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Name Product: Dave & Sanu – TMB Revenue

Sale Page: _http://official.tmbrevenue.com/reg-open-earlybird/

Price: $997

This The most comprehensive & current ‘Traffic & Sales conversions’ training Classes available anywhere. Image There was a NEW way to get as many traffic and sales as you can handle. Even if you hate selling, writing emails copy, and even struggled to get sales in the past. Created specifically for 2015 to give you an edge.

From now through october third, I’m offering 75% discount TMB Revenue. Now you can get my entire TMB advanced training system (video below) for 75% OFF the normal price.

The course sells like hotcakes every day for $1997 .but you can save 75% and get the entired copy. The reason I’m offering this sale is because it’s my way of saying, Thank you for being my loyal subsciber!”

Dear Friend,

This letter Is about a completely different approach to marketing that virtually eliminates the need to be “salesy”, eliminates the need to make huge crazy promises, eliminates the need to be a virtuoso marketer, and quite frankly .just may work better than anything you’ve ever seen.

1. If I could show you an easy proven formula to make up to $1801.12 per day and more, working part-time from the comfort of your home. would you be interested?

Yes! Then this will the most exciting message that you will ever read.

The Top 6 Lessons I’ve Learned From my mentor that took me from being just another marketer to a supper affiliate making 6-7 Figures Per Year.

1. Clarity ( The Invisible Power) “Your BIG WHY”

2. Offer/Product (the ‘vehicle’) you can’t make money whiteout selling anything

3. Your Strategic Position (‘engine’) You can’t run the car without any engine. So you Need your custom funnel for your product. Even if it’s an affiliate product you need your own custom, landing

pages, funnel because you can’t just run the same thing other affiliates are promoting. 99% of people are not making money so you’ll just be one of the 99ers

4. Specific type of traffic (‘the fuel’) You need fuel to run your vehicle, So without traffic you’re not going to make any money at all.

5. Leverage & Scale up (‘petal to the metal’ and full force) Leverage & share your results to other people and scale up.

6. Rinse & Repeat!



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