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Cold Email Outreach by Oren Klaff

Name Product: Cold Email Outreach by Oren Klaff
Sale Page: _https://pitchanything.lpages.co/cold-email-course/

Price: $297

This is instant access to the tools to double and triple revenue and create an overflowing pipeline.

How does it work? By showing you what experienced executives expect to see in your email, and what they will (and won’t) respond to. Get 90%+ response rates. If you want a response (and a buyer) from every single email – this is what works.

Most people think the start of an email is the most important part (it’s not) and they blow the deal in the final sentence. Learn how to finish a cold outreach with the correct call to action.

To get high response rates, you have to know how to write the way people talk, and then how nail the call-to-action.

These email strategies also include word- for-word scripts that show you exactly what to write, to the point you can copy/paste and just change a few details.

In just 30 words (about the length of a tweet,) you have to offer your prospect an action that demands very little of him. And it should take him less than 30 seconds to take that action. Learn how to do that now.

Now you can reach a C-level executive any time you want to (or need to), so you can build a career, sell more product or launch new company.

This course will rewire the way you approach investors, and show you how to offer them something they can’t resist.

What You Get:
Module 1: Cold Sales Emails
Module 2: Getting Attention
Module 3: Getting Past Gatekeepers
Module 4: Emailing Investors

Three Places Cold Outreach Emails Fail
Reaching C-Level Executives
Cold email campaign case study
The Structure of a Good Introduction Email
The Mindset of a Gatekeeper
How to Cold Email Investors
Getting Past the Analyst Frame
Emailing Potential Employers

Emailing Hacks – How to Find Hard to Reach People

Full Scripts Used Successfully by Real Companies
Easy to Copy Text to Use in Your Next Campaign



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Ben Settle – Email Players(fix)

Name Product: Ben Settle – Email Players(fix)
Sale Page: _http://bensettle.com/blog/how-to-fix-the-economy/

Price: $97/month

The Email Player’s Playbook
This physical book is mailed to your home.

It’s a short (about 150 pages), easy-to-read email marketing field manual that is a modified version of my $795.00 Street Smart Email system (which is no longer for sale anywhere else for any price). And it teaches the exact system I’ve used to help generate millions of dollars in sales in the Internet’s most competitive niches. It’s also designed to quickly bring you up to speed on the Settle way of writing emails before you even receive your 1st issue. (It even includes two detailed appendixes on how to build a responsive email list from scratch for free).

Some of the tips inside this book include:

