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ConversionXL – Conversion Optimization Certification Program 2017

Name Product: ConversionXL – Conversion Optimization Certification Program 2017

Sale Page: _https://conversionxl.com/institute/conversion-optimization/

Price: $899

Get More Wins And Bigger Wins Through Optimization and Testing Conversion optimization training program for mid-market to enterprise level marketers: -Content you can’t find anywhere else -Learn to build and run world class optimization programs -Dramatically improve your skills, become a CXL Certified Optimizer.
Start getting the best-in-class results out of optimization

Improve your conversion optimization, UX and web analytics skills
Understand what works on websites, and what doesn’t
Develop better A/B testing ideas that win more often
Connect with, and learn from peers around the world
Get insights from the pros that will help you grow your business

Change your results with world class conversion optimization training

Conversion Optimization Certification Training Program by CXL will teach you the methodologies and processes needed to get more wins and bigger wins.

You will develop in-depth knowledge in conversion optimization: driving continuous business growth without spending any more money on acquisition. Learn repeatable, teachable processes that you can replicate across any web properties.

Having access to expert takeaways + guidance can be a game changer when you’re wading through the sea of unreliable and inaccurate information out there.
You shouldn’t be operating without this kind of help.

CXL Conversion Optimization Certification Training Program

The Conversion Optimization Training Course for Professionals

This is a comprehensive conversion optimization training program that will give you the skills and know-how to deliver consistent revenue gains on any website you work on.

Once you take all the courses inside, you will unlock the certification test. Pass the test and become a CXL Certified Optimizer.

Each track contains a number of courses. There are 35+ courses all together.

Track 1: Foundations

Optimizers needs to know a lot about a lot. This track covers the fundamentals one needs to know before you’re able to optimize anything.

CRO Foundations
Conversion Copywriting
Design & UX
Persuasion & Online Psychology
Best Practices of High-Converting Websites
Principles of Persuasive Design
Intro to Digital Analytics
Data-Driven Attribution…



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Andrei Kreicbergs – Ebay Dropshipping Coaching Course

Name Product: Andrei Kreicbergs – Ebay Dropshipping Coaching Course

Sale Page: _https://ecommercewithandrei.clickfunnels.com/optin11361010

Price: $997

How Gene crosses over $88,035 in 60 days on eBay… Do you want to become next Gene? Here is a breakdown of the coaching course Ebay Dropshipping Coaching Course All What You Need Pack for $997 includes: *Pre-recorded course with step by step actions on how to starting to build your own 6 figures dropshipping business on Ebay
+Access to paid members “private coaching group”

+Once every 2 weeks GROUP coaching call’s for additional support with myself personally.

Course content:

Section 1.(Dropshipping From Amazon To EBay)

*Finding Profitable Products
*Sourcing And Listing Products
*Automation Tools
*Ebay Store
*Placing Orders On Amazon

Section 2.(Dropshipping From 3rd Party Suppliers)

*How To Dropship From More Profitable Suppliers (Both For UK And US)
*Advanced Methods On How To
*Good/Bad Suppliers
*Cashback And Giftcard Sites To Make More Money
*Customer Service Templates For Easier Run Of Your Business
*Solutions To Payment Methods (For International Sellers)
*How To Find Your Own 3rd Party Suppliers (Getting Rid Of Competition)

Section 3.(Putting Business On Auto-Pilot)

*Outsourcing And Finding Virtual Assistants
*Best Ways To Manage Them
*Managing Your Sales Spreadsheets
*VAT In Europe(European Sellers Only)
*Ways Of Funding Your Business (Update)
*Fees Saving Tool (21st April Update)

(Update)=Recently added videos,course is constantly upgraded and all members granted to all the future information and cool content to make even more MONEY!

Note***: all tools and suppliers that you need are included in the course website+inside our private coaching group.



