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SEO & PPC Collection January 2016

Name Product: SEO & PPC Collection January 2016

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Seo & PPC Collection (Dec 2015)

Name Product: Seo & PPC Collection (Dec 2015)

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BINGY – The Ultimate Bing Ranking Loophole + OTO 1

Name Product: BINGY – The Ultimate Bing Ranking Loophole + OTO 1

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Price: $17 + $37

Do you get trouble with promoting your product on the Internet? How you solve it? These are the questions which I want to ask modern online marketers.

The development of technology makes online market boom with unbelievable rate in recent years. Each day, there are millions of marketing contents are posted and there are millions of rivals are waiting for removing you out of their dust. Therefore, keep existing is really hart responsibility.

BINGY is a method developed, tested and used by ‘Me’ Mark Bishop with a view to dominating search engines for my keywords and entire niches.

The method behind BINGY allows anyone to rank a brand new site as well as existing websites on page #1 of Bing and Yahoo for specific keywords in days.

The most importantly BINGY is a course based on results which anyone can verify for themselves by simply logging into Bing.

5 detailed video
Full PDF transcribers and MP3
A PDF version of the ranking formula

People are often find it difficult to see actual value in a product which is why we decided to offer a downsell to Bingy.

With downsell package of Bingy, you will be received the entire formula in a LITE version. After purchasing, you will have chance to own the PDF version as well as the notes, updates, service provider links, as well as the case study and proof.

Oto 1:

Google is the king of the Internet. Understanding this trend, Bingy provide you Bingy2 package (Google Edition) including six videos, main PDF, Product creation PDF (Lead magnets), 4 PDF transcribes & MP3s, Notes + Links to service providers Plus of course the all-important case study and ranking proof.



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Ben Adkins – Evil Traffic Magician

Name Product: Ben Adkins – Evil Traffic Magician

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Price: $99.95

The Evil Traffic Magician showcases several powerful traffic techniques and gives a detailed plan on how to use them to gain sales every month. The course details several different methods for getting targeted buyer traffic in any niche. It also shows them how many sales to expect from each method (and how much time to put into each).

– Part 1: Mind Reading For Magicians

All the Traffic in the world is useless if you’re not getting traffic that is interested in your offer. In this section I’ll go through exactly how we end up finding the right traffic using a Research Process that is so systemized and Powerful that it seems like Mind Reading.

This section will get everyone in the program ready for all the traffic methods coming in Part 2 and 3.

– Part 2: Paid Traffic Magicians

In part 2, I’ll be taking your customers behind closed doors with some of the world’s top paid traffic magicians.

In each session your customer is going to be able to spy on the magician as they hook me up with a paid traffic trick that no one else has ever seen before.

Some of the Paid Traffic Tricks We Give:

The Youtube Ad Stranglehold Trick
The Facebook Ad Ghosting Trick
The Banner or Bust Trick
The “Facebook Ad Robot” Trick
and A lot More.

– Part 3: Free Traffic Magicians

In part 3, I’ll be taking your customers behind closed doors with some of the world’s top free traffic magicians.

In each session your customer is going to be able to spy on the magician as they hook me up with a free traffic trick that no one else has ever seen before.

Part 4:
Celebrity Traffic Tricks
In the past 4 years I’ve interacted with some of the worlds top traffic experts on the planet at private gatherings, parties, and dinners.

When I started putting the Evil Traffic Magician together I picked up the phone and asked my genius friends to contribute their top traffic technique to the course.

Everyone I asked Agreed to Share their Best Stuff.
(and you get to spy on them teaching me)



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MozCon Conference 2015

Name Product: MozCon Conference 2015

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Price: $299

Three days of forward-thinking, actionable sessions in SEO, social media, community building, content marketing, brand development, CRO, the mobile landscape, analytics, and more. MozCon speakers share next-level advice on everything from building a loyal community to making data-driven decisions in your marketing.



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[Special Offer] Chad Kimball – Multi Location Maps Cash

Name Product: Chad Kimball – Multi Location Maps Cash
COST: $994
Size: 5 GB
Sale page:

How One Multi Location Client

Can Make You More Money

Than All Last Year’s Clients Combined

(In Half the Time)

So You Can Work less, Earn More, and Enjoy Life!
If you have multiple clients paying $300, $800, or even $1000/month you need to read this.
Or maybe you are just getting started, and dream of having your own online business. You want the quickest route to a significant online income.
Do you currently have a lifestyle of spinning multiple plates, dozens of client calls and meetings, crazy questions?
Would you like to trade this for a lifestyle of much more peace?
Imagine if you only had to think about one or two big paying clients. Imagine, one or two clients that pay far more than any other client you’ve had before.
Possibly one client that would pay more than your other clients combined.