A stealth way to write emails that LOOK like content and teaching. but are really pure selling. (This little-known type of email looks nothing like a sales pitch, is eagerly read by most people, and does a FAR better job of selling than the direct approach.)
The nuclear option subject line that is so potent it’s almost guaranteed to get opened by lots of people on your list. (Even by people who never open your emails!)
Exactly how many emails to send before asking for the sale. (This comes straight from one of the Internet’s savviest email testers.)
What Australians know about writing extremely profitable emails that most other people don’t. (And how to use this secret from down under right away no matter where you live).
The completely un-scientific (yet 100% accurate) way to test emails without using any tracking links or software. (It’s astonishing how few people know this, yet it costs nothing and even a technologically illiterate person can do it.)
A neurological discovery that lets even total newbies write emails that get read, clicked and bought from. (This is what lets people who are brand spanking new to email quickly bring in sales out of the blue.)
21 examples of how to turn ordinary, boring events into dozens of profitable emails. (I’ve made sales from emails talking about everything from my dog pooping in the rain to the time I farted in study hall as a kid. Learn how to do this, and you can spin almost ANYTHING that happens to you – or has happened to you in the past – into sales.)
Exactly what to write in your first auto-responder message that can 1.) Bond new subscribers to you right away 2.) Build unbreakable trust and 3.) Persuade new subscribers to buy what you’re selling on the first contact.
How to plug your products or services in EVERY email you send out. without sounding obnoxious or turning people off. (In fact, do it the way I show you, and people will practically look forward to clicking on your product plugs!)
What to do to the links in your emails to get even your most skeptical and hostile prospects to trust you. (I learned this technique from email marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy, and it’s one of the single best ways to build long term readership and buyers I’ve ever seen.)
The un sexy subject line format that often gets unusually high open rates when tested. (Just for kicks, I once used this kind of subject line as an ezine article title, and it got more views within 4 months. than all my highest viewed articles did in the previous 4 years!)
The best way to write emails if you are selling information. (And also. the best way to write emails if you are selling a service or a physical product.)
The #1 EASIEST way to write a profitable email ever invented. (Believe it or not, your brain WANTS you to write this way. and your prospect’s brains WANT you to deliver the information in this exact format.)
How to use strange and bizarre events to stick out like a sore thumb in your readers’ inboxes almost every time. (Especially when surrounded with a bunch of the same old, same old goo-roo email offers.)
How to virtually eliminate spam complaints by sending MORE email. (I admit, this secret is a little weird, but if you follow my instructions, it works like gangbusters to get near-zero spam complaints.)
The secret reason why valuable free content emails are now deleted in MASS today. (And how to make sure you’re not one of the deleted.)
Why the most profitable emails are written FAST. (And how to write your emails in as little as 10-15 minutes per day.)
Why it’s a big mistake to say click here or use any other kind of call-to-action verbiage in your emails. (Besides the spam filters zapping your message, there’s another hidden reason why this destroys sales. Here’s what to do with your links instead.)
Which is better – HTML or plain text emails? (Obviously, you have to test to learn the answer for your business. BUT, what’s not so obvious is that using the most responsive format can actually hurt your sales long term. Here’s what I suggest doing instead.)
A secret spammer technique that lets legitimate marketers legally and ethically get more sales. (Don’t worry, people actually LIKE when you do this – and even welcome it.)
13 ways to write subject lines that get into peoples’ psychology. (Do this right and readers almost cannot resist at least opening your emails and checking out what you have to say.)
How to knock out profitable emails even if you hate writing and find it extremely hard.(It’s a statistical fact that most people hate writing. Here’s a fool proof way to make writing not only easy, but fun!)
How watching a certain popular TV show (from the 1990’s) can dramatically increase the response of your emails. (I’ve gotten many of my best, and most profitable email themes and ideas just from watching this show.)
How to program (like a computer) your brain to give you an almost unlimited number of ideas for your emails at will. (This is how I’m able to write daily emails for multiple businesses almost without strain. In fact, when you do this, your problem won’t be coming up with new ideas. it will be trying to remember them all.)
The secret Ronald Reagan negotiation strategy that can make almost any email more responsive and profitable. (This little-known tip has been used by some of history’s most persuasive men and women.)
The one kind of subject line to use if you absolutely MUST get the email opened. (The late great copywriter Gary Halbert did this ALL the time in his most successful sales letters and ads.)
Is there a best time of the day for sending emails? (Someone asked what time of the day I would send out an email if I was going to be be-headed if the recipient did not open it. Here’s my answer.)
Clever ways (used by some of the Internet’s top email marketers) to reduce spam complaints and unsubscribes. (Some of these ways are unorthodox, but they all work, and chances are your competition is NOT using them.)
Word-for-word, the single most important part of your email to test. (Many tests show this sleepy part of your email can be even MORE important than your subject line!)
How to create email surveys that will show you (1) exactly what your list wants to buy and (2) how much money they are willing to pay. (Potentially letting you know precisely what to sell to your list and how much to charge before you even create your product.)
The most profitable number of times to plug your links in an email. (And why the P.S. is not always the best place to put a link!)
The water cooler subject line that is extremely hard for people to resist opening. (I figured this out several years ago while watching people yapping away at a job I worked at. Best part: It takes zero creativity whatsoever.)
How to take the pressure and anxiety off of writing emails. (This tip is used by world class athletes who compete under immense pressure with lots of money at stake. And it’s perfect for when you need to get an email out and don’t want to choke under the pressure.)
A small change you can make in the way you distribute your emails that is so powerful, there is only ONE case I know where it did NOT increase response. (I cannot guarantee this will work for you, but it does work for most people who try it, and one marketer I know said he got a 3,333% response increase doing it. Plus, it’s so ridiculously easy, too. Just follow my simple instructions and see for yourself.)
And a whole lot more, including.



