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The methods of generating targeted traffic have CHANGED.

The old ways of doing it are dead…

This new method does NOT involve:

Heck yes it does!

“That’s Cool… But Are Your Students Getting Similar Results?”

YES! My students are making money from this method…

​(This is how much traffic and sales they’re getting in OTHER niches!)

FINALLY – How to Turn $10 into HUNDREDS of Dollars/week on Repeat With NO LIMITS to How Many “Traffic Packs” You Can Set Up…

From the desks of:

Soufian Chalouh, Stefan Ciancio & Mehdi Tihani

Hey there, Soufian here with my partners Stefan and Mehdi.

​This started out as a little experiment for me. I was sick of how long it took to generate targeted traffic.

​I tried everything. Spent thousands on Facebook ads and Google Adwords… nothing worked. I knew I had to get creative to generate targeted traffic.

​Then, the experiment happened.

​I spent about $10-20 on each of these “traffic packs” that took only a few minutes to set up, and over the course of that week, I was able to bring in 1000+ visitors and best of all, $1,700 in my pocket.

​Yes, I was able to turn $20 into $1,700!

​It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the massive potential of this method. One little “traffic pack” makes me $1,700/week, and now I have many running.

​When I saw how great it worked, I began teaching a few students.

​All my students are making money… That’s when I knew I was sitting on a goldmine.

​And today, I’m finally releasing this method to the world so that YOU can get similar results.

​It doesn’t get much easier than this, especially for someone with limited time and limited budget. The potential of this method is absolutely unlimited…

Here’s the Truth: My “Timeless”, On-Demand Traffic Strategy is the BEST Way to Bring in Tons of Targeted Visitors and Make Money Online in 2018…

Each “traffic pack” you set up acts to bring you thousands of visitors QUICKLY, in an effort to save you from slow, unreliable Google traffic or expensive Facebook ads.​

Imagine having one “pack” that brings you 500 visitors within a week and $700 in profit.

​We have a few of these running… and we’re building tons more.

​The beauty is you can set up many of these “traffic packs” as you like… how many will you set up?



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David Kadavy – White Hot Course

Name Product: David Kadavy – White Hot Course
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Price: $198

White Hot Course will teach you the invisible structure of clean & clear design.
White Hot Course is the first and only course that teaches you the hidden structure behind clean and clear design. So you can ship beautiful products, faster than ever.

I want you to stop struggling with the wrong things!
Im David Kadavy, the human person behind this design course. I know how it feels to wrestle with designs that never seem to work right. Back in design school, we would spend hours agonizing over our fonts, colors, and which Photoshop filter was going to look coolest.

Then, one day, everything changed. I was inspired to strip away all of that extra junk, and concentrate only on the invisible structure underneath it all.
I spent weeks locked in my dorm room, experimenting only with these things. I experimented with aligment, sizing, and spacing, until I had exhausted all possibilities.
When I re-emerged, I never saw things the same again. I spent the next month completely re-designing everything in my portfolio. It was finally clear to me how wrong everything looked.
Mastering White Space The Hidden Structure of Clean & Clear Design

The first and only book about the hidden structure guiding clean and clear designs that convert
– A hidden spatial language, revealed
– Stop the guesswork, and start understanding how layouts work. Get your point across, and convert your prospects.
– A grab bag of the hottest combos
– The best designers use the same tricks over and over again. Youll finally have a cheat sheet of go-to combos to get your project shipped faster.
– See it in action with real-world examples
– Learn to spot it all in the wild. The hidden structure of clean & clear design that converts is used by all of the top apps and websites.

– Mastering White Space e-book
– White Space: Shaping Nothing for Clean Design officially-licensed SXSW talk
– White Magic step-by-step blog design screencast w/ companion code
– Two (2) White Space Makeover screencasts: OkDork & Mixergy
– BONUS White Space Makeover screencast of Hacker News



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Ben Oberg – Millionaire Mafia Crypto Mastery

Name Product: Ben Oberg – Millionaire Mafia Crypto Mastery
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Price: $297

This Guy Makes 0.21 Bitcoin Per Day
While Taking A Shower!
Learn How You Can Earn Crypto Currency While Showering!

I earn crypto in the shower almost daily.

It Made Me $1,237,363 in 2017

(that is $1.2M! )

Of course I don’t earn crypto everyday but I do shower everyday.

And I took half of that and sent it straight into my bank account (mostly so I could stare at $600K sitting right in front of me then put it back)!

Everyone wants to promise you that their bot, their “system,” their MLM, or company is going to make you “mass amounts of money” and “you will be living the dream, you don’t have to put in effort,” and all this other bullshit.

I’m not going to promise you any of that.

I don’t have a system to offer you,
I don’t have an MLM for you to join,
I don’t have a magic crypto machine that you can put money into and will spit out Bitcoin or Litecoin or any other coin.
I can only teach you to create massive returns while you take a bubble bath, shower, wash your dishes, or go about your daily lives.

Heck, I Made 8.3 Bitcoin At A G-Eazy Concert In San Diego At 2 AM!

