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Charles Floate – OnPage Mastery

Name Product: Charles Floate – OnPage Mastery

Sale Page: _https://www.onpagemastery.com/

Price: $127

What’s Inside The Course?
The course is split into several sections, covering everything from basic OnPage to advanced IR to evaluating common errors SEOs miss – Calling out some big names.

The course comes in a mixture of video, written presentation and live forum form.

Step-by-Step Course
Episode #1 – Introduction
Episode #2 – Complete Basics of OnPage
Episode #3 – $500/Mo Site With 0 Links Case Study
Episode #4 – Common Errors (Authority Site Dissection)
Episode #5 – Carrying Out A Content Audit
Episode #6 – OnPage Auditing Done Right
Episode #7 – Basic Speed Optimization
Episode #8 – How Advanced IR Methods Work In Conjunction
Episode #9 – Conclusion
The Live Case Study (on-going)
The first section of the course is split in to 9 episodes, introducing you to concepts that’ll be used throughout the case-study, along with actionable information. In the live case-study you’ll get to follow along Daniel & Charles’ process for ranking a site on a shoe-string budget with minimal links and all the on-page tactics discussed in the first 9 episodes.


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John Assaraf – Winning the Game of Money

Name Product: John Assaraf – Winning the Game of Money (march 2017 UP)

Sale Page:_https://www.myneurogym.com/winning-the-game-of-money/

Price: $181

Level 01 – Finding Financial Opportunity

In this level, you will begin to increase your level of awareness of financial opportunities all around you and it will prime your brain with the beliefs required to achieve financial abundance or success.

Level 02 – Attracting Wealth

The focus of this level is to raise your internal set point and bring your consciousness into alignment to attract greater levels of prosperity, abundance and wealth. You will increase awareness around your money story, along with any deeply rooted beliefs and perceptions you have held, while reinforcing the positive beliefs from Level 1.

Level 03 – Tenacity & Resolve

In this level, you will retrain your brain to strengthen your inner resolve, persistence and tenacity, so you can produce greater financial results.

Level 04 – Releasing Your Stories & Excuses

In this level, you will learn how the unproductive or destructive self-image and money stories you tell yourself repeatedly keep you stuck in a cycle of achieving the same undesired outcomes over and over again. It is time to stop this pattern now and release them once and for all.

Level 05 – Increasing Wealth Feelings

Emotion drives behavior. This level will train you to think and feel wealthy, so you automatically resonate with earning more money. Experience firsthand what it feels like to be wealthy, as it becomes grounded in your body and emotions – and start to increase those feelings now.

Level 06 – Being Creative

By the time most people are in their 30s, the majority of their creative neurons are no longer being used. The daily audio will support you to reactivate your creative neurons using your imagination and higher intuitive function, so you can bring creativity into the ways that you earn money and help you generate more imaginative ideas than ever before.

Level 07 – Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #1

This advanced level uses the “overload principle” to creatively bombard your conscious and nonconscious mind for maximum neural pattern creation, incorporating a combination of each of the previous levels’ methodologies and content.

Level 08 – Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #2

In this advanced level, we use the “overload principle” to go deeper and reinforce your conscious and unconscious mind’s positive neural pattern to create the required mental pathways for attracting wealth.

Level 09 – Accelerated Wealth Re-programming #3

Hold onto your cerebral cortex as the gamma frequencies in this level cement the most powerful Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming content in the world. This will give you the ultimate in clarity, focus and laser-precise abilities to accomplish your financial and life goals.

Level 10 – Letting Go Of Your Money Fears

Get ready to let go and release any of your fears, worries, anxieties, or stress around money in this level by training your brain to trust your intuition.

Level 11 – The Beliefs & Habits Generator

Now that you have cleared out old programming and primed your brain with new empowering patterns, it’s time to adopt updated, productive beliefs and behaviors that support abundance. In this advanced level, you will learn a simple method to consciously create, impress and install the beliefs and habits of your choice. With a little practice and imagination, you can actually choose what you believe.

Level 12 – Mastering Your Money Focus

In this level, you will reinforce your ability to choose a financial target and follow through to its achievement. From this point on, you can start to tell yourself a brand-new story about money, with consistent, successful results.


