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[Special Offer] Robin Robins – Technology Marketing Toolkit and Consulting

Name Product: Robin Robins – Technology Marketing Toolkit and Consulting
COST: $2997
Size: 9.57 GB
Sale page: _

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

1. A $100,000+ library of PROVEN done-for-you marketing campaigns, templates, systems, scripts, and checklists designed to take all the guesswork out of getting more clients. You’ll have ready-to-use campaigns you can instantly implement to generate more sales right after you enroll! These campaigns have been TESTED by over 5,000 IT business owners from all over the world and have been proven to work.

You’ll get done-for-you marketing campaigns for selling:
– Managed IT services
– Network upgrades and installations
– Managed firewall and security services
– Backup and disaster recovery
– Spam filtering
– HaaS
– Managed print services
– VoIP and phone systems
– VPN and Cloud Computing

You’ll also get proven systems, best-practices and templates for:
– E-mail campaigns
– Web site content and examples
– Appointment-setting scripts for telemarketers
– Trade show campaigns and strategies
– Yellow Pages, newspaper and trade publication ads
– Systems for securing raving-fan testimonials
– Systems to help you generate two or three times as many referrals
– Newsletter content and strategies
– Webinar, teleseminar and seminar campaigns
– Flyers, brochures and sales collateral
– Systems for securing profitable joint venture partnerships
– Pricing, structuring and promoting managed services
– Systems for creating amazing client case studies

2. Recorded sessions from coaching calls with Robin Robins and other smart IT business owners to teach you what’s working right now AND answer any questions you have about sales, marketing, pricing, vendors OR implementing the systems you have.

3. An ever-growing number of sales-accelerating resources to help you achieve new and exciting levels of success in your IT business. As a member you’ll join our membership family and get access to the following ADDITIONAL resources as part of your membership:



7 Days of Abundance Super Summit + The Abundance Factor Movie

Name Product: 7 Days of Abundance Super Summit + The Abundance Factor Movie

Sale Page: _

Price: $197 + $24.95

The Abundance Factor Takes You On An Unprecedented Journey into The Minds of The Worlds Most Knowledgeable Experts on the Subject of Abundance and Prosperity.

Meet The Stars
Amazing Abundance Secrets For 21st-Century Prosperity… From The World’s Most Respected… Most Influential Teachers On The Planet…



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[Special Offer] Tai Lopez – Accelaration Program

Name Product: Tai Lopez – Accelaration Program
COST: $4997
Size: +49 GB
Sale page:

Note: We decide to go for the whole program : Money + Entrepreneur + Persuasion + The Vault ==> ~5k$

Watch video sale:

–    The Accelerator Program Application:This application will get you a one-on-one call with one of our top consultants who work with some of Tai’s most successful clients. This call will help them better understand what your goals are and what you want to learn. Our top consultants will assess your situation and needs, and figure out which program fits you best. There is no risk involved. You have a 67 day money back guarantee. At the very least, you will receive a free consultation.

–    Three Levels To The Program:The Money Program teaches you everything you need to know about finances. In order to be financially independent, you have to understand money and how it works. The world runs on a complex money economy and only a few know how to play the game. With this program, Tai will teach you how to effectively manage your finances to achieve financial freedom.

–    The Entrepreneur Program teaches you how to build and grow your business from the ground up. If you look at the world we live in, entrepreneurs make up most of the people that are prosperous and financially free, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy path. Many businesses fail within the first 18 months. Tai will share his insight as an entrepreneur and share the tools you’ll need to build a successful business.

–    The Persuasion Program teaches you the framework of influence and sales. Whether you are trying to raise investment money, expand your business, close a sale, or increase your revenue, you have to capture value. The only way to really do this is to be able to persuade people to buy into your vision. Tai will teach you practical techniques you can use to read personality types. You can get people to listen to what you have to say when you are speaking their language.

–    Exclusive Access To The Vault:Members of the Accelerator Program get access to Tai’s Advanced Business Live Calls, which includes over 50 hours of content ranging from how to get investors to which profit maximization model is right for you. Tai charges up to $10,000 an hour or $1,000,000 a year for his consulting services.

–    These Advanced Business Calls give members the chance to interact with Tai in an intimate group setting not found anywhere else. Members are able to ask Tai any questions they may have, and because it is a smaller and more exclusive group, he is able to get through most of the questions. Tai also covers the best business books on the market and goes in depth on higher-level concepts.
–    67 Mini Lessons:Each program has 67 mini lessons. Here is a list of what you will learn.

***    Money Program:
– Three Bucket Money Mastery
– Investing In The Stock Market
– How To Own Multiple Properties
– How To Properly Leverage Your Insurance
– How To Find The Right Business Mentors
– Best Businesses To Make A Million Dollars
– The Secrets To Stocks And Bonds
– Asset Diversification
– Time Value Of Money Concepts
– Planning For Your Retirement
and more…

***    Entrepreneur Program:
– Raising Capital
– The Foundation Of A Social Media Strategy
– Stacking The Trends
– Profit Maximization Strategies
– How To Use Email Marketing
– How To Write A Business Plan
– How To Scale Your Business
– How To Generate Leads
– Identifying Target Markets
– Front Loaded Business Models
and more…

***    Persuasion Program:
– The P.A.S.E. System: Understanding Personality Types
– Closing The Sale
– The Psychology Of Attracting Investors
– How To Overcome Objections When Closing
– Advanced Copywriting And Neuro-Marketing
– Advanced Negotiating
– Advanced Networking: How To Sell Yourself
– The Advanced Investor Pitch
– Sales Mastery
and more…



Guillermo Mata – Local Automated Consultant Blueprint

Name Product: Guillermo Mata – Local Automated Consultant Blueprint

Sale Page: _

Price: $497

Local Automated Consultant: Blueprint (CLASSROOM)

Getting Started With Your Local Consulting Business
Local Consulting Niche Run Through
Automated Entire Website & Funnels FAST
Generating Local Consulting Leads
The Closing And Sales Process
Services To Offer & Delegate
Outsourcing For Under $2 PLUS Building Up A Team
Sealing All Gaps!
First of the month live call!
Top priority services!



