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Everlin Wong – Success Secrets Of Opening A Boutique

Name Product: Everlin Wong – Success Secrets Of Opening A Boutique

Sale Page: http://www.openingboutique.com/

Price: $47

Struggling To Open A Boutique Business?  Not Even Sure Where To Start? What If I Tell You…  Here’s YOUR Chance to Discover….

“How To Easily Open Your Dream Boutique
With This Secret Profitable Boutique Tips That Other Boutique Owners Don’t Want You To Know. Learn Step-by-Step Guide From Success Stories of REAL Boutique Owners…”

Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated with the limited quality of Opening A Boutique information on the market? Are you disappointed again that they are difficult to understand and follow?  Not enough information?  Do you have questions on opening a boutique that need to be answered?

My name is Everlin Wong.  Just like you, I am passionate in boutique business.  I was once so sick and tired of searching for information from all over the place, struggling to find true and complete facts.  Even putting some hard-earned money into business with a mentality it’s OK to invest otherwise, it wouldn’t be like a business.

Hope you never in that situation as I did!



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Craig Proctor’s Ultimate Listing Presentation Training

Name Product: Craig Proctor’s Ultimate Listing Presentation Training

Sale Page: http://craigproctorsuccesssystems.com/listing-presentation/

Price: $149

Win the Listing 9 out of 10 Times, Learn the Secrets of Successfully Presenting Your Seller Benefits to Skeptical Home Sellers

DVD 1- Mindset and Effective Strategies Behind Making the Ultimate Presentation

DVD 2- Craig Proctor Presents The Ultimate Listing Presentation

Craig’s philosophy is that the natural conclusion to an awesome presentation is the seller saying, “where do I sign”. Craig puts it all on the table and holds nothing back.

How to Systemize an Unbeatable Listing Presentation System
The Right Language To Use When Presenting Your Benefits
Questions to Ask in Order to Prequalify Seller Prospects and Determine Their Personality Type
How to Set the Stage When Arriving at the Seller’s Home
How to Position Yourself in the Mind of Your Prospects
How to Render Your Competitors Arguments Against You Useless
How to Present Your Consumer Benefits in a Risk-Free Way
How to Use Performance Guarantees in Your Listing Presentation
How to Handle the most common Objections
How to communicate Your Specialized Knowledge and Become a Trusted Advisor



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Mike Kaplan – Secrets of a Master Closer

Name Product: Mike Kaplan – Secrets of a Master Closer

Sale Page: http://www.secretsofamastercloser.com/

Price: $149

If you want to know, step by step, how to quickly, easily, and smoothly walk anyone from being a skeptical prospect to a happy customer that refers you friends, family, and colleagues…then you want to read this book.

Here’s the deal:

At its core, selling isn’t a patchwork of cheesy closing techniques, annoying high-pressure tactics, or gimmicky rebuttals.

True salesmanship follows very specific laws, has very specific steps and stages, and leaves a customer feeling happy and helped. It’s honest, respectful, enlightening, friendly, and done with real care. It’s the type of selling that wins you not only customers, but fans.

Not coincidentally, this is the type of selling that truly great salespeople have mastered. This is the type of selling that keeps pipelines full and moving, and that builds a strong, loyal customer base that continues to give back to you in the form of customer loyalty, reorders, and referrals.

Well, that’s what this book is all about. It will give you a crystal-clear picture of the exact steps that every sale must move through and why, and how to methodically take any prospect through each, and eventually to the close. And how to do it with integrity and pride.



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Lisa Gergets – Sell Authority Sites

Name Product: Lisa Gergets – Sell Authority Sites

Sale Page: http://sas.lisa-gergets.com/

Price: $47

Getting an Extra $1000 or More Each Month?
Create a Consistent Income from Selling Authority Websites You Can Build in 3 Hours or Less. . . Even if You Have NO Design Skills

I’d love to personally WALK YOU THROUGH my very own system – every step I take – to routinely sell sites at anywhere from $97 to $597 each. A system you can SCALE to create the income you NEED, on demand!

Dear Marketer,
My name is Lisa Gergets.

And I’ve been where some of you are right now.

The bills come in with no way to pay them.
The phone rings . . .you’re dreading that it’s another collection call.
The rent is due in 2 days and there’s no way you can make it.

But what hurts even more is having to look your child in the eye and say “No, we can’t afford it.”

And it’s not because you’re not working hard enough.

You’ve been putting in the hours to make your online business work.

But it’s just not happening for you fast enough. Maybe you’re making a little money . . . but not nearly enough to make up for the hours you’re putting in.
You need to give yourself a break.

Listen, making money online is complicated.

You’ve gotta master all of this:

Be a pro a driving traffic
Get that traffic to convert
Hope and pray Google doesn’t slap you. . . and . . .
Keep your fingers crossed Amazon doesn’t ban affiliates in your state
Have money to fork out for Facebook advertising



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Jon Loomer – FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights

Name Product: Jon Loomer – FB Marketing Advanced University: Insights

Sale Page: http://www.jonloomer.com/fb-marketing-advanced-university-insights/

Price: $147

Master the Facebook Metrics that Matter!