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MarketMotive – Conversion Certification Course repost

Name Product: MarketMotive – Conversion Certification Course [repost]

Sale Page: _http://www.marketmotive.com/conversion-optimization-training-courses//

Price: $399

Conversion optimization is about driving more sales from the existing traffic on the websites or landing pages, by improving overall conversion rate and troubleshooting problem areas. Market Motive’s conversion rate optimization course will take you through all the methods that will help to optimize the conversion funnel. The course covers the following topics in detail – conversion planning, conversion structure design, testing methods, product page optimization, PPC conversion strategies and conversion analytics. Upon completion of the course, you will become a complete expert on conversion optimization.

Master the art of consistently increasing the conversion rates on landing pages, microsites, and the entire website through usage of systematic and repeatable framework. Some of the most important topics covered in the course are customer engagement and persona identification, design concepts, mobile conversion, and e-commerce conversion optimization.

The goal of this Conversion Optimization Practitioner training program is to educate and train users wishing to become practitioners in the online marketing discipline of Conversion Optimization. Each Certification Course is made up of multiple modules with streaming video lessons; multiple workbooks with recommended exercises; online progress quizzes to test your knowledge; and a final online test to earn your Certification.

Training Modules

Introduction to Conversion Optimization
Conversion Planning
Conversion Design Structure
Creating Conversion Structure
Building Momentum
Engaging in a Dialog with Your Users
Analysis & Measurement
Taking Action with Conversion Strategies
Bonus: Product Page Optimization
Bonus: PPC Conversion Strategies
Bonus: Conversion Math Analytics

Lilach Bullock
Conversion Optimization Faculty Chair

Highly regarded on the world speaker circuit, Lilach Bullock has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street with her presence! She’s a highly connected and influential serial entrepreneur.
Listed by Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers and likewise as one of the top social media power influencers, she is one of the most dynamic personalities in the social media market.
She was crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle, and is a recipient of the Global Women Champions Award.



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Gray Institute – June -September 2016 Collection

Name Product: Gray Institute – June -September 2016 Collection

Sale Page: _https://www.grayinstitute.com/

Price: $94

Gray Institute offers functional training for physical therapists and fitness professionals. Learn more through our extensive courses and video library!
The history and application of Applied Functional Science. From the origin of AFS, to the sciences behind the process, to the application of technique.

Applied Functional Science® (AFS) Nomenclature
Movement Variables / Tweakology
The Need for AFS Nomenclature
The Need for AFS Nomenclature – Practical Example
Vertical Logic
Manipulation to Environment
Beginning Position
Beginning Position – Upright
Beginning Position – Kneeling
Beginning Position – Sitting
Beginning Position – Prone
Beginning Position – Supine
Beginning Position – Side-Lying
Intro to SFT Syntax
SFT Syntax
Tripost – Upright
Tripost – Kneeling
Tripost – Sitting
Tripost – Prone
Tripost – Supine
Tripost – Side-Lying
Manipulation to Beginning Position
Manipulation to Beginning Position – Joints / Body Parts
Triangulation – Angulational Coordinate
Triangulation – Vertical Coordinate
Triangulation – Horizontal Coordinate
Rule of Self-Selection
Action – Hands
Action – Feet
Action – Pelvis
Action – Locomotor
Manipulation to Action
Manipulation to Action – Joints / Body Parts
Ending Position
Manipulation to Ending Position
Multiple Actions & Connector Terms
Multiple Actions & Connector Terms – Examples
Vertical Logic to Horizontal Display

Applied Functional Health: A Whole Look at Function
The Right Solution Requires the Right Problem
The Battle at the Dorsal Horn: Treating Chronic Pain with Movement
Run Pelvis Run: Exploring the Amazing Synergy of Muscle Function in Running
Accepting Fear: Principle-Centered Strategies of Detachment
The Total Knee Patient and Stairs: Left Knee, Right Knee and NO HI-Knee
There’s No Place Like Home
AFS Environmentalism: Creating a Global HEART Warming
The Foot and the Body – The Body and the Foot: Predictable Deficits
Sphere of Flexibility: With Three Points of Attachment
Open Water Swimming
Parkinson’s Patient: Fighting Back with Exercise
Transactional vs. Transformational Rehab: The Power of Chain Reaction Healthcare
Move Now or Forever Rest in Peace
The Power of KNW
Play-It-Forward® in the Community
Fault-Finding is Easy: Let’s Start with What’s Right
3D Prehab