Then I made 11 Ethereum 3 days before that while

sitting in an Audi RS5 at the SD Auto Show!

My concept is simple; I earned 78 Bitcoin in 2017 alone.

How much did I spend?

Well, I took $3,500 and turned it into over $1.2M. So it’s up to you, I don’t care if you use $5,000, $500, $50, or $5.

So here it is;

When you invest in a stock you don’t invest in just any stock, right?

You invest in one that people have had success with, or that your accountant says is good.

You invest in one that experts say is good. You essentially trust the “expert opinion” of another person to tell you what to do.

Well, What If You Were “THE EXPERT?”

You would know exactly:

What to invest in
When to invest,
How to invest,
When to sell and trade out,
And most importantly.
You Would Spend No More Time Doing This Than You Would Taking A Shower

It’s not that hard to be an expert. The average person spends

8.2 minutes taking a shower.

Well, once again, I earned 78 Bitcoin in 2017 alone;

That’s 0.21 Bitcoin per day;

That’s 4-figures per day.

With 7.6 billion people on Earth, the average person makes $10,000 per do the math.

Make sense?

Be the expert, make the money, and you don’t have to trust anyone.




Are you familiar with the book “The 4 Hour Work Week?”..

Well..this is “The Two Hour Work Week.”

Course Curriculum

Intro To Bitcoin & Application Of Crypto Currency
Setting Up Your Wallet & Securing Your Bitcoin
Earning Crypto Currency On Exchanges
How To Create 200%+ Return On Investment Weekly
Satoshi Value & Candlestick Science
Basic Trading Strategies
Short Term/Long Term Profit Strategies
Trade Entrance & Exit Indicators
Advanced Trading Patterns
Predicting Markets For Profit
Stop Losses & Notifications For Increased Profits
Coin Research
ICO Fundamentals & Science
Converting Crypto To Cash
Bitcoin Visa Cards
Bonus Training With Crypto Millionaires
Coins To Invest In
Ben’s Personal Crypto Accumulation Strategy
Fibonacci Retracement/Extension Tools For Predictive Analysis
Earning During Progressions (bull markets)
Earning During Recessions (bear markets)
Market Analysis
Blockchain Investments
Blockchain data
Blockchain and Proof Of Stake Investments
How To Stake Coins & Earn Instantly
GPU Mining vs. ASIC Mining



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Tal Gur – One Year To Freedom Roadmap Premium

Name Product: Tal Gur – One Year To Freedom Roadmap Premium
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Price: $69

A Life-changing Roadmap for Creating Financial & Location Independence in One Year
even if you lack the time, skills or capital.
Tal busts the myths that financial and location freedom is only attainable by those born into a wealthy family, or once they have saved enough to “retire” at the end of life. Nathan Rose, founder of Assemble Advisory

Tal shows us the meaning of true freedom. The liberation of taking your life into your own hands. The wealth of objectives and mindset. And the humbleness of being truly human. Esther Jacobs, the ‘no excuses lady’ and best-selling author

Convinced? Jump to the packages!

“Sorry sir, your credit card transaction failed”
“Please try again”, I asked the cashier in a nervous voice.
“I’m sorry, it seems your credit card is still declined”

This was real. I was broke… so broke I couldn’t even afford to buy groceries.
The date was April 14th. My credit card was maxed out at $33,598.62 and I officially hit an all-time rock bottom.

Here I was, a young man with no money whatsoever and tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt.

On top of that, I was working at a 9-to-5 corporate job that made me feel dead inside.

I felt like a failure… even worse, I felt empty.

Then something happened…
On that fateful day of April 14th, when on all the financial chips were down, I reached my breaking point.

No more, I said.

No more was I going to be scared about not being able to pay my bills..
No more was I going to feel trapped…
…And no more was I going to slave my life away for someone else….

I decided to regain my freedom, and I was NOT going to wait.
One year, I thought.

This is how much time I gave myself, to build financial and location independence, step-by-step, from the ground up.

Fast forward 12 months… Complete freedom
Exactly one year later, I was trekking the highest mountains on earth in Nepal, breathing in fresh air, feeling freedom in every cell of my body.

No more 9-5, daily commute, office politics, the boss, and of course… no more debt!

I had become free in the purest sense of the word.

How did I do it?
Ever since I made this change, I’ve had dozens of people come up to me asking, how exactly, was I able to achieve this dream – a lifestyle based on freedom from excessive debt in less than a year?

So I decided to write a book… but not just any book – A roadmap to freedom.

A one-year roadmap with the mindset you have to create, the new habits you have to adopt, filled with step-by-step easy-to-follow action plans.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…
“But Tal, there are literally thousands of books on the topics of living anywhere, escaping 9-5 labor, and achieving financial freedom.”

Yes there are. Some of them promise the moon, others are just conceptual.

This book is different.
oytf-model-4-vertical-grayHere’s why:

First, the “One Year to Freedom” is about making a transition in one year, not one month, or one week. There’s a lot of “get rich quick” products out there. The truth is, however, that creating a sustainable freedom business of real value takes both time and the right mindset. This book will guide you through the process so you can go the distance.

