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David Kadavy – Design for Hackers

Name Product: David Kadavy – Design for Hackers
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Price: $379

Lite Package The Design for Hackers approach to design, condensed into 20 information-packed lectures

Whether you fear the blank canvas, or cringe whenever you get client feedback, the solution is to know your stuff when it comes to design.

D4H Video Lite arms you with an understanding of every little piece that comes together to make great design. Stop the guesswork, and start the know-work.

Design isn’t just for “creatives”

Many people (even designers) believe the myth that visual design is only for “visual thinkers,” “creatives,” or artists. The truth is, just like programming, math, and language, great design is simply a combination of key parts. Once you break down and understand these elements, you can put them together in a way that makes sense.

You don’t need a 4-year degree or a 300-page textbook to decipher and create beautiful design. Just learning the essential, actionable elements of design will transform how you view everything you see around you. Plus, you’ll know exactly where to start when staring down a looming project.

D4H Video is specifically designed to make the most of your precious time. I’ve condensed the concepts from Design for Hackers down to the essentials. Learn the most important elements of the D4H approach in videos that are around 5 minutes apiece, packed with up-to-date examples.

The core of the course is the Lite Package, which breaks down every little factor that comes together to create great design. The course is divided up into three modules and 20 lectures, to help you focus on each of those pieces one at a time.

To maximize your learning, I recommend the Motivation Overdrive package, which has everything you get in the Lite Package, but comes with challenges, and community access to really get these concepts programmed into your brain.



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Ben Adkins – The Website Subscription Model

Name Product: Ben Adkins – The Website Subscription Model
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Price: $1499

Ben Adkins – The Website Subscription Model
Ben Adkins – The Website Subscription Model | 3.02 GB

Learn the Behind the Scenes Systems that you can use to build a Profitable Monthly Subscription Program by Creating and Hosting Special Websites for Local Clients.

What You’re Getting Inside:
– The Full “Website Subscription Model” System
– Part 1: How to Find the Low Hanging Fruit Fast (The ideal clients who need you now)
– Part 2: How to Break the Ice with a Potential Client and Setup the Sale.
– Part 3: Dr Ben Adkins website sales secrets (learn how to close the deal the right way)
– Part 4: Full Tech Setup and Systems (including the “build anything template”)
– Part 5: How to Onboard Clients, Bill Them, and Keep Them Happy.
– Bonus #1: The Done-for-your Chiropractic Template (first 100 only)
– Bonus #2: The Done-for-your Dental Template (first 100 only)
– Bonus #3: The VIP DFY Blog Content Deal (first 50 only)
– Special Bonus: The “Makeover Machine” Funnel (first 50 only)



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Spencer Haws – Niche Pursuits Insider

Name Product: Spencer Haws – Niche Pursuits Insider
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Price: $397

Grow a Profitable Affiliate Website with Long Tail Keywords That Ranks in Google
Learn from people with experience, and build a successful online business.
Here’s What You Get:
Insider Blueprints

A Growing Library of Blueprints

The Insider Blueprints are video tutorials and PDF downloads on very specific online business strategies.
Instead of wading through an entire course to find the few nuggets of knowledge, these blueprints give you exactly what you need, without all the fluff.
See below for a list of Insider Blueprints in our library.

Live Training Workshops

Member Website Reviews

We think the Insider Blueprints are pretty awesome, but if you want more personalized help then our live workshops are for you.

We spend our time doing a live case study walk-through of a members website or product and how it could be improved (this could be yours!)

Product Discounts

Exclusive Savings on Tools

We’ve negotiated some pretty awesome discounts on software tools and other products.
As a Niche Pursuits Insider, you will get access to discounts on tools like: Jungle Scout, EasyAzon, Long Tail Pro, Salesbacker, and more.
These discounts alone will save you over $37 per month! Meaning Niche Pursuits Insider eventually pays for itself just with these exclusive discounts.



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Udacity – Web Developer Nanodegree

Name Product: Udacity – Web Developer Nanodegree
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Price: $379

Udacity – Web Developer Nanodegree

This program will prepare you for a job as a Full Stack Web Developer, and teach you to build complex server-side web applications that use powerful relational databases to persistently store data.

You’ll learn to build applications that can support any front-end, and scale to support hundreds of thousands of users.



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Wix Step by Step Creating a Wix Website Quickly & Easily

Name Product: Wix Step by Step Creating a Wix Website Quickly & Easily
Sale Page: _

Price: $49.99

What are the requirements?

Just have a computer and internet connection!
What am I going to get from this course?

Learn How Wix Works
Understand How To Design Your Own Wix Website
Examine Wix SEO
Advanced Wix Website Strategies
Create Goals For Your Website
Review How to Avoid Beginner Mistakes
What is the target audience?

