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10 Hour Explosive Investing – Complete Trading Plan Course

Name Product: (10 Hour) Explosive Investing – Complete Trading Plan Course

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Price: $200
A Course that shows you how to earn upto 80% in one year.

Yes you heard it correctly; I will mention my Strategy and in Examples will show you how easy it is to earn 80% Profits Year on Year.

A Plan that helps you make consistent winning trades. Just Take the Course and then you will also mention this in the review.

Strategy is shown on Charts and how it works on Each and every chart like Stocks, Forex, Penny Stocks & Even ETF.

A Course Designed with Examples to show you how this method makes money and how easy it is to trade.

Here is what you get thru this Course:

A TRADING SYSTEM that will teach you how to control risk and set up one profitable trade after another
Winning 8 out of 10 trades.
A Course Designed as ‘How To’ for trading stocks, Forex or any chart
Instructor responds to all questions.
This course will not only teach you key knowledge in Trading, but it will also teach you HOW TO TRADE:

How to handle risk
How to manage random outcomes
How to make decisions for long-term trading success.
Not only this but you will learn essential knowledge on stock investing, the course will bring you the Opportunities to make a big fortune from the stock market.

The information mentioned in this Stock Investing course, will help you react better to dangerous situations that come in investing, thereby you can protect yourself from losing money and on top of that winning 8 out of 10 trades.

You will get a lifetime access to this course, without any limits!
I will update it every now and then absolutely free.
Killer Trading Plan: Even 6 Year old can Invest (10 Hours)


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Quantum Abundance Method

Name Product: Quantum Abundance Method

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Price: $197

WARNING: I may be forced to by the powers-that-be, to take this letter down…

If you come back tomorrow and this presentation is no longer free, don’t say I didn’t warn you… So read this right now, while you still can…

Remember: I’m about to share a secret that has been proven to activate the wealth gene, which has allowed thousands of many others attract more money into their lives…

In fact, even though this might sound impossible now, after you read this letter and do what it says… like thousands of deeply grateful people have before you, your colleagues, friends and family will be shocked at the financial transformation that you will experience within the next 14 days…

How suddenly, even if you are in debt up to your eyeballs, or stuck in a dead-end job that pays peanuts.You will start seeing how you can actually become a master of money, rather than a slave to it.What I’m going to tell you will transform your life. I wish I could say I was like most people, struggling to pay the bills and loaded debt.

But the truth is, I was not that lucky. I was broke in every way you can imagine. Empty and toxic relationships, alone, without direction and without a will to live. I never knew where my next paycheck would come from…

Financially, I’m set for life. And I work, only because I want to see others as successful as well.
It used to drive me nuts. I worked so hard for my money that I was willing to take any job, no matter how petty the wages in order to make ends meet. Regardless of what I did or how hard I worked, the Holy Grail of success eluded me. Doesn’t it drive you nuts? I was totally frustrated with my life. And it wasn’t for lack of trying either. People saw me as a complete disaster – I’d have to agree with them.

I was. I often wished things would be different. I still remember the night I was driving – and I’m ashamed to admit, I was also drunk.

When my Toyota lost its grip of the ground and I
began spinning out of control. In that situation, most people would have held tight and prayed for their life
– but I still remember how I literally let go of the wheel.

Because I actually wanted to die.

Yes, I was an alcoholic at the time and debt wasn’t the only crushing blow I’d been dealt. My mom had been nearly paralyzed with an unknown disease, and the symptoms and suffering became so bad – she chose to ingest an actual death pill. a “mercy kill” that was legally permitted in our state.

It was devastating but the misery that filled my life didn’t end with her passing – not by a long shot.

Together, he and I scraped together what we could and moved to Hawaii – where I took care of him until he passed away.

Words cannot describe the sense of loss I felt in losing both of my parents at this young age, so close together.

And yet, I somehow managed to lift myself up. and not only cure my alcoholism – but also completely turn my life around.leading to the success so many now know me for.

You might be wondering.what made the difference for me?

And that’s a great question — because if I could transform my life from the hell I found myself in. and find success and happiness, given everything that happened to me.

Then I believe ANYONE can do the same, or perhaps go even further than I have – experiencing even more success, wealth, love and joy each day.

I didn’t know how I did it until I started looking back – studying my mind and past.

Which had given me an almost superhuman ability to cope with painful life setbacks and stressors – whether it had been debt. death. abusive relationships or anything else.

