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The Email Marketing Mega Bundle – 10 Courses In 1

Name Product: The Email Marketing Mega Bundle – 10 Courses In 1 (Update)
Sale Page: _https://www.udemy.com/the-email-marketing-mega-bundle-10-courses-in-1/

Price: $199

The mega bundle for anyone serious about taking their email marketing efforts to the next level and beyond!

If you’re interested in using email marketing to grow your business or simply develope better skills to get more opens and clicks, then this mega course is a MUST HAVE for you.

With 10 email marketing courses jam packed into this, you are going to get multiple ways to make email marketing work for YOU. Here’s just a fraction of the things you’ll discover after enrolling in this course today.

7 super subject lines to getting your emails opened. How to create the perfect welcome email. The specific formula for creating continuity with email marketing. How to craft emails that simply get the click, even if you’re not an expert. How to get 50% more opens and clicks from only a few minutes of work. 6 tips for increasing your ROI and 6 hacks to use email marketing for effectively growing your business. How to get your emails opened and most importantly clicked. and 200 amazing cliches to give your emails more personality.

Seriously, if you are the least bit interested in email marketing, then you need to sign up for this course immediately. See you on the other side!



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Ramit Sethi – Behind The Sales Email

Name Product: Ramit Sethi – Behind The Sales Email
Sale Page: _http://start.growthlab.com/behind-the-sales-email/

Price: $379
Watch me write 3 sales emails worth $379,643 – right in
front of your eyes
For the first time ever, get a behind-the-scenes look at this Power Trio of proven sales emails we use in every product launch.
I used a “Big Reveal” email in our Success Triggers launch and made $82,358 from that one email.

I even used this Power Trio of sales emails in our automated evergreen funnel . where they’ve helped drive over $5,000,000 in revenue.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve used these emails to sell everything from a $0.99 Kindle e-book to a $10,000+ advanced course.

I’ve used these emails across multiple categories, including:

Social Skills
The Power Trio emails can be used in any niche, from business and productivity to events and beyond

These powerhouse emails allow us to consistently sell products while engaging our readers – and do it all authentically – without resorting to scammy or spammy sales tricks.

And once you see and understand the inner-workings of each of The Power Trio emails, they are fast and easy to write.

Best of all, you can now watch along as I write this Power Trio of sales emails for a recent launch – and earn $379,643 in just a few days.


Watch me write 3 sales emails – The Power Trio – that generated $379,643.
And learn how to boost your email funnels with authentic selling
Behind the Sales Email gives you a behind-the-scenes look at The Power Trio of proven, authentic sales emails we use in every product launch.

This isn’t a bloated, fluffy lecture about copywriting. It’s a focused, personal demonstration of how I write three of the most effective sales emails in our toolset.

The Big Reveal
Effortlessly introduce your product so people are itching to learn more

The Free Taste
Grab the attention of your readers and get them to try your product

The Last Chance
Move people to buy – without sounding pushy or salesy

The Behind the Sales Email course includes 4 videos that SHOW you exactly how we create this Power Trio of authentic sales emails. Follow along, step by step, as we write, edit, and perfect real sales emails that pulled in $379,643.

This is not a PDF on sales tips. It’s not a “paint-by-numbers” template. You can find that anywhere.

We wanted to go deeper and let you shadow us through the entire sales email process. Imagine how much you will learn by watching me create 6-figure sales emails – right in front of you.

You’ll get our Power Trio of emails, and you’ll get to watch me create them, with real copy that was used in a successful launch.

The Big Reveal:
How to write an engaging sales email



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Eben Pagan – Traffic Intensive

Name Product: Eben Pagan – Traffic Intensive
Sale Page: _https://ebenpagantraining.com/product/traffic-intensive/

Price: $197

Introducing: Traffic Intensive

The 5-Part System For Getting A Steady Stream Of New
Customers To Your Business

The Traffic Intensive is a complete video training that teaches the exact 5-part system I use to drive traffic, generate leads and attract new customers for my businesses – and how to implement it into your own business.

This is my complete “go to” traffic system that I’ve personally used in 10 different markets, and the students I’ve taught it to have used in dozens others.

If you’ve got a product or service, but you aren’t getting the amount of people you want to show up and buy, then this program is going to teach you how to get the sales you need.