The Multi Location Cash Course
They unloaded many details, including:

    Get high fees from big clients without ever meeting with them (Adam Steele Interview)
Little known arrangement you can make with human resources departments to decrease your  workload and charge them more. (George Phillip Interview Minute 3)
Position yourself so you pick and choose the easiest, highest paying clients out of a steady stream of prospects. (Scott Clark Interview, minute 3)
A new type of SEO work that corporations are now looking to pay for, few people know about this and you can profit quickly from it! (George Phillip Interview Minute 8)
A sales meeting trick that makes your agency appear large and trustworthy even if you are a single independent consultant. (George Phillip Interview Minute)
Unique way to utilize your office space to actually get you clients (George Phillip Interview)
Unusual way to get clients by meeting with your accountant (George Phillip Interview Minute 34)
How to use facebook ads to get enterprise level clients, and it does not cost very much either. (George Phillip Interview Minute 20)
How to make sure YOU are a line item in a large corporation’s budget (and a big line item, too!). (George Phillip Interview Minute 14)
How to use snail mail to get through gatekeepers, direct to executives that have the power to approve high level fees. (George Phillip Interview Minute 18)
Secret area of a corporate website that will get you that company as a client (George Phillip Interview Minute 35)
How to outsource almost your entire enterprise level SEO, so you can relax while the work is done for you! (Margaret Ornsby interview)
Why NOT to do any backlinking campaigns for multi location clients. (Brian Barwig interview)
What you absolutely need to do instead of backlinking, (hint: it is a LOT easier than a backlinking campaign)  (Eric Rohrback interview)
What is the “network effect” and how it gets you clients. (Scott Clark Interview minute 48)
Combine these 4 tools to fix 1000s of NAP issues with a few clicks. (Brian Barwig interview)
2 Google offices in 2 different cities that you need to call to get local ranking problems fixed very quickly. Specifically how to contact these offices. This could decrease your workload by HALF, allowing you to work less and enjoy your life while other consultants are stuck at their desks.  (Brian Barwig interview)
– And Much more……


