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Attraction Marketing Summit (MLSP)

Name Product: Attraction Marketing Summit (MLSP)
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Price: $197

Attraction Marketing is the art of attracting clients for your business by creating valuable & educational content that addresses a particular audience’s pains, problems, and challenges.

Attraction Marketing is about serving your prospect up-front by giving them answers to their problems, which in turn gives you what you want (a customer, client, or new business partner).

When you execute MLSP’s proprietary Attraction Marketing Formula in your business, you magically start to create and build relationships with potential clients as you build that know, like, and trust factorâ?¦ which can make the ‘selling’ process much easier and much more enjoyable.

The Vision & Goal with the Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit?

To teach home business owners how top earners are effectively combining attraction marketing principles with online marketing best practices (social media prospecting & recruiting, content marketing, blogging, video, webinars and other modern technologies) to grow their audience, influence, and income… and get more customers and recruit more reps for their businesses.

Our desire with the Virtual Summit is to prove once and for all that top producers today are combining proven offline marketing techniques with the power and leverage of the internet and attraction marketing to create the life (and business) of their dreams.

Through the Summit interviews we will level-up the profession, reveal the truth, and show home business owners step-by-step what is possible when you increase your value, knowledge, and skill-sets, embrace attraction marketing, and become a professional marketer!

Your 40 Summit Speakers include Top 10 income earners in network marketing companies, prospecting & recruiting experts, the best home business professionals & online marketers, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, 6- 7- and 8-Figure Earners who ALL leverage the internet, and ‘Attraction Marketing’ pioneers who changed the industry forever…

Below you will find interviews with the following:

Toby and Layla Black, Tanya Aliza, Ray Higdon, April Marie Tucker, Amber Voight, Sherri Brown, Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Bob Heilig, Matt Morris, Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz.



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Franklin Hatchett – Savage Affiliates

Name Product: Franklin Hatchett – Savage Affiliates
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Price: $197

The Ultimate Training.. Copy The Exact Formula I Use To Generate Over $10,000 A Month In Affiliate Commissions Online!
No Fluff, No BS.. Just Proven Results!

If you’re reading this then chances are, You’ve been following me for a while..
If you have known me for a while then chances are you know I get right to the point and that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing to do today.
We have this thing online called “Affiliate marketing” and you would be surprised to know that nearly everyone is going it.
Have you heard of “Trivago” the travel site? Of course, you have right. you see the Trivago lady all over TV.
In 2017 Trivago reported a profit of 8.45 Million dollars and those were affiliate commissions. Trivago is just a website that compares hotels then makes a commission per sale. what we call Affiliate marketing.
BUT what has this got to do with you?
Well, you can do the exact same thing and I’m going to teach you how to do exactly what.

Even if you struggle to make money online or you simple haven’t started yet this is going to help you every step of the way.
LISTEN.. I could sit here and tell you my story but you already know that, what I want to do is teach you the formula I use to generate 6 figures a year in commissions by promoting products I don’t even own.
What if you could generate hordes of free traffic that created a passive income? what if you could build an email list and send simple emails whenever you like and get commissions.
Would that help you?
Heck. you can even use these strategies on your own info products or build leads to your struggling online business.

Affiliate Marketing has been known to be at the top of the list when it comes to creating a passive income online and right now is the perfect time to get started.

There is a reason why companies like Trivago do so well and that’s because all they need to do is supply the traffic and the hotels do the rest. They sit back relax and cut commission checks.

Just before the end of 2017 I helped a buddy of mine start his first ClickBank account and he started getting commissions shortly after.

He used strategies inside this training to rank an article on the front page of Google so now the commissions come in automatically everyday and it’s growing.

“You can totally do this.. This is the most comprehensive and step-by-step program that will teach you EXACTLY how to start you own affiliate marketing business. You will learn how to generate a passive income from products you don’t even own!

What Savage Affiliates Will Do For You!