If you’re just getting started in business and nobody seems to be visiting your site, this program will fix your “traffic” program – and you’ll start getting more traffic than you can handle..

If you want to grow your email list, this program is going to show you how to set up the marketing system to capture leads and grow your list.

Traffic Intensive Program Details

The Traffic Intensive is a series of 11 training modules taught by me.

Each module contains 2 video training sessions. Inside, you’ll learn my system, and I will also walk you through several practical exercises and templates I’ve created to make sure you implement what you learn into your own business.

In other words, I won’t just be teaching you, I’ll be guiding you through the creation of ALL the marketing assets you need to start driving traffic and getting new customers as you go through the program.

You’ll also find detailed PDF summaries of each session in case you learn better by reading, or need to quickly reference the training later.

Note: The program is 100% digital so you get immediate access to the entire training when you sign up.

Here’s Just A Small Glimpse Of What You’ll Learn Inside.
The 5 Specific Steps to Dominate Any Marketing Channel

My 3-part formula that increases your conversions, sales, and traffic (If you’re not getting enough traffic, THIS could be the reason)

The most powerful channels you can use for getting your ads and marketing in front of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers

My best tips for getting affiliates and joint venture partners to promote you (Including: Where to meet them and what to say when you do, what to offer them that will make them want to do business with you, and how to get them excited to promote you in a launch!)

One thing you should focus on in your communications if you want to draw your prospects in instantly and give yourself an ethically unfair advantage in business

How you can get people to put your ads and content on their websites, blogs, and in front of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of people

10 formulas for creating irresistible communications your prospect and customer can’t ignore (These 10 formulas are shortcuts to becoming super-persuasive and can help turn you into a master influencer FAST)

How to create a high converting landing page that gets prospects to happily give you their name and e-mail

Detailed step-by-step instructions for laying out your headline and landing page

The most important thing you can do if you want more traffic and higher conversions to grow your business (Most people get this WRONG and it HURTS their responses.but once you know this strategy, you’ll have a BIG advantage over your competition)

The #1 thing you MUST focus on if you want to create powerful marketing and advertising that gets response

2 words master salespeople use in their offers and how YOU can use them right now to get your prospects full attention, get more prospects excited, and get more sales

The 12 most powerful words in the English language (The top copywriters and salespeople in the world use these “power words” to get the attention of millions of prospects, and now you’ll be able to use them too)

Three important parts to writing a powerful headline that gets prospects and customers attention and gets them interested in what you’re offering

A counter-intuitive strategy for getting prospects to share their contact information with you FAST

WATCH as I do a banner design demo LIVE. During the demo, I’ll share 4 principles of professional design and how to use them to get significantly more response

How to get an appealing video template that enhances your marketing message (PLUS: I’ll introduce you to a very special guest who started one of the top online learning platforms on the internet)

The Highest Leverage Marketing Channels (and the Secrets to Taking Advantage of Them)

The essence of successful sales (Get this 3-part formula right, and you can make sales more quickly and easily. Get it wrong, and almost nothing you do will work.)

And that’s only a fraction of what we’re going to cover inside “Traffic Intensive.”

This training is 11 modules jam packed with me teaching you my complete system. Go through this training today and.



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Amy Porterfield – List Builders Lab 2.0

Name Product: Amy Porterfield – List Builders Lab 2.0
Sale Page: _http://www.amyporterfield.com/lbl6nb/
Price: $397

Growing a Profitable Email List of Future Buyers Is Easier Than Ever
If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that building a powerful email list of eager buyers is critical to the success of you and your business.

No need to remind you of that

But maybe you didn’t know that by building your email list using the 3-Step Stacking Method that I’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:

Have the solid foundation to start profiting from all those exciting and powerful strategies you keep hearing about (webinars, funnels, surveys, joint ventures,

Stack #1 :Activating Your List Building Foundation

Stack #2 : Accelerating Your List Growwth

Stack #3 : Amplifying Your Results With The Most Up To Date Paid & Organic Strategies




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Cold Email Outreach by Oren Klaff

Name Product: Cold Email Outreach by Oren Klaff
Sale Page: _https://pitchanything.lpages.co/cold-email-course/

Price: $297

This is instant access to the tools to double and triple revenue and create an overflowing pipeline.

How does it work? By showing you what experienced executives expect to see in your email, and what they will (and won’t) respond to. Get 90%+ response rates. If you want a response (and a buyer) from every single email – this is what works.