Second, financial and location independence is not just about generating more income; that’s only half of the equation. This book will also show you how to drastically reduce your ongoing living expenses so that they are well below your new income streams. Otherwise, you’re just like a rat on a treadmill, never getting anywhere.

Third, this book explores different opportunities for online income – not just one or two. This is important because it gives you the freedom to choose the path that best fits your personality and skills. You do want to know the options available to you, don’t you?

Fourth, and the most important difference, is that One Year to Freedom is a detailed roadmap, not just ‘talk and theory’. It is designed to help you get results, not to overwhelm you with superfluous concepts. This book is filled with in-depth material and dozens of easy-to-follow action plans.

BUT… this book is not for everyone
This book is NOT for you, if:

You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
You’re not going to commit to making changes
You’re not willing to put the time and effort
You don’t have a burning desire to succeed
In short, this is only for the action-takers – the people who are willing to work hard, and see the value of building a real, long-term online business.



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Start-up Financial Modeling for Non-Finance Professionals

Name Product: Start-up Financial Modeling for Non-Finance Professionals
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Price: $19.99

A guide for non-finance start-up entrepreneurs to prepare their financial projections hassle-free.

This course is primarily aimed at start-up entrepreneurs with limited background in finance and accounting. As part of the course you will receive your copy of Feanut Financial Model – a tool that we developed to make it easy to prepare complex financial projections. Over this course you will learn how to use this model to prepare a professional financial plan, including the financial statements, financial ratio analysis, simplified business valuation and scenario analysis with the use of just a couple of input data that even a regular non-finance guy can understand so at the end of the course you will be able to prepare the finacial plan of your start-up business using our Feanut Financial Model.

No specific finance or accounting background is required, and the course is not aimed at teaching you the details of accounting mechanics nor complexities of financial modeling in Excel. The course contains of almost 4 hours of video lectures and as part of the course you will also receive a 90-page model giude.



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FOREX: LearnTo Trade the Improved ( Advanced ) Patterns

Name Product: FOREX : LearnTo Trade the Improved ( Advanced ) Patterns
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Price: $74

If you want to become financially independent without having to sell stuff online, the Forexmarket is perfect for you !

In This Course You Will Learn about how to trade the Improved ( Advanced ) Patterns. You will learn about Structure – Support and Resistance and the importance of

structure when it comes to trading these patterns. In this course we learn about the Gartley, Bat, Butterfly and for a free bonus you will also learn how to trade the

Cypher pattern. We learn how to place stops and targets on the patterns and how we should find them in the market. The terminology in this course is basic and you

don’t need to have any formal education. It is a step by step setup and I will lead you through it in a way that you will understand. The course is build up of PDF

lectures and video explanations on every lecture. If you are interested in learning how to trade the Gartley, the Bat and The Butterfly and get the education around how

and why they are formed in the markets, this is the course for you.



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High Performance Habits (Audio Book) – Brendon Burchard

Name Product: High Performance Habits (Audio Book) – Brendon Burchard
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Price: $97

What you will get in High Performance Habits?

High Performance Habits is a science-backed, heart-centered plan to living a better quality of life. Best of all, you can measure your progress.

After extensive original research Brendon Burchard finally reveals the most effective habits for reaching long-term success. Based on one of the largest surveys ever conducted on high performers, it turns out that just six habits move the needle the most in helping you succeed. Adopt these six habits, and you win. Neglect them, and life is a never-ending struggle.



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Fudan University Financial Course

Name Product: Fudan University Financial Course
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Price: $379

The Master of Finance Program was launched in 2010 through collaboration with Anderson School of UCLA and Princeton University. This program is committed to

develop aspiring professionals who can advance knowledge and practice in financial industry. It offers a master of Finance degree with specialization in Financial

Engineering and Financial Management.

– Gain cutting-edge knowledge from world class faculty through interactive lectures, real-life case studies and integrative projects.
– Develop advanced analytical and technical financial skills and tools necessary for future career in Finance.
– Gain unprecedented access to the financial industry in Shanghai. You have opportunities to visit leading financial institutions and meet most influential innovators in the




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The Bit Smart Academy – Bitcoin Crash Course(2018)

Name Product: The Bit Smart Academy – Bitcoin Crash Course(2018)
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Price: $663

A total of 6 Lessons that will guide you into finally understanding Bitcoin and the technology’s surrounding it.
Learn Bitcoin From Home

1. Welcome To ‘The Bitcoin Crash Course’
Getting Started
What is Bitcoin?
How does Bitcoin technology work?
Where did Bitcoin come from?
2. Coinbase & Beyond!
How to setup your Coinbase Account.
How to buy your first Bitcoin.
Two factor authentication
Send and receive Bitcoin.
3. Public vs Private Keys
Public Keys
Private Keys
4. Securing Your Bitcoins
Never leave your money at the exchange.
hot wallet vs cold wallet
How not to lose your coin?
5. The Age of Altcoins
What are alt-coins?
Bitcoin vs Altcoin
Shape Shift Technology
6. Turning Bitcoin Into “Benjamin’s”
The 5 investors into Bitcoin.
What’s next?



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