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Gabriella Rapone – The Secrets to Inboxing Emails

Name Product: Gabriella Rapone – The Secrets to Inboxing Emails
Sale Page: _http://http//funnels.emailmaverick.com/sales-page

Price: $997

Gabriella Rapone – The Secrets to Inboxing Emails

How I Took An Email Message, that kept hitting the SPAM folder and Generating $0 and turned it into an INBOX Cash Machine.
All by using a simple
3 step system that requires no tech skills

Having sent out over a billion email messages over the past 8 years, I know exactly the challenges that face EVERY single email marketer.

NOT Inboxing (Spam)

Hey, my name is Gabriella Rapone. I’m an email marketer and consultant with 10 years of hands-on-experience.

Do You Know How Your Email Messages
Hitting Spam, Can Affect You?
Loss In Revenue $$$$$$$ (see example below)

Your Email Reputation, which determines if your email messages will hit the INBOX or SPAM folder, will go from “positive” to “negative”.

Causing more of your messages to hit SPAM.

Your Email Cost-Per-Record Can Also Decrease. (ext

How This Guide Will Help You..
I’m going to reveal to you, simple tricks that not even your Email Service Provider (ESP) knows. (shhhh.)

I’m going to show you how much revenue you are losing, if you have any emails hitting the Spam folder.

I’ll show you how to get back into the INBOX within minutes, not days or weeks.

I’ll even show you how Gmail and Yahoo, filter their emails and how you can Inbox more of your email messages.

I’ll show you step-by-step how email marketing works and how turn email marketing into a daily Cash Machine.

Grab Your Guide To
The Secrets To Inboxing Emails No Tech Skills Required.



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Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery

Name Product: Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery
Sale Page: _https://digitalentrepreneurmastery.teachable.com/p/local-agency-mastery/

Price: $497

Donovan Williams – Local Agency Mastery

Local Agency Mastery is a hands on program dedicated to teaching you how to scale your agency to $10k+.
Local Agency Mastery is an online program that’s dedicated to teaching you how to scale your agency to over six figures in the next 30 days.

My name is Donovan Williams and I have scaled multiple agencies to over six figures in record time. Going into 2018, I have now developed a system that has helped over 20 marketers scale their agencies incredibly fast and help them generate insane amounts of cash-flow for their business. This program is dedicated to the marketers and agency owners out there that have ever been burned or have yet to crack the code to actually growing their agency.

In Local Agency Mastery we’re going to be talking about:

*How To Scale Your Agency To Over Six Figures In The Next 30 Days*

*How To Retain Clients For Six Months And Above!*

*Why Your Mindset Is Literally The Key To Growing Your Business*

*How To Cold Email To Get High Paying ($3k-$5k) A Month Digital Marketing Clients*

*How To Use LinkedIn To Get 25+ Booked Meetings A Week*

*My Exact Email Templates I Use To Book Meetings Like Wildfire*

*How To Outsource All Of Your Work, While Maintaining 75% Profit Margins*

*My Exact Sales Presentations I Use To Close High Paying Deals*

All of these things that I just mentioned above will be included in Local Agency Mastery.

And not to mention..

I Will Be Doing A Live Case Study Of Where I Will Be Taking A Digital Agency From $0-$10k In 30 Days:

Where it will include:

What Industry I Will Be Going After

The Exact Method I Will Be Using To Contact The Clients

The Exact Emails I Will Be Sending To Clients

And The Exact Presentation I Will Be Using To Close High Paying Clients

Class Curriculum

Mindset And Habits

Getting In The Right Mindset (3:47)

Developing The Right Habits (2:56)

Picking An Industry


How To Pick An Industry (4:26)

Where To Look For Your Ideal Client (4:43)

How To Collect Their Emails (2:53)

Prospecting – Cold Email


Tools Needed (2:34)

Cold Email Examples (9:11)

The Fundamentals To Writing A Successful Cold Email (4:48)

How To Send Emails In Batches And Get A High Deliverability Rate/Setting Up G=Suite (8:56)

How To Send Emails In Mass/Setting Up Toutapp (7:49)

The Different Types Of Replies You Will Get And How To Respond To Them (5:07)

How To Create A High Converting Follow Up Sequence (3:46)

