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Chiang Mai – SEO Conference 2017 Recordings

Name Product: Chiang Mai – SEO Conference 2017 Recordings
Sale Page: _

Price: $199

Missed the Chiang Mai SEO Conference?
Well, the next best thing is to download the recordings so you can see what 500 other SEOs came all the way to Thailand for.

Here’s what you’ll get instant access to:

Video #1: Daryl Rosser – How to Get Your First 10 SEO Clients in the Next 90 Days
Daryl Rosser ( breaks down the exact process he uses to secure clients using video audits.

This process is so effective, he even showed how his 17-year-old brother, with zero SEO experience, used the same process to get clients.

An example of the video audit is given as well.


Video #2: Gareth Simpson – How to Build 100’s of Outreach Links Every Month
Gareth is the owner of Seeker Digital and an absolute boss at scalable white hat outreach.

The type of outreach Gareth does is completely custom for each client. As you can guess, scalability is key to getting this to work profitably in his agency.

In his presentation, Gareth revealed all the tools and processes he uses on a daily basis and tips on how to get high conversion rates from outreach efforts.

He even gave out some of his highest converting templates.


Video #3: Tim Soulo – Going Beyond the Conventional Keyword Research Knowledge
Tim is the head of marketing over at Ahrefs. The tool grown by leaps and bounds due to Tim’s ability to understand and tap into the needs of the SEO community.

In his presentation, Tim goes really deep into the nuances of keyword research and search volume reporting.

He showed how even Google can’t get their own numbers correct between their various search volume reporting tools.

One big takeaway was about the importance of “impression potential” as opposed to “search volume”.

Tim showed how certain keywords with low search volume can highly outperform keywords with higher volume, and how to identify them.


Video #4: Jonathan Kiekbusch – Building Sustainable Online Businesses in an Ever-Changing World
Over the recent years, Jonathan has built up his company and his brand to being one of the most trusted when it comes to delivering quality outsourced SEO work.

But this success didn’t happen by chance.

Jonathan has a very thoughtful, mindful, and strategic approach to business that he’s applied to PBN Butler to grow it to the level it’s at today.

In this discussion, Jonathan reveals his tricks, tips, and paradigms that allowed his company to scale to the levels its at today.

The business owners in the crowd loved this presentation.


Video #5: Charles Floate – Modern Day Black hat SEO

Charles is known for his blackhat tactics and typically disruptive SEO blogging, calling out every name in the industry including Google themselves.

It was no surprise that people were on the edges of their seats with anticipation for his speech. and deliver, he did.

Charles discusses various blackhat SEO tactics that still work today.


Video #6: Ask Me Anything with Matt Diggity, Charles Floate, Jesse Hanley, Kurt Phillip, Gareth Simpson, & Holly Starks
For an hour, this expert panel fielded various questions from the participants.

Topics discussed include white hat SEO techniques, onsite SEO, offsite SEO, conversion rate optimization and YouTube video ranking.

Pretty much every topic related to SEO was discussed.


Bonus Video: Justin Cooke and Gregory Elfrink – Empire Flippers Presentation on Flipping
Justin and Greg have sold over 8 figures worth of online businesses. They know their stuff when it comes to buying and selling websites.

In this presentation, they distill down the most critical advice for you if you’re looking to sell your website.



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Google Cloud Platform Data Engineering

Name Product: Google Cloud Platform Data Engineering
Sale Page: _

Price: 19,99

This class provides participants a hands-on introduction to designing and building data processing systems on Google Cloud Platform. Through a

combination of presentations and demos participants will learn how to design data processing systems, build end-to-end data pipelines, analyze data and

carry out machine learning.

The course covers structured, unstructured, and streaming data. This course is a must for a data centric role such as a developer or database administrator

This course is a really comprehensive guide to the Google Cloud Platform – it has ~25 hours of content and ~60 demos.

The Google Cloud Platform is not currently the most popular cloud offering out there – that’s AWS of course – but it is possibly the best cloud offering for

high-end machine learning applications. That’s because TensorFlow, the super-popular deep learning technology is also from Google.

