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Andy Harrington – Professional Speakers Academy

Name Product: Andy Harrington – Professional Speakers Academy
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Price: $1966

Here’s How The 3-Day Speakers Bootcamp Works.

Professional Speakers Academy

Step One

You will be taught how to put together the perfect presentation to get your message across utilizing a proven step-by-step system.

You’ll discover it’s not about having a script but rather about a structure, you must follow to have your audiences entertained, engaged and educated but most importantly talking about YOU for weeks!

Step Two

As part of your comprehensive learning at the course, you’ll see examples of every tactic and technique in action at a seminar where Andy Harrington spoke LIVE in front of thousands of people. So you know the techniques really work.

Step Three

You will be guided through a series of powerful exercises that will improve your stage performances whilst build the content of your very next presentation. When you complete the 3-day program you’ll already have the makings of a world-class presentation.

Here’s a quick guide to what you will learn month-by-month with Professional Speakers Academy:

Stress-Free Speaker System
If you have seen our free videos you’ll know all about this but now we are going to deepen your knowledge and broaden your ability to have truly accomplished presentation skills so you can present confidently and comfortably without ever running out of something to say.
STAY and Pay Positioning
You’ll discover how to build the first 5-20 minutes of your presentation so you’ll have a captivated and motivated audience keen to learn from you from the very get-go.
4-Mat Formula
You’ll learn how to design a workshop session so every possible learning style of your audience is covered. This means you’ll have the structure to build lucrative one-day and multi-day workshops so you get paid even more money for delivering them.
Unique Branded System
You’ll discover how to position yourself as an authority by having your own roadmap for people to follow. This step-by-step framework could become the basis of your book and your multi-day seminar. Think “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and you’ll know in a heartbeat how valuable this months training will be.
KickSTART Content Creator
You may have seen an overview of this module but now we are going to explode your ability to leverage this tool by giving you examples and exercises to build your talk point by point. Mastering this module means you’ll be the most captivating speaker your company, university or industry has ever seen.
Tri-Summit Storytelling System
Rather than having dry, boring predictable presentations and death by PowerPoint you will discover the art of making your points and illustrating them beautifully through stories and anecdotes with a system based on Hollywood movies.
Mastery of this module could make you an international speaker who gets are paid to travel all around the world sharing your advice.
Pitch and Grow Rich
At some point, you may develop your own products and programs that you wish to offer for sale at the back of the room. This module is a comprehensive break down of everything you need to know to make massive profits from this lucrative approach to professional speaking.
Step-By-Step Training is the Key

In each module you will learn every strategy, tactic and technique to become a confident speaker that people want to learn from.

In addition to the LIVE training, you will see Andy Harrington demonstrating each technique at a giant super-conference with a big audience so you know these techniques absolutely work.

Our students become great speakers because each module of the Jet Set Speaker System builds upon the success of the previous module so step-by-step you become a more confident, more certain, more charismatic speaker right there on the 3-day course.

You Don’t Need To Be A Confident Individual
It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to you are going to speak about (most people don’t when they join) as you’ll figure this out as part of your training.

And it certainly doesn’t matter if you’ve never spoken on stage before.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything to sell or offer people.

And Finally.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a business

or a product to offer on stage

Professional Speakers Academy



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The Cold Email MasterClass from Mailshake

Name Product: The Cold Email MasterClass from Mailshake
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Price: $199

We cover everything you need to complete your journey from novice to master cold email outreach performer right here. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Lesson #1 How to Write a Good Email

We’ll look at the prep work that goes into writing an effective cold email as well as explore different templates you can draw on for inspiration.
Lesson #2 Writing Subject Lines, Opening Lines & Body Copy

We’ll take a deep dive into three critical components of your cold emails: your subject line, opening line and body copy.
Lesson #3 Expediting the Sales Outreach Process

We’ll explore the tools and processes you can use to find anyone’s contact information. Use them to focus and fine-tune your cold emailing efforts so you’re reaching likely buyers – not tire-kickers.
Lesson #4 Personalization

Personalization is about more than the first name merge field. In this lessons, we’ll cover the specific types of personalization you should be using, as well as when they should be deployed.
Lesson #5 Building a Quality Check Process

Don’t damage your reputation with an error-riddled email. Reference the “10 Questions” given in Lesson #5 before sending out every cold email.
Lesson #6 Follow Up Emails

92% of salespeople give up after four “no’s”, but 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes.” In this lessons, we’ll cover how to put together an effective follow up series that saves the deals you’re missing now.
Lesson #7 Analyze, Optimize & Scale

Cold email optimization is the difference between lackluster performance and sales messaging success. Here, we’ll cover what to test, how to test it and how to scale your cold email campaigns.
Lesson #8 Expert Sessions

Don’t just take my word for all of this. Check out Lesson #8 for video interviews with cold email experts who give you their best suggestions for sending sales emails.



