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Bill Baren – Master of Enrollment Program

Name Product: Bill Baren – Master of Enrollment Program

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Price: $479
“You’re About To Discover My Step-By-Step System For ‘Enrolling’ Large Numbers Of High-Paying Clients – Without Sacrificing Your Values Or Turning Into A Pushy Salesperson”
If you’d like to double the number of clients you’re getting – and attract enough clients to have a 6-figure income – read on to learn more about this powerful training program
Learn How To Enroll 8 Out Of 10 Potential Clients From Your One-On-One Consultations

What if you could be authentic, confident, and enrolling during your consultations, instead of nervous, pushy, or sales-y?

I often like to use the word “enrolling” instead of “selling.”

To me, enrolling means inspiring people to see a new possibility for themselves.
This is in contrast to the pushy vibe that “selling” sometimes has.

I know you can make a big difference with your clients. but this can’t happen if they don’t say YES to using your services.

In the last 4 years, more than 8 out of 10 prospective clients I’ve talked to have said YES to hiring me as a business coach. That’s what led me to dramatically expand my business (with a team of 5 coaches) to nearly $1 million in income AND consistently have a waiting list to get in to work with me.

However, I wasn’t “born this way,” as some people think. Actually, it was a pretty rough ride at first.

“The Master Of Enrollment Program: Secrets To Enrolling New High-Paying Clients Without Selling”
This program is specifically designed for coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners, authors, speakers, and other service-oriented businesses that provide expert services.

You’re about to learn the EXACT SYSTEM I’ve used over and over to increase the number of clients I get from my one-on-one consultations.

You’ll learn the same step-by-step process I use to convert 80% of my potential clients to paying clients – and that hundreds of other Master of Enrollment clients have also learned.

I guarantee that if you follow my Master of Enrollment Program, you’ll easily earn back 3 times your investment in this training (all you have to do is enroll 1 or 2 new clients).

In fact, the Master of Enrollment Program is the only program I know that gives you ALL THREE critical elements you need to be successful with consultations:

(1) A Step-By-Step System For Consultations That Lead To “Yes”

You will have a proven step-by-step system that you can follow during each and every time you have a consultation with a potential client. In fact, I’ll give you a detailed script that shows you exactly what to do at every step of your consultation. No more guessing, fumbling and fear of rejection during your initial consultations.

(2) A Training Program For Getting All The Consultations (And Clients) You Want

You’ll discover new strategies and step-by-step methods designed to help attract as many 1-on-1 consultations as you want. The more consultations you have, the more clients you’ll be able have, using the Master of Enrollment system for conducting consultations that lead to YES.

(3) The Tools to Transform Your Inner Game And Build Your Confidence

If you dread holding complimentary consultations, if the thought of “selling” your services makes you uncomfortable.
And if you’re ready to have a breakthrough. then the Master of Enrollment program includes bonus tools designed to help you step into a whole new level of confidence!

Important note: You’ll be receiving Version 2.0 of the Master of Enrollment program! I’ve included dozens of significant enhancements to the program to further ensure that you have consistent success with landing new clients through one-on-one consultations.

The thing I’m personally excited about is that we get to work together to help you increase your impact and make a bigger difference in the world. Every client you enroll is another person you can serve with your unique gifts and talents.

To Start With, You’ll Get My Complete “Master of Enrollment” System For Having Successful One-On-One Consultations That Consistently Lead To High-Paying Clients…



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Verena Ho – Rapid 5K Subs

Name Product: Verena Ho – Rapid 5K Subs

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Price: $99

Finally, a scalable system that allows anyone to rapidly build an email list from 0 to 5,000 subscribers!

Introducing Rapid 5K Subs
After growing my list to over 5,000 subscribers with my blog, Growthtext, I took what I learned and built a structured course with straight to the point lessons showing how to build your own 5,000 list, and beyond.

Lessons come with step by step guides, videos, assignments, worksheets, and templates.

