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[Special Offer] Chet Holmes – The Institute Course

Chet Holmes

Name Product: Chet Holmes – The Institute
COST: $695
Size: 5.4 GB

Sale Page :  _

Want a comprehensive system to grow every part of your business?

“There are skills that many business owners and executives haven’t developed, strategies they can’t imagine, and tools they’ve never built that have the potential to radically improve the whole course of their businesses and their lives.”

Are there better methods for growing your business than you’re currently aware of?

If you ask the average CEO, “Where did you get your CEO-skills training?”

Do you know what you find?

Mostly, you find there wasn’t any training. They learned on the job – by making all the mistakes. It was training by error.

Obviously that’s not the smart way to go. It’s obvious. Right? Except most business owners are still out there using a combination of outdated tools mixed with trial and error in a heroic effort to reinvent the wheel.

If you’re going to put a big chunk of your time, money, and energy on the line in business, you must leverage the experience of recognized business experts who’ve already done the testing, research, trial and error – and most importantly, who’ve gotten the results.

The Chet Holmes Institute contains a 30-year learning curve from internationally recognized business-growth master, Chet Holmes.



Russell Brunson – Funnel Immersion

Name Product: Russell Brunson – Funnel Immersion

Sale Page:

Price: $497

Get $2,997 Worth Of ‘Unreleased’ Funnel Training For A HUGE 90% Discount (This Week Only)
82+ Hours Of Never Before Released Live Trainings

(Previously Reserved ONLY For My Top-Tier Clients)

“How to Get More New Customers Without Wasting Time ‘Dabbling’ With Sales Funnels.”

If you need help with serious business growth, but struggle with wasting your time ‘dabbling’ with sales funnels. – this behind the scenes training automatically helps you fix that AND get more customers. See it in action.



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Mark Hagar – Facebook Ads Course

Name Product: Mark Hagar – Facebook Ads Course

Sale Page:

Price: $497


$0 to $1,243 In Sales In His First Week.

Went from zero sales to $1,243 after a few days after joining. Now just keep the ads running and retarget my visitors! Thanks for the help everyday, results are starting to show! Thank you Mark! Next stop is 1K sales per day


$0 to $1589 In Sales After Four Days.

It was only 3 months ago when I my self got inspired by an online marketer! I decided to take action and learn everything. I remember the days when I did not know what a funnel was or how to bring traffic to a website. Shout out to my mentor Mark Hagar for giving me the fine tunes to start making sales!
– T So

Watch his moves and listen to his advice and you’ll make money.

I felt like there would be a huge learning curve for me to start advertising on Facebook but Mark Hagar and his team are talented, experienced and have all the right stuff to turn anyone into a online pro. Mark is so dedicated to helping people, that he is always teaching his followers and becoming his student opens up so much more. Mark’s advise is timely and accurate. He doesn’t just say what people want to hear, he is genuinely driven to help and grow people and their skills. I implemented his advice and within a matter of days I had several warm leads that converted into high paying long term clients. Watch his moves and listen to his advice and you’ll make money. It’s as simple as that.
– Dan Rudder

The Best Training I’ve Ever Paid For.

Just watched the 2nd video on facebook from july and I have to say that simple video was one of the best trainings i’ve seen and i’ve paid thousands for other training programs. Thanks again MentorRupted
– Nikkio


$497/One time payment

Ultimate Pixel Guide
Beginner Course
Intermediate Course
Ecom Launchpad
Retargeting Course
Insta Influencers Course
Find a Niche/Product

Full Pay Bonus:

One Weekly Group Coaching Call!



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Caleb Wojcik – DIY Video Production Guide 2.0

Name Product: Caleb Wojcik – DIY Video Production Guide 2.0

Sale Page:

Price: $299

Does it Take You Too Long to Make Videos?
Do They Turn Out How You Imagined?

Making great videos by yourself in a timely manner takes the right combination of knowledge and experience.

Creating videos alone is difficult enough without having to worry about whether or not the lighting looks right, the mic sounds okay, and if you are actually in focus.

Whether you’re too intimidated to make your first video or you’re making them all the time, I’ll share what I’ve learned the past few years making over a hundred videos for myself and clients like Pat Flynn,, and Gumroad.

I believe that anyone can make great videos of themselves. It just takes patience, dedication, and the right amount of focused learning.

That’s why I made this course.