Anyone Who Is Looking to Easily Create a Professional Looking Wix Website Quickly & Easily



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JimDandy’s Mql4 Courses – All Lessons

Name Product: JimDandy’s Mql4 Courses – All Lessons
Sale Page: _

Price: $39.58

All rights reserved
Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited. You may not, except with my express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.
Module 1 has been updated again!(June,2017) . It has gone from 16 videos totaling 93 minutes to a whopping 31 videos containing more than 7 hours of video training!
This course is an unbelievable value. It will provide you with a good knowledge of mql4. I get appreciative emails from students excited about what they have learned to code and I enjoy reading them all.
So go ahead and subscribe for Course Module 1 access today!

Click the button above to subscribe to course module 1 access for a year.(OOP Basics Included) for only $39.58 or scroll down for more options.
I have incorporated a course module on object oriented programming so that you will not be a total stranger to it either.
Also I wanted to mention the 1 year site subscription was the option that made the most sense when it came time to make a paypal button.. really you will go through the course much quicker than that … in only a few weeks probably.. just keep in mind that you are NOT BUYING these videos. You are merely paying for access to this course site for a year to view them.
“Subscription Level 1”

Click this button to subscribe to access to Module 1(OOP Basics Included) for 39.58.

Every journey starts with that first step. This is that step.
Note: Once you have module 1 access you can then see an upgrade to module 2 access. Once you have module 2 access credentials then you will be able to see module 3 access upgrade and so on.
“Subscription Level 2”

This button above is for subscribing to access to both modules 1 and 2 for $69.16
To get both the fundamentals mentioned above and learn how to put them into practice, making some useful scripts in module 2 (22 videos) that do things like, gather information that we need to know to trade smart, or other things like making tools to open, close and modify trades…
A total of about 11 hours of video instruction plus downloadable scripts that you can modify to do what you want, then click the button above to subscribe to both modules 1 and 2 . You can start at the beginning of either level.
“Subscription Level 3”

This button above is for subscribing to access to modules 1, 2 and 3 for 108.74

If you would like to get “Subscription Level 3” access…..
Course Module 1 : The fundamentals where you learn the vocabulary that you need to know when it comes to variables and data types and all the things mentioned above.
Course Module 2: Learning how to gather information that we need to use in our trading. How to open close and modify orders among other things.
Course Module 3: Making our own custom indicators. How to use the indicators that are already built into metatrader in combination to make a combination signal. How to call a custom indicator that you may already own. How to make an onscreen dashboard to monitor your positions all while learning to program logic that we will call from our future expert advisors. At this time this total package includes at least 16 hours of video instruction plus downloadable scripts, indicators and dashboards that you can modify and play with.
Then click the button above to gain access modules 1 , 2 and 3 . You can start at the beginning of any of the three modules.



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The Complete Web Developer Course 2 (Udemy)

Name Product: The Complete Web Developer Course 2 (Udemy)
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Price: $199

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
Learn Web Development by building 25 websites and mobile apps using HTML, CSS, jаvascript, PHP, Python, MySQL & more!
Created by Rob Percival, Codestars by Rob Percival
Last updated 12/2017
You’re here because you’re ready to start building professional, career-boosting websites.
Or maybe you’re coding already and want to take things to the next level?
I’m here because I’m the creator of the best-selling, highest-rated coding courses on Udemy-and I love to share my secrets with you.
Welcome to The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Based on feedback from over 25,000 5-star reviews, I’ve created The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, the sequel to my global smash-hit: Build 14 Websites course.

It’s my most current, in-depth and exciting coding course-to date.

Designed for you-no matter where you are in your coding journey-my next-generation web developer course is overflowing with fresh content. Jam-packed with high-quality tutorials. And crucially, features the most advanced, hot-off-the-press software versions.

It’s your fast-track to iron-clad coding results.

We’ve left no stone unturned.

I guarantee, this is THE most thorough, laser-focused and up-to-date coding course available ANYWHERE on the market-or your money back.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an innovator or the next Mark Zuckerberg just waiting to happen, here you’ll find everything you need to get up and coding-fast.

And it’s all in one perfectly-packaged, super-convenient online solution.

“It is hard to find a complete course out there that is like this one. I am amazed at the value of the content and I would without a doubt recommend it to anyone looking for a complete web developing course.” -Daniel Lim

From zero to break-neck speed in just six weeks.

What else makes my course different? It’ll take you from beginner to expert in just six weeks (or take it at your own pace-whatever suits you).

“I went from total novice to getting my first paid client, before I’d even finished the course. Almost unbelievable!” Priti Palmer.

Don’t be the one to get left behind

Get started today and join millions of my happy students, many of whom have changed careers, created second incomes or added critical new skills to their tool kits.

Oh, and did I mention you get FREE unlimited hosting for one year?