Prospecting – Linkedin


Tools Needed (1:26)

How To Get 100 Connections A Week With Your Ideal Client (3:34)

How To Get 15-25+ Booked Meetings A Week With Your Ideal Client (4:26)

How To Create A High Converting Linkedin Follow Up Sequence (2:16)

The Different Types of Replies You Will Get And How To Respond To Them (2:16)

Setting Up The Strategy Session


Tools Needed (1:19)

How To Position Yourself As An Authority Before The Call (3:09)

Setting Up Your Presentation (9:25)

Closing The Deal (5:08)

Outsourcing Fulfillment/Sales

The Best Place To Find Employees (2:04)

How To Outsource Facebook Ads/Google Adwords/Sales (4:20)

How To Build A Massive Sales Team For Outreach (2:45)



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Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation

Name Product: Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation
Sale Page: _https://doubleyourfreelancing.com/drip-course

Price: $997

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation

1 – Basic – Drip Terminology .mp4
10 – Advanced – Strategy- High-Performance Email Courses .mp4
11 – Advanced – Lead Qualification .mp4
12 – Advanced – Strategy Black Friday .mp4
13 – Advanced – Including Personalized Offers In Email Templates .mp4
14 – Advanced – Advanced Time Delays .mp4
15 – Mastery – Creating Multiple Lead Scores _.mp4
16 – Mastery – Sending SMS Messages _.mp4
17 – Mastery – At Your Own Pace Email Courses .mp4
18 – Mastery – Passive Profiling .mp4
19 – Mastery – Personalization .mp4
2 – Basic – Database vs List _.mp4
20 – Mastery – In-Workflow KPI Analysis _.mp4
21 – Mastery – Mixpanel Integration .mp4
22 – Mastery – Behavior Based Pitching _.mp4
23 – Mastery – Smart Webinar Sequences .mp4
24 – Mastery – Case Study CWYW .mp4
25 – Mastery – Using Drip Pro Tools .mp4
3 – Basic – Tagging & Events .mp4
4 – Basic – Campaigns and Workflows .mp4
417 – Welcome to Mastering Drip! – Double Your Freelancing.jpg
418 – Asset_ Drip Pro Tools – Double Your Freelancing.jpg
419 – Asset_ Webinar Template – Double Your Freelancing.jpg
5 – Basic – Forms .mp4
6 – Basic – Custom Fields .mp4
7 – Basic – Automation Rules _01.mp4
8 – Advanced – Getting To Know Drip.js _.mp4
9 – Advanced – Liquid Templating .mp4
Drip Pro Tools.zip
Sales page + Resources + Bonus Webby.txt

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Drip Pro Tools\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Drip Pro Tools\ad-examples\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Drip Pro Tools\example-inc\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Notes\
1 – Tag-Event.png
10 – liquid example.png
11 – liquid example.png
12 – liquid example.png
2 – timezone 1.png
3 – timezone 2.png
4 – double trigger.png
5 – discus.png
6 – his campaign examples.png
7 – blog embed example.png
8 – browser peek example.png
9 – liquid example.png

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Webinar\

Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation\Webinar\css\



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Email Client Machine – Ben Settle

Name Product: Email Client Machine – Ben Settle
Sale Page: _http://www.emailclientmachine.com/

Price: $379

If You Can Write One Measly Email Per Day, I Can Get You Swamped With So Many New Copywriting Clients You’ll Need A Waiting List Just To Handle Them All!

Dear Friend,
If you want more new copywriting clients than you can possibly handle. then this letter will show you how.
Here’s the scoop:
I have just released a new product for freelance copywriters called.
“The Email Client Machine”

And, it reveals how writing a simple email each day can get almost any freelancer booked solid with copywriting clients chasing you down, and often already 80% “sold” on hiring you before you

speak to them. It’s the exact same methods I used to land high paying clients who could have easily afforded to hire better and more seasoned writers.
But, using my sneaky ways, they not only hired me. they hired only me (multiple times, plus referring me to their friends), without doing the usual client-copywriter dance around price, without

jumping through hoops to sell myself, and without even showing them my portfolio, in most cases.