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Havening Collection of Videos and Books

Name Product: Havening Collection of Videos and Books

Sale Page: _http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/neil-degrasse-tyson-on-new-book-and-having-a-cosmic-perspective/

Price: $147

The Havening Techniques® Educational Package

This is the package that we provide on our trainings and that is used to study towards gaining certification in The Havening Techniques. It can also be purchased prior to attending one of our workshops as this package is ideal for those of you who simply wish to inform yourselves about these powerful techniques so you can more thoroughly consider whether becoming a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner is the right path for you.

It is important to note that if you are planning to use The Havening Techniques with clients, it is strongly advised that you become a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. You are unlikely to be able to get proper insurance cover for a touch- based approach such as Havening if you are neither a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner nor in the process of becoming one. Please remember that “Havening Techniques” and “Havening Touch” are registered trademarks and can only be used with permission. Therefore, you cannot legally use the trademarks, or any derivatives thereof, in any advertisement (website) or represent in any manner you use the Havening Techniques unless you are certified.

Three disc DVD set
The Primer
The Guide
Havening Quick Cards



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Videohive Explainer Video Toolkit 3

Name Product: Videohive Explainer Video Toolkit 3

Sale Page: _https://videohive.net/item/explainer-video-toolkit-3/18812448

Price: $53

Explainer Video Toolkit 3 is the biggest and the most advanced template for explainer videos avaliable today. With explainer video toolkit 3 you can build unique, engaging and professional explainer videos for almost any kind of business. This new version is so easy to use, that majority of time you only need to drag and drop elements or animation presets into your scenes.

Simple as that! You can have your video up and running within just a few minutes. Interesting fact is, that elements were built 100% in After Effects so you have full access to all layers, effects and you don’t need any other software to use the template. It has a clean trendy design so it is easy to find and buy more high quality graphics for your story from other artists! Explainer Video Toolkit 3 is easy to use even for beginners.

Tutorial folder contains 18 short tutorials (average length 2m30s) which will teach you how to use every kind of elements. We have created 2 short explainer videos so you can see how amazing explainer video toolkit 3 is. PS. More short explainer videos and free updates are comming soon!


1000+ Elements!
100% After Effects! Everything is customizable.
Helpful notes inside the template
18 Short video tutorials (Average time 2m 30s)
Completly editable animations, style, timing and fonts
100% Vector graphics (1080p or any higher resolution is possible)
Tested After Effects CS6, CC compability!

This notice is only for Mac users with After Effects CC2017 (14.0) This version of After Effects (14.0) has a new bug which may give you an error:

After Effects: Can’t assign 0.000MB of memory. Reduce the memory requirements for processing this frame or install more RAM (12803 / U_MemTrackedObject For more information check http://www.adobe.com/go/learn_ae_mem_es

This error occurs even if you have enough RAM to run the template. Unfortunatelly this is After Effects bug and not a fault of the EVT3 so we don’t have control over this bug.

Recommendation: To avoid this problem, run the template on any older version of AE (the best choice is AE CC (13.xx) or AE CS6)


Email us if you want to know more about voiceovers 😉
Audio files are not included in the template however you can download them here:

Just Ad Ukulele!
Rock Incorporated
Happy Ukelele Folk
Ambient Lounge
Ambient Lounge Deep House

This template woldn’t be possible without an awesome script for After Effects called DUIK. With duik you can rig your own characters, control your animations and much much more (learn more on official duik website). Big shout out to NICOLAS DUFRESNE! O:)



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Igor Ledochowski – The Power Hypnotist Video Series

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski – The Power Hypnotist Video Series

Sale Page: _http://powerhypnotistvideos.com/

Price: $497

Igor Ledochowski – The Power Hypnotist Video Series

For hypnotists who want to get better faster.”You Will Not Be Able To Hypnotize 7 Out Of 10
People Because.”
From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

I hate to be the one to break it to you but.

