Jim Cockrum – Proven Performance Inventory System

Name Product: Jim Cockrum – Proven Performance Inventory System

Sale Page: _http://provenperformanceinventory.com/

Price: $199

What’s this course about? How does it work?

Simply stated, Brett and his team use Amazon’s own ads as a data tool, not a sales tool. They don’t try to sell

things with the ads they run, instead they use the ads to uncover incredibly “wide open” niche markets. These

are “pockets” or “golden gaps” on Amazon where there is a lot of shopper search activity, but no matching

product offers.

How proven and reliable is this course? Can YOU do this?

These concepts are the standard curriculum used by his team when he hires and trains them. It’s working for

all of them.
The course lays out step by step videos showing you WHY it works so well, HOW to find these “golden gaps”

yourself, and then exactly WHERE to source the products once you identify “golden gaps.”
We have plenty of support! Several of Brett’s team members and mine as well are trained on these ideas and

using them. We have an exclusive Facebook group set up ONLY for students of this course where you can interact

with those who understand the model fully (it’s not complicated).

What big problems does this course solve for you as an Amazon seller?

Now you can stop guessing about what inventory will and won’t sell. Know BEFORE you buy every time! It’s

like Amazon is whispering to you EXACTLY what to source – all you have to do is go shopping for it!
The risk, legal exposure and long (and often expensive) marketing process of Private Label just isn’t

necessary! In nearly all cases you’ll be selling easy to source items that you can sell without concern of

While most strategies for success with online selling start out with RISK, BUYING IN BULK, GUESSING and a

LONG LIST of preparation, set up and often risky marketing tactics, this system does not require any of that.

Sourcing is reduced to a simple, predictable task with no guessing involved.



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