My course is called Rapid 5K Subs.

It is a scalable method to help anyone build an email list from scratch to 5,000 subscribers and beyond.
Module 1: The Foundation

1. Starting with a quick orientation of the Rapid 5K Subs course and moving through the lessons, you will see the complete strategy I used to grow my own list from 0 to 5,000 subs in 6 months, working at it part time. I take apart every piece of my system to show you how the entire thing works. You’ll get the street view and the satellite view.

2. You’ll learn how to get your list subs to trust you as an expert on a certain topic so that when you have something to sell, they know who you are, and they’ll trust that what you have to recommend to them is valuable.

3. You CAN’T get someone to sign up to your list until you connect with them. I’ll show you the quickest and most effective way to connect with your audience so that giving away their email address to join your list becomes a natural follow-through. Tap-tap-tap-click!

4. When you go out to build your list, focus is everything. Don’t spread yourself out between all the different traffic channels. That’s a guaranteed way to fail. I show you traffic channels you should spend your time on. and channels you should AVOID.

5. You will learn the correct way to set up your email service provider (and the email service provider I use successfully).
Module 2: 50 Subscribers in 24 Hours

You will learn:

1. How to sign up your first 50 subscribers in 1 day, regardless of your persuasiveness skill level.

2. How to get your subscribers to spread news of your blog with a click of a button to get more subscribers with little to no effort on your part.

3. How to create your first email collection form.

4. The best placement on your blog for your opt-in form to maximize conversions.

5. How not to trick viewers into joining your email list (it’s a good way to get rejected), and what to do instead.

6. How to craft a compelling call to action that consistently converts at around 20% when the top 10% email collection forms convert at an average of 11.45%.

7. How to make your landing page so interesting that strangers want to share it with their friends. The result? More subscribers!

8. Why you shouldn’t write blog posts to attract email subscribers when you get started (and what to write instead).

9. Which page on your website is going to be the most visited page and how you can make it a page that’s optimized for list building.

PLUS, you’ll see my landing page that converts 21% of all visitors. Copy it to your web site to convert “strangers” into loyal email subscribers.



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GetUngated – Amazon Ungating Course

Name Product: GetUngated – Amazon Ungating Course

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Price: $230

The key to unlocking the potential in YOUR Amazon business

GetUngated Course
Do you want to unlock the potential in YOUR Amazon business?

Brought about by seeing how challenging it can be to get ungated in your preferred Amazon categories, we have produced an easy to follow guide on how to do it yourself. Our 15 module video course takes you through step by step, what you need to do to get yourself ungated in the main Amazon categories. We have even provided details of wholesalers currently accepted by Amazon!

Our GetUngated course is a 15 module video course which will walk you through, step by step, all you need to do to become ungated in apparel, beauty, health & personal care, jewellery, watches and grocery. We literally hold your hand all the way and even provide wholesaler information to make the process much simpler for those wishing to unlock the potential in their Amazon business.


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Semantic Mastery – Battle Plan SEO Domination

Name Product: Semantic Mastery – Battle Plan SEO Domination

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Price: $100

With This Amazing Battle Plan SEO Domination.
Do You Want To Rank Higher On Search Engines, Get More Hits & More Visitors?

Here’s Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You’re Getting Today.

You’ll see exactly how to increase traffic and revenue with the step by step blueprint.
You’ll understand the process easily and save money by not wasting time on bad methods or crappy products.
You’ll skip past all the doubt and mistakes that MOST people get hung up on and go right to the good part – ranking and results.
When you get results like traffic, sales, and rankings, how much better is that going to feel than when you’re stumbling around trying to figure out the right way to do things?

You’ll not only be more confident in your SEO strategies but you’ll save money and time by following a proven blueprint to success.

When you get another client or rank that affiliate site how will that extra income you have in your bank account help change your outlook?

The SEO Battleplan is going to give you everything you need to navigate the tricky ranking, traffic, and sales problems that you encounter.