7 tools to use on a daily basis that will get you clients (Scott Clark Interview, minute 54)
“Master plan builder” questionnairre to send to new clients. This will enable you to develop a plan to make sure your clients will pay you high fees, month after month without losing them (Adam Steele interview)
One piece of data you must not get wrong in your google bulk upload spreadsheet, this could cause your clients rankings to plummet. (Cori Shirk interview)
Why going to networking groups to find clients doesn’t work, and what to do instead that will get you high paying clients much quicker. (Adam Steele interview minute 18)
A crucial mistake you don’t want to make when dealing with big brand naming conventions (Brian Barwig interview)
Where to outsource a large percentage of multi location SEO so you can work less and enjoy your life! (Eric Rohrback, Margaret Ornsby, George Phillip, and Adam Steele interviews)
How to use a client adwords account to get google to solve any client problem very quickly. (Brian Barwig interview)
A common mistake that your clients will make with their phone that can sabotage a large number of their listings. A simple way to warn your clients not to do this. (Brian Barwig interview)
Your new client will give you this information but DO NOT trust it, it could sabotage all your work.  (Eric Rohrback)
Learn an easy pricing mistake that beginning multi location consultants make. Don’t make this mistake! Can drastically reduce your profits. (Margaret Ornsby minute 57)
1 thing that large corporate clients are looking for on your website to decide whether or not to sign on with you. (Adam Steele interview, 14 minutes)
The best tool for managing 1000s of listings, and its probably already on your computer. (Brian Barwig interview)
Exactly how large of a deposit to require at the beginning of a high dollar project (Margaret Ornsby interview minute 52)
Daily list of easy activities that will get you high fee clients. (Adam Steele, Scott Clark and Margaret Ornsby interviews)
Exactly which facts to include in your sales proposal that will quickly convince a big corporate client to sign on with you. (Margaret Ornsby minute 43)
How one consultant transformed her business from small, single locations to large, high fee, corporate clients in 18 months. (Margaret Ornsby interview)
Exactly what to include in your proposal to make it easy for your client to pay higher monthly fees. (Scott Clark Interview Minute 18)
How to get the client to pay you BEFORE you even put together a sales proposal. Sounds impossible? Scott Clark shows how. (Scott Clark Interview, Minute 26)
What NOT to say in a sales meeting with high dollar company. (This is a common mistake that SEO consultants make that KILLS the sale almost every time.)  (Cori Shirk interview)
Exactly how to use Linkedin to get multi location clients (Scott Clark Interview, minute 47)
How to get 3-5 new client inquiries per month, from adding 2 types of pages to your website one time. Repeat this to get more clients than you can ever handle. (Scott Clark Interview, minute 36 and 43)
40% of Scott’s large clients come from the “M” factor, and how you can harness this same factor to get your own clients. (Scott Clark Interview minute 53)
How to determine which clients can pay large monthly fees for your services, before you quote them a dollar amount. (Scott Clark Interview, Minute 11)
Two places to post free ads that bring in high paying clients month after month. (Scott Clark Interview, minute 40)
Where to get a free browser plugin that practically forces multi location companies to sign on as clients. (Eric Rohrback interview)
A single activity that won Marget Ornsby most of her large clients, even when she had no experience with enterprise SEO. When you hear it you’ll think it wouldn’t work, but you can do this too, starting tomorrow. (Margaret Ornsby interview, minute 15).
When you mention this one piece of data in your sales meeting, you’ll instantly see it on their faces–you just won the sale.  (Cori Shirk interview)
When to NOT listen to local google employees and what to do instead (Brian Barwig interview)
2 Things big corporate clients want out of a local SEO project, make sure you sell them at least one of these two solutions. (Margaret Ornsby interview minute 37)
How to get big corporations to pay you higher fees, without having to grab them around the throat and threaten them.  (Eric Rohrback interview)
2 pieces of information you MUST bring to any sales meeting with a multi location prospect or they won’t sign up with you. (Cori Shirk and Margaret Ornsby interview minute 42)
An unlikely place to find large corporate clients that are pre-sold to hire you before you even meet with them. (Adam Steele and Margaret Ornsby interviews)
How to make sure you are only getting clients willing to pay very high fees. (Adam Steele interview minute minute 32)

I’m also Including 55 Videos
Recorded by me, My staff,
and other Experts:
Step by Step “Nuts and Bolts”
on how to Profit from
Multi Location Clients

Everything you need to know to successfully manage multi location SEO clients is included in this course.

The videos cover everything from obtaining clients, to establishing a plan for their local SEO, as well as how to do in depth audits and maintain 1000s of listings at a time.

These 15 videos include some of the following topics (covered disconnected error, writing solid content the easy way, flower silos, jobsites prospecting, job boards prospecting, reference list, bing bulk uploads, getting approved for bulk uploads 1,2, intro to the bulk dash, search console,  :

Why you don’t have to worry about panda or penguin or other google altorithms with multi location clients. When you know this secret, your job suddenly becomes ten times easier to rank them!
How to claim and verify 100s of listings without any postcards of phone calls
Learn where to outsource a large percentage of your multi location client tasks, so you can work less and enjoy life!
6 automation tools that will decrease your workload by HALF, enabling you to achieve amazing results for your clients, while enjoying more time off with family.
In depth information on common errors that google sends through their bulk dashboard, and how to fix them. Most multi location clients have at least a few of these errors, you need to know how to solve these fast and we’ll teach you everything you need to know!
A little known prospecting technique that gets you corporate client referrals from other agencies, no cold calling required and can be done without leaving your desk. We show you an existing local seo consultant that is already using this with great success.
Simple, step by step process for using Linkedin to get corporate clients, including software to automate Linkedin prospecting.
Increase your fees by showing prospects an in depth audit of their website, without spending much time–step by step on how to do this.
Step by step for setting up a new google bulk dashboard (GMBL) account that allows you to manage thousands of listings with a single click.
How to solve the “disconnected” error that is common with multi location google accounts.
A unique formula to come up with great local content that google will rank quickly.
How to verify 10,000 businesses at once on Bing Local with a single PIN.
A common mistake when setting up google bulk location uploads that can get your account banned. Solution is very simple but not many know it!
A website structure that causes your local rankings to increase dramatically. Do a simple reorganization of your website’s pages and see their ranking increase without doing anything else at all.
5 second setup technique that will cut your google bulk account setup time in half. If you don’t know how to do this, google will require a lot of additional identification and security checks that take a ton of time.
Learn a common newbie error that causes large numbers of your clients listings to become unverified and disabled, and how to fix this quickly.
A brain dead simple method that gets you high paying corporate clients using a section of their own website that you’ve probably never thought of.
How to determine if a business has a budget for SEO without ever having to talk to them.  (HINT, many businesses have Marketing budgets but only some of them intend to spend the money on SEO.Target these businesses first, they’re looking for a way to spend this money!)