What You’ll Learn:

There are so many different places you could start when you want to learn to make better videos. Trying to figure out where to begin is nearly impossible because there is so much to learn.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve spent countless hours watching endless tutorials to make my videos better and that is why I put this together.

There are plenty of excuses for not making videos, but “know-how” shouldn’t be one of them.

This course covers:

What camera, lens, lighting, microphones, and recorders are best
How to set-up 3-point lighting, white balance, and soften shadows
How to get clean audio from any kind of microphone with no echo or noise
What to do while shooting to save hours editing it later
How to plan your videos, script them out, and deliver them naturally


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Mike Koenigs – Webcast Profit Toolkit

Name Product: Mike Koenigs – Webcast Profit Toolkit

Sale Page:

Price: $9.99

The Webcast Profit Toolkit is a step-by-step system in which I share my 20+ years of experience and taught over 100,000+ students how to sell with live interactive and recorded video.

You will discover the 5 secrets to getting attention, building an audience and list, selling products and sharing your message with webcasts.

Here’s what you get when you register today.

Step #1 | PREPARE


Passion and preparation sells! In this segment, you’ll discover how to create an ON DEMAND webcast that creates income (and fun)!

Step #2 | PRODUCE


Imagine walking into your very own studio (something you can create for $200 or less) and then flipping a switch and broadcasting to the world!

Step #3 | PROMOTE

You can have the best studio and cameras in the world but it won’t matter if you don’t have an engaged audience. This will show you how to get a consistent stream of customers and a raving band of webcast fans.

Step #4 | PERFORM


This is the key to unlocking 5, 6 or even 7-figure days in your show-and you can do this even if you hate the way you look on camera. We’ll show you how you can create, produce and launch a GREAT show.

Step #5 | PROFIT


Inside this module is the single biggest money making secret how to get people to raise their hand and say yes to your product, offer, book or service.

When You Sign Up, You’ll Get These Amazing Bonuses:

Bonus #1 | Camera Courage and Confidence! How to Overcome Your Fear of being on camera, even if you don’t like the way you look or sound.

Bonus #2 | Access to a Private Facebook Community share your events and always feel connected and supported. Ask questions, get opinions, and network.

Bonus #3 | “Million Dollar Day” Tools and Templates. Everything you need to Prepare, Produce, Perform, Promote & Profit from webcasts including lead capture pages, email promotion copy, event pages & show flow. These “swipe files” alone took years to create, cost over $250,000, and produced millions of dollars in income!

Bonus #4 | The Webcast Book Promotion System you can become a best-seller with webcasts! You’ll discover how to market and promote books with proven webcast book promotion and book-selling strategies.

Bonus #5 | Webcast Consultant Toolkit. Companies all over the world will pay $5,000 – $10,000 – $50,000 and more to have webcasts produced for them. Get the inside scoop on how to get and close deals as a paid consultant and how to attract and work with celebrity or corporate clients.

Bonus #6 | Webcast Partner Profit System. A great way to build your credibility and list is by partnering with known experts and authorities and produce shared events to promote, market and sell yours or their products and services.

Bonus #7 | Masterclass. You’ll get access to a Virtual Interactive Training Bootcamp taught to a live audience where you’ll learn step-by-step how to do live interactive programs, create a product from scratch, set up cameras, equipment and answer questions.

BONUS #8 | How to Be Comfortable on Camera Every Time! ($300 Value). Includes rights to give it away when you do interviews (book, infographic, how-to video).

BONUS #9 | How to Be a Video Interview Pro Book, Video and Scripts ($300 Value). Includes rights to give it away when you do interviews (book, infographic, how-to video).

BONUS #10 | How to Do Interviews with 2-3 People at a Time ($300 Value). How to make your webcast look and feel like a professional TV show or news program so you can educate, entertain and engage your audience.

BONUS #11 | Perfect Testimonial Kit ($500 Value). How to capture a story that turns viewers into buyers with a proven psychological formula that connects viewers to you, your products and services instantly.

BONUS #12 | $10,000 in Less than 12 minutes ($5,000 Value). The secret countdown video formula that sells for you. Three scripts valued over $10,000 each that have produced over $1,000,000 in sales that you can model for your own programs.

BONUS #13 | $100k in 100 Days ($10,000+ Value). Mike’s repeatable business success blueprint that’s made over $1mm in less than 100 days 12 times in a row.