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Pam Foster – Direct Response Copywriting Course

Name Product: Pam Foster – Direct Response Copywriting Course

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Price: $495

Finally, You’ll Have a Step-By-Step Plan For Crafting…

Persuasive Copy That
Flat-Out Sells

If you’re a business owner looking to increase sales…you need better copywriting.

If you’re an agency looking to get more clients and deliver better results…you need better copywriting.

If you’re a marketing professional looking to take the next BIG step in your career…you need to be a better copywriter.

Simply put, good copywriting can have such a profound effect on your business (and your career) that I wouldn’t call it a “game-changing skill…”

But a LIFE-changing skill.

And this is ESPECIALLY true in the world of digital marketing, where the vast majority of all communication happens through the written word.

Listen, I don’t want to overstate things here, but the cold, hard truth is this:

If you aren’t writing good copy, you aren’t marketing.

With bad copywriting, you’re just “playing pretend” at this whole digital marketing thing…

…and until you learn how to write persuasive copy that converts, you’ll NEVER be a “real marketer!”

See, a pretend marketer is someone who writes copy that “sounds good”…

…while a real marketer is someone who is able to write copy that grabs your prospect’s attention and compels them to read and take action.

It’s the difference between going through the motions and actually having a positive effect on your business.

That’s how important copywriting is. And that’s why we’re so excited about our brand-new Copywriting Mastery Course & Certification.

And we’re even more pumped to announce that we’ve created this course in a partnership with the world’s top authority on direct-response copywriting…

There’s a myth floating around about copywriting…

…a dangerous myth that could have DISASTROUS consequences for anyone who believes it.

Want to know what it is?

It’s the myth that copywriting is only meant for writers.

Right now there are thousands of business owners, agencies, and marketing professionals out there…

(Email marketers, content marketers, conversion rate specialists, traffic buyers…)

…who have no idea how much they are being held BACK by poor copywriting skills.

It’s sad, but true.

Think about it this way:

Copywriting is the art & science of writing words that SELL.

And no matter what your digital marketing specialty is, we all have to “sell” something!

Media buyers & traffic acquisition specialists have to “sell the click” in their ad copy…

Email marketers have to “sell the open” in their subject lines…

Even content marketers have to “sell an idea” in every blog post!

This is why it’s essential for EVERY digital marketing professional to have strong copywriting skills.

Copywriting is like dribbling a basketball. If you play basketball, it’s ESSENTIAL that you know how to dribble—no matter what position you play.

The same is true of marketers and copywriting.

The good news is that the principles of persuasion are the same no matter what you’re working on. The techniques you use to write a high-converting sales page are the same techniques that will help you write better-performing ads, blog posts, emails, and so on.

And when you look at it that way, you start to realize that copywriting does a lot more than just improve conversions…

From generating awareness and building engagement to fostering excitement and turning customers into active promoters of your business, copywriting plays a HUGE role in EVERY single step of the Customer Journey.

(And it improves conversions. A lot.)

That’s why copywriting is in such steep demand today. You might even be surprised to learn this one simple fact…



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AWAI – Masters v3.0 : The Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Name Product: AWAI – Masters v3.0 : The Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

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Price: $1150

Masters v3.0 – The Fully Overhauled
Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Absolutely .
. I’m ready to begin my immediate ascent to copywriting mastery by learning the advanced secrets I’ll only find in the comprehensively revised and updated Masters Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Please give me access to the full program today.

Be sure to include my access to “Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection” – the ultimate “clip file” of 64 of the most successful modern day-promotions . with detailed notes on what made them successful . as well as interviews and commentary from many of the copywriters who wrote them. Copywriting Genius is a $495 value, but through this offer I get it free.