However, before reading further, realize this product isn’t cheap.
There’s no money-back guarantee, either.
And, it’s also short. (So if you judge information by its “bulk”, no need to keep reading this letter, this product is not intended for you.)

To help you decide if it’s a good “fit”, here’s a look at what’s inside:
– A special kind of sales pitch the “mad man” era genius David Ogilvy used to pack his agency with some of the best clients on the planet. (And, how you can apply what he did to your emails to

do the same.)
– A counter intuitive way for getting better and bigger paying clients by bragging to them about how high your fees are! (One of the most in-demand sales speakers & trainers on the planet

teaches this, and it can potentially do more to set you up with new clients than probably anything you’ll learn anywhere else.)
– How Earl Nightingale used the scientific laws of physics in a secret way to attract clients and customers in droves. and how to use his same method to get new clients pounding on your door,

too. (I used this little-talked about method to land the four best and highest paying clients I ever had during my 9 year stint as a freelancer. It’s also ridiculously simple, and can help you achieve

nearly any other goal you want in life.)
– A clever “tool” that can do all the sifting and sorting for you when looking for clients, so you only hear from the ones pre-sold and eager to hire you! (I learned this from a Harvard Business

School speaker and interim CIO of two publicly traded companies I briefly worked for. And, it’s the backbone of why my system works so reliably.)
– The 3-second trick (even new copywriters can use) that can create far higher quality prospects for you. (This is one of the simplest and most valuable things any copywriter can do to get instant

credibility, automatically get the attention of serious clients, and command bigger fees. Best part? You can literally do this to your business in mere seconds.)
– An old school MLM method that lets you pre-sell copywriting clients on hiring you. while also getting paid by them at the same time! (A few smart, “in the know” MLM distributors figured out

how to make money while prospecting like this decades ago. And, it also works just as well to help copywriters get cash flow rolling in while you’re still looking for clients.)
– A sneaky marketing trick (used by wealthy food companies) to make yourself the only copywriter clients want to hire. (For example: I had a $30 million per year business owner client who

might have made a lot more money had he tested other copywriters against me. But he refused. Why? It’s certainly not because of my sparkling personality! No, it is because the way my system

works made him only want to deal with me and nobody else.)
– A totally unorthodox way used by one of the world’s top A-list copywriters to eliminate the common, “Why should I hire you?” (This not only kills one of the most frustrating objections

freelancers hear, but it also builds your credibility and gets clients practically stalking you down to hire you, if you do it correctly.)
– An ingenious 2-step trick for making more fees by writing less! (This is another A-list copywriter’s secret for getting your schedule stuffed with copywriting clients. It’s simple, too. And has

nothing to do with your writing “talent.”)
– 9 ways to “jimmy” your marketing so you only deal with clients who already want to hire you before you even talk to them! (Even better: These 9 ways require zero convincing, begging,

pitching, or manipulating whatsoever.)
– The real reason world-class doctors are seen as geniuses and can command outrageous fees. and how to apply what they do to your freelance copywriting business!



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Jason Capital – Email Income Experts

Name Product: Jason Capital – Email Income Experts
Sale Page: _http://emailincome.com/ready.html

Price: $995

LIVE 7-Week Email Experts Certification Program
When it comes to making money on the Internet, email is king.

If you want any level of success online and the insane power you get with it, youve got to do email.
When you do email, youll always have a high-income. Your network and influence will grow every year. Youll seduce women typing only a few sentences. If you dont do email, get ready to be

left out of the conversation, because you will fall behind.
I didnt make the rules. Thats just how it is.

So if youre ready to get:
A hands-on mentorship by me The Ultimate Email Expert himself
A valuable lifetime high-income skill you can make money with forever
A continuous stream of 4-figure client checks every month
A proven path to living The First-Class Freedom Life
Then this is for you.
If this doesnt sound like you, then you can stop reading here. I really only want driven guys who are going to help our clients and friends transform their businesses.

Heres What The Email Experts Certification Program Will Do For You!
You Get A 7-Week Online Certification Program & LIVE Workshop Event.
This Is the ONLY Program Where You Can Walk in Brand-New and Walk Out A Rockstar With Your High-Income Skill As A Email Expert
Every week for 7 weeks, Jason Capital will get on a LIVE call with you. On these calls Jason Capital will mentor you himself and show you his secrets to writing emails that make millions. With

Jason on the call with you live, he will answer ALL of your questions so you can add an extra 6-figures to your income in the next 12 months.