BONUS #14 | How to Be a Webcast Producer ($800 Value). How to manage shows with teams interview with Jessie Schwartzbkurg.

BONUS #15 | Grow Your List from Scratch ($700 Value). How to build effective Facebook ad campaigns to generate leads and convert them into sales.

BONUS #16 | John Assaraf’s Evergreen Webcast that Sells on Autopilot Every Week ($500 Value).

BONUS #17 | Grow Your List from Scratch ($700 Value). How to build effective Facebook ad campaigns to generate leads and convert them into sales.

BONUS #18 | Virtual Mastermind Interviews ($500 Value). Model the best practices of JJ Virgin, John Assaraf, Chuck Boyce, Brad Costanzo, Joe Polish, John Bowen and more!

BONUS #19 | How to Integrate with WebinarJam ($200 Value). Go beyond a webcam and make WebinarJam, Skype and Google Hangouts look and sound great.

BONUS #20 | Techie Bonus: Advanced Video Training ($400 Value). Produce broadcast quality shows with Wirecast, Newtek Tricaster and more advanced hardware systems.

BONUS #21 | How to make a Green Screen Look Like a $1,000,000 Studio ($400 Value). How to do virtual sets with simple affordable software.



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The Subconscious Lead Generation Message Quick-Start Program

Name Product: The Subconscious Lead Generation Message Quick-Start Program

Sale Page:

Price: $399

Video #1
Creating headlines and Subject Lines that get Prospects to Read, Listen to or Watch Your Message!

Your headline or subject line only has one job: Get the prospect to engage the message! But your prospect is CONSTANTLY being bombarded with messages, so you need to break through that noise. In this video you will learn to create headlines and subject lines that go straight to the subconscious drivers of your prospect so they engage your message.
Video #2
Creating Doubt in Your Prospect With Your Lead Generation Message!

Studies prove that the average buyer is 60% of the way through their buying process BEFORE they contact a vendor. By the time they call you they are usually price shopping. Your only hope is to make them doubt what they think they know about their problems and the necessary solutions. We show you how in this video.
Video #3
Creating Buying Triggers With Your Lead Generation Message!

There are many folks who wait for “trigger events” before they will reach out to a prospect. The problem is that every competitor knows about the event as well! So you become just another sales pitch in a sea of sales pitches. In this video we show you how to CREATE a trigger event in the mind of your prospect, so you’re the only one that can help them!
Video #4
Creating Calls to Action that Really Create Action!

“For more information” or “To learn more” aren’t calls to ACTION. They are calls to ‘think about it.’ If you want your prospects to ACT and respond to your message then your call to action has to INCITE a response. Learn how to flip the subconscious dials that make people take action in this video.
Bonus Video #1
How to Research Your Target Market So You Know WHAT and HOW They Want to Buy!

A big problem for many companies is that they have a great product or service, one that could easily solve the problem their target market has, but they position it the wrong way. Just because YOU know what your offering can do for the prospect doesn’t mean that they do. Learn HOW to position your offering so your market desires it and buys it.
Bonus Video #2
How to Create a Lead Generation Campaign!

The ability to create a Lead Generation campaign is the difference between suffering through ‘feast and famine’ periods VS having a steady flow of new leads and – ultimately – steadily increasing sales. Learn how to create a Lead Generation campaign, so you can set up more and more of them for multiple streams of income.

The Program Includes:

4 Video Training Sessions + 2 BONUS Video Training Sessions
6 Mind Map Templates, one for each video
One 25 Minute One on One Coaching Sessions with Erik Luhrs
100% Money Back Guarantee*

EVERYTHING you need to know!

Here’s a taste of what what you’ll LEARN in our exclusive program…

Why the narrower your focus the stronger your prospect’s DESIRE will become!
How to access and use Level 5 Pains to bypass your prospect’s resistance!
How to use a NAME to instantly make your prospects shut up about price!
The little known process of Event Stacking that makes FUTURE issues important right now!
How to balance “the carrot and the stick” to drive the responses you want from your audience!
Why you always want to hit your prospect with a ‘Body Blow!’



