Offline PLR Video – Instant Professional Offline Video Marketing (vol 1 – 17)

Name Product: Offline PLR Video – Instant Professional Offline Video Marketing (vol 1 – 17)

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Price: $306

Local Niche Videos Ready to Brand and Sell

All training is included – Over the Shoulder Video Training takes you by the hand, No Tech Skills necessary!

An Offline PLR Video Marketing Business Provides.
* NO Up Front Selling – It’s Show and Sell Easy (practically sells itself!)
* NO Cold Calling or Convincing anyone of anything!
* NO Technical Experience Needed
* NO Additional Expenses Necessary
* UNLIMITED Lead Generation
* UNLIMITED Prospects
* Do this from the Comfort of Your Home into ANY English Speaking Geographic Market
* NO Physical Client Contact – Just send them a Link – Show and Sell Simple
* Takes you less than 10 minutes to create Pro Videos .and Businesses will Love You For It
* Use for more than one Client – Rebrand these Professional Videos Over and Over
* Free to Implement, Incredibly easy Too!
* Makes you instantly look like the VIDEO EXPERT in eyes of business owner.
* ANYONE CAN DO THIS to start building Paying Clients FAST!
* Prospects and Clients are Completely Impressed.. Instant Authority, Credibility and Trust.

Now you could Have Your Own Paid Video Marketing Service – Making you UNLIMITED Sales. Create Valuable Giveaways (for a foot in the door) that take you 10 mins to create or Sell these Re-Branded Video for Big Profits. The customer immediately sees the value they’re getting – NO Convincing or Hard Selling.

Using You Tube’s Annotation features to Brand your Offline PLR Videos allows you to Change The Business Info as the Video Sits on the First Page on Google.

The One and Only, Original Offline PLR Video Series, Hollywood Style Instant Web Commercials. COMPLETELY Done for You, Customize for Any Business again and again!

Our Products:


Volume 1 – Offline Niches – 1

Volume 2 – Offline Niches – 2

Niche Videos – Chiropractors, Cosmetic Dentist, Day Spa & Salon, HVAC Repair, Gold Buyers

Niche videos – Carpet Cleaners, Personal Trainers, Home Improvement, Roofers, Real Estate Agents
Volume 3.1 – Attorney Niche

Volume 3.2 – Auto Niche
Volume 3.1 Attorney Services Videos

Attorney Niche – Bankruptcy Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, DUI Attorney, Divorce Attorney
Volume 3.2 Automotive Market Videos

Auto Market Niche – Auto Used Car Dealers, Auto Repair, Auto Body Repair, Auto Detailing
Volume 4 – Medical Office Niche

Volume 5.1 – Finance Niche
Volume 4 Medical Services Videos

Medical Niche – Dermatologist, Pediatrician, Optometrist, Podiatrist, Laser Eye Specialist& Cosmetic Surgeon
Volume 5.1 Financial Services Videos

Finance Niche – Debt counseling, Credit Repair, Mortgage Broker, Financial Planner
Volume 5.2 – Insurance Niche

Volume 6 – Home/Biz Services Niche Part 1
Volume 5.2 Insurance Videos

Insurance Niche – Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance
Volume 6 Home Services Videos

Home Improvement – Security Systems, Landscaping, Mold Specialist, Waterproofing, Tree Service,
Pest Control
Volume 7 – Home/Biz Services Niche Part 2

Volume 8.1 – Kids Niche
Volume 7 Home Services Videos

Home Improvement – Paving Contractor, Moving Company, Solar Installation, Locksmith Professional, Pool Care Specialist, Garage Door Company
Volume 8.1 Kid’s Services Videos

Kids Niche – Day Care, Martial Arts, Pre-School, Tutoring Center
Volume 8.2 – Pets Niche

Volume 9 – Seniors Niche
Volume 8.2 Pet Services Videos

Pets Niche – Pet Training, Pet Grooming, Pet Sitting, Veterinarian
Volume 9 Senior Services Videos

Seniors Niche – Assisted Living, Elder Law, Funeral Home, Home Health Care Provider, Retirement Community, Senior Day Care Center
Volume 10.1 – Contractor’s Niche Part 1

Volume 10.2 – Contractor’s Niche Part 2
Volume 10.1 Contractor’s Videos

Contractor’s Niche Part 1 – Electrician, Painter, Heating, Plumbing
Volume 10.2 Contractor’s Videos

Contractor’s Niche Part 2 – Carpenter, Handyman, Roofing Contractor, Window Company
Volume 11.1 – Beauty Niche

Volume 11.2 – Fitness Niche
Volume 11.1 Beauty Videos

Beauty Niche – Day Spa, Hair Salon, Tattoo Removal, Tanning Salon
Volume 11.2 Fitness Videos

Fitness Niche – Acupuncture, Gym, Massage Therapy, Yoga
Volume 12 – Contractor’s Niche Part 3

Volume 13- Contractor’s Niche Part 4
Volume 12 Contractor’s Videos

Contractor’s Niche – HVAC, Fencing Contractor, Remodeling Contractor, Siding Contractor, Gutter Professional, Flooring Contractor
Volume 13 Contractor’s Videos

Contractor’s Niche – Interior Design, Kitchen Contractor, Cleaning Services, Sign Company, Air Conditioning Contractor, Storage Facility
Volume 14 – Wedding Niche

Volume 15 – Automotive
Volume 14 Wedding Videos

Wedding Niche – Limousine Service, Travel Agency, Florist, Jewelry Store, Catering Company

Automotive Niche – Auto Parts Store, Car Rental, Tire Shop, Transmission Repair, Windshield Repair, Auto Body Repair
Volume 16 – Attorney Niche

Volume 17 – Local Professionals
Volume 14 Wedding Videos

Attorney Niche – Criminal Attorney, Divorce Attorney, Bankruptcy Attorney, Disability Attorney, Employment Attorney
Volume 17 – Professional Niche



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