This is NOT some B.S. online training program with a bunch of ebooks and some videos.

This is a LIVE apprenticeship program.
Heres What You Get During The 7-Week Program:

How To Dominate In Life and Influence
People With My Email Experts Mindset
Most people write emails all the wrong way. Theyre slimy, pushy or just annoying. This is the week that youll learn the secrets to writing emails that people love ready and make your client tons

of money.

The Science Of Mind-Reading The Reader That Turns Cold Prospects Into Raving Customers
Want to hear a secret? I know what my readers are thinking. I know what theyre feeling, I know their hopes, their dreams, their desires, even the fantasies they have but would never share.

Imagine never wondering what to say to your prospect ever again because you know exactly what he needs to hear. Ive boiled this down to a system, and in this week Im going to lay it all out

for you.

The Psychology of Email Sales and
Making Millions With Email
Did you think writing emails was about words? Its not. Its about PSYCHOLOGY. The biggest direct-response marketing company on the planet paid 50,000 for this training. Youre getting it at

a fraction of what they paid and youll be succssfully using it the minute were done.

The Email Experts Methodology To
Write Daily Emails Like A GOD Especially
If You Suck At Writing
The biggest unfair advantage I have over the 10,000+ others who send daily emails is that like sugar, my emails are ADDICTIVE. You read one, and then another and then another and before

you know it, youre reading (and taking action) every single day. Youll never have to worry about writers block or making your emails interesting with my Email Experts Methodology taught

during this week.

My Deadliest Scripts To Make Your
Readers Buy Everything Without
You will not find these scripts anywhere on the planet. They are my tried-and-tested templates that have allowed me to sell more than 31 MILLION DOLLARS worth of products in the last 5

years. With these scripts, you will never have to wonder what to write or if your emails are good.

The Email Experts BOOTCAMP Week: The
Practice Week Where We Write Emails
Together Then Put Them to The Test
Welcome to Bootcamp Week. In this week youll be writing emails with me and then together, were going to send them out to thousands of real-life prospects and watch the sales pour in. You

will have the confidence and real-world experience under your belt as an Email Expert after this week of intense training.

The Moment Of Truth This Is When You
Man Up And Start Closing Your First
Few High-Paying Clients As A Certified
Email Expert
By this week, youll be ready to work with REAL life clients who will give you REAL money to be their Email Expert. In this week, if you do well, you will EASILY cover your investment into the

Email Experts Certification Program. In fact, you will likely make your investment back AND THEN SOME. The best performers in this week will get direct introductions and referrals to several

of my peers and friends.



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[Special Offer] Customers From Afar

Name Product: Customers From Afar
COST: $497
Size: 3.3 GB

Sale Page : _ http://blankrefer.com/?https://www.reputationloop.com/grow-agency

Learn how to generate new customers for your agencies without ever having to meet them in person

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  -Getting customers from a far online series, 6-week training course
    -All trainings are recorded and accessible anytime
    -How to find an unlimited supply of prospects
   – How to target the right prospect for best results
   – How to communicate to the prospect
   – What to offer your prospects
    -Simple two page proposal strategy
    -How to follow up properly to close the deal
   – BONUS: What products you should and should not offer
   – BONUS: The complete blueprint of a successful local marketing agency


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $20.96 ($29.95)


Customers From Afar

You will see the hidden download links immediately after payment success !

We've discounted 30% If you pay via Bitcoin


Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Get More IM Special Offers: http://www.biznulled.com/specialoffer/

Any questions, pls contact me: [email protected]

Thank You

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Basics of Email Marketing

Name Product: Basics of Email Marketing
Sale Page: _https://yoast.com/the-basics-of-email-marketing/

Price: $249

Email marketing is a great tool to bind your audience to your website. It’s relatively easy to set up an email newsletter and send it to your audience. In this post, I’ll

explain the basics of email marketing. Why is email marketing an important element of your growth and marketing strategy? Moreover, I’ll also give practical tips on

how to set up an awesome newsletter.
The benefits of email marketing

People who sign up for a newsletter expect and want to receive your information. So this part of your audience is very committed. That’s the reason email marketing

pays off. The people you’re sending your newsletters to actually want to read your stuff! As the costs of email marketing are very low, email marketing has a relatively

high return-on-investment.

