most high-tech, forward thinking electronic duos on the scene. This will sadly be the final June Miller sample pack, as the pair are due to go their separate ways – but don’t expect them to go quietly!

June Miller – Definitive DnB Collection features 2.55Gb of Loops, One Shots, Sampler Patches and MIDI to tear through the fabric of time and space! A full-bodied selection of Drum Loops, sub-atomic Bass Loops, lurid Atmosphere Loops and stunning Lead Loops are included, with top production and effects showcased throughout. 191 One Shot samples featuring Drums, FX, Basses, Atmospheres, Synths and Pianos to sequence and trigger in your favourite DAW.
A cinematic collection of Downshifters, Drones and Impacts will help you create unparalleled transitions and tension in your tracks! The included Piano Loops were developed from the Atmospheres, which also feature whole MIDI files to accompany each piece. 11 Intro Construction Kits are included, enabling you to have a solid base for your tracks; stripping away any sounds or elements, and mixing kits to create the ideal balance and atmosphere.
At 172BPM June Miller – Definitive DnB Collection is ideal for Drum & Bass, Jungle and other Hi-Octane Genres. As always each melodic element is key-labelled for immediate integration in your productions.

In detail expect to find 2.55 GB of content with 430 individual 24 Bit WAV files. In total there are 228 Loops including 45 Bass Loops, 29 Lead synth Loops, 25 Full Drum Loops, 25 Kick Snare Loops, 20 Atmosphere Loops, 19 Hat Loops, 7 Piano Loops, 5 Hat Snare Loops, 2 Perc Loops, 1 Drum Shuffle Loop as well as 11 Intro Construction Kits, 14 Fx Stems, 11 Full Drum Stems, 7 Bass Stems, 7 Synth Stems, 5 Orchestral Stems, 3 Pad Stems, 2 Atmos Stems, 1 Piano & Guitar Stems. 191 One hits are included with 65 Drum Hits, 64 Cinematic Fx, 46 Bass Hits, 7 Atmospheres, 5 Synth Hits and 4 Piano Atmospheres. 296 Rex2 Files are included as well as 10 Kong Kits, 7 Midi Files, 11 Bonus Full Mixes and 81 Soft Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Exs24 and SFZ.
June Miller – Definitive DnB Collection is a no holds barred assault on the ears, providing you with enough artillery to sink the death star itself! Log in to download a free taster pack, and check out the demos to hear more of the menace.



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Magical Egypt – Ancient Pyramid Cover Up

Name Product: Magical Egypt – Ancient Pyramid Cover Up

Sale Page: _

Price: $129

Magical Egypt – Ancient Pyramid Cover Up
In fact Egypt has never called itself by that name; it was ‘Khem, the Black Land’. It also called itself ‘Ta-Wy, the Two Lands’, which has encouraged every historian to assume that the country was divided in half.

That places the Pyramids in Lower Egypt, to the north, and Upper Egypt in the south. It’s upside down!
The premise has never been questioned, even when Egypt has a history of being founded by ‘foreigners’ from another land.
Ægyptos was the Greek name given to the Land of Ammon by Alexander the Great when he conquered it in 332BC. – yet there is no etymological root that connects the name Egypt to Khem or Ta-Wy. Alexander didn’t bother conquering Israel and Jerusalem during his campaign, which would appear to be a serious oversight on his part. Why was Jerusalem so irrelevant? In fact the city we now call Jerusalem was an insignificant north east town in Egypt at the time and was not known by that name until 325AD when Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, after much searching throughout Europe, allegedly, found it.

And you, reader, didn’t even know it had been lost!
This book is going to contradict everything you ever thought you knew about history, geography and the Bible. It is the product of one man’s imagination. By his own definition David was a ‘Tabula Rasa’, a blank slate, when he left college. His childhood passion for music had outweighed any desire for qualifications or a ‘normal’ life. As a professional drummer in the legendary days of the 1960’s his career progressed to the point where he would laughingly describe himself as ‘the most famous drummer you never heard of’.
Graham Hancock – The Great Pyramid of Giza.mp4
Great Pyramid – Pillar of Osiris.mp4
Great Pyramid Thermal Scan Reveals Anomalies.mp4
I Date The Building of the Great Pyramid of Giza.mp4
Mt Sinai Is The Great Pyramid.mp4
Revelations, The Great Pyramid The 144,000 Seals.mp4
The Great Pyramid & The 153 Fish.mp4
The Great Pyramid The Great Lie.mp4
The Great Pyramid’s Eye In The Pyramid.mp4
The Great Pyramids – The Antiquity, Construction Repair.mp4
The Sphinx Cover-Up Exposed.mp4
The Sphinx Excavation The Hall of Records.mp4
Ancient Alien Egypt – A Day with John Anthony West, 5 hrs.mp4
John Anthony West – Symbolist Egypt, The Meaning Behind the Magic.mp4
John Anthony West and John Las.mp4
Mysterious Egyptian Stone-Artifacts.mp4
Mystery of the Sphinx.mp4
The Mysterious Origins of Civilization – John Anthony West with Graham Hancock.mp4
Magical Egypt EP01 The Invisible Science.mp4
Magical Egypt EP02 The Old Kingdom.mp4
Magical Egypt EP03 Descent.mp4
Magical Egypt EP04 The Temple in Man.mp4
Magical Egypt EP05 Navigating the Afterlife.mp4
Magical Egypt EP06 Legacy.mp4
Magical Egypt EP07 Illumination.mp4
Magical Egypt EP08 Cosmology.mp4
John Anthony West in Abu Simbel – 2015.mp4
John Anthony West in The Luxor Museum – 2016.mp4
John Anthony West in The Temple of Hathor – 2015.mp4
John Anthony West in The Temple of Luxor – 2015.mp4
John Anthony West in The Unfinished Obelisk – 2016.mp4
John Anthony West near the Bent Pyramid – 2016.mp4
Ancient Khemit – Stephen Mehler 2004.mp4
Stephen Mehler
RIR Stephen Mehler Hour 1 Ancient Khemit Egypt From Light Into Darkness.mp3
Ancient Egypt, Great Ages of Man.pdf
Ancient Egyptian Mystery School of On, 2004.pdf…



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Masterclass – David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing

Name Product: Masterclass – David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing

Sale Page: _

Price: $90

Hell teach you the rules of drama, the nuances of dialogue, and the skills to develop your own voice and create your masterpiece.

01 Introduction
02 Purpose of Drama
03 Purpose of Drama (Contd)
04 Dramatic Rules
05 Dramatic Rules (Contd)
06 Story Ideas
07 Character
08 Plot
09 Structuring the Plot
10 Structuring the Plot (Contd)
11 Case Study: Structuring the Plot – American Buffalo
12 Case Study: Structuring the Plot – Glengarry Glen Ross
13 Dialogue
14 Dialogue (Contd)
15 Narration & Exposition
16 Scenes
17 Writing Process
18 Writing Process (Contd)
19 The Audience
20 Lies & Truth
21 Lies & Truth (Contd)
22 Actors
23 Actors (Contd)
24 Life of a Dramatist
25 Life of a Dramatist (Contd)
26 Closing


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