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Grow Your List and Earn More Customers
“You live or die by your database” was the second piece of advice Jeff Pulver said to me before we went to work together back in 2006-2007. He meant that if you care and nurture a list of people subscribed to your newsletter, and if you treated them like the most important people in your world, that you’d earn the right to sell and serve those people, and keep your business thriving.

A Simple Framework To Learn and Execute
What we’ve come to learn over the last handful of years is that people tackled the online portion of building their businesses in ways that were both far too time-consuming and also ineffective. Maybe that happened to you: you were told to “get on” all these various social networks, told to “make content” and told you could expect some sales.
And not much happened, right?

Earn More Customers
We’ve learned a lot as to why that is. Here are a few notes:

– There’s a difference between non-converting and converting media. Both are necessary, but most people have the wrong balance.
– Email marketing, done properly, accounts for a very huge amount of your potential sales revenue.
– Any day not spent growing your list is a day where you’re losing sales potential.
– 80% of sales come after the fifth “touch.” Sometimes as many as eleven or more touches if the product is expensive or complex.
– Our framework works for selling yourself, a product, a service, or something in the physical world.
– While there are some differences between business-to-business and business-to-consumer, most of our methods translate to both.



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