Email is a great way to increase your customers’ retention. What this means is that it will increase the amount of customers that purchase repeatedly, instead of just

once. So this would help turn your clients into return customers. By emailing your customers on a regular basis, your brand will stay top of mind and they’ll return more

quickly to buy something again. Of course, your emails would have to be interesting, enticing and engaging for this to really work.

A newsletter is relatively easy to set up through a service like MailChimp or TinyLetter. It’s also easy to target specific subgroups within your entire audience with a

newsletter. It’s a great way to inform your readers that you have written new blogs and that they should come and visit your blog.
Pitfalls of email marketing

Creating content for a newsletter can be a lot of work. Work on top of writing those posts for your blog. And if you want to send out a newsletter on a regular basis,

you’ll have to fill it with content that’s useful to your audience. That can be a challenge.

People won’t open your email or will unsubscribe from your newsletter if they don’t like your content. It’s important not to annoy people with content they don’t want,

or have already seen.

Learn how to write engaging copy and how to organize it well on your site: Combine our SEO copywriting and Site structure training. »
Content SEO training bundle

How to set up a newsletter?
1 Start with something important

Most people won’t read your entire newsletter. That’s why it’s crucial to start with the thing you really want people to know about. You could also choose something

that people would like to read, something that will draw their attention and make them read the rest of your newsletter.
2 Make sure to choose a good subject line

Whether people actually open your newsletter depends on the subject of your newsletter. MailChimp makes it really easy to test open rates of newsletters with

different subject lines and it really pays off to think about and test which subject lines work for your audience.
3 Clarity and focus

Make sure the layout of your newsletter is good and looks appealing, and that people are able to read your newsletter on mobile devices. Make sure you have clear

calls-to-action, things you want people to do after they’ve read (part of) your newsletter. Give them enough opportunities to click through to your website (and buy

your stuff or read your posts).
4 Tone of voice

The people who have signed up to receive your newsletter like your products, your blog or your company. So your tone of voice should be friendly and enthusiastic,

not too aggressive or salesy. Your newsletter should make your audience even more fond of you and your products. You’re telling them something other people won’t

hear. Make them feel special.
5 Make it visual

If a newsletter is just a wall of text it could become a bit boring. Illustrations and pictures can make the newsletter look much more attractive and pleasant to read.



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Clickfunnels – Create Powerful Landing Pages in Minutes

Name Product: Clickfunnels – Create Powerful Landing Pages in Minutes
Sale Page: _https://www.udemy.com/clickfunnels-create-landing-page/landing-page/

Price: $194

Template Included in Course! Create a Powerful Funnel in minutes with Clickfunnels Even If You Are Not Tech Savvy

Would you like to grow your email list with powerful landing pages the quick and easy way, even if you’re someone who struggles with computers?

In this course we will create a two pages landing funnel with Clickfunnels to grow Your Email List with highly targeted subscribers.

No tech knowledge required – use provided template and follow course videos!

Creating pages with Clickfunnels is easy – just edit text with your own copy, add photos and/or video and adjust rest of the page if necessary. Creating landing pages with Clickfunnel is even easier when you use the template that comes with the course.

Template is ready for a book/pdf/report giveaway but can be used for any other opt-in you want with just editing text and photos.

On screen you see me adjusting the template so that it is easy for you to follow and learn how to use Clickfunnels. Since we are working on same template it is easy to follow and creating pages with Clickfunnels comes super quick.

Clickfunnels is the best sales funnel software out there. With this course you will also get a funnel template that you can use as a base for your own page or just use the template pretty much as is!

What you get:

– Done-For-You 2-page template

– Step-by-step Video how to edit the pages to make it “yours”

– Ability to ask questions if you get stuck while editing your page

What is required for this course:

– Course requires you to purchase Clickfunnels (the worlds best sales funnel tool)


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