Sign up to The Complete Web Developers Course 2.0 today and revolutionise your learning. Effortlessly embed the fundamentals. Refresh your groundwork. Dig deeper than ever. Start building powerful apps and cash-earning websites today-and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

“Excellent course gives you everything you need to know for doing awesome websites!” – Steven De Jesus

Don’t believe me? I offer full money back guarantee if you haven’t earned your money back within 60 days of completing the course.

Ready to open new doors and become a smart, in-demand web developer?

Here’s what you get with The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

You’ll get access to twelve chapters that dig deep into the nitty gritty of building successful websites.

Each chapter is supported with over 40 hours of clear, intelligent video tutorials and practical website challenges.

All at your fingers tips. Right now.

The course starts with the fundamentals. I’ll show you insider tips to work quickly and efficiently with web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Python.
Once you’ve got that locked down, I’ll show you how to build your own responsive websites using more advanced techniques such as iQuery PHP 7, MySQL 5 and Twitter Bootstrap.
By then you’ll be developing blogs and eCommerce sites with WordPress, and learn smart ways to add dynamic content, using APls to connect to sites such as Google Maps and Facebook.
As we all know, the best way to learn is to do, so you’ll complete fun website challenges at every turn. Plus, as you fly through the course, you’ll use your skills to put a site together as you go. The final challenge is a full Twitter clone.
“Very easy to follow along with how the course has been divided into small topics. The summary pages at the end of each topic are very useful to review if you have to take a break from the course, allowing you to pick up right where you left off.” – Andrea Price-Lace

Over 12 chapters you will learn:

How does the web work?
Setting up your (free) hosting
CMSs and WordPress
Responsive Design
PHP Coding
MySQL Databases
Putting it all together: Making a Twitter clone
Bonus Chapter: How to make $10,000 while learning to code
What else will you get?

A friendly, informal community to support you every step of the way
Personal contact with me, the course tutor
Ebooks that will show you how to start earning before you’ve even finished
Lifetime access to course materials
Hands-on learning to lock that knowledge in
A deep understanding of how to code, design and build powerful websites
FREE UNLIMITED WEB HOSTING FOR ONE YEAR (worth $199) *Limited to one year per student not per course*
“There are TONS of books, expensive courses, and crappy videos online that you could waste hours upon hours on. DON’T. Just take this course. You’ll see.” T. Henderson

Never waste another minute learning from out-of-date books, clunky and expensive online courses and yawnsome YouTube videos again!

With The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 everything’s ready to go, in one convenient, mapped-out platform.

Plus you’ll get fast, friendly, responsive support by email, Twitter and on the Udemy forums. Or enjoy chatting with 100,000 other students in my friendly forums.

“Great course!!! Easy to follow and gives great support if needed! Both the instructor and fellow students are quick at helping out.” – Malin Singleton

Take a peek at my bio below, to see how I gave up my successful career to teach others to code part time. Since making that decision, my life has changed beyond compare.

I guarantee that ANYONE can benefit from taking this course, whether it’s earning some extra money or changing your career altogether.

So what are you waiting for? Transform your world and sign up now to get a free copy of my exclusive 20 page ebook ‘How to make $10,000 while learning to code’.

“I learned more in the first few HTML tutorials then I did with 70% of code academy.” – Louis Elliott

Taught by

Hi! I’m Rob. I have a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and you might call me a bit of coding geek.

After building websites for friends and family for fun, I soon learned that web development was a very lucrative career choice. I gave up my successful (and sometimes stressful) job as a teacher to work part time and couldn’t be happier.

I’m passionate about teaching kids to code, so every summer I run codeschoolorguk in the beautiful city of Cambridge. I also run the popular web hosting and design service, Eco Web Hosting, which leaves me free to share my secrets with people like you.

You wouldn’t believe the freedom that being a web developer offers. Sign up and find out for yourself why so many people are taking and recommending this course. I genuinely believe it’s the best on the market and if you don’t agree, I’ll happily refund your money.

“If you’re looking for a genuinely effective course that gears you up to competently build polished, professional websites that people will want to pay you for, I personally guarantee this is the ONLY course for you.” Rob Percival

Sign up to The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 and join me in this amazing adventure today.

“The course is excellent. I haven’t completed even half the course but couldn’t wait to share my review based on the experience so far. This is just the perfect recipe for students who have little or no knowledge of the technologies required to develop websites. (It also helps the students who know them). The one thing that impressed me a lot was the motto – Learn by Doing. I personally knew these technologies as I had studied them in college but I really learned them while doing this course!! And there’s the difference. The practical hands on knowledge is really helpful. Kudos! Keep up the good work .” -Veeresh Kamble

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who wants to learn to code
Anyone who wants to generate new income streams
Anyone who wants to build websites
Anyone who wants to become financially independent
Anyone who wants to start their own business or become freelance



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Learning Path Master Web Visualization

Name Product: Learning Path Master Web Visualization
Sale Page: _

Price: $79

Take web design to new levels by creating modern web designs and animations.