Show you how to GET STARTED with Affiliate Marketing even if you have NO experience and you’re a complete beginner.
How to MASTER FREE TRAFFIC and flood your offer with people ready to buy your affiliate offers.
How to use free and paid traffic to build a HUGE EMAIL LIST of customers that will buy from you every time you send an email (printing money).
Give you access to a no fluff MENTOR with years of experience in the trenches doing exactly what you will be learning inside.
Real examples of the most PROFITABLE niches planned out for you so you can start to profit right away.
How to create a HIGH CONVERTING affiliate website and landing page from scratch.
How to profit from the Amazon Affiliate Program with REAL examples giving you a head start.
Give you access to my high converting lead capture page that converts at more than 70% helping you build your email list FASTER.

These are daily commissions coming in on one of my ClickBank Accounts.

Once again this traffic is completely automatic and comes from Google when people search specific keywords resulting in high converting traffic.


Inside Savage Affiliates you will learn step by step how to do this and generate commissions from high converting traffic thats ready to buy!


NOW. Because you’re on the VIP list this training will be closed in 6 days from when the doors open!

This is a special offer to YOU ONLY and won’t be open to the public because I want to help my students inside this training.

My last course currently stands at $3+ million in students earnings! That’s just INSANE and that’s because I actually spend time inside helping you.

This training is once again something that will change lives just like my last one. Over $3,000,000 in student earnings can’t be wrong!

If your tired of trying to get that passive income started and never getting anywhere then this training is going to open your eyes to real affiliate marketing really showing you how to get it done.

If your a beginner and don’t know where to start you will be helped every step of the way from A-Z.

Look, when I first started online I had no idea what to do and I didn’t have help. I actually wish I had an opportunity like this when I started!

If you’re looking to get started in affiliate marketing or just can’t get the results you want then you don’t want to miss this opportunity.
This isn’t a low quality course with 30 videos teaching you absolutely nothing.. this is a high quality course showing you everything you need to know with over 100 videos that you can watch at your own pace.

Are you going to be my next student success story?



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FB Master’s Program

Name Product: FB Master’s Program (2018)
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Price: $500

6 Module Video Training
6 Modules with over 40+ videos explaining how your subscribers can get started completely from scratch with Facebook ads and DOMINATE any niche.
Whitehat & Ethical
Everything inside the Master’s Program is completely ethical, 100% approved by Facebook terms of service, and has been used by me to grow my business to over 6-figures per year
Walkthroughs & Case Studies
Everything is completely explained and includes walkthroughs. Watch JayKay explain a theory and demonstrate everything real-time in front of your subscribers
Newbie to Pro
Following the videos in the course, your subscribers can move from a complete social media novice to a paid consultant without any additional courses or content



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AMZ Seller Summit 2018

Name Product: AMZ Seller Summit 2018
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Price: Free

AMZ Seller Summit is a virtual event during which 20+ experts share their insights and expertise on subjects covering Amazon listing optimization, product launching strategies, external traffic and much more.

Product and Market Research

Are you wondering why your product is not selling? One of the main reasons Amazon FBA sellers fail is because they do not know how to do product and market research the right way. They invest a lot of money in the wrong product, list it on Amazon, and everytime they check their Amazon Seller Central app, they see nothing but 0s or negative dollar amounts. This is discouraging and would scare a lot of new sellers into quitting.

But you do not have to be like those sellers. Because there are ways to know exactly what shoppers are buying on Amazon. Learn the secrets of product and market research during this special session.


Alibaba and the Canton Fair in China come to mind when most sellers think about sourcing products, but there are other effective ways to source that are unknown to many sellers. Most never heard of the many tradeshows that take place in China every year. Being familiar with these tradeshows and what they can offer could give you an advantage over your competitors.

Learn more about these little-known resources and how they can help your Amazon business.

Product photography

Having great product photos is one of the best ways to turn an Amazon shopper into a buyer. Photos that look unprofessional could erode the potential buyer’s trust, but beautiful photos help make customers visualize a positive experience using your product even if several others are selling the exact same thing.

Learn why great photography and photo editing is essential to a great Amazon listing and how it can increase your sales.

Copywriting Tips, Tricks

Amazon shoppers read your product title, features and even your product description to determine whether or not your product is actually want they want or need. Since they cannot test or even hold your product before they buy it, you have to sale your product through words. You can have the best product on the market with the best benefits, but if you fail to effectively express that in your listing, you could lose sales to your competitors.

Let our experts show you how the best copywriters are using words to turn Amazon shoppers into committed customers.