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Mark Bishop – Hookum UPDATED

Name Product: Mark Bishop – Hookum UPDATED

Sale Page:

Price: $7.93

Give ‘Em’ Away. Make Money & Build a List

1 Hour & $5 to Implement
100% Newbie Friendly
No learning curve
Give these away and watch as people clamour to join your lists and then hand you money.
Each hook is highly targeted which means no tire kickers

Click Here
Hookum enables you to sell to everyone.
Even people who absolutely Hate being sold to

$5 and 1 Hour per Project. Completely Passive & 100% Newbie Friendly

Genuinely Easy: A simple twist on an old school method makes it ridiculously simple for anyone to make money (sometimes within mere hours).

You’ll kick yourself for not thinking of this yourself

No Thinking Required: A simple 1-2-3 easy to replicate 1 hour system for making fast and consistent & passive affiliate commissions while simultaneously building a list.

Zero Maintenance: Build your first Hookum project in the next hour, & then build another, and another. it’s that simple!

Rabid Audience: Deploy in any niche, area, market and use any platform you like. See how easy it is to grow targeted lists while pumping out affiliate commission.

Remember you simply have to give Hooks away; once you do. they’ll want to buy whatever it is you’re selling

Affiliate Commission derived from several methods
Simple, No Tech, No Learning, No Experience Formula

Perfect for Newbies: This worked for me when nothing else did. because, it is ‘mind numbingly simple’. and I’m a complete technophobe lol.
Did I say it was Easy?

Why complicate things – I have the whole process down to 3 simple to master steps.
Simple. Under the radar. Competition Free

No learning curve. the whole thing takes around 1 hour to complete from start to finish regardless of experience

Even newbies will understand this business model & be able to make money with it quickly

All you have to do is Give Them Away… Could YOU do That?
And here’s the great news: Hookum Requires..

No learning curve
No waiting about for traffic
No fancy software
Only very basic knowhow
Just ‘1’ domain & hosting
No backlinks
No videos
And as little as $5 to get started (+ domain and Hosting)

See Inside…

When you see just how cheap we’re letting you have access to Hookum for. You might assume this is some Cheap & Nasty Product & Training. But that ISN’T the Case.
I actually do this. I have done for years.

So the training you get is exactly what you need. Take a look at the members area.

Click the video play icon to see inside

Instant access to Hookum Members area
Access to our Facebook Mastermind group
Hookum Blueprint PDF (45 pages )

Hookum ‘Native Ad’ Content Structure PDF (16 Pages)
47 Minute Video (Contains Traffic Details)
Case Study PDF (16 Pages)


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Mike Kabbani -The Dynamic Client SuperFunnel Program

Name Product: Mike Kabbani -The Dynamic Client SuperFunnel Program

Sale Page:

Price: $497

What’s Included In The Dynamic Client SuperFunnel Program?
Your Client Getting SUPER FUNNEL
Automatically Turn Strangers Into Buyers
Now the VERY first thing we need to do is SETUP your client getting “SUPER FUNNEL”
Remember, those are the funnels that will automatically turn STRANGERS into BUYERS.

With you SuperFunnel you will NEVER have to sell to ANYONE who doesn’t want you FIRST.

I want you to ONLY talk with those that have DEMONSTRATED that they are willing to commit to you!

Because that’s the only way you can magnify your income and your impact.

I want you to actually IMPLEMENT and HAVE THE FUNNEL LIVE!

That’s why I will give you ALL the templates…
All the shortcuts…
I will literally give you the ONE CLICK SHARE FUNNEL!
(You literally will have my SUPER FUNNEL INSTANTLY in ClickFunnels).
You will have EVERYTHING you need to set this up and have it be automated…

How awesome is that???

Now it’s very important to remember that these 3 funnels MUST be setup in a VERY specific way…
I see so many people everyday get this wrong, and they don’t really understand the PURPOSE of each part… and they end up failing…

That’s why I teach you EXACTLY WHAT each part of is for AND HOW to set it up so it works perfectly.

The training and all the templates and funnels and everything is ALONE worth $2997…

Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
How To Easily Get Profitable Clients From Facebook
Facebook is the absolute BEST place to get clients!

That’s why the Facebook Funnel you will have the FASTEST and SIMPLEST way to get profitable ads that get you clients from Facebook!

This is VERY important because a lot of Facebook training is about gimmicks and tricks that DO NOT WORK for getting clients. I will show you my exact templates and everything for Facebook.