You will NOT be able to hypnotize 70% of the people you try to hypnotize..

You DITCH the traditional ways of learning hypnosis.

I know that from my own experience.

For years I tried learning and doing hypnosis according to the “traditional rules”.

It was not a pretty sight – I FAILED horribly many more times than I succeeded.

And my confidence at ever being a hypnotist was at an all time low.

Frankly, I thought I may not be cut out for it.

Thought other people had some kind of hypnosis knack I just didn’t have.

And I almost gave up on the whole hypnosis thing altogether.

Thankfully, I soon realized the fault wasn’t with me – I just needed NEW “fool proof” hypnotic processes that would work for me. even when I doubted myself and was convinced the person I was attempting to hypnotize was not going to go into trance.

Why “Traditional” Hypnosis Training Is FAILING You:
Here’s the thing:

Did You Know?The reason hypnosis “seems” hard is because of the way it is taught. Most training programs focus on the wrong things. Like scripts. Pick up a typical book on hypnosis and you’ll find it’s chock-full of scripts.

The problem is master hypnotists – like the late Milton H. Erickson – never rely on scripts. If you start using that crutch. then. you’re doomed to failure. Or at least poor results.

Learning hypnosis the traditional way is actually a handicap. That’s a funny thing coming from someone who spent a small fortune (I literally shelled out over $150,000) learning hypnosis from traditional sources.

However, I had one advantage most people don’t.

I was obsessed…



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Wealthyplr Payment Defender

Name Product: Wealthyplr Payment Defender

Sale Page: _http://wealthyplr.com/p/paydefender

Price: $9,9

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going
To Get Inside.
12 Result-Oriented Video Training
Topics Covered:

1. Overview of Payment Defender

2. Scope of Paypal & Procedures

3. Opening Your Account

4. Become A Verified Seller

5. Customer Opportunity To Reach Out

6. Check Out Branding

7. Dealing With Spike In Income

8. Key Contact Information & Pages

9. Using Reputable Platforms

10. Dealing With Disputes

11. Managing Your Paypal Account

12. The Help Desk Solution
Preview The Sample Video:
Conversion-Driven Sales Letter
& Thank You Page
Preview The Sales Letter:
Hypnotic Sales Video Promo
Preview The Sample Video:
‘WOW’ Graphic Designs
Power Video Presentation Slides
High-Quality Audio Training
Adaptive Mobile Friendly Website
Editable Photoshop Graphics
You Also Get All The UPGRADE MODULES Below:
Customer Support System & Legal Pages



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Jon Mac – Los Angeles Live Replays 2017

Name Product: Jon Mac – Los Angeles Live Replays 2017

Sale Page: _http://jonmac.co/live

Price: $2997

I Realize When I Sign Up I Will Get Access To:
MC LIVE Event Replay Videos ($12,473 Value)
BONUS: PDF Slides For All Modules ($497 Value)
BONUS: The Flex Method ($997 Value)
BONUS: The Goldmine Method ($1,497 Value)
BONUS: FREE 30min Coaching Session ($997 Value)
And much, much more!



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Xidio Video Template Kit

Name Product: Xidio Video Template Kit

Sale Page: _http://launch.astroblu.com/xidio

Price: $22
XIDIO V1 Help You To Make
An Eye Catching Video Like a PRO in Minutes
No After Effects or Premiere, No Experience Needed

Plus with the Versatility of XIDIO Video Template and PowerPoint you can also use XIDIO V1 in conjunction with other video software such as

Creating Awesome Videos Has Been Never Been Easier With Power Video Template And You Don’t Even Need Any Expensive Or Complicated Video Software To Do It. You Can Do Everything In Powerpoint!



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