Chad Kimball – Phone Verify Google Local Listings

Name Product: Chad Kimball – Phone Verify Google Local Listings

Sale Page: _

Price: $997

The good ole days of phone verified google local
listings have returned!

You can setup 100s of listings
for your business on google maps,
even if you don’t have a business address.
(no postcards)

The technique is totally different from what
we used to teach.

Its a “back pocket” technique we hardly ever talked about.

GOOD NEWS: I’ll teach you the whole thing.

BAD NEWS: I can’t teach too many people
or it wont be a secret anymore!

I intend to keep this inside a small group, so it will
last for a very very long time

ALSO this will be expensive. I will teach this one on one
to you. I usually charge $997 for one hour of my time. There
may be less expensive options where I teach you via email, but
still, only email me if you are willing to make a decent investment
in this training.



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