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Ramit Sethi – Mental Mastery

Name Product: Ramit Sethi – Mental Mastery

Sale Page:

Price: $297

Go from “good” to “great” by developing the deep inner skills of
winners – and gain an instant edge in business, work, and relationships

Unshakeable Confidence – Know without a doubt that you can do whatever you want – that you’re entitled to it

Unwavering Focus – Forget distractions. Laser-focus on what you want and know nothing can stand in your way

Unstoppable Motivation – Get the energy and excitement to do what you want, when you want it

Unbeatable Optimism – Know that “bad” events are purely temporary – you can turn any roadblock into a benefit. Life is good

Mental Mastery is an online course that gives you the tools you need to crack the mental blocks that have been holding you back for years and replace them with the four core inner skills of winners.

This is specific – we include exact concepts, examples, and phrases you can use right now.

This is rapid – a 30-day course with new material that you can apply instantly. Take it at your own pace and revisit it whenever you want.

And this is practical – if you’ve already tried the treadmill of random productivity apps and hacks, and you want to go beyond symptoms to focus on what truly works, Mental Mastery gives you the precise, actionable steps to build these inner skills into your everyday life.

In the course, you’ll learn..
The big lie we tell ourselves about motivation

How to get out of your own head

Going All-In: How to get over analysis paralysis

From lazy to driven: The secret to hard work that separates winners from losers

A personal “kick-in-the-ass” from Ramit

From HOT to COOL: How to develop effortless discipline

How to manage your inner critic

“Trust Your Legs”: How to overcome your fear of failure

How to fix your social media addiction

Intuition: The forgotten power of trusting your gut

“It’s OK to be weird”

How to scrape the meat off the bone from every opportunity

Putting a lid on negativity

The language of winners

One technique you can use to make yourself happier every day

Inbox Zero and other productivity myths

“Your problem is not my problem”: How to set boundaries and say “no”

Mental Reset: How to get back on track when you get distracted

“Your biggest growth is ahead of you”

How to develop natural confidence, even if you weren’t born with it

The ENTIRE Mental Mastery course is available in video, audio, and transcript formats.
This is an active course where we’ll show you how to integrate the principles into your life. You’ll get a specific call to action every step of the way. Do these and you’ll quickly see how rapidly you can change.

Plus, lifetime access to Mental Mastery. Revisit any module and video you want to improve or get a boost. Feeling unmotivated? Distracted all day? Discouraged by a new challenge? The solutions will be in your back pocket, ready for you when you need them.

The difference between winners – and everyone else

What do Top Performers do differently? How do they think and act when they face situations that would trip others up?

Mental Mastery is an inside look at how the best are absolutely the best.

How to develop unwavering focus – the #1 competitive advantage in our age of never-ending social media distraction

Why you should ignore 99% of productivity advice you read online. It’s not just a waste of time – it’s hurting you! I’ll show you why being a winner has NOTHING to do with morning routines or productivity hacks

A simple reframe that lets you stop worrying about being “productive” and actually start getting shit done

“Cloud level” motivation vs. “street level” motivation. Why it’s CRITICAL you understand the difference if you care about your happiness and productivity

Why your goals are holding you back. That’s right, I’ll show you how to jumpstart your motivation (in under 10 minutes) by throwing away your loftiest ambitions

How to beat perfectionism with the “stepping stone” principle (because sometimes the details truly don’t matter)

Why Top Performers don’t care about efficiency. and what they really focus on to dominate in any situation

When to embrace hard work. and when to take it easy

How to accomplish in 2 days what would normally take 2 weeks

Why most people struggle with self-discipline. and how to develop total control without beating yourself up (or burning yourself out)

The #1 thing you can do now – starting TODAY – to practically guarantee success in any area of your life (whether that’s your job, your business, dating, or in the gym)

How to control exactly how confident you feel in any situation

The forgotten power of trusting your gut

A real look at how much distraction I deal with on a daily basis (you’d think a CEO would be more focused, but find out how I’m still able to get everything done)

How to confidently keep growing and changing. even when the world (your friends, family, even mentors) pressure you to stay the same

And that’s just a sample of the insights packed into this course.

I need to give you a WARNING, though.

A new approach to Mental Mastery

There are countless frameworks and “mental heuristics” out there.

But in my years of reading millions of emails, speaking to successful friends, and building my own multimillion-dollar company, I learned a few simple rules of thumb.

They were practical, easy to apply, and extremely powerful.

Best of all, they were FUN.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE learning about myself, recognizing the patterns, then working to improve them. Sure, it’s work – but it’s amazing to watch yourself change from the inside out.

In this course, I collected the very best tools and frameworks and shared them, along with specific stories. You can apply these instantly to your work, your personal life, and your business.