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The Business of Writing: Professional Advice on Proposals, Publishers, Contracts, and More for the Aspiring Writer

Name Product: [PDF] The Business of Writing: Professional Advice on Proposals, Publishers, Contracts, and More for the Aspiring Writer

Sale Page: _

Price: $14.99

Author: Jennifer Lyons and Oscar Hijuelos | Category: Management | Language: English | Page: 304 | ISBN: 158115917X | ISBN13: 9781581159172 |

Description: Whether you’re unclear on what to expect from your first book deal or just a little puzzled by your editor’s whims, The Business of Writing is the book for you. In it, literary agent and publishing veteran Jennifer Lyons empowers aspiring and experienced writers with everything they need to know about the business of selling books, from publicity to legal and financial aspects of the trade. A senior agent for seventeen years before opening her own literary agency, Lyons has taught numerous courses on the business of writing at Sarah Lawrence College, and has visited both undergraduate and graduate writing programs to share her expert knowledge. This enjoyable guide brings Jennifer’s in-depth tutorials to the broader public, balancing accessible, bulleted information for writers on the critical stages of acquiring and maintaining representation with interviews with professionals in the field. Interviewees include a Harper’s magazine editor, a contracts manager, and other publishing professionals that you can expect to encounter as you advance in your career. Covering everything from how to write the perfect query letter to deconstructing the terminology of a publishing contract, this indispensable handbook to the writer’s trade will give you a thorough introduction to the nuts and bolts of publishing.



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Amazon Copywriting Master Course – Write Copy That Sells

Name Product: Amazon Copywriting Master Course – Write Copy That Sells

Sale Page: _

Price: Your Free

Triple your conversion rates and sales with REAL Live Case Studies (Mini copy crash course Included)

Do you want to know what the missing link of your amazon business is?

The thing that guarantees higher rank
The thing that guarantees higher sales
The thing that guarantees your advertising is PROFITABLE.

It’s the COPY!

If you can’t write copy, your entire business falls apart.

Bad copy leads to low sales.
Amazon then punishes you with low ranks.
Your competitors overtake you.
Lower rank, lower sales,
Amazon product dies.

Slowly but surly products disappear from the market place. You don’t make enough money to call this a business, and everything you hoped and dreamed for starts to crumble.

However if your amazon listing CAN turn visitors into customers, amazon will reward you with the life of your dreams.

What happens when you start to get higher conversions?

Instant High Rankings

Think about it, if both you and a competitor get 100 people to your page. Your competitor sells 20 items, and you sell 40 items .

Who do you think amazon will want at the top of their ranks.

Of course, it’s YOU.

Higher conversions wins all the time.

Higher return on Advertising spend!

What if you and a competitor both spend 100$ on bringing 100 people to your page through paid advertising. Let’s say you get 30 sales and your competitor only gets 5.

This means that your $100 will have a much higher return on investment and you’re business will grow and grow while your competitors struggle to make any cash.

The difference is COPY.

Your copy is the missing link that will change everything in your amazon business. If you get this right, ranks, sales and success follow immediately after.

Changing the copy directly influences your entire business. By changing a few words or paragraphs you can make your marketing cheaper, get faster rankings and more sales immediately.

“But I don’t know how to write copy!!”

Does this sound familiar?

You get ready to write the copy for your amazon page your mind goes blank. Your copywriting sessions are just you staring at a blank white page. You have no idea what to write.

Well. That’s why I wrote it all FOR YOU.

You’ll get all my templates for the headlines, bullets and descriptions so you can literally copy & paste my high conversions into your business.

This course will not only tell you how to write, but I also provide detailed examples as well. You get templates for every part of the copy.

The Templates You Get Include:
The Three Highest Converting (and tested) Headline Formulas
My 5 Bullet Template For Instant Impulse Buys
My Copy&Paste Description Template For 40% conversions

I’ve also included some amazing modules that you wont see anywhere else.

Fly-on-the-Wall Section
This section takes you into our business and reveals our exact products that have 20-40% conversion rates.

I’ll show you our products on amazon and you’ll see exactly what we are doing.

I almost didn’t include this module because we know people will copy our products, however I wanted to be completely transparent and reveal what we are doing to increase our conversion rates.

The Copy Crash course
This golden nugget could have been an entire course on it’s own. I choose a random product completely from scratch. I then plan, prepare and write the copy in front of your eyes until everything is ready for a high converting amazon listing.