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Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton – Online Marketing Classroom

Name Product: Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton – Online Marketing Classroom

Sale Page: _http://onlinemarketingclassroom.com/membership/

Price: $97

“Every Trick and Tool that Took Me to Half
a Million Dollars a Month in Online Sales.”
The aim of Online Marketing Classroom is simple:

To provide you with information and resources to accelerate and guide you to online business success.


– Training
– Tools
– Templates
– Blueprints
– Traffic Plans
– Services
– Community
But the way we do it is different to how you’ve probably learned online previously. you see, Online Marketing Classroom isn’t about ‘one off blueprints’ (how most people provide training online).

. it’s a comprehensive curriculum.

There’s a reason why schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes plan out detailed curriculums. THEY’RE MORE EFFECTIVE.

Introducing: Business Labs

The first major difference with Online Marketing Classroom is that we divide our training up into ‘Business Labs’.

Business Labs are specialized training zones that focus on one particular business model. Each Business Lab gives you:

– Training
– Tools
– Workshops
– PDF’s
– Examples
– And MUCH more, all related to a specific business model.
In total, we have SEVEN different Business Labs:
The Business Labs are built around key marketing resources and training – Each Lab contains:
What’s Inside Online Marketing Classroom?
Here’s a full run down of what you will find inside the members area so you know exactly how you are getting today.

Live Classroom Training

We deliver cutting edge content via our live classroom training sessions EVERY single month. These workshops will assist you in ALWAYS keeping 100% up-to-date with the online landscape and one step ahead of your competition!

The focus of each workshop is on what strategies are working NOW, both for us in our own business, as well as in online marketing in general. You can replicate this information into your own business.

Each webinar is added to the member’s area and will be available to download, in case you miss the “live event”.

Of course, you will also receive the slides as well as any supplementary guides, spreadsheets and audio files. Examples of recent workshops include:

You Tube optimization secrets for massive traffic
Secrets of scaling with social traffic
Making a killing with the world’s biggest buyers engine
4 websites + 4 weeks = $100K per year (step by step)
Facebook traffic plan for niche websites
Cashflow Cheatsheets

If you need to launch a new way to bring in cash in a hurry .or if you want to quickly add an additional income stream to an existing business, these cheat sheets will provide the PLAN, the FORECAST, the BUDGET and the RECIPE for doing so.

They are incredibly comprehensive and will give the exact methods in a “do this .do that” format so you will be able to implement the instructions at a rapid rate and start profiting from them as fast as possible.
We update or add additional Cheatsheets every 60 days, but as of today, the cheatsheets you will get instant access to are for the following business models:

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing ( 72 pages )
Selling Physical Products Via Amazon FBA (163 pages)
Selling Kindle eBooks (28 pages)
Making Money With Fiverr (46 pages)
Local SEM (Online Marketing) Consulting (110 pages)
Udemy Course Marketing (70 pages)
Selling Your Own Information Products (103 pages)



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Tai Lopez – Traveling CEO Program

Name Product: Tai Lopez – Traveling CEO Program (Incomplete)

Sale Page: _http://www.tailopez.com/flow.php?lp=FS-4754&source=topnav

Price: $100

Dear Future Traveling CEO,

-Do you want to travel the world, make money, while having fun?
-Does exploring new countries and meeting interesting people – while working less hours per day – sound amazing to you?
-Would you like to get paid to travel – and make MORE money than you do while working 40+ hours a week?
If so.
Then please read every word on this page – very carefully, because I’m about to reveal.


My name is Tai Lopez.
If you follow me on social media, then you’ve seen me traveling the world, making money, while having A LOT of fun.
But, I didn’t always have the freedom to travel.
When I first got started, it was very rough.
Before I tell you EXACTLY how you can get paid to travel, I want to share.


The year was 2006.

My early days of living the “laptop lifestyle”.