Most people think the start of an email is the most important part (it’s not) and they blow the deal in the final sentence. Learn how to finish a cold outreach with the correct call to action.

To get high response rates, you have to know how to write the way people talk, and then how nail the call-to-action.

These email strategies also include word- for-word scripts that show you exactly what to write, to the point you can copy/paste and just change a few details.

In just 30 words (about the length of a tweet,) you have to offer your prospect an action that demands very little of him. And it should take him less than 30 seconds to take that action. Learn how to do that now.

Now you can reach a C-level executive any time you want to (or need to), so you can build a career, sell more product or launch new company.

This course will rewire the way you approach investors, and show you how to offer them something they can’t resist.

What You Get:
Module 1: Cold Sales Emails
Module 2: Getting Attention
Module 3: Getting Past Gatekeepers
Module 4: Emailing Investors

Three Places Cold Outreach Emails Fail
Reaching C-Level Executives
Cold email campaign case study
The Structure of a Good Introduction Email
The Mindset of a Gatekeeper
How to Cold Email Investors
Getting Past the Analyst Frame
Emailing Potential Employers

Emailing Hacks – How to Find Hard to Reach People

Full Scripts Used Successfully by Real Companies
Easy to Copy Text to Use in Your Next Campaign



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Gabriella Rapone – The Secrets to Inboxing Emails

Name Product: Gabriella Rapone – The Secrets to Inboxing Emails
Sale Page: _http://http//funnels.emailmaverick.com/sales-page

Price: $997

Gabriella Rapone – The Secrets to Inboxing Emails

How I Took An Email Message, that kept hitting the SPAM folder and Generating $0 and turned it into an INBOX Cash Machine.
All by using a simple
3 step system that requires no tech skills

Having sent out over a billion email messages over the past 8 years, I know exactly the challenges that face EVERY single email marketer.

NOT Inboxing (Spam)

Hey, my name is Gabriella Rapone. I’m an email marketer and consultant with 10 years of hands-on-experience.

Do You Know How Your Email Messages
Hitting Spam, Can Affect You?
Loss In Revenue $$$$$$$ (see example below)

Your Email Reputation, which determines if your email messages will hit the INBOX or SPAM folder, will go from “positive” to “negative”.

Causing more of your messages to hit SPAM.

Your Email Cost-Per-Record Can Also Decrease. (ext

How This Guide Will Help You..
I’m going to reveal to you, simple tricks that not even your Email Service Provider (ESP) knows. (shhhh.)

I’m going to show you how much revenue you are losing, if you have any emails hitting the Spam folder.

I’ll show you how to get back into the INBOX within minutes, not days or weeks.

I’ll even show you how Gmail and Yahoo, filter their emails and how you can Inbox more of your email messages.

I’ll show you step-by-step how email marketing works and how turn email marketing into a daily Cash Machine.

Grab Your Guide To
The Secrets To Inboxing Emails No Tech Skills Required.



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Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery

Name Product: Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery
Sale Page: _https://digitalentrepreneurmastery.teachable.com/p/local-agency-mastery/

Price: $497

Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery

Local Agency Mastery is a hands on program dedicated to teaching you how to scale your agency to $10k+.
Local Agency Mastery is an online program that’s dedicated to teaching you how to scale your agency to over six figures in the next 30 days.

My name is Donovan Williams and I have scaled multiple agencies to over six figures in record time. Going into 2018, I have now developed a system that has helped over 20 marketers scale their agencies incredibly fast and help them generate insane amounts of cash-flow for their business. This program is dedicated to the marketers and agency owners out there that have ever been burned or have yet to crack the code to actually growing their agency.

In Local Agency Mastery we’re going to be talking about:

*How To Scale Your Agency To Over Six Figures In The Next 30 Days*

*How To Retain Clients For Six Months And Above!*

*Why Your Mindset Is Literally The Key To Growing Your Business*

*How To Cold Email To Get High Paying ($3k-$5k) A Month Digital Marketing Clients*

*How To Use LinkedIn To Get 25+ Booked Meetings A Week*

*My Exact Email Templates I Use To Book Meetings Like Wildfire*

*How To Outsource All Of Your Work, While Maintaining 75% Profit Margins*

*My Exact Sales Presentations I Use To Close High Paying Deals*

All of these things that I just mentioned above will be included in Local Agency Mastery.