You’ll know exactly what steps you need to take, the tools WE use (and you should too), and where to apply them

Confidently quote more projects and take on more ventures with the knowledge that you’re doing it the RIGHT way

Any additional benefits?
YES! – See it for yourself with this amazing low pricing!
The Bottom Line With The Semantic Mastery Battleplan

You get the Semantic Mastery Battleplan that will walk you step-by-step with it’s easy to follow blueprint on how to rank, get traffic, sales, and more from lead gen websites, authority websites, stubborn client websites, recovering negative SEO’d sites, and so much’s time to join the team!


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Bill Baren – Get Clients in Your Backyard

Name Product: Bill Baren – Get Clients in Your Backyard

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Price: $267

“Discover My Step-By-Step System For Attracting All The
High-End Clients You Want in Your Local Area,
Establishing Yourself As The Go-To Expert,
And Making a Positive Contribution to Your Community”
If you’d like to double the number of clients you’re getting – and attract enough clients
to have a 6-figure income – read on to learn more about this powerful training program

The Most Successful Marketing Method EVER
Since the beginning of time, business owners have created thriving businesses in their local community. Where you get to know people and have relationships with people you see regularly.

Isn’t it great when you go to a local cafe, and they know what your favorite order is? You get that instant feeling of belonging, and your day is brightened up by connecting with other people.
Virtually all the successful business owners I know became successful by learning how to get clients LOCALLY.

In fact, I’m going to be hosting my first local event in years, because I want to connect with more people in my local area. I remember hosting a workshop event 5 years ago with 30 people. not only was it a total blast, it also led to $30K of local clients for my business. Not bad!

Here’s why local marketing strategies should be included in EVERY business owner’s business model:

The first step to getting a new client is forming a CONNECTION. As you’ve may have heard, people need to get to know you. like you. and trust you. before they are ready to buy from you. And it’s just a lot easier to form connections with people in person.
You go from being a complete stranger to someone that they view as an expert.
It’s easier to establish a reputation as a go-to service provider in your local area than online
People get a substantial taste of what you do, and many people you encounter will want even more of what you have to offer!
It’s easier to gain a potential client – and have long-term clients – when you’re connecting with them in person.
By using local marketing strategies, I was able to create a 6-figure business nearly 7 years ago (which was the foundation for the $1 million a year business I operate today).

Now, in a brand new training program, I want to show you my most successful methods for attracting clients in your local area . so that you confidently offer your services, make more money in your business, and have a business that fosters community and brings people together…



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Paul Nicholls’ SUPER BUNDLE – 21 Products

Name Product: Paul Nicholls’ SUPER BUNDLE – 21 Products

Sale Page: _

Price: $37
Avalanche List Building: Step by step video course to get a bulletproof buyers list.
Fast Cash Commando: Discover 5 Simple Fast Cash Methods for Making $50 – $100 per day.
$100 Per Day Blueprint: Discover the fastest way to get $100 per day online.
Email Marketing Assassin: “Ninja” Email Marketing Tactics, Strategies and Techniques.
Knockout Profit Blackbook: How to make $2k – $5k+ per month Creating and Selling Simple Info Products.
Sales Funnel Commando: How to craft your own profit-pumping sales funnels.
The 9 Profit Pillars: The 9 Income Streams to Make $100 – $300+ Per Day Online.
Passive Cash Profits: How to make over $500 per month in passive income by Creating Simple Membership Sites.
Product Creation Hero: Go from ZERO to a product creation Hero in Just 24 HOURS.
Solo Ad Basics: How to Create Your First Profitable Solo Ad Campaign [Step by Step Videos].
Solo Ad Professor: Discover how to double, treble even quadruple your solo ad buying profits.
Ultimate Solo Ads 2.0: Top 10 Tested Solo Ads that Build Your List FAST + Proven Buyers [Hot].
Video Creation Mastery: How to Create Your First High Quality Screen Capture Video in the next 30 Mins.
Sales Funnel Mastery: Behind the scenes look at high converting sales funnel.
$500 -$3000 Per Day Formula: A Proven System for Selling High Ticket Products online that Anyone can Copy.