What’s Included:

Compute and Storage – AppEngine, Container Enginer (aka Kubernetes) and Compute Engine
Big Data and Managed Hadoop – Dataproc, Dataflow, BigTable, BigQuery, Pub/Sub
TensorFlow on the Cloud – what neural networks and deep learning really are, how neurons work and how neural networks are trained.
DevOps stuff – StackDriver logging, monitoring, cloud deployment manager
Security – Identity and Access Management, Identity-Aware proxying, OAuth, API Keys, service accounts
Networking – Virtual Private Clouds, shared VPCs, Load balancing at the network, transport and HTTP layer; VPN, Cloud Interconnect and CDN

Hadoop Foundations: A quick look at the open-source cousins (Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive and HBase)
Quel est le public ciblé ?
Yep! Anyone looking to use the Google Cloud Platform in their organizations
Yep! Any one who is interesting in architecting compute, networking, loading balancing and other solutions using the GCP
Yep! Any one who wants to deploy serverless analytics and big data solutions on the Google Cloud
Yep! Anyone looking to build TensorFlow models and deploy them on the cloud



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Will Coombe – 3 Months To No 1 SEO

Name Product: Will Coombe – 3 Months To No 1 SEO
Sale Page: _

Price: $1000

3 Months to No.1: The “No-Nonsense” SEO Playbook for Getting Your Website Found on Google and it is rather good.

Videos are:

The Cash Formula: How to Translate Rankings to Money in Your Wallet
Keyword Research
URL Structures
Page Title
Header Tags
Sitemaps & Noindexing
Schema Markup
SEO Yoast
Good Media
SEO Majestic
Broken Link Building
Local Area SEO

3 Month to No.1 Blueprint PDF
Save or print this PDF to follow the 12-week SEO blueprint outlined in the book.


Google Review Business Cards
These are easily editable photoshop files that together form a great business card you can hand out to your customers to encourage them to leave a review for your business! These have been created to fit’s guidelines for printing.


Going HTTPS://
Use this handy infographic checklist to move your website from http to https to make your site more secure and benefit from a boost in Google. HTTPS Conversion Checklist PDF.

and finally:

Business Directory List PDF
Need a list of the most authoritative and popular online business directories you can sign your website up to? Sign your business up to these using your business’s exact Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) to dominate Google’s local listing.



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4 Bonuses for LiveReach

Name Product: 4 Bonuses for LiveReach
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Price: $197


Facebook & YouTube Both Realize It, Which is Why They Give Massive Priority to LIVE CONTENT in their News Feed and Organic Ranking Algorithms.

It’s time for your video content to jump to the front of the line – cutting through the noise of the loads of other content being published.

Live content also creates a snowball traffic effect, allow viewers to easily “Follow” your content, getting Email and Mobile notifications the second you “Go Live” in the future!

Live Video has proven to substantially increase engagement! Viewers of live video…



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Ungagged 2017 SEO Presentation by Jerry West and Mark Wardi

Name Product: Ungagged 2017 SEO Presentation by Jerry West and Mark Wardi

Sale Page: _

Price: $500

Being a bad ass is what most of us yearn to be in this business. The guy to the left?
Let me tell you his story.

You see, last week during the London attacks when three of the c**t terrorists were yelling “This is for Allah!” He, by his own admission, was a stupid shit and yelled, “F**k You! I’m Millwall!!” and started attacking the knife wielding terrorists with his bare fists.

What’s Millwall?
The local football team. That’s soccer if you’re from the US and I’m not making this up.
Everyone else? They all ran to the back of the pub so he was left alone fighting these three.
Three terrorists with knives. Him with fists.
He was stabbed 8 times, but lived. Estimates are that he saved dozens of people from harm.
He was quoted as saying, “It was the worst thing I could have done.”
No, it was the most badass thing he could have done – and I had t-shirts made.

Hell yes I did.
I’ll be wearing them in London.
So, you can’t make London. You can’t make Ungagged. That sucks.
The night before will be epic. Mark Wardi and I will be holding a special event at the hotel pub and going over much of what we have learned being in one of the most competitive spaces in the internet. Where we hold 13 #1 rankings.
While it won’t be the same as listening to stories from us, drinking a dozen pints, and laying down face down in the gutter, Mark and I will be sharing our presentation when we get back from Ungagged.

We’ll share with you:
– how we ranked a .info domain #1 (actually, not just a dot info domain, but a hyphenated dot info domain)
– how that domain was weak on CTR
– how I got too aggressive with attacking a competitor and received a C&D
– how we made it go away
– how we built a brand able domain
– how we found the domains for our PBN network
– which metrics to use and which to ignore
– and a ton more cool stuff.



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5 Tanner J. Fox – Personal Branding Mastery only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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6.  Jeffrey Smith – The Ultimate SEO Bootcamp only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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7.  Neville Medhora – Kopywriting Bundle: Course Package only for $27.96 ($39.95)

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8. Dan Brock’s Tube Tycoon Grow A Lazy YouTube Business From Scratch only for $27.96 ($39.95)

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Digital Coaching for SMEs

Name Product: Digital Coaching for SMEs
Sale Page: _

Price: $279

Digital marketing is a critical element of business. In this series part 1 will unfold the importance of digital media. Part 2 touches on SEO, content, email social media and digital media effectiveness.