And not to mention..

I Will Be Doing A Live Case Study Of Where I Will Be Taking A Digital Agency From $0-$10k In 30 Days:

Where it will include:

What Industry I Will Be Going After

The Exact Method I Will Be Using To Contact The Clients

The Exact Emails I Will Be Sending To Clients

And The Exact Presentation I Will Be Using To Close High Paying Clients

Class Curriculum

Mindset And Habits

Getting In The Right Mindset (3:47)

Developing The Right Habits (2:56)

Picking An Industry


How To Pick An Industry (4:26)

Where To Look For Your Ideal Client (4:43)

How To Collect Their Emails (2:53)

Prospecting – Cold Email


Tools Needed (2:34)

Cold Email Examples (9:11)

The Fundamentals To Writing A Successful Cold Email (4:48)

How To Send Emails In Batches And Get A High Deliverability Rate/Setting Up G=Suite (8:56)

How To Send Emails In Mass/Setting Up Toutapp (7:49)

The Different Types Of Replies You Will Get And How To Respond To Them (5:07)

How To Create A High Converting Follow Up Sequence (3:46)

Prospecting – Linkedin


Tools Needed (1:26)

How To Get 100 Connections A Week With Your Ideal Client (3:34)

How To Get 15-25+ Booked Meetings A Week With Your Ideal Client (4:26)

How To Create A High Converting Linkedin Follow Up Sequence (2:16)

The Different Types of Replies You Will Get And How To Respond To Them (2:16)

Setting Up The Strategy Session


Tools Needed (1:19)

How To Position Yourself As An Authority Before The Call (3:09)

Setting Up Your Presentation (9:25)

Closing The Deal (5:08)

Outsourcing Fulfillment/Sales

The Best Place To Find Employees (2:04)

How To Outsource Facebook Ads/Google Adwords/Sales (4:20)

How To Build A Massive Sales Team For Outreach (2:45)



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Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation

Name Product: Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation
Sale Page: _https://doubleyourfreelancing.com/drip-course

Price: $997

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation

1 – Basic – Drip Terminology .mp4
10 – Advanced – Strategy- High-Performance Email Courses .mp4
11 – Advanced – Lead Qualification .mp4
12 – Advanced – Strategy Black Friday .mp4
13 – Advanced – Including Personalized Offers In Email Templates .mp4
14 – Advanced – Advanced Time Delays .mp4
15 – Mastery – Creating Multiple Lead Scores _.mp4
16 – Mastery – Sending SMS Messages _.mp4
17 – Mastery – At Your Own Pace Email Courses .mp4
18 – Mastery – Passive Profiling .mp4
19 – Mastery – Personalization .mp4
2 – Basic – Database vs List _.mp4
20 – Mastery – In-Workflow KPI Analysis _.mp4
21 – Mastery – Mixpanel Integration .mp4
22 – Mastery – Behavior Based Pitching _.mp4
23 – Mastery – Smart Webinar Sequences .mp4
24 – Mastery – Case Study CWYW .mp4
25 – Mastery – Using Drip Pro Tools .mp4
3 – Basic – Tagging & Events .mp4
4 – Basic – Campaigns and Workflows .mp4
417 – Welcome to Mastering Drip! – Double Your Freelancing.jpg
418 – Asset_ Drip Pro Tools – Double Your Freelancing.jpg
419 – Asset_ Webinar Template – Double Your Freelancing.jpg
5 – Basic – Forms .mp4
6 – Basic – Custom Fields .mp4
7 – Basic – Automation Rules _01.mp4
8 – Advanced – Getting To Know Drip.js _.mp4
9 – Advanced – Liquid Templating .mp4
Drip Pro Tools.zip
Sales page + Resources + Bonus Webby.txt

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Drip Pro Tools\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Drip Pro Tools\ad-examples\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Drip Pro Tools\example-inc\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Notes\
1 – Tag-Event.png
10 – liquid example.png
11 – liquid example.png
12 – liquid example.png
2 – timezone 1.png
3 – timezone 2.png
4 – double trigger.png
5 – discus.png
6 – his campaign examples.png
7 – blog embed example.png
8 – browser peek example.png
9 – liquid example.png

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Webinar\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Webinar\css\



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