Just following the copy crash course will give you everything you need to succeed with your copywriting on amazon.

Let’s be honest. If you can’t write copy for your amazon listing, then everything else in your business will fall apart. Bad copy leads to poor rankings, expensive marketing, dropping below competitors, lower sales, and crushed margins. Everything goes into a downward spiral until you can’t even afford to restock.

You know that this is a missing link in your business, and you know you don’t have the skills of a high converting copywriter. You know that if you just had the templates, layouts and structure of a high converting amazon seller, then you would be able to succeed on amazon.

In this course, that’s what you get.

Get ready to take your amazon business to new heights with the amazon conversion crusher course.

Your shortcut to rank and sales is finally here.

Enrol now and start turning your Amazon business into the success that you know it can be. I can’t wait to see you inside the program.



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Direct Response Copywriting Certification Course

Name Product: Direct Response Copywriting Certification Course

Sale Page: _

Price: $495

Become a Certified Direct-Response Copywriter
…and learn how to craft gripping sales copy that seizes attention and sparks desire.

Finally, Youll Have a Step-By-Step Plan For Crafting Persuasive Copy That Flat-Out Sells

In this 5.5-hour course youll learn everything you need to know about copywriting. Youll learn where persuasive messages come from, how to tap into your visitors core buying emotions, and how to channel those emotions using powerful selling words

Module 1: Start Here – Copywriting Defined
Lesson 1: From the Instructor
Lesson 2: Copywriting and the Value Journey (Deiss)
Lesson 3: What is Copywriting
Lesson 4: Three Fundamental Rules of Selling
Lesson 5: Defining the Prospect
Lesson 6: Connecting with the Prospect
Lesson 7: The Big Idea, The Power of One
Lesson 8: Research Overview
Lesson 9: Secret Simple Formula for a Successful Sales Letter
Lesson 10: Recap: Everything You Already Know!

Module 2: Diving Deeper Into Effective Copywriting
Lesson 1: The Theory of Resistance
Lesson 2: Write Like You Talk
Lesson 3: The Secret of Writing With Passion
Lesson 4: The Power of Stories
Lesson 5: Find Your Voice
Lesson 6: Writing Your Story

Module 3: What is Your Copy Really Selling?
Lesson 1: Its All About The Benefits
Lesson 2: The Future Benefit
Lesson 3: Deeper Benefits
Lesson 4: Your Unique Selling Proposition

Module 4: Persuading Your Prospect
Lesson 1: Before and After Grid (Deiss)
Lesson 2: Examples Before and After Grid (Deiss)
Lesson 3: Power of Intimacy
Lesson 4: Power and Core Emotions
Lesson 5: Examples of Core Emotions
Lesson 6: The Golden Thread
Lesson 7: The 4-Legged Stool

Module 5: Anatomy of a Successful Sales Promotion
Lesson 1: Headlines
Lesson 2: Leads
Lesson 3: The Sales Argument
Lesson 4: The Close
Lesson 5: Guarantees
Lesson 6: The P.S.
Lesson 7: The Secret of Transubstantiation
Lesson 8-10: Examples

Module 6: Copywriting Secrets from the Masters
Lesson 1: Copywriting Secrets 1-10
Lesson 2: Copywriting Secrets 11-20
Lesson 3: Copywriting Secrets 21-30
Lesson 4: Copywriting Secrets 21-30
Lesson 5: Congratulations

About Your Instructor
Pam Foster is the Director of Copywriting Training for AWAI, the worlds leading provider of online and live copywriting training and business-building programs. Shes been a member of AWAI since 2005, and is a frequent speaker at their live training events. Shes also the author of several AWAI online training programs on web copywriting and choosing a niche industry for success. and she won AWAIs 10K Copywriting Challenge in 2009.
Pam is a Certified SEO Copywriter and experienced content-marketing writer, teacher, speaker, and consultant with three decades of experience in marketing communications. Her background includes senior copywriting roles at IDEXX Laboratories (where she wrote more than 1,000 sales promotion campaigns a year), the LL Bean Home Products Division, and the NAVC (North American Veterinary Community) global veterinary association; as well as a freelance writer/blogger for for nearly two decades with clients including Vet Advantage magazine, Todays Veterinary Business, LifeLearn, the Goddard Schools franchise, and dozens of other B2C and B2B companies.



