Declan O’ Flaherty – First Class Product Creation

Name Product: Declan O’ Flaherty – First Class Product Creation

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“Discover the Simple Formula To Crafting World-Class Products That You Create Once And Repeatedly Sell Over And Over Again For Many Years To Come”

Dear Success Builder,

Now, more than ever, people in your market are actively searching for experts to help solve their problems.

And yet, most marketers are consistently promoting affiliate offers to their email lists.That’s not an expert in my accurate opinion.

Think about it. You build your email list. Create great emails that keep your subscribers engaged, but when you want them to buy a product: you send them to someone else.

In the beginning, most people on your email list won’t even think much about it.

But over time, they certainly know they can’t depend on you to give them the tools and necessary education to solve their burning needs. They go to the product creators for that stuff. And there you are, month after month, wondering why less and less people are opening your emails.

They may like you, even trust you, but one things for sure, they can’t rely on YOU to solve their problems.

They’re seeking out the experts, and avoiding the charlatans like the plague. The real question is: Are you a charlatan peddling other marketers junk products, or are you the go-to person that people can rely on to help them?

Really think about that one. It’s Important. After all, we’re in the problem solving business, aren’t we?



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