Product Launch Strategies

Another big reason why Amazon FBA sellers fail is because they do not know how or when to launch their products. It is so important to launch your products correctly. After you have found your supplier and are ready to begin selling, you should have the perfect launch plan already in place.

Learn how to craft powerful product launches that will keep you ahead of other sellers in your product market. Do not let a bad launch keep you from making the sales you really want.

Influencer Marketing

Top Amazon sellers use several different methods to spread the word about their products and attract more customers. One of the ways they do this is by taking advantage of influencers. Influencers are people who have large audiences and can review your product, promote it and even have giveaways. If members of an influencer’s audience has an interest in your product, it could lead to more sales for you.

Learn why you should add influencers to your list of ways to promote your product and increase your sales this year.

Repricing Strategies

Choosing the right price for your product can be a challenge. If the price is too low, it can affect your profit margin, and if it is too high, you risk the chance of not having as many sales. But the right price and strategy can make all the difference and keep you from worrying about expensive storage fees.

Our experts will teach you everything you need to know about using the best repricing strategies and winning the Buy Box.

Product Listing Optimization

If you do not create a product listing that makes shoppers want to buy your product over others, you will not get the sales you really deserve. Listing products on Amazon that gets people to buy, even if there are a lot of other sellers selling the same product, takes having the right keywords, understanding what your audience wants and being familiar with Amazon’s algorithms.

From the layout, keyword optimization, copywriting and your description, learn everything you need to know about creating a persuasive and informative Amazon product listing that will turn shoppers into buyers.



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Anton Kraly – FB Warriors

Name Product: Anton Kraly – FB Warriors
Sale Page: _

Price: $997

Become a Facebook Warrior
.and learn the step-by-step systems to create and launch profitable Facebook marketing campaigns.


What is FB Warriors?
FB Warriors is an in-depth course that teachers members, step-by-step how to create and launch PROFITABLE Facebook campaigns, but also

walks members through growing their campaigns and therefore growing their businesses.

What You’ll Master In This Course
Build A Successful Advertising Campaign
Watch our step-by-step instructional videos on how to build a successful ad campaigns on Facebook that convert into leads and sales.

The Complete Facebook Marketing Funnel
From start to finish, you will discover the complete Facebook marketing funnel. You will see how to turn a completely cold audience into a buying

audience with our watch and implement style training.

How To Leverage Your Easiest Offer To Maximize Profits
You’ll discover how to quickly make a return on every marketing campaign with one easy offer.

How To Scale Successful Campaigns
Learn how to efficiently scale your campaign once you have built a winning system all while avoiding ad fatigue.

Become a Facebook Warrior
In this 8-hour course you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to generate quality & profitable leads with Facebook.

Facebook Overview
Learn the fundamentals of Facebook marketing in the Facebook Overview module. This module covers everything from how to use the Facebook Ad

Manager, how to understand your customer analytics, and more.

Module 1:
In Module 1, we deep dive into how to build customer awareness the right way inside Facebook Ad Manager.

Module 2:
Module 2 shows you the exact strategies you need to turn your barely aware audience into HOT leads.

Module 3:
In Module 3 you’ll learn the path of least resistance to turn your hot leads into “instant” customers.

Module 4:
Module 4 shows you the step-by-step systems we use to Become The Only Authority and how you can set YOUR brand apart from the rest.

Module 5:
In Module 5 you will discover how to ascend your audience into CORE offer buyers.

Module 6:
Module 6 dives into how to maximize the value of your customers with upsells & cross sells.

Module 7:
In Module 7 you will uncover the goals of building a cost effective community with educational and event retargeting.

Module 8:
Module 8 will show you the step-by-step system we use to generate thousands of testimonials and reviews

Module 9:
In Module 9 you will learn the strategies we use to generate affiliates that help promote our products and content.



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IM Affiliate 2.0 Training Videos – Kevin Fahey

Name Product: IM Affiliate 2.0 Training Videos – Kevin Fahey
Sale Page:

Price: $197

If you’re a follower of new IM releases then you are likely to have heard of ‘IM Affiliate Funnel 2.0‘ – a recently released product by Kevin Fahey.