We’re going to create the Facebook Ads TOGETHER.
I will show you exactly how to setup EVERYTHING…
And you won’t believe how SIMPLE all this is…

If you’ve never advertised before…
I will show my simple “NO LOSE” formula where I ALWAYS win in the long term, and only test $50 at a time…

You absolutely MUST get on Facebook ads if you want to get the highest value clients today, and with this training…
…and all the templates and coaching.

The value of this training alone is $1997 and it’s SO worth it!

And guess what… there’s even more!!
Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
Okay, so you have…
2) You got awesome, profitable traffic coming from Facebook.

Hmmm… what ELSE do you need to succeed?
High Ticket NO DRAMA + HIGH PROFIT Enrollment System
You need the high ticket enrollment script!
I will show you EXACTLY the way to enroll HIGH TICKET clients with NO DRAMA and NO PRESSURE.
This is literally fun and very easy.
You literally follow it and clients will HAPPILY enroll for your program.

The biggest mistake I used to make is that I didn’t understand the PSYCHOLOGY of high ticket sales.
And I found that using “old school” sales advice actually sabotages your results and pisses off your good prospects!!!

That’s why I will give you the EXACT script to use, word for word.
Plus I will walk you through it and explain the whole PSYCHOLOGY behind it:
The things to watch out for…
AND the opportunities to really maximize things…

This EASILY can be a stand-alone high ticket selling course with a value of $1997.
It’s all included in this course for you 🙂

How awesome is that, huh??!

Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
Okay so you have…
1) Your Client Getting SUPER-funnel.
2) Traffic is coming from Facebook.
3) You have your ninja High Ticket Enrollment Script AKA The No Drama High Ticket Sales Script

What else do you need to succeed???

Genius Email Automation
[Plug & Play Campaigns]
What if there was a way you can AUTOMATICALLY get EVEN MORE sales…

Well, there is!
With Intelligent Email Sequencing…

THESE are the absolute best “plug and play” email campaigns that you just take, personalize… and they will go to work FOLLOWING UP with those future clients that were on the edge… but never applied…

These email sequences will do all the hard work for you…

Just ACTIVATING these email campaigns in your SUPERFUNNEL can double or even TRIPLE the amount of clients that sign up…

This is so EASY to install and the results are so DISPROPORTIONAL that it’s a no brainer to add it!
The training and the PLUG AND PLAY templates ALONE are worth $1497.
And it’s all included in the course!!
Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
The Value Of Everything So Far…
When you add up ALL the value of everything you’re getting, it adds up to $8,488.

Now obviously I won’t charge you that much, but let’s role play for a second…
Imagine that you REALLY did pay that much.
And imagine that everything I said is 100% true, and you were able to get clients on auto-pilot…
All you had to do is show up and enroll them into your program…

How many high ticket clients would you need from this funnel so you make $8,488?

1? 2? 5? 10?

Whatever that number is, all you need is to get to get that many High Ticket Client and you’ll get your money back!!!

And that might take you a few weeks (or maybe days) after the funnel is live.

for the rest of your life..
you’re getting clients on AUTO-PILOT for pure profit!!!
(think how insane and valuable that is…)

So you can see why the former CEO of Zappos Delivering Happiness At Work called me a “Unicorn” among marketing strategist and why clients are pitching me 5 and 6 figure deals to help them…

You can see why… right?
Because it’s an INVESTMENT. Not a cost.

But you won’t pay ANYWHERE NEAR that much…
I’m going to show you exactly how much you need to invest in this but I have to warn you that the bonuses are going to be limited and registration will be closing on October 3rd…

So if you want in, you need to get ready…

Ready To See How Big Of A Discount You’ll Personally Be Getting???

When you enroll today…
You won’t even pay half of $8,488!

For the general public, this course is going to be sold for $1,997.

But since YOU are special as being my Facebook friend…
You will get access to -EVERYTHING-…
The ENTIRE 6 weeks course for a TINY fraction.
You get EVERYTHING for just $497…
($7,991 off!)

How awesome is that???
Can you BELIEVE that??

But to get this special offer, you can’t wait because registration is closing VERY soon.
(And the extra bonuses that I’m going to announce will be gone also.)

Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
100% Guaranteed
I 100% guarantee that this WILL work for you.
In fact, I want you to test this out for 37 days, and if you don’t start getting clients on auto-pilot.

1) I WILL PERSONALLY optimize YOUR FUNNEL and get YOU clients.