I had embraced the lifestyle of the online entrepreneur.
I was making money online, had a home in La Jolla, California – one of the nicest and wealthiest beaches in the world, and working for myself.
But as great as this was.
There was a problem.
In order to work with my team of subcontractors in India, I had to stay awake ALL night – and sleep ALL day.
Because my team was on the other side of the world, I sacrificed my lifestyle and spent an entire winter in complete darkness.
Because people aren’t meant to live this way.

My health suffered from not getting enough sunlight
I was stressed out because I didn’t spend time with friends and family
I gained weight because I ate quick (and unhealthy) meal.
It sucked.
My life was crap.
Yes, I was making money.
And, yes, I was a “CEO”.
But, what I was doing wasn’t any different than working a 9-5.
In fact, it was worse.
It wasn’t the lifestyle I was attracted to.
You know what I’m talking about.
The lifestyle you see where you’re working on the beach, making money in your sleep, and “working” because you want to – not because you HAVE to.
There’s no point of living on the beach if you can’t enjoy it, right?
It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I remembered what my first mentor, Joel Salatin said to me:


Too many people dream of taking a vacation.
Only to realize, they’ll have to come back to living a 9-5.
But what if you’re entire life felt like a vacation?
Wouldn’t that be A LOT better?
The beauty of having an online business is you don’t have to work from home.
This realization hit me hard.
I decided to NOT make any more sacrifices.

No more sacrificing my health from skipping workouts
No more stressing out from not having a social life
No more unhealthy eating
From that point on, EVERY business decision I made would rely on a series of principles that would encourage (not distract) me from living a “Traveling CEO” lifestyle.

I then took out a sheet of paper and wrote these principles down.
When I was done, which took some time, there were 100 principles.
The payoff from writing them all down was worth it.
Because now, whenever I make a business decision, I use these principles to guide me to living the “Traveling CEO” lifestyle I have today!
But what’s crazy about these principles is.


The interesting thing about working smart is you get more done.
And, in fact, you can actually make A LOT more money when you embrace your freedom.
And as long as you apply my 100 principles to your life, you too can get WAY more done, in way less time, and make A LOT more money.
While technically I could give you all 100 principles right now, on this page, the value would be lost if I gave them all at once.
The value in the principles is applying them to your life, day by day.
The average amount of time for you to get the best use of the principles is about 100 days (1 principle, per day).
I actually created an advanced program that shares EVERY principle via a 10-20 minute video.
But since I’m sure you’d prefer to get a “taste” of the principles, before you decide if you want to learn more, I’m now going to share.


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Justin Brooke – Million Clicks Blueprint

Name Product: Justin Brooke – Million Clicks Blueprint

Sale Page: _http://learn.dmbionline.com/courses/million-clicks-blueprint

Price: $60

Blog posts, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts, Paid ads.. ever feel like you have all of these things but they don’t cohesively work together to send you mass traffic everyone says you should get with them?

With Million Clicks Blueprint you get a blueprint for leveraging multiple streams of traffic that combine to make one large raging river of website visitors. The frameworks taught inside this course work for all niche markets and all types of business models.

It is ideal for someone with a business that is more than a year old, has their own product or service, and a monthly marketing budget of at least $1,000 or more.

If you have someone on your team who handles the blog publishing but isn’t really attracting readers, the this is perfect as a training tool. You can have confidence in knowing that they will have a cohesive plan for promoting your blog and more importantly, increasing conversions.


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Justin Brooke – The Google Ad Strategy That Generated 14,000 New Customers

Name Product: Justin Brooke – The Google Ad Strategy That Generated 14,000 New Customers

Sale Page: _http://dmbionline.com/

Price: $99

Justin Brooke – The Google Ad Strategy That Generated 14,000 New CustomersThis is a 90 min. seminar about scaling ad spending from Justin Brooke.?


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Micronics Zero-To-Hero Security Bootcamp

Name Product: Micronics Zero-To-Hero Security Bootcamp

Sale Page: _https://micronicstraining.com/event/security-zero-to-hero/

Price: $3,899

Course Description:

This Zero-to-Hero Security class is developed to give students a quick and effective overview of Security track. It will cover security architecture, technologies, products and solutions that can be used in day-to-day work. Upon completion of this course, learners should have knowledge of ASA, FirePower, WSA, ESA, ISE, BYOD, TrustSec, AnyConnect, AAA, FlexVPN and DMVPN.