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Try Django 1.11 // Python Web Development

Name Product: Try Django 1.11 // Python Web Development

Sale Page: _

Price: $95

Build a web app with Django // The #1 Web Development Framework for Python

Python is one of the best programming languages in the planet. Why? For a few reasons:

It’s proven & scalable
It’s open-source
The Internet of Things and Raspberry Pi
It’s leading the change for future technology

Proven & Scalable: Python runs Instagram’s backend. It also run’s Pinterest’s, NASA, Mozilla, and countless others. It scales.

Open-Source: Open source technology means **anyone** can change it. Literally anyone. Are you in New Zealand? Yup you can change the code. Are you in Argentina? Yup, go ahead change it. Open-source changes the game for everyone because we can all use it.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Raspberry PI Connected devices are coming in waves. The easiest way to connect to these devices is using the Raspberry Pi and writing code in Python. Python is versatile so it makes controlling real-world objects with Raspberry Pi simple.

Pushing the Bounds of Future Technology Python is leading the charge in artificial intelligence with things like OpenCV, TensorFlow, PyBrain, and many others.

Sooo… Python is cool but why is this called Try Django? What’s Django?



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Alun Hill – Who Else Wants to Learn How to Successfully Use Fulfillment by Amazon Easy Stages

Name Product: Alun Hill – Who Else Wants to Learn How to Successfully Use Fulfillment by Amazon Easy Stages

Sale Page: _

Price: $39.99

Table of contents :
Instant Start To Amazon FBA Selling
– Amazon FBA Explained – Why You’ll Need To Spend $10.mp4 (Duration: 0:04:16)

– What To Spend Your $10 On.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:51)
– How You Turn Your $10 Into $15,737.mp4 (Duration: 0:04:07)
– FBA? What Is That? Why (Duration: 0:11:21)
Getting Paid
– Getting Paid By Amazon To Your Bank Account.mp4 (Duration: 0:00:22)
– Getting Paid By Amazon Anywhere In The World – Easy!.mp4 (Duration: 0:00:24)
Product Oppurtunities, Potential Profits, And Product Sourcing
– 700,000 USA Suppliers Here!.mp4 (Duration: 0:10:10)
– Kitchen Goods Examples.mp4 (Duration: 0:11:31)
– How To Get Wholesale Prices.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:47)
– Finding The Secret Suppliers.mp4 (Duration: 0:12:48)
– How To Find The Wholesalers For A Specific Product.mp4 (Duration: 0:00:51)
The Secrets To Finding The Top Selling Items
– How To Easily Find The Best Selling Products.mp4 (Duration: 0:09:23)
– The Most “Wished-For” Items Revealed!.mp4 (Duration: 0:08:17)
– Top Reviewed Items.mp4 (Duration: 0:11:48)
– Finding Current Trending Items.mp4 (Duration: 0:09:15)
– New Products That Are Selling Like Crazy.mp4 (Duration: 0:09:34)
– What Are The Products Which Are Most Ordered As Gifts?.mp4 (Duration: 0:06:50)
– How To Get A Message As Best Sellers Etc Update.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:00)
Choosing Your Niche
– How to Choose Your Niche .mp4 (Duration: 0:12:19)
– Everything You Sell Should Be CRAP! (OK, It’s an Acronym!).mp4 (Duration: 0:01:11)
Top Pricing Secrets Revealed
– How To Price Your Items – You May Be Surprised.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:02)
– How To Instantly Work Out Your Profits.mp4 (Duration: 0:18:35)
– White Labelling And Why You Should Do it.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:40)
Your Labelling Options
– Which Amazon FBA Account Should You Choose?.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:20)
– How Will Amazon Customers Find Me?.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:26)
– How To Register At Amazon Seller Central.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:01)
– Simple Automated Delivery To Amazon.mp4 (Duration: 0:00:51)
– Barcodes – An Introduction And Background.mp4 (Duration: 0:09:16)
– Delivery to Multiple Amazon Warehouses.mp4 (Duration: 0:01:01)
Amazon FBA
– How To Learn From Amazon!.mp4 (Duration: 0:07:07)
– Brilliant Example Of How To Sell On Amazon.mp4 (Duration: 0:11:33)
– Study Their Reviews And Descriptions!.mp4 (Duration: 0:03:18)
– How To Beat Your Competitors – It’s Just So Easy!.mp4 (Duration: 0:15:43)
– Watch Your Competitors Mistakes!.mp4 (Duration: 0:10:04)
Beating Your Competitors
– Duties And Taxes.mp4 (Duration: 0:00:59)
– Emailing Your Customers Via Amazon – For Even Greater Success!.mp4 (Duration: 0:00:56)



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Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017-Stop SEO & Win With PPC

Name Product: Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017-Stop SEO & Win With PPC

Sale Page:

Price: $200

Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2017-Stop SEO & Win With PPC
What Will I Learn?
Drive Consistent, Round-The-Clock Traffic To Your Website or Landing Page