These tools will help take you from good to great – and even one of these lessons can be worth its weight in gold.

Put them together and you have a microscope to examine your own inner thoughts.and a roadmap for optimizing, improving, and skipping ahead. There’s nothing else like it.



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Bastian Ernst – Funnel Bots Pro

Name Product: Bastian Ernst – Funnel Bots Pro

Sale Page:

Price: $500

Funnel Bots: Build A Bot Based Sales Funnel To Generate More Revenue For Your Business

Why Should You Join
Funnel Bots?
Get Access To All The Tools And Support You Need To Grow Your Business With Facebook Messenger Bots

Bot-Based Sales Funnel

Establish A Relationship & Build Trust Via FB Messenger
Nurture Cold Leads And Turn Them Into Paying Customers

Engagement Increase

Funnel Bots Are An Unique Way To Build Relationships Online
Higher Engagement Means Higher Conversion Rates & More Sales

Stop Hunting Customers

Reduce Your Time Spent On Customer Acquisition & Nurturing
Free Up Your Time To Serve Clients Better & Generate More Revenue

Save Time & Energy

Stop Figuring Stuff Out Yourself. Use Our Templates & Processes
We Have A Help Center In Place To Answer Your Questions

Step-By-Step Instructions

33 Videos That Walk You Through The Entire Process (Start To Finish)
The Fastest Way To Set Up Your Own Bot In Just A Few Days

First-Mover Advantage??????

Bots Are Not Worn-Out Yet. Use That To Your Advantage
Implement Early & Be Ahead Of Your Competition
Want To Save Time & Energy But Increase Engagement, Conversion Rates & Sales?



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Jim Cockrum – Proven Merch Live

Name Product: Jim Cockrum – Proven Merch Live

Sale Page:

Price: $149

Three Days Of Amazing Content From Leading Amazon Merch Expert, Chris Green,
and Other Hugely Successful Merchpreneurs
Yorba Linda, CA

Here’s What You Can Expect From This Workshop

How to get your first 10 designs LIVE and SELLING

How to quickly “tier up” so that you can upload more and more designs

Learn simple Facebook marketing strategies that Brett’s team is using to propel virtually any design into the Merch spotlight – while growing an audience for repeat future sales!

Learn to leverage relationships with established communities to launch successful designs

“Sleep at Night” understanding the difference between copyright and trademark to keep your account clean

Learn strategies from top Merch By Amazon designers who have over 10,000 active listings and earn over $10,000 in royalties each month!

Hear from a Merch By Amazon designer who built and sold their Merch By Amazon business for over $70,000!

Get the latest inside scoop on where Merch By Amazon is going next
Modules We Covered
Module 1: Understanding Merch By Amazon

Module 2: Signing Up and What to Expect

Module 3: Design – Ideas, Learning, and Hiring/Outsourcing

Module 4: Planting Your Money Trees

Module 5: Watering Your Money Trees
(Facebook Ads, AMS – Amazon Marketing Services)

Module 6: Licensing – Power of Partnerships

Module 7: Local Business Opportunities

Module 8: Future of Merch – Expanding Your Empire



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5 Moolah’s Facebook Page Strategies course only for $27.96 ($39.95)

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6.  Ramit Sethi – Mental Mastery only for $27.96 ($39.95)

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7.  Superstar SEO Consulting Master only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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8. Michael Port – Steal The Show A Crash Course In Heroic Public Speaking only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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9. Lead Generation Mastery Online by Jaelin White only for  $48.96 ($69.95)

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10. Brendon Burchard – High Performance Master’s Program only for $41.96 ($59.95)

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Finding a Remote Job

Name Product: Finding a Remote Job

Sale Page: _

Price: $60

Tired of the commute? Need a more flexible schedule? Or are you simply looking for a new challenge that doesn’t require you to relocate? A remote job might be right for you. Learn the characteristics of a successful remote worker, and the secrets to getting hired in a remote position. Mike Gutman is a director at FlexJobs, a company dedicated to connecting people to flexible work. Here he walks you through the pros and cons of remote work, positioning yourself in your job search to get a remote job, and succeeding once you get it. These job hunting tips are designed to help you land a remote job and stay motivated, productive, and successful over the long haul as you work from home.

Topics include:
Preparing for your remote job hunt
Setting up a productive workspace
Finding remote jobs
Avoiding scams
Crafting a remote resume
Interviewing for a remote job
Negotiating salary
Staying motivated.



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Firebase on Android: User Email Authentication and Verification

Name Product: Firebase on Android: User Email Authentication and Verification

Sale Page: _

Price: Membership

Firebase is an emerging technology that targets mobile development. This course features the Firebase Authentication tool where you’ll learn to integrate the cloud-based user management system.