But the next key came when I started to research meditation, neurology and the brain much more – and discovered something astonishing.
According to Madelijn Strick of Utrecht University in the Netherlands and colleagues, the right form of meditation has an effect on our ability to pick up subliminal messages.

You see, the brain registers subliminal messages, but we are often unable to recall them consciously.
To investigate, the team recruited 34 experienced practitioners and randomly assigned them to either a meditation group or a control group. The meditation group was asked to meditate for 20 minutes in a session led by a master. The control group was asked to merely relax for 20 minutes.

What they found was, the meditators had a nearly 50% better ability to pick up subliminal messages…



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Financial Modelling Course by MODEL STAR

Name Product: Financial Modelling Course by MODEL STAR

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Price: $229

Financial Modelling Course by MODEL STAR
– Become A Financial Model Star

Become A Financial Model Star – ($229 value).

– Build excellent financial models from scratch.
– Learn how to use models to add value to your organization.
– Boost your career in financial modelling and beyond.


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Matthew Owens – Triforce Trader-compressed

Name Product: Matthew Owens – Triforce Trader-compressed

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Price: $197

Learn to trade with Matthew Owens (top Paul Scolardi aka Superman student). He has Verified $850,000 IN 1.5 Years !

My name is Matthew Owens, I’m 25 years old. I’m a full time Stock Trader, Tut, Gym Trainer, and Video Production Maker/Edit. I graduated from Flida Atlantic University with a double bachels. One in Psychology and one in German. Currently I’m in my Master Program f Fensic Psychology at the University of Nth Dakota

Course Topics:

Introduction to stocks
Tools That I Use
Broker Terminals/Level 2
Psychology Of Trading/Trading Rules
Introduction To Technical Analysis
Ichimoku Cloud Basics and Chart Rules
Comprehensive Chart Trading
Introduction To Fundamentals
Financial Metrics and Terminologies
SEC Filings
Analyzing Press Releases
IPOS and Stock Splits
Stock Options
Penny Stock Trading
Futures Trading


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ExpatWealth – The Offshore Banking Guide

Name Product: ExpatWealth – The Offshore Banking Guide

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Price: $97

About 40 pages long but very well worth the read if you’re thinking about setting up offshore bank accounts (for privacy or tax planning).

Some general tips on what you should keep in mind, which countries are best for your particular case and so on.

Tax planning is almost as important as your income because if you live in a Western country, you’re going to have to give away 50-90% of your profits if you don’t know what you’re doing!



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WallStJesus Options Trading Course

Name Product: WallStJesus Options Trading Course

Sale Page:

Price: $499

Course videos covering:

Flow Basics and Misperceptions
What is flow and where did it originate?
Why does flow trump all?
Understanding flow and the various participants in the market
Commonly used techniques for tracking and trading on flow
Misunderstandings and how NOT to trade flow
When aggressive flow becomes an indicator to take a trade
Using options order flow as a form of alpha generation
The Steamroom rundown
Defining trading setups with Wiseguy flow
What does it all mean? Strikes, executions, order size
Reinforcing your thesis of the trade with Wiseguy flow
Sweep flow discussion
What is a sweep?
How do these exchanges play a role in our markets and analysis?
What is an ISO order?
How do aggressive players hop into the market?
Opening vs closing orders
Open Interest basics
Smart money and rolling positions
Option sellers and catching reversals
Spread orders
Options liquidity
How to pick up a good read on liquidity and how to trade when liquidity is slim
Platform setup
Active trade platform setup
Swing trader platform setup
Order flow strategy discussion
Where are the big guys placing bets?
Is this flow an investment or a trade?
How to incorporate flow into swing trading and day trading
The Sentiment Read
Assesing the market condition with flow activity
How’s the participation in ETF’s by big players?
Price action after flow hits the tape
Bonus The Wall St. Jesus Commandments for Day Trading and Swing Trading


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Blackhat USA 2016 Training Video

Name Product:Blackhat USA 2016 Training Video 

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Price: $1795

Black Hat USA 2016 is set to bring together the best minds in security to define tomorrow’s information security landscape in Las Vegas. This year’s briefings offer the essential knowledge and skills to defend your enterprise against today’s threats.


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Patrick Babakhanian – PBN Mastery

Name Product: Patrick Babakhanian – PBN Mastery

Sale Page:

Price: $47

Discover How We Still Rank Our Websites Safely on Page #1 in 2016, With A Secure Private Blog Network Without Pissing Google Off.
While Your Competitors Are Being Wiped Down With Every G Update!