But hold on, you get even more…

The other 6 products you get are:
Offline Bullet Cash: Find out what’s the best services to offer to offline businesses to get a foot in the door.
WSO Cash Code: Learn how to create and sell your first WSO (8 videos course).
Extreme Cash Profits: 23 videos about how to make quick cash.
Adsense Cash Blueprint: 11 videos and extra bonus about making money with your blogs with Adsense.
Blog Profits Exposed: 10 videos how to get the most out of your blogs plus special bonus.
Solo Ad Sales Funnels: How to Create a Super Profitable Sales Funnel when Using Solo Ads [step by step videos].


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Impromptu Speaking Success in 7 Days

Name Product: Impromptu Speaking Success in 7 Days

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Price: $30

What Will I Learn?
Speak off the cuff for up to 4 minutes
Have a sound knowledge of some speech frameworks you can use during impromptu speaking
Understand how to expand upon a subject even when you don’t have a great deal of knowledge on it.
View Curriculum
You should be able to speak and understand English
You should have access to a timing device or stopwatch
You should have access to a quiet place where you can practise the questions without being interrupted.
About this course

Become a stronger and more confident impromptu speaker in 7 days. This course leads you step-by-step through proven impromptu speech frameworks and speech delivery techniques.
Are you ready to speak impromptu with confidence and ease?

Then you’re in the right place. I have compiled a simple step-by-step system that will show you how to speak off the cuff without breaking into a sweat. All you need to do is spend 15 – 20 minutes each day for one week.

As the author of a best-selling public speaking book, a public speaking trainer, and an international performer, I will show you a variety of ways to approach impromptu speaking.

No more nerves and sweaty palms. Know how to cope with almost any impromptu situation and how to structure your answer so that you don’t have to worry about what to say next.

Do you start to tremble when you’re asked to speak up during work meetings?
Do you worry what to say next?
Are your impromptu answers too brief?
Do your impromptu answers lack structure and clarity?
Do you struggle to engage people with your stories?
Is your vocal expression dull and monotone?
Would you like to speak to groups for several minutes without needing to script your words?
Would you like to feel comfortable in social situations where small talk or chit chat is needed?
Does the thought of running a Q&A session make you nervous?
Are you afraid you’ll dry up and run out of things to say?
Each day you will learn a new framework, take on at least one new mindset or delivery tip and practise several questions.

Over the course of the 7 days you will go from speaking for just 1-minute, all the way to being able to provide a 4-minute answer.

Each video lecture contains an example question and an additional question for you to try under timed conditions.

There is also a daily homework lecture containing two further questions and a summary of the day’s delivery strategies.

You will also find self-assessment handouts for the beginning and end of the course.

For those who complete the course there is even a special surprise gift, highly relevant and useful if you want your impromptu speaking to improve.
What am I going to get from this course?

You will gain the confidence to help you through job interviews, Q&A sessions, small talk, conversation with strangers, Toastmasters Table Topics and more.
You will have a step-by-step plan to improve your impromptu speaking
You will learn 7 speaking frameworks to apply to off-the-cuff speaking situations
You will know how to open and close your impromptu speech
You will learn how to deliver your speech so that it makes sense and stays on track
You will learn how to vary your delivery to keep things interesting for your audience
You will learn how to bring your stories to life and how to engage your listeners
We will talk about confidence and mindset
We will talk about strategies to get through your speaking situation and remain in the moment with your audience.
Who is the target audience?

This course is ideal for those who lack confidence in off-the-cuff speaking situations and are relatively new to impromptu speaking.

