Harlan Kilstein – 2016 SuperSite Formula Live

Name Product: Harlan Kilstein – 2016 SuperSite Formula Live

Sale Page: _http://supersiteformula.com/recordings-ssf-live/

Price: $2477

The excitement of the recent seminar has sent a lot of people into excitement. But it’s also gotten a few people upset.

These are the people who either live overseas or have a conflict on that date.

The seminar is so important that “Ask” legend Ryan Levesque advised people that unless they were having a baby or getting married that weekend, they needed to attend.

But I recognize, in view of the number of inquiries I’ve received from all around the world there’s a demand for the recordings all around the world.

The live seminar is a $5000 value that I gave away FREE.

I did this to help a friend fill a hotel block.

But the recordings is where I make back my investment. I’m flying out my video guy for 3 days and that adds up!

The price of the recordings when available will be $2497. And they will be missing a significant part of Day 3.



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