The Firebase Authentication tool is arguably the most useful of the Firebase tools because you find a use for it in almost every application you build. In this course, Firebase on Android: User Email Authentication and Verification, you’ll learn foundational knowledge that will give you the ability to seamlessly integrate a cloud-based user management system into your Android applications. First, you will learn how to register new users, send verification emails and sign-in existing users. Next, you’ll learn how to restrict app-access to only users who have been authenticated. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage user account properties like display name, profile image, and email address. When you’re finished this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Firebase Authentication needed to build a user management system for your Android applications.


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Yammer Essential Training

Name Product: Yammer Essential Training

Sale Page: _

Price: Membership
Yammer is a social network for businesses. It’s built by Microsoft but powered by employees. In this course Gini Courter takes users through all of the essential features of Yammer. You’ll learn how Yammer works, and find out how to join the conversation or create a new Yammer network at your organization. Then discover how to communicate with messages and Yammer’s chat engine, Yammer Online; share files; and create and administer individual groups. Plus, learn how to get and give feedback with polls and “praise.” Start now and find out how to foster the kind of collaboration that makes a positive impact on productivity, with Yammer.

Topics include:
Setting up a new Yammer network
Editing your profile
Using Yammer on a phone or tablet
Viewing the Home Feed
Checking your inbox
Sending a private message
Chatting with contacts
Joining groups
Inviting others to a private group
Following conversations
Collaborating with notes…



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SMART Board Essential Training

Name Product: SMART Board Essential Training

Sale Page: _

Price: Membership

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard, through its touch-sensitive surface, gives you access to all the functions of your computer while presenting to your audience—making it great for teachers and other professionals who need to share different types of material. Join SMART Certified Trainer Steve Blatt as he shows how to use a SMART Board in conjunction with SMART Notebook software to design and organize dynamic presentations. Learn how to connect to your computer, manage objects, insert graphics, and dazzle your audience with reveals.

Topics include:
Setting up your hardware
Launching SMART Notebook
Creating and moving objects
Typing text
Recognizing handwriting
Layering, linking, and locking objects
Managing pages
Customizing toolbars
Adding animation and reveals


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Computer Literacy for Mac

Name Product: Computer Literacy for Mac

Sale Page: _

Price: Membership
Learn how to use a Mac computer. Mac expert Garrick Chow explains what goes on inside a computer, how to choose between a laptop and a desktop computer, and how to use your computer to open, create, edit, and save files. He also shows how to connect printers, scanners, external storage devices, Bluetooth-enabled speakers, and other devices to your Mac. Then learn about connecting to a network for Internet access, sending and receiving email, and searching for content on the Internet. He’ll even take a brief tour of some common computing tasks, such as word processing, working with data in spreadsheets, photo editing, and file sharing.

Note: This course was recorded on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. To upgrade to Yosemite before you begin, watch “Installing and running Mac OS X 10.10 for the first time.”

Topics include:
Working with a laptop versus a desktop computer
Understanding the five traits almost all applications share in Mac OS X
Printing on a Mac computer
Setting up a scanner
Connecting to the Internet
Sending and receiving email
Searching the Internet
Importing and editing images from a digital camera
Sharing files



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2012 SBIFF Producers’ Panel: Movers & Shakers

Name Product: 2012 SBIFF Producers’ Panel: Movers & Shakers

Sale Page: _

Price: $477

As the presenting sponsor of the 27th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, is once again pleased to open the door to four entertainment industry panels that feature some of Hollywood’s top talent from the world of producers, directors, and screenwriters. Panelists are carefully chosen during the awards season and include many you’ll see on the Golden Globes® and the Oscars®.

Moderated by Patrick Goldstein (Los Angeles Times columnist for “The Big Picture”), the festival lit up the marquee with a panel of Oscar®-nominated producers you’ll certainly see on the red carpet on February 26, 2012. These professionals cover a wide range of films, from huge-budget effects movies to smaller, ensemble-casted dramas. Graham King (Hugo), who marks his fourth film
with director Martin Scorsese, tells how they worked together to shoot their first 3D film—and their first with kids and animals.

Mike De Luca (Moneyball) needed to develop a working relationship with Major League Baseball, who had final cut on his film.

Bill Pohlad (The Tree of Life) talks about the 10 years it took to green light his film and the obstacles along the way. Jim Burke(The Descendants) worked with director Alexander Payne to put every dollar on the screen while shooting in Hawaii, known to be an expensive location. Letty Aronson (Midnight in Paris) shares the unique working relationship she has with director (and brother) Woody Allen.

Despite the impressive resumes of all of these producers, getting every one of these feature films to the screen presented new challenges.



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