Kevin, who claims to have generated millions of dollars worth of affiliate sales over the last 8 years, is also responsible for IM Affiliate Funnel 1.0 over

a year ago.

This is the first time I’ve heard of him, but that doesn’t mean he is not a widely respected marketer. I’m looking forward to learning more about him

and his tactics.

I’m drawn to Kevin’s bold claim on the IM Affiliate Funnel website where he states that he has earned over $100,000 in affiliate sales for working less

than an hour a day.

Read my entire review to discover how realistic these claims are as I investigate if Kevin is the real deal or he’s simply trying to fool people with false


The first thing that hits you when you visit the IM Affiliate 2.0 website is that unmissable claim of earning big bucks for not a lot of work.

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for many years and I’ve met very few people who can earn at such an incredible rate. I’m more than intrigued and click

play on the video to see what Kevin has to say about his methods.


Kevin’s intro message is well-scripted and a little bit dramatic, but he comes across as a likeable guy.

He talks about the frustrations of many affiliate marketers who struggle to make regular sales, and how IM Affiliate Funnel can help.

He emphasizes that his product is one that anyone can pick up and run with and start making money online within 24 hours.

The sales page mostly consists of earnings screenshots and numerous testimonials from Kevin’s previous customers.

At this point I have to say that my internal ‘scam alarm’ is warming up. Kevin seems like a really genuine guy but the earning claims seem extreme and

I’ve reviewed many programs that suggest anyone can make their methods work, and quickly.



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Omid Ghiam – BAMF Affiliate Blueprint

Name Product: Omid Ghiam – BAMF Affiliate Blueprint(May 2018 UP)
Sale Page: _

Price: $379

BAMF Affiliate: An Affiliate/CPA Marketing With Native Ads Mastery Course
A full A-Z guide on how to successfully find, set up, run, and optimize campaigns with Native Advertising. Pretty much a guide on everything no one tells you

This course I will teach you everything you need to know about performance marketing and how to get your foot in the door with native advertising. Topics include:

Understanding the affiliate marketing business model

How to properly research campaigns and find successful offers to run

How to find good affiliate networks

How to set up your landing pages

How to use your tracker and how to connect everything together.

How to launch a full campaign in Revcontent (Shown 3 different ways)

How to build good relations with industry professionals

How to optimize and scale your campaigns to massive profits

Introduction + Mindset Needed

Introduction To The Blueprint (10:12)

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Flow of Money (19:22)

Understanding The Lingo (14:39)

Approach to Native Advertising

Logistics of How Native Ads Work & Why They Are Growing (17:04)

Best Affiliate Friendly Native Ad Networks + Why This Network Is The BEST One (11:24)

Examples of Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns (10:59)

Shortening The Optimization Time By Spying

How To Use This Amazing Spy Tool To View Everything About Successful Campaigns (27:03)

How To Manually Spy After Using Spy Tool For More Accuracy (18:03)

How To Make Money With Native Ads

Whitelist vs. Blacklist + What They Are and When To Use Which One (13:52)

Uncommon Strategy To Build Profitable Campaigns ASAP (Great For Low Budget) (6:44)

Getting Into Affiliate Networks

Why I Don’t Have A Specific Favorite Affiliate Network (9:13)

How To Get Into Almost Any Affiliate Network (15:15)

How To Get Affiliate Managers To Help You (What Questions To Ask) (6:38)

How To Set Up Your Landing Pages

How To Buy Your Domain + Web Hosting Options (13:38)

How To Connect Your Domain To Go Live (6:19)

How To Create Landing Pages From Scratch (9:13)

How To Swipe Landing Pages + How To Edit Them (21:51)

How To Make Your Landing Page Go Live On Your Domain (5:25)

How To Collect Emails To Build A List (Optional)

Trackers And Why You NEED Them

My Favorite Tracker (And Why) (8:18)

How To Set Up Your Campaign In Your Tracker + What To Track & How (31:59)

How To Track With Clickbank (Optional)

Ready For Launch!