Dori Friend – Page One Engine (Updated Sept 2015)

Name Product: Dori Friend – Page One Engine (Updated Sept 2015)

Sale Page: _

Price: $1997

Here’s What You Get!

– PageOneEngine Training – $2,997VALUE

Learn how to rank on Page One of any Search Engine, 100plus hours of training instantly available with step-by-step instructions even a 4th grader could follow. You get Basic to Advanced Search Engine Optimization with Quick Start and 7StepSEO Trademarked Guides.

– Weekly Expert Training – $9,997VALUE

A 12 week Training Program that includes Step-by-Step Training from the top experts in each PageOneEngine business model. Learn from the best-of the-best in each area that you can easily make fast money by ranking your own or your customers internet properties (websites not needed for all modules!)

– The Instant Profit System – $1,997VALUE

This system is designed in steps designed to create profits within the FIRST 14 Days or Less! Tested and Proven!

– SEO Virtual Workshop with Top Experts from around the World – $3,997VALUE

Building more assets for YOUR customers means MORE MONEY in YOUR Pocket! Get the inside secrets to uping your per customer profit value.

– Phantam Profits – $1,997VALUE

No Products, No Selling. Not even affiliate product selling!
Talk about residual income! They come, they click, YOU EARN! We go into what it takes and how you too can collect checks from Google every month.

– 8 LIVE Case Studies – $2,997VALUE

Watch me build the 8 Exact business models on LIVE Demonstrations. On-going case studies showing you what is working and what isn’t so YOU stay on top of your profit pile! Experts and members bring in their best stuff. Prizes for the winners.

– Instant Ranking Checklist and Recipes – $1,997VALUE

Instant Page One Ranking System
68 pages of PURE GOLD from the experts that are already taking the $$ to the bank!

Dori Friend’s personal mission is “to empower people to accept themselves and each other.” No one is perfect, we all make mistakes but we must learn to accept ourselves, believe in ourselves and never give up striving to reach beyond our own perceived limitations.

Dori is a master of reverse engineering the Internet search engines to find solutions to get free traffic faster and more efficiently. She takes the solutions and processes she uncovers and automates it all by creating simple online software. Dori’s software solutions allow customers and members of her community to save a lot of time and get a lot more free traffic. Her latest patent-pending software took over a year to build and allows users to have total control of their rankings in the search engines and generate even higher amounts of free traffic.

Dori built the Page One Engine platform to teach others the same systems and share the same software solutions responsible for her own success online. Her goal is for Page One Engine to continue to grow as a community and empower others to create the positive changes they want in their lives. She will continue to serve as the leader in the community and keep working on her next innovative software platform.



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Nick Eubanks – Master Keyword Research in 7 Days

Name Product: Nick Eubanks – Master Keyword Research in 7 Days

Sale Page: _

Price: $67

This course is designed to give you the knowledge to get a job at a top tier SEO agency, or start one on your own, in just 1 week regardless of your current level of experience; whether you’re a complete SEO newbie or a seasoned veteran.

Tired of reading countless blog posts and how-tos without having a clear roadmap for what you should be doing?

The most common frustrations I hear are:

I’m just not sure how to get started?
I have a list of keywords, but how do I find more?
How do I identify the keywords I should be targeting long-term?
How can I make sure I’m targeting the most profitable keywords?

Blog posts about keyword research will tell you a bunch of stuff to do, but often times leave you with more questions than answers. It’s a long road to keep reading and trying, hoping that you’re looking in the right places and making the right decisions.

You can easily waste hundreds of hours and months of time building rankings for the wrong keywords when terms 10 times as profitable could have been found immediately and you could already be ranking for them.