Facebook offers marketers a goldmine of information. Unfortunately, that information largely goes ignored.

Most marketers don’t look past the surface stats. They’ve never even opened an export file.

But I know that you are not one of those marketers. You want to increase engagement, Page Likes, website traffic and revenue by focusing on the metrics that matter.

You are the reason I created this course.

Here’s what you can expect:

Multiple sections of lessons, from beginner to advanced
Completely self-serve — Learn at your pace!
Written lessons
Video lessons
A daily assignment to hold you accountable
The option to subscribe to a different lesson emailed to you every weekday

With this course, I will lead you to Facebook Insights mastery. You cannot declare success on Facebook until you know how to measure it.

If you want to master Facebook Insights, this is the way to do it. I’ve helped countless marketers reach their ideal audience and grow their business online with the help of Facebook. You can, too!



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Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango

Name Product: Ryan McKinney – T-Shirt Tango

Sale Page: http://thetshirttango.com/get-it-on-with-rymac/

Price: $100


The process is pretty cut and dry, and not to be over thought.

Real quick, if you’re not going to trust me or can’t handle me being me, then there are 3 other gentleman that I have known for years, done business with & trust. They have excellent information on this Facebook stuff as well, they are: Don Wilson, Tanner Larsson, or Ben Adkins.

Here are the steps to the process:

Don’t worry, you’re going to have a chance to grab more advanced and very in-depth training from me.

Right now, I just need to make sure you can walk before you try to take off at a dead sprint!

Step 1) Come up with a design that you can “scale”. Scaling does not mean how many you can sell to just one niche, rather how many niches can you sell ONE design in. IF I have design that says “Uncles are awesome!”and it converts, how can I scale it to replace the word “Uncles”with another niche? I can think of 100s of things to replace that word.  “Uncles are awesome”. That is “scale”, same design, 100s of niches.

Visual representation of “scale”as these are all different niches with the same designs.



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Kindle Technique Treasure Chest RELOADED + All Up sales

Name Product: Kindle Technique Treasure Chest RELOADED+ All Up sales

Sale Page: http://mikeylightning.com/jv/kindletechniquetreasurechestreloaded-jv/

Price: $106

Kindle Technique Treasure Chest was build completely off a high demand for more advanced Kindle publishing strategies. Upon showing these strategies to my clients, they wanted more and more, so I created 15 more Kindle publishing “advanced strategies” for publishers to use to pump more sales into their business.

- Upsell #1: Kindle Traffic Monster
- Upsell #2: Kindle Technique Treasure Chest
- Upsell #3: Kindle Publishing Playbook



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Get Paid From FB

Name Product: Get Paid From FB

Sale Page: https://getpaidfromfb.com

Price: $7



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Secret Spiritual Power by Steve G.Jones

Name Product: Secret Spiritual Power by Steve G.Jones and John Harricharan

Sale Page: http://secretspiritualpower.com/

Price: $37

“Get Ready….You Are Just
Seconds Away From Discovering Life’s Most Sacred Truths About Spiritual Connection To The Universe”
“Your Time To Learn Everything You’ve
Ever Wanted To Know About The Powers
Of Infinite Intelligence Is Finally Here”

Dear friend,

Do you ever feel as though there is a void or something missing in your life?

Are there areas of your life that you just can’t seem to excel at no matter how hard you try?

Do feel like maybe you might even be “doomed” when it come to these challenging areas?

Perhaps you just can’t seem to figure out the best career path for yourself…

Or maybe you can’t seem to get ahead financially…

Or maybe things happen to you that you just can’t put a reason behind…

Or perhaps you struggle with your weight…

If this sounds like something you can relate to, then I want to congratulate you for finding this letter because what I’m about to share with you will unquestionably change your life forever .
Are You Serious About Finally Learning
What It Takes To Achieve Happiness On All Levels?



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“TrapFunnel” Real Estate (and Home Improvement) Lead Generation Guide

Name Product: “TrapFunnel” Real Estate (and Home Improvement) Lead Generation Guide

Sale Page: http://bobrossoffline.com/forum/showthread.php?3160-quot-TrapFunnel-quot-Real-Estate-%28and-Home-Improvement%29-Lead-Generation-Guide

Price: $117

If You’ve Got 30 Minutes,
I’ll Show You How To Generate
More Real Estate Or Home Improvement Leads
Than You Ever Thought Humanly Possible

Early this year one of my most favorite printing clients, a large west coast real estate brokerage, emailed me a mailing list substantially larger than what they usually provide. A month later, the list was more than double the size, another month later it was even bigger, to the point where I thought they were going to have every person looking to sell their home in California on it.

Well, maybe not that big, but this sucker was getting huge at a very fast rate.

So me, the curious direct marketer, gets “Z” the head of their marketing on the phone and asks him what the heck they’re doing to get so many leads.

The answer shocked me.

Not just because of the clever method, but because it was something even a struggling agent could start taking advantage of immediately. And as I kept thinking about it, like the 9×12 system, this extremely simple concept on the surface started revealing how complex and versatile it is under the skin.

What at first seems so simple to implement, actually requires some know-how to get started, that nearly all agents will lack–yet nearly all marketers can do easily.



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