The look and feel of a website is the most important element of user experience. If you’re a web developer looking to develop websites with brilliant visualizations, this Learning Path is for you. You will start by mastering HTML5 Canvas, learn CSS, master jаvascript and then use these skills to create stunning websites. You’ll be fully armed to take your web design skills to greater levels.

This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

Mastering HTML5 Canvas (3h 23m)

Learning CSS (3h 55m)

Mastering jаvascript (4h 10m)

Web Visualization with HTML5, CSS3, and jаvascript (2h 41m)



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Play Framework development with Java. Program Java web apps

Name Product: Play Framework development with Java. Program Java web apps
Sale Page: _

Price: $97

Learn how to develop Java web applications using the Play framework. Build reactive web apps for todays Internet!

The Play Framework is quite literally taking the world by storm, and this course is designed to teach you how to get the most out of it using Java.

Traditionally Java has offered an extremely powerful web developers environment. However, learning Java web development has been very difficult, due to its very complicated design and the complexities of the Java enterprise software.

The Play framework on the other hand, is designed with developers productivity first and foremost, and offers an extremely rapid development environment for the development of web applications, similar to other web frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Django.

Whilst those other environments are great for getting applications developed quickly, they often run into problems with scalability and speed.

They are usually unsuitable if speed and scalability is important to you. And in 2015 thats two of the most important features of any web application!

The combination of Java and the Play Framework is the ideal combination to give fast development timeframes, but also to give great code speed execution and almost unrestricted scalability potential.

With Java and the Play Framework you can have your cake and eat it too!

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Play framework, help you to understand the architecture under the hood, and then help you create you own Play web apps.

Tim Buchalka, the course instructor with over 30 years of software development experience will walk you through the entire process.

You will find out the necessary software that is required to develop play web apps, and be shown how to download and install the tools, and of course how to use them.

After Tim walks you through the Play architecture and a sample application, its time for the rubber to meet the road!

You will be able to follow along as a complete play application is created from the ground up and see for yourself how powerful and flexible the Play framework is.

All along the way Tim explains the important concepts of the Play frame work and points you to extra resources to help you understand the concepts.

If you have had difficulty figuring out the play framework in the past, or are a complete web developer newbie, and what to learn one of the best web development environments for 2015, this is the course for you!

Click the Enroll button and lets get started!
What are the requirements?

You need a computer to run the software on. Windows, Mac and Linux is supported, and videos for all 3 environments are included



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Ryan Stewart – Webris Project Management System

Name Product: Ryan Stewart – Webris Project Management System
Sale Page: _

Price: $499

Watch how fast project management will scale your agency

How does it work?
This is so much MORE than just a project management tool and it’s different than
anything else on the market. Let’s run through exactly how it works.
Watch 50+ videos of advanced training

Everything you (and your team) needs to know about how to manage large scale client campaigns, broken down into short, easy to watch videos.
Built entirely in the Google Suite, on purpose
Leverage the powerful automations, APIs and apps of Google Drive and Sheets
Work in real time – STOP chasing down “latest vestion” of files and trackers
Cancel TONS of your expensive software – we’ll show you how to use the Google Suite to manage your entire agency, free

Explore the project trackers
Each of our Google Sheets files serve their own purpose for managing your agency.
We’ve turned these Google Sheets files into software by allowing them “talk” to each
other, allowing hands free management of your files.

Manage every deliverable from 1 file.
Quickly add templated project plans and assign them to team members. Add new clients into the mix with a few clicks.
Stay on top of client deliverables and action items. Automated client status reporting.
Stop chasing status updates from your team using our “task, deliverable, action” framework.

Scale your outreach efforts, responsibly.
Syncs with “Central project tracking file” to automatically pull in your clients, team members and project plans.
Built specifically to high volume outreach campaigns across hundreds of active clients.
Syncs with “Client trackers” to automatically push reports about campaign status and live links secured.

Execute large scale content marketing.
Load up your plan into the content calendar and easily oversee the creation of outlines, drafts, images and live posts.
Automatically push live content to “Client tracker” files to cut down on communications.

Hands free client reporting.
When you “add” a new client to your “Central project tracking file”, our tool automatically creates a file to track progress.
All of the files work in unison to push updates to the “Client trackers”.
Hands free reporting of published content, live links, tasks completed and open “action items” (in real time).

Learn how to manage projects, at scale
Step by step trainings from Ryan Stewart on how he manages agency projects
Learn how to manage tasks, deliverables, action items, clients, staff and more
The videos are built for “hands free” training of your next project manager. Allow us to do the heavy lifting.

Why use our tool set?
Our tool set makes new client onboarding, project tracking and reporting a breeze.
Using the power of Google Sheets, we’ve automated large portion of your busy work.



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