2) If I can’t get you paying clients then I’ll give you 100% of your money back

How awesome is that?!
But that guarantee only works if YOU DO…
You MUST enroll for this to take effect.
And this guarantee is only available for this premiere launch.

So if you want to enroll in something that’s 10000% guaranteed where “I’ll optimize it for you if it doesn’t work, or give you your money back” then you need to enroll now!
Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
6 Live Coaching Calls
Here’s the First SUPER BONUS…
On top of all the training, and the templates…

We’re also going to do SIX live coaching calls!
This are going to be in a small group where I will answer your PERSONAL questions!
The value of this live coaching calls is alone is 4x the price of this program at $2000!

And you get it as just a bonus!
How awesome is that?

Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
ONE Year Facebook MasterMind Group
The Facebook Mastermind!
You’ll get access to my PRIVATE client-only Facebook group where we all interact everyday.

You will be able to ask ME anything you want, and be around other students that are on the same journey as you!

You will NEVER be alone with this!
I promise whatever you need, you’re going to get.
Deal 🙂 ?
Yes, Give Me The Client Getting SuperFunnel! Registration Ending Midnight EST on October 4th
Value Of Everything
(With All The Bonuses)
The Total Value (with ALL THE BONUSES) ends up at $12,488
And you get it ALL for just ONE payment of $497…
(no future payments, upsells, or anything like that)

So to do a final recap… here’s what you get.

The “Client Getting” SUPERFUNNEL
Facebook Shortcuts
Easy High Ticket Enrollment Script
The Follow Up Auto-Machine
6 LIVE Coaching Calls
1 Year Of Facebook Mastermind Group


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Maria Andros Buckley – Signature Programs That Sell

Name Product: Maria Andros Buckley – Signature Programs That Sell

Sale Page:

Price: $597
“Here’s What You’re Going To Learn In The Signature Programs That Sell Coaching Program”

MODULE 1: Taking Your Idea & Turning It Into Income & A Six Figure Business

You’re going to discover:

-The one key strategy to have your ideal clients tell you what they’re interested in and what they would be willing to pay you money for. You’ll learn a simple super method to test your idea for for free. (so that you’re not guessing)

-How to get crystal clear on your vision for your business, so that you know how you want to make money. (plus front end and back end sales strategies to increase your sales with)

-What to price your program & the best price points that are proven, and time tested.

-How to identify your unique gifts, your life experience & your knowledge and “narrow down your niche.”

-Stories that do the selling. What you need to include in your story each and every time to create a sense of instant connection. (you’ll feel much more confident once you understand this)

MODULE 2: Creating Your Hook, Promise For Your Program, & Your Offer

You’re going to discover:

-How to take your big idea, and break it down into a step by step system.

-How to create a memorable name for your program (that has higher perceived value, and that stands out from your competitors)

-How to create the hook, promise and content for your program (this is the difference between launching a program and selling to only a few, to selling to many)

-Influence Triggers you must have in your offer to make it truly irresistible and an offer you can’t refuse.

-How to create bonuses that help you sell more units, and the sales psychology behind why people buy. (without having to be salesy)

MODULE 3: Branding & Premium Positioning Of Your Program (Yes, design DOES matter)

You’re going to discover:

-How to choose the right look and feel for your program. (yes design DOES matter)

-Advanced packaging secrets that no one is talking about. You’ll learn about graphics, banners, and how to create a branded & boutique experience that dazzles your ideal clients.

-How to quickly expand your brand with the right photography. (so that you are seen as an Instant Expert, even if you’re just getting started)

-How to create a members area that creates a high level of experience for your clients. (so that you decrease potential refunds, and have happy repeat clients)

-How to create a highly valuable free gift for your program to build your email list with. (you’ll be surprised that it’s much easier then you might think, and you’ll get actual examples to model)

MODULE 4: High Value Content Creation, Recording Your Program, & BEST Tech Secrets (even if you’re not technical)

You’re going to discover:

-A simple step by step content creation formula where your content is seen as highly valuable and the exact outline to use that helps you to look and sound professional as a teacher. (and how to address the four learning styles)

-How to build an elegant sales funnel step by step from start to finish, and the EXACT software that’s super simple and easy to use. (without having to hire expensive programmers, or knowing fancy html)

-What the best resources are to record your program with and how to get this done quickly so that you can create world class content, and feel super accomplished. If you can talk into a microphone you can do this. (You could literally press a few buttons and get this whole thing set up in an afternoon)

-How to share your story in a way that creates rapport, trust and a feeling of connection. (sales are based on emotion so when you learn how to do this powerfully, it changes everything)

-How to create actual optin pages that convert up to 70%, (and that’s 4-8 times higher then industry standard!) video series funnels, webinar pages, sales pages, and much more.