Use Conversion Tracking To Determine The Value Of Your Ad Campaigns
Create, Develop and Optimize Your Own Profitable Google AdWords Campaigns
Remarket to Your Previous Website Visitors To Get Them Coming Back To Your Site
Advertise Your Products And Services Online Effectively
Monetize The More Than 6 Billion Daily Searches On Google
Boost Traffic and Increase Sales to Your Website
For This Google AdWords Course you should have a website, landing page or Facebook page that you want to send traffic to.
BUT even if you don’t have a landing page or website yet, you should still enroll in this AdWords course to become an expert in pay per click advertising
All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection!
NO experience with AdWords required!
** Updated January 23rd 2017 – Includes fresh content that covers all the latest AdWords updates!! **

Win back your business from your competition by really learning Google AdWords like an expert. This Google AdWords Course has the *HIGHEST STUDENT SATISFACTION RATING in Udemy’s entire marketing and advertising section! *(Reported by Udemy)

Over 15,000 business owners, students, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs have enrolled writing in thousands of 5 star reviews:

“I don’t normally rate a course until I’ve completed it, but I just had to this time. This course is absolutely awesome. I can say that Isaac really knows what he is talking about. His delivery style is perfect. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is clearly very passionate about ppc and this comes through in how he presents the content. I’ve taken numerous courses on a variety of subjects on Udemy, there’s something about how he teaches that makes him the best instructor I’ve encountered. This course is super well organized and each section builds on the last. And even though I have pretty extensive background knowledge into many the sections, I still complete them all the way through because they contain golden nuggets of information. If you’re interested in learning about Adwords, please take this course. You will not be disappointed. It’s worth every dollar (even at full price) and this is the only course I can say that about.”

– Meena Verma

“This course is fantastic Isaac. I have been searching through so many adwords tutorials to try and help out small businesses but yours is head and shoulders above any I have seen. Clear, concise and demystifying.”

– Roy Murray

“This is the most comprehensive and informative course I have ever took. Very well structured and explained in plain English so it is easy to understand. I would recommend this course to my friends definitely. I would give it 7 stars if there were option for it.”

– Alex Key

“Absolutely brilliant – thank you so much for making this very clear and helpful video course on AdWords. A masterpiece! Very grateful.”

– Sarah McDougall

Learn How To Drive Consistent, Reliable, High-Quality Traffic To Your Site Every Single Day With Google AdWords!

Your customers are using Google every single day to search for the products and services you offer, but you’re losing business to your competition because their AdWords campaigns are more optimized than yours are.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

My complete AdWords crash course is going to show you the exact skills and techniques you need to win back your business and drive consistent and profitable traffic to your website around the clock, 7 days a week.

For much less than the price of one dinner out with the family, you’re going to get over 15 hours of video lectures, access to our student discussion forum, and the ability to ask me any questions you may have as you progress through the course.

On top of all that, you get lifetime access and a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee!

ZERO Experience Required

In this course you will learn:

How to set up your AdWords account from scratch
The theory behind successful online advertising
What keywords are and how to use them to your advantage
How to set up conversion tracking and how to track phone calls from your website
How to track sales, revenue and form submissions using Google AdWords
How to take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns
How to write and A/B test your ads
How to increase Quality Score and decrease your cost per click
How to structure your account, campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists for optimal results
How to analyze keyword data in Excel to gain deeper insight into your data
How to use tools like SEMrush and Optmyzr to automate your optimization tasks and run better analyses
How to monitor your campaign performance on a regular basis
How to spot trouble in your account and what you need to do to fix it
How to understand your customers from a psychological level
…. and much much more!

Unless you have the tools and the skill to manage your own successful Google AdWords campaign, you are going to continue to lose customers to your competition.

Once you complete this course, you will be able to create, develop and optimize a professional Google AdWords campaign that sends high quality traffic to your website, round-the-clock, 7 days a week.

I walk you through the most important aspects of Google AdWords with a clear, step-by-step approach. By following along with me, you will see how simple, fun and effective Google AdWords can be.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course. I know you’re going to absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience with you on the inside!

Why wait any longer?

Click the green “Take This Course” button, and join my course 100% risk free now!

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to master the world’s most powerful and popular advertising platform
Small Business Owners who want to increase their sales and revenue through their webiste
Entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of the world’s most advanced advertising platform to their competitive advantage
Marketing professionals who want a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the AdWords auction and step by step instruction how they can succeed with AdWords
Students who want to develop a set of professional marketing skills
Beginners and more advanced AdWords users who want a closer look at how to set up search campaigns and remarketing ads the right way
This course is NOT for you if you are not ready to take your online advertising and marketing seriously
If you have ANY product or service that you want to promote, advertise or sell online, this course will give you the best tools and skills to succeed



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