Campaign Game Plan Rundown + Ad Image and Headline Variations (22:15)

Setting Up Your Ads In Revcontent

How To Properly Set Up Your Ad (Shown For Both Low and Large Budgets) (21:25)

How To Place Bids Accordingly + Best Time To Submit Ads (12:01)

How To Talk To Your Traffic Rep (Building A Good Relationship) (6:06)

Scaling & Optimizing

Reviewing Data (What To Look For To Optimize & Scale) (21:59)

Logistics Of Hitting 5-Figure Days With Native Ads (7:00)


Importance Of Masterminding With Other Affiliates (9:49)

Private Mastermind Group + Q&A’s (Student Access Only)


Secret Opportunity (6:47)



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Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Jack Canfield – Awakening Prosperity

Name Product: Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Jack Canfield – Awakening Prosperity
Sale Page: _N/A

Price: $30

Welcome! We’re grateful you’re here.

We’d like to invite you to take a moment and IMAGINE.

Imagine what your life would feel like if the struggle and anxiety around money was GONE.

If you were free from the stress, the searching, the heaviness.

How would your life feel if you knew, at the core of your being, that you had enough to live your passion, take care of your loved ones, express your gifts.

And that you ALWAYS WILL.

How would it change the way you spend your days?

Your relationships? Your health?

Your feeling of being successful and making an impact?

It would shift everything, right? Yes.undoubtedly it would.

So how do you move into a place of peace and ease with something as energetically loaded and emotionally charged as prosperity? Something that most carry deep wounding, inner conflict and fear around whether they HAVE IT or NOT?

How do we heal the wounds that are blocking the flow of prosperity in our lives?

How do we unashamedly and unapologetically ask for what we’re worth?

How do we heal the divide between our spirituality and money?
Being a Conscious Steward of Money

So how do we become stewards of money, and use our prosperity as a tool for spreading more good in the world?

To answer these questions – and we’ll definitely answer them.

We’d like to share the most powerful system of activators that we’ve used in our own lives to reach states of abundance and freedom that most people only dream of.

In our upcoming course, Awakening Prosperity.

If you’re ready to step into your abundant birthright and live the life you came here to live, then we invite you to join us for 5 weeks as we unblock the flow of prosperity and tap into the ever-present flow of abundance in your life.

It’s going to be a life-changing experience and we welcome you to join us.

With love,

Dawa Tarchin Phillips & Jack Canfield

P.S. The Awakening Prosperity Online Course is now open for enrollment with a limited time price reduction for early registrants, so please act now. And we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so if you’re not happy with the purchase, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Digital Training – Practices – Live Coaching Calls
You’ll Join Two of The World’s Foremost
Prosperity Experts As You Learn How to.












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Micro Expressions – Paul Ekman

Name Product: Micro Expressions – Paul Ekman
Sale Page: _

Price: $299

Read micro expressions

Whether or not they are aware of it, everyone flashes micro expressions, revealing their true inner emotions. Use Dr. Ekman’s micro and subtle

expressions training tools to help you see what others may want to hide. Each of these tools has a recommended training time of one hour and consist

of visual examples of the seven universal emotions.

Micro Expressions Training Tool: Dr. Ekman’s cornerstone product teaches you to detect and interpret micro expressions. You can be the one to spot

the emotions that others conceal.

Subtle Expressions Training Tool: Provides foundational knowledge of how emotions emerge in just one region on the face. Learn how to see emotions

as they develop.

Micro Expressions Profile Training Tool: This tool expands your expertise by training you to identify micro expressions from different angles.

Micro Expressions Intensive Training Tool: Dr. Ekman’s most advanced training for developing your expression detection skills.

Respond to micro expressions

Smarter communication starts with empathy. Dr. Ekman has created three interactive tools which help you evaluate various emotional scenarios and

express yourself with confidence.

Responding Effectively Training Tool: Family Learn to navigate stressful situations at home. Dr. Ekman provides feedback on how to acknowledge the

feelings of family members.

Responding Effectively Training Tool: Workplace Communicate with empathy when engaged in a conflict at work. Dr. Ekman coaches you through the

best practices to achieve an appropriate resolution.

Responding Effectively Training Tool: Law Enforcement For the benefit of officers and citizens alike. Dr. Ekman gives his insight on interrogation

Success Stories

“Dr. Ekman’s training tools have helped me read emotions, predict reactions, and interact with others in a more proficient and professional way.”