MODULE 5: Marketing & Launching Your Program (6 & 7 Figure Secrets That Have Sold Millions For Me and My Clients)

You’re going to discover:

-Multiple Six Figure Launch Secrets. Now that you’re getting leads, it’s time to turn them into money!

-Email autoresponder strategy and sequence’s you need to have in place. (so that you can be making money even if you’re on a date night or concert)

-How to create a free 3 part video series that builds reciprocity, trust and that does the selling for you. (the step by step strategy: Here’s what you say in video 1, 2, & 3)

-Video Sales Pages, the exact step by step template and fill in the blank to write copy that captivates and converts. You’ll discover copy writing secrets to use in all of your marketing to create massive desire. (save tens of thousands of dollars on expensive copywriters, this module could be worth more then the investment in the program alone)

-How to get testimonials from your happy clients, so that you can create social proof that pre-qualify’s your buyers faster then anything else.

MODULE 6: Automate Your Income- Make Massive Passive Income By Evergreening Your Program So That You Can Build a Business & Life Worth Living

-How to evergreen your program and sales funnel so that it runs on auto-pilot. (so that you can free up your time if you want to enjoy a day at the beach with your family)

-The best and latest most sophisticated simple tools and resources to be able to generate sales of your program 365 days a year.

-How to bring on big affliliate partners who will promote your program and generate thousands of dollars in sales.sometimes in just a few day’s time. (This strategy can work for you even if you don’t have a big email list.and it can totally change your life)

Signature Programs that Sell is a six-week online class that you can take from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere virtually.

I’ve broken the course into six “bite sized modules” that you can easily consume at your own pace, or go back to at any time and review, even years from now. (to avoid feeling overwhelmed)

All the modules are stored online for you, in a private members’ only website that you can login and access 24/7 from your computer, ipad, or smartphone. (from anywhere in the world whenever you choose)

Every week I’m going to deliver a new module to your inbox that shows you exactly what to do, what to say, why it’s important, how to do it, and your next steps.

You’ll also receive training, videos, mp3’s, and worksheets for your learning convenience.

Even though you’re going to be learning marketing strategies that you can use for the rest of your career to create programs that attract clients and increase your sales, it doesn’t feel like work because the program is specifically designed to be step by step.

BONUS: Million Dollar Video Formula



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Mike Koenigs – Go Live and Profit

Name Product: Mike Koenigs – Go Live and Profit

Sale Page:

Price: $197

Introducing GoLive and Profit.
It’s what you need RIGHT NOW to build an audience, list, engage and convert them into paying customers with Facebook Live, mobile marketing and automation. In this easy to access system, you’ll learn the shortcuts, strategies and tools you need to:

Get attention, get found, seen, heard, watched, read, on any device, anywhere, anytime and on demand and use Facebook Live and mobile video marketing to get the attention of your ideal prospect, capture leads, build rapport and turn them into customers in as little as a day!

How to talk about and position yourself and your products and services so you’re competition and recession-proof and charge what you’re worth so that you can get 2x-5x your current prices. This is all about changing the conversation by changing the rules of engagement!

I’ll introduce you to the best Facebook marketer I know who will show you the shortest, quickest, easiest way to promote your events, sales funnels, products or services with Facebook ads to get sales and double your money in as little as a day! He consistently generates 2:1 and even 4:1 returns on advertising IN A DAY (he is right now for us).

How to set up a home or office studio on a budget and get my latest “Video Equipment Buyer’s Guide” with every piece of gear I use daily and how to broadcast your message to the planet, build an audience, get attention with no budget, without being a tech nerd and without a team. This is the same gear I recommend to my celebrity clients and use in my million-dollar studio.

Facebook Marketing Hacks to Find Qualified Leads for Your Business in 12 Minutes! How to find the best prospects and customers and read their minds so you can identify the biggest opportunities and trends in your market before they happen and be in the right place, at the right time with the right offer.