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[Special Offer] Fred Lam – iPro Academy

Name Product: Fred Lam – iPro Academy
COST: $1997
Size: 6.5 GB
Sale page:

Exactly what is iPro Academy?

Put simply, iPro Academy is THE conclusive course for getting endless and targeted site traffic from ALL the significant gamers– All while reducing your advertisement expenses by ONE HALF or more!

iPro Academy is a structured program you can go through at your very own speed.

According to Fred Lam of iPro Academy:

In the course you’ll find the following:.

“We set them up for success by supplying Neighborhood, Training, Coaches, in addition to my own million-dollar understandings.”.

– Discover a never-revealed technique to obtain optimal traffic from the biggest sites on the planet for actually CENTS on the dollar!

– Purchase affordable, top quality traffic from Google while quickly abiding by their numerous guidelines and policies!

– Master all kinds of Facebook marketing to provide competent traffic that prepares to purchase! Gain access to 2 MILLION MORE sites to market on through the Google platform!

– Get HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS of clicks a day– An unjust benefit to grow your company much faster and less costly than any individual else!

Everyone BELIEVES they understand ways to purchase advertisements on Google, Facebook and other significant media networks. Reality is, the majority of invest FAR EXCESSIVE cash AND time on unqualified traffic that does not transform well.

Fred’s a specialist for a few of the biggest corporations in the world, numerous which you would understand off the top of your head.

While some of them may work at first, a basic algorithm modification or guideline can end an entire successful company in a day. The reality is that you will not develop a home on a single pillar, why develop a company on one?

“To this day, there’s NO location to rely on discover this things! As soon as you find this details in their Introduce, you’ll have techniques and tricks to with confidence purchase inexpensive, high-qualified traffic from Google, Facebook and more! You’ll gain from greater traffic, greater conversions, and greater revenues.”.

What Do You Get With The iProAcademy Course?

Module 1: What You Need To Learn About The Fundamentals
Module 2: How To Create Your Own Website
Module 3: How To Make Your Own Sales Funnel
Module 4: Facebook Advertising A-Z
Module 5: Google Adwords Advertising
Module 6: Bing Ads
Module 7: Penny-Click Mastery

Plus Bonuses + Other Updates

PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $34.96 ($49.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Angelique Rewers – Live Event Mastery Bootcamp

Name Product: Angelique Rewers – Live Event Mastery Bootcamp
COST: $1997
Size: 4.15 GB
Sale page:_


Discover How to Use 3 Proven Types of LIVE Events to…

•  Get Face-to-Face with Your Ideal Clients  •
•  Build Meaningful Relationships  •
•  Establish Yourself as THE Leading Authority in Your Industry  •
•  Close High-Paying Deals Quickly  •

…All Without Major Expense, Time or Risk


Live Event Mastery Virtual Bootcamp is a training intensive designed SPECIFICALLY for consultants, coaches, trainers, experts, service providers and small business CEOs who are great at what they do, serious about achieving BIG sales results AND who recognize that in today’s world…

In Live Event Mastery Virtual Bootcamp, we zero in on three specific types of small, simple live events that quickly lead to BIG sales opportunities:




Why these events? Because all three can be done with limited time, limited resources and limited budget. In fact, you don’t even need an email list or a complicated marketing funnel to have huge success!

Here’s a snapshot of just some of what we’ll be covering when you enroll in the Live Event Mastery Virtual Bootcamp:









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Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Online

Name Product: Shelle Rose Charvet – LAB Profile Online

Sale Page: _

Price: $599

Welcome! I’m Shelle Rose Charvet, the author of Words That Change Minds, and I have been training, consulting around the world to help people find ways to
solve communication challenges,
create better relationships and
achieve outstanding results

How the LAB Profile® Online Program Works:

You will have access to this online program for 12 weeks.
Each week, you access a new Module with 2 sections, so you have the time to watch and practice, without having to do too much all at once.
*If you want the option to access all the Modules at once, or need more time, just let us know after you receive your login information.

Each video shows you the exercises that you can do and questions that you can feed into conversations to practice the skills.

What do you get with the LAB Profile® On-line Program?

· Access to video of me – filmed live, edited into bite-size pieces with exercises, demos, and answering questions.
· Clear Instructions on how to complete the program.
· A new module with 2 short sections to view each week for a total of 12 weeks. *Or if you like, after you login, just ask us to have all the Modules at once.

And for download:

· The PowerPoint Slides for each section (for your personal use only in this program)
· LAB Profile® Learning Manual PDF (for your personal use only in this program)
· LAB Profile® Worksheet with cues
· LAB Profile® Worksheet without cues



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