-Joe S., Residential Manager, boarding school for underprivileged kids

“I have been a great admirer of Dr. Ekman’s work for many years. As a private investigator, I use the knowledge gained from the tools every day, and

am impressed with their usefulness.”

-Matt M., Private Investigator

“I’m very sincere when I say that Dr. Ekman’s research has been so helpful for emotional identification and regulations with the autism population, and

we’ve only scratched the surface of this work.”

-Emily W., Director of Education



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Bradley Riley – Social Media Marketing Academy

Name Product: Bradley Riley – Social Media Marketing Academy(May 2018 UP)
Sale Page: _

Price: $497

Social Media Marketing Academy
How To Quit Your Job And Work From Anywhere. In The Next 30 Days
Class Curriculum
Getting Started
Course Overview – Welcome To The Course! (7:55)
What Is Social Media Marketing & Management? (1:32)
Freelancing Vs. Agency (5:51)
Freelance Websites & Options (2:28)
BEFORE WE START. Please don’t do this! (3:20)
Module 1: Getting Set Up & Started
How To Set Up Your Profile & Get Your Account Approved (11:43)
How To Optimize Your Account (9:42)
Portfolio, Skills, Employment History (25:51)
How To Write an AWESOME Authoritative Profile (13:30)
This ONE Trick Will Help You Make More Money! (10:11)
Module 2: Client Acquisition & How To Get Clients
How To Write A KILLER Cover Letter (14:46)
How To Apply For Jobs & What Jobs To Apply For (16:44)
How To Get a High Response Rate (5:34)
The QUICKEST way to apply to jobs (12:15)
Paying For Connects = Buying Leads (6:17)
Focusing on IPA’s (4:55)
Keep your overheads LOW (5:54)
Getting Clients With NO Previous Experience! (8:07)
Module 3: Sales & Pricing
How To Price Your Services! (9:45)
Fixed Rate or Hourly Pay? (5:25)
Logical & Emotional Selling (5:58)
The Direct Message Sale – (NO PHONE CALL NEEDED) (7:57)
Why You NEED To Get Potential Clients On The Phone! (3:22)
Buyer/Seller Dynamic! (3:58)
How To Structure The Sales Call (27:24)
How To Up-Sell Your Services! (9:13)
The Proposal (Template Included) (14:00)
How To Take Payments & Charge Your Client! (10:10)
Charging MORE Money For Facebook Ads (Value Based Pricing) (5:04)
Close Your Client EVERY TIME With These Closing Lines! (8:56)
Module 4: Authority
The Importance Of Authority! (8:28)
Branding Yourself! (7:33)
How To Create Professional Monthly Reports! (8:47)
Calendar Booking & Scheduling Meetings! (9:48)
Placing A Video On Your Profile! (2:13)
Turning Down Clients & Saying NO! (6:55)
Testimonials & Reviews (How To Always Get 5-Star Feedback) (4:30)
Module 5: Outsourcing
How & Why To Outsource (4:55)
How To Create A Job Posting! (8:58)
How To Pick the BEST Outsourcers! (4:27)
Why The Cheapest Aren’t Always The Cheapest. (4:59)
What TASKS To Outsource (4:44)
How Much To Pay Your Outsourcers (3:38)
Examples Of Great Outsourcers (LIVE) (15:28)
Communication is KEY! (3:55)
Giving Outsourcers Access To Social Media Accounts & Passwords (HOW TO TRUST THEM) (5:07)
Module 6: How To Get Results For Clients
On-Boarding Clients (6:39)
Implementing A Hashtag Strategy For Clients (15:40)
How To Grow On Instagram (6:54)
Finding Copyright Free Images (6:28)
The IMPORTANCE Of Sample Posts For Clients! (6:54)
The 70 – 20 – 10 Rule! (6:53)
Module 7: Automation, Systems, Passive Income & Scaling
How To Automate Social Media Posting (5:01)
Systems Building (4:12)
Automating The Screening Questions (4:59)
Outsourcing & Automating The WHOLE Business Model (EVERYTHING EXPLAINED) (11:18)
End Of Course
Thank You! (1:30)
Become An Affiliate And Make 40% Commission! (2:51)
Would You Like Further Help? (2:40)



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