How to make irresistible offers from stages, teleseminars, webinars and video with the “Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa Sasevich who’s built a multiple seven-figure business she runs out of her home!

The best way to capture leads, build sales funnels and deliver digital products and membership sites with ONE TOOL, Kajabi, that takes less than 30 minutes to learn. You’ll see some brand-new, never before seen features!

Deal-making strategies to sell high-end services, products, coaching, consulting or advising services in person, from stage or with online video with 7-figure consultant Ed Rush who will show you how to influence, persuade, sell and close deals without being salesy, slimy or out of integrity, character or changing who you are.

How to make your sales and marketing hands-free with evergreen sales machines with the world’s #1 authority on webinar automation and automated marketing funnels, Mike Filsaime, the inventor and co-creator of WebinarJam and EverWebinar and we’ll give you a 60-day free trial of the system!

Pam Hendrickson – who is responsible for creating most of Tony Robbins most successful products, creating programs for Success Magazine and XPrize Founder Peter Diamandis will show you how to turn your ideas, know-how and expertise into high-value membership sites and training programs that make you money even when you’re not working.

How to use mobile text marketing to get attention, build rapport, capture leads, create an intimate relationship with your ideal prospect and move them towards doing a deal with you with authenticity and integrity with Jason Turley, co-founder of Skipio.

The fastest, easiest way to turn your videos or events into bestselling books or products to use for sales or lead generation without more work. I’ll spoon feed you the formula I’ve used to generate over $44mm online and create over 100 products, ten #1 best-selling books and helped over 1,000 people become bestselling authors too!

And LOOK, this isn’t about the money. You’ll find out how to change the world by incorporating philanthropy and charitable giving into your business to connect with more people, work with celebrities, VIPS, CEOS and influencers with founder of the Just Like My Child foundation, Vivian Glyck (who also happens to be my wife).
This year Vivian was invited to the White House by the first lady three times in two months, received $50,000 from actress Jada Pinkett Smith – Will Smith’s Wife and featured by the Clinton Global Initiative two years in a row!

Every Anniversary Celebration Should Have Fast Action Bonuses! Act Before the Timer Hits 00:00 and These Bonuses Are Yours.
BONUS #1:My newest “Facebook Live and Desktop Video Equipment Buyer’s Guide” and Video
How to set up a home or office studio on a budget with every piece of gear I use daily and recommend to my celebrity clients – all the way to what we’re using in my million-dollar studio. With it, you’ll be able to “GoLive and Profit” with Facebook Live and YouTube interactive streaming video!

BONUS #2: Erase Your Fear of Camera and Stage
Phantom- How to get past and erase any fear you might have of getting on camera, being on stage, getting seen and heard even if you hate the way you look or sound with Sandra Joseph who played Christine Daaé, the leading role in Phantom of the Opera, the most popular and successful Broadway play in history, performing more than 1500 times in ten years!

BONUS #3: Close 2-3 Deals this Week! Money Phone:
You’ll get my brand-new training that I’ve used to close $2,700, $7,700 and $19,000 deals using text messages and my smartphone. If you don’t have a list, you’ll love this bonus because you can start getting and closing deals right away.

BONUS #4: Automate Your Mobile Marketing! with Six Figure Text Messages:
When teamed up with “Money Phone”, these scripts are all you need to prospect, capture leads, get attention, build rapport, create an intimate relationship with your ideal prospect and move them towards doing a deal with you with authenticity and integrity.

BONUS #5: Double Your Money Every Day FBAM! Facebook Advertising Mastery Secrets:
This ADDITIONAL training shows you how to advertise your business on Facebook and demonstrate the exact approach using Facebook ads to generate 2:1 to 4:1 DAILY advertising ROI. You read that right – we earn $1.50-$4.00 for every dollar we invest daily! We reveal the precise methods we’re using right now that you can adapt in your business too. You’ll see real ads, real landing pages and demonstrate how to research, find a market with money, how to target your ideal customer, the best ads to use AND how we are using 100% automated webinars to convert daily traffic into daily sales!

BONUS #6:”Automated Marketing Machines” – Get Total Sales Automation with Webinars and Webcasts:
How to make your sales and marketing hands-free with evergreen sales machines with the world’s #1 authority on webinar automation and automated marketing funnels, Mike Filsaime, the inventor and co-creator of WebinarJam and EverWebinar. Mike and I break down our best-converting webinars for you step-by-step.



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