Josh Hutchinson – Iceberg Formula Blueprint

Name Product: Josh Hutchinson – Iceberg Formula Blueprint

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Price: $497

Over 6 Years and $1.9 Million Dollars Invested in Advertising… We Finally Cracked the Code For You…
Discover The “Iceberg Formula” That Landed 34,418 Buyers And Generated $1.5 Million Dollars From Simple Little $7 Facebook Ads… In Just 90 Days

Discover The Simple 7 Step ‘Iceberg Formula’ That Lets You Literally Conquer Facebook Advertising

Here’s A Breakdown of What Each Module Gives You That Turns Stone Cold Traffic Into Profits…

Ground Zero Module: The ‘Iceberg Formula’ Blueprint

–    The exact blueprint that allowed us to scale a   Facebook campaign from a shoestring budget to over $1.5m.
–    The ‘Facebook Ignorance Tax’ that could be costing you an arm and a leg. Make sure you’re not a victim. (Watch minute 8:32 for this.)
–    What you MUST do from January 2015 or face getting your ads and maybe even your accounts shut down. (Minute 11:24 explains this.)
–   Plus, you’ll discover the kick-ass software we use that’s getting us up to 2000% ROI.

Module 1: The ‘Iceberg Spotter’ Method
Module 2: The ‘Iceberg Radar’ Method
Module 3: The ‘Hidden Iceberg’ Method
Module 4: The ‘Snowball DNA’ Method
Module 5: The ‘Iceberg Tracker’ Method
Module 6: The ‘Ice Purification’ Method
Module 7: The ‘Unsinkable Titanic’ Method



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