You know why? Because 97% of SEOs are doing it all wrong!

Hi, my name is Patrick Babakhanian, and I’ve been doing SEO for over 3+ years now.

While it seems complicated to build a secure PBN, you don’t have to be an SEO expert nor a technical genius to build a safe PBN successfully without getting slapped by Google.

It’s all about acquiring the “right” information from people that have done this and are still doing it successfully every single day.

You still don’t believe me?

That’s alright.

What if I told you, I gave one of my students Jeroen my exact step-by-step

process and up until now, he hasn’t had one single domain deindexed nor has he been slapped before by Google.

So there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

I know how it feels to be overwhelmed in this industry by so much (false) information from SEO gurus and people that try to educate you while they don’t walk the walk.

I’ve been there, and it’s super frustrating if you find out that your site gets a penalty because some ass gave you bad advice.

That’s why I just had to create a course for you to get this SEO/PBN thing right from the start.

“But why would you listen to me?”

My company has built more than 500+ PBNs successfully for hundreds of SEOs.

I’ve personally researched and sold over 1.000 domains to SEO agencies, affiliate marketers, and starters.



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Recovery 2.0 Online Conference September (2016)

Name Product: Recovery 2.0 Online Conference September (2016)

Sale Page:

Price: $147

SEPT. 14-18, 2016
Access Master Teachers and Teachings for Moving Beyond Addiction and Thriving in Life

Founder of Recovery 2.0

The Return to Truth: Surviving a Toxic Culture

The Root of Our Problem

Discourse on Connection, Authentic Power and Success

Finding and Walking your Unique Path

Guru Singh
Buried Treasure: The Journey From Where You Are to Who You Are

Spotlight on Addiction and Recovery in the US in 2016

Ayurveda and The Yoga of Recovery

The Yogi and The Porsche

Eastern Wisdom for Healing the Addictive Mind

My Kid is in Trouble: Addiction and Recovery Primer For Parents

The Body Temple: Healing Body Image and Eating Disorders

Meadow Devor
True Wealth: Financial Sobriety and Abundance

Staying on the Path: Suiting Up, Showing Up and Letting Go

Best Practices to Find and Sustain Recovery

Hip Sobriety: Breaking the Stigma of a Life in Recovery

The 12 Steps and Spiritual Awakening

Dying for Connection: Sex, Love and Porn Addiction

An Addiction Counselor’s Perspective on Recovery Today

Generation Found: Facing Addiction for Young People

The Connection Between Chronic Pain and Addiction

A Kinder Voice: Mindfulness and The 12 Step



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Tecademics Courses 2016

Name Product: Tecademics Courses 2016

Sale Page: _

Price: $100/Month

SHOPIFY CASE STUDY Of A Student That Did $35K+ In Sales In 12 Days!

In this training video Chris Record interviews one of his students, Jon Alfredsson, about his Shopify success. Jon will give you a full look at all of his shopify statistics and do a full tour of his store and more!

If you have any interest in learning more about how to set up your own e-commerce store, then you will love this pure value training. Enjoy!

How to Get Facebook Video Views for $0.01 or Less Each!

In this video Chris Record shares a very specific step by step process that you can use to help videos go viral on Facebook for less than a penny each! In fact in some cases, as low as $0.0003 per view!

This strategy works for your own branded videos, as well as viral videos that you find on the web. If you want more traffic, leads and sales, definitely watch this training and apply it!

7 Steps to Triple Your Facebook Engagement

All right, so let’s get started with Facebook magic trick number one. Seven steps to triple your Facebook engagement. Okay, let’s get started with step number one. The first thing I want you to do is I want you to understand the original Facebook EdgeRank algorithm, so you get a basic overview of what’s working these days and what used to work. Now the original EdgeRank algorithm on Facebook used to be edge, affinity, weight and time. Let me explain what each one of these are. Don’t worry. If you think this is complicated or not, don’t worry. It’s super simple, and this is just for illustration and example purposes because Facebook has changed so much but it’s still so helpful, okay?


Paypal™ gives the best loans around, giving you the best resource to build a massive list fast!

There is an exact process that I’ve been using successfully with students to help them get $5000, $10,000 and even $20,000 loans through the Paypal™ working capital program – But it requires these vital steps first!



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