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The Capital Copywriting Bootcamp

Name Product: The Capital Copywriting Bootcamp

Sale Page: _

Price: $197



How Do You Get In To The
Capital Copywriting Agency Bootcamp?

Membership decisions are made by the officers and advisers on a case-by-case basis based on four major criteria:

Do you have the necessary desire to get out of your current situation, take control of your financial destiny and achieve financial independence?
Are you the type of person who takes action on their dream, or someone who watches others get theirs?
Will you keep the trade secrets and proprietary formulas you discover confidential?
Can you afford the one-time registration fee? (It’s $2497 paid in one lump sum, payment plans available on request.)

Why Does Everyone Want In?

If you’re reading this page and the APPLICATION button is still active, then we still likely have a few spots remaining for this BRAND-NEW OPPORTUNITY, but time is short and we can’t hold seats while the indecisive dilly-dally. (Becoming a 6-figure, or even 7-figure earner, requires that you do the opposite of what the sleeping, mediocre masses do: You act decisively.)

Plus, the Copywriting Agency Bootcamp is coming up very soon and we don’t know if it’ll happen but more than once, so we need to get the ball rolling now, starting with your application.

Travel The World, Enjoy Your Life And Start Making 6-Figures In 60 Days:

If you are accepted, you will be contacted via email from the Capital Compound Headquarters within 24 hours.

Scroll above and fill out the application now to avoid missing out on the first step towards the life of your dreams.

May 18-20, 2017 SOLD OUT

June 8-10, 2017 SOLD OUT

July 27-29, 2017 (limited spots)



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Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

Name Product: Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

Sale Page:

Price: $200

Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code
What Will I Learn?
Why code is the key to building whatever you can imagine with WordPress

The ability to write PHP to manipulate the data of a WordPress site
The ability to write JavaScript to add on-the-fly interactivity to a WordPress site
The skills, knowledge and vocabulary to work professionally as a WordPress developer
Basic WordPress knowledge (how to create a blog post, etc…)
A basic understanding of HTML (e.g. “p” is for paragraph, “h1” is for headline, etc…)
No CSS knowledge required (although it helps to understand that CSS is used to add style & design to a page)
No JavaScript knowledge required (although it helps to understand that JS is used to add interactivity to a page)
Unlock the full power of WordPress and go beyond “just a blog platform” by learning how to code completely custom WordPress powered sites.

I’ve spent the last 12 years studying WordPress, PHP, and JavaScript and now I’m here to teach you everything I know. Come along on this journey with me and become a WordPress developer.

Together we will build a website for a fictional university and along the way we will:

Install WordPress on your personal computer so you have a private playground copy of WordPress to practice and experiment with
Get introduced to the PHP language (this is what powers WordPress)
Set Up a New Theme (You’ll learn how to convert any HTML template into a living breathing WordPress theme)
Create Custom Post Types and Custom Fields
Relate pieces of content with each other (e.g. a professor and a program)
Learn the basics of (object-oriented) JavaScript
Leverage the WP REST API
Learn to use JavaScript to communicate with the WordPress back-end on-the-fly
Let visitors sign up for a basic account on our site
Build a “My Notes” feature (user specific single page application with real-time CRUD actions)
Let users “like” or “heart” a professor (update the professor’s like count on-the-fly)
Deploy our website live up onto the web for the entire world to view
And much more!

This course may be brand new, but this isn’t my first time teaching. I’ve led training sessions for Fortune 500 companies and I’ve already helped over 17,000 people on Udemy and received the following feedback:

“Brad definitely has some of the best techniques to embed the lesson into your mind. hands down these are the best tutorials I have had the opportunity to view.”

“Presentation is concise without being tedious. you honestly feel that you have a thorough understanding of the subject.”

“.[Brad] explained the process. Not memorize this or that, he explained the process. If you’re looking to take a course to understand the foundations of creating websites, look no further.”

Become highly valuable and relevant to the companies that are hiring WordPress developers; in one convenient place alongside one instructor. If you’re ready to begin coding custom websites – I’ll see you on the inside!

Who is the target audience?
Developers who want to use WordPress as a true Content Management System and not “just a blog platform.”
Those looking to learn the PHP and JavaScript languages.
People who want to learn about the “REST API” which allows us to interact with WordPress data on-the-fly in realtime.
Anyone interested in custom post types, custom fields, and creating relationships between various content types.



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