Course Delivery Method:

This boot camp is delivered online via Webex. Sessions will be recorded and made available to watch online, videos will be available for up to 30 days after the course has been completed. Lab access will last for the duration of the course.

Students Will Receive:

Advanced CCIE Security Workbook v4 (Technology Focused)

Boot Camp Hours:

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Central Standard Time (Saturdays Only)

Follow On Certification:

CCIE Security Boot Camp

More info:
Week 1

Class Introduction
LAB Topology
Class Agenda
Basic Student Assessment
Security Certification
Cisco Security Architecture
Network Security – ASA
Basic ASA Configuration
ASA Management
ASA Deployment Scenarios
ASA Traffic Flow

Week 2

Network Security – ASA
Dynamic Routing (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP)
Modular Policy Framework (Inspection Policy)
Virtual Firewall
Active/Active Failover
Transparent Firewall
Threat Detection & Botnet Traffic Filtering
ID Firewall
Firewall Clustering

Week 3

Network Security – Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
Introduction to FirePOWER
FirePOWER Traffic Flow
Device Management
Object Management
Access Control Policy
AD Integration

Week 4

Network Security – Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)
FireSIGHT Technology
File Detection and FireAMP
IPS Policy and Preprocessors
SSL Decryption
Correlation Policies
Event Analysis and Reporting

Week 5

Network Security – VPN
IPSec theory
VPN types and modes
Configuring Site-to-Site VPNs

Week 6

Network Security – VPN
EasyVPN for S2S VPN

Week 7

Network Security – VPN
IKEv2 theory

Week 8

Network Security – Remote Access VPN
SSL VPN theory
Clientless VPN

Week 9

Network Security – Remote Access VPN
Introduction to AnyConnect
Mobile User Security
VPN Load Balancing and HA

Week 10

Content Security – Web Security
Web proxy deployment modes
User Identity & Authentication
Web Security Policies
URL Filtering
Bandwidth Control
Application Visibility & Control (AVC)
Content Security – Web Security
SSL Decryption
Outbound Data Security

Week 11

Content Security – Email Security
How SMTP works
SMTP Relay deployment
ESA Packet Flow
Reputation Filters
Message Filters
Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
Content Security – Email Security
Content Filters
Outbreak Filters
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Email Encryption (CRES)

Week 12

Secure Access – AAA
Introducing to AAA
Setup AAA Clients
Using TACACS+ for Administrators
Using RADIUS for Network Access (802.1x)
Introducing to Cisco ISE
AD Integration
Configuring MAB

Week 13

Secure Access – AAA
Configuring Wired 802.1x
Configuring Wireless 802.1x
Guest Access
Device Profiling
L2 Security

Week 14

Network Security – Routers
Router ACL
Configuring Zone-Based Firewall on Router
Router Hardening
Configuring NAT on Routers
NetFlow and Traffic Monitoring

Week 15

All-in-one LAB #1

Week 16

All-in-one LAB #2



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Double The Growth Of Your Creative and Brand Agency Today

Name Product: Double The Growth Of Your Creative and Brand Agency Today

Sale Page: _https://www.udemy.com/how-to-grow-your-creative-and-brand-agency-10x-today/

Price: $75

Course Description
Here is my bold promise:

By the end of this course I will:

Increase your lead generation effectiveness by 37%
Decrease the time taken to make the sale by 14%
Grow your profit per job by 10%
I’m not joking.

Hi my name’s Deepak and I am a man that walk’s the talk:

If you’re a creative business owner’s that really does care about building your business I created this short course with you in mind.

Because it is fair to say that the way you’re working right now. Isn’t working. Is it?

So. Here’s how this course will help you:

I will show you how to do grown in 60-200 SECOND VIDEOS that are ridiculously easy to follow and implement.

There’s no charge for this course and you can get through it in less than 30 minutes; and walk away with a process that could land you more than £10,000+ in new lead generation.