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Bernhard Rieder – SEO Ranking with Content Creation Only

Name Product: Bernhard Rieder – SEO Ranking with Content Creation Only

Sale Page: _

Price: $244

A practical guide to bring your website into the TOP 10 of Google with content only. 100% White Hat Organic Traffic.

Course Description

About:This course is about one thing. Bring your Pages into the TOP 10 of google. Create Free 100% Organic Quality Traffic.

Unique:This course teaches you how you rank your websites with content only. 100% Organic Traffic, no backlink strategies, no use of private networks. Simple, clean and professional google safe traffic generation.

Materials:The course includes Full HD Videos. A Blueprint and practical guide with several practical examples how you actually do it with your own website.

Course Duration:The complete course contains 1 hr and 32 minutes High Definition Videos that explains and shows step by step the so called ALIEN TORNARDO Method. A blueprint to generate absolute free and google friendly traffic.

Course Structure:The Course has a total of 5 Sections. Each Section completes with a practical step by step guide.

Why should you take this course ?If you want to start a serious online business, if you want to sell your service and product online. If you want to be seen and if you can’t afford lot’s of money for advertisement. This is the best Starter Kit and investment you can make.

With this practical guide and blueprint, you have a clear focus and goal. Generate quality traffic for your target audience. Understand how you can create FREE 100% ORGANIC TRAFFIC. If you don’t have a huge Budget for Digital Marketing, this is it ! Your path to your customers, to new leads and more sales and finally your personal blueprint to make more money.




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[Special offer] Semantic Mastery – RYS Academy: The SEO Time Machine

Name Product: Semantic Mastery – RYS Academy: The SEO Time Machine
COST: $997
Size: 2.1 GB
Sale page:

Introducing: The SEO Time Machine
Use the Power of Google to
Rank Your Sh!t
Like We Did Back in 2005!

We Have Unlocked the Code to Build an SEO Time Machine that Will Take You Back to SEO 2005-Style. Yes, go back to when Ranking Was Actually Fun and Easy!

This is material that absolutely no one has shared before and will be shaking up the SEO industry in 2015 and beyond!
Aren’t you Tired of struggling to rank your properties, applying SEO techniques that no longer work (or never worked) and using theories that take Ages to Please Google?
You’re not alone. A lot of people end up frustrated when trying to rank quickly and repeatedly because they’re using methods that just don’t cut it.

We know exactly how you feel:

You have probably tried several on page and off page optimization training courses.
Maybe you even tried spammy tactics like Fiverr gigs or buying links which only got you into more trouble.
Or you might have even built tons of backlinks to your websites using the latest tools.

And most likely these solutions haven’t worked too well (if at all) and they ended up leaving you searching for a real and effective solution.

Well, Now We Have Cracked the Code for Quick, Repeated, Reliable Rankings that Will Take you Back in Time and will Make Your SEO Faster, Better and More Fun than Ever Before!

The Last Course You’ll Ever Need to Crush it in The Search Engines!

Yes, The SEO Time Machine is a powerful new course that can help you rank properties quickly for even the toughest terms without all the headaches & hassle.
SEO professionals have been using Google Properties for years to manage their websites, transfer information and much more…

But what if we told you there’s more there than meets the eye?

What if we Told you that you could use the same properties but actually Leverage on their inherent Trust Flow and Domain Authority to gain insane Rankings?

Here’s just a few of the things you get with RYS Academy:

–    Over the shoulder training videos explaining every single step. We recorded these “Down and Dirty” videos using Google Drive so that you could see how to rank properties in real time. No fluff, no fancy editing, just killer training.
–    Specific instructions, detailing the entire process. This is huge because once you go through the training, you will know exactly how to use Google Properties for CRAZY ranking ability.
–    Our Quick and Effective Trust Flow Manipulation Method. You Know that PageRank is an outdated metric, right? Well, now Trust Flow is the name of the game, but there’s more to it than that. And what we have uncovered are some crazy techniques that will allow you to manipulate things at will!
–    You’ll also get access to some of our exclusive Bonuses That are Super Valuable! This is powerful because you’ll have extra material direct from the developers to power up your entire ranking strategy and take it even further!

And there are more surprises, tips and bonuses on the inside which are too valuable to mention here…
So listen: Stop the frustration that other so-called solutions have caused.

Learn to build powerful Google Properties that will Yield you Crazy Rankings – Go back in time to 2005!



PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $34.96 ($49.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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