And of course – you’re not in the business of marketing. But you know you need to market. And that Facebook Update you post 1x a week isn’t quite working out how you planned is it?

The coffee shop meetings, the email follow up’s, the rescheduled appointment, the ‘lack of budget’ or ‘call back in a few months’ are lies.

To them. You just sound the same as all the other guys. They don’t care about your product. Yet.

I will change that for you through this course.

At the end of this course here’s what I expect will happen for you and your business; if you can follow the ‘no-brainer’ steps involved:

You will start seeing conversions on your website after I show you how sh*te your current copywriting is
You will begin pimping your personal brand to the extent that INBOUND lead generation starts coming in
Your audience are going to go click-mad because of the Image List Building Strategies I will suggest

You’re going to be MUCH MUCH better than the other guys.

Frankly. I’m going to give you the same level of advice that other gurus will take 3 weeks to give you. I’m just going to do that in 30 minutes.

Let’s GO!

What are the requirements?
Be a Creative Agency Owner or a Freelancer in a Creative Field
In the process of starting to marketing their services
What am I going to get from this course?
Write Their Sales Copy Much More Effectively
Build out their Social Media channels
Create Conversion Ready Images Across Their Social
Begin Building Their Personal Brand
Who is the target audience?
Already have some understanding of marketing themselves
Are doing typical reaching personal network outreach and need to do more
Intermediate understanding of marketing


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Jim Cockrum – Proven Private Label 2.0

Name Product: Jim Cockrum – Proven Private Label 2.0

Sale Page:_http://provenprivatelabel.com/
Price: $697

DL Full Edition + Proven Private Label 1.0 as bonus

It really can be amazingly simple to launch your own brands on the world’s largest online selling platform!

We’ve sold a few hundred million dollars of private-label products on Amazon and we can say with confidence that your success in private label doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’ve been listening to the way it’s been taught by most “experts,” you probably think private label selling on Amazon is complex.

These experts go on and on about international sourcing, finding cooperative, eligible suppliers and manufacturers, all the shipping issues and packaging issues, branding, research etc.

It’s no wonder some people are charging thousands for courses that try to turn newbies into master import/export mavericks in 50 lessons.

I have good news – It doesn’t have to be that complicated if you have a SIMPLE plan!

PPL 2.0 is a primer on how to start your own private label product line. It will help you avoid common pitfalls, as well as wasted time and money on easily preventable mistakes.

In Proven Private Label 2.0 we will show you how to:

Apply Proven Performance Inventory principles to find In-Demand products that are currently not on Amazon
Find and contact potential suppliers
Get your logo designed and packaging created
Create a powerful product listing that sells
Launch product after product using the private label the easy way formula
Get your first sales and reviews to create momentum
And much more!

Includes Principles From Proven Performance Inventory

PPI takes the guess work out of selecting the right Private Label product by showing you how to find the “golden gaps” on Amazon. These “golden gaps” are products people are searching for, but cannot find – creating an opportunity for you to fill the gap! And there’s tens of thousands of them!

Brett Bartlett is the guy who pioneered this system and now has an 8-figure Amazon business. Check out the below screenshots to see some PPI results.



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Regression to Times and Places – Meditation Regression

Name Product: Regression to Times and Places (Meditation Regression)

Sale Page: _https://www.amazon.com/Regression-Times-Places-Meditation/dp/1401922333

Price: $15

helps you discover and learn meditation and regression techniques. The meditations utilize powerful imagery to promote physical, mental, and spiritual healing and renewal; profound relaxation; and deeper self-understanding. The regressions provide different techniques for retrieval of memories from this lifetime and prior lifetimes, as well as methods to access spiritual states and inner wisdom. (The other two CDs in this series are: SPIRITUAL PROGRESS THROUGH REGRESSION and REGRESSION THROUGH THE MIRRORS OF TIME.)
REGRESSION TO TIMES AND PLACES uses several visualizations to access the mind-body connection for healing; for releasing negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions; and for replacing them with positive energy, peace, wisdom, love, and joy. Dr. Brian L. Weiss uses a technique of recounting different historical time periods and suggesting the visualization of geographical places to trigger past-life memories.


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