This course is NOT for those who are already super confident at speaking impromptu.
Who is the target audience?
Anyone who would like to speak ‘off the cuff’ more confidently
Public speakers who want to get better at ‘table topics’ or impromptu speaking
Students who need to speak up during lectures
Anyone in the business world who has to speak during meetings and wants to know how to structure their responses



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FB Live Profiters

Name Product: FB Live Profiters

Sale Page: _

Price: $47

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017
Hi there. Elon Bomani here along with my business partner – Michael Harris.

Are you frustrated because you want an easy way to make money online – but don’t know how?

Is it irritating to you that others are able to make money from home while you’re still trying to figure it all out?

Have you been struggling to build a nice income online, and you keep doing the “SECRETS” the gurus tell you, but they keep failing you?

If so, you’re not alone

I understand how you feel.

When I first got started… I had no clue how to create a high-ticket income online like this…

It seemed to me that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t “crack the code” and find a simple system where I could make money from home.

Does this sound familiar?

It used to take me days – even weeks, to figure out all of the “technical stuff” for making money online, and set up an offer that people would buy to eventually make sales.

But one day I discovered an easy system that would allow me to create thousands in income – just by pushing a button on my phone!

More Proof…

With This New Method, I Could Create “Multiple Streams” of Income Whether I Was Working, Having Fun, or Even Asleep!
The best news is that I didn’t have to worry about technical issues, spend hours setting things up, or any of that other nonsense.
I could simply push a button on my phone, set a few things up, and earn an income online.
It saved me hours of frustration and time.

Now that I’m able to set up several of these cash machines, it seems like second nature to me.

Would This Be Helpful To You?
So I thought I’d create a video of my discovery that has lead to this income online and some nice profits along the way.

Here’s the thing, perhaps you’ve heard that it takes days to even weeks to do everything it takes to set up a successful online business.

Most “gurus” have a list of 21 things that you “have” to do just to hope that your business will make enough profits to quit your day job…

Or, worse yet, they tell you how “easy” it is to make money online, but after you buy their product, they give you a bunch of “theory” but don’t show you step-by-step how to set everything up.

Here’s The Truth.
You can spend hours doing the 21 things that the “gurus” say you “have” to do, but if you can’t make enough to quit your job – what does it matter?

You don’t need to worry about crazy strategies, working online for hours, or any of the other stuff that the “experts” talk about.

The truth is that there is a very simple way to get your new online business up and running without having to do those 21 things.

Or, by following some crazy theory that leaves you scratching your head, wondering what to do next…

By using a simple system, we can use the skills that you already have – and leverage that into your new online income.

You can literally push a button on your phone, and be on your way to a successful online business in under 1 hour!
And I’ll say it one more time just in case you’re wondering. This is a PROVEN, NEW method and has NOTHING to do with any sort of online income method you’ve seen before.

Get Started Today… Make Money This Week.
So let me ask you this:

If I showed you in a short video how I use a simple strategy that puts a profitable online business into your life within a matter of minutes, could you copy what I do?

If so, you’re going to LOVE this video.

Because that’s exactly what I do.

I use a simple formula to find the “right” product for my customers, use some simple skills to “tell them about it” in a Facebook Live and deposit online “cash” into my bank account!

And you can do the same…

Introducing. FB Live Profiters…


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Alex Becker – 8x Hero Academy

Name Product: Alex Becker – 8x Hero Academy

Sale Page: _

Price: $997

The 8x Hero Academy will show you step by step how to build, analyze, and scale an email based business to the 7 figure level. Growing your business will become a straight forward mathematical system by the time you complete this 7 week academy.

Perfect Opt Ins

See how to create opt In rates of 60-80% every time

ROI Increasing Email Funnels

Get the exact funnel strategies that can 5x your business

Mathematical Growth

Use simple analytics in Market Hero to make increasing your income straight forward and easy.


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Matt Clark – Premium NDA Amazon Strategy Workshop

Name Product: Matt Clark – Premium NDA Amazon Strategy Workshop

Sale Page: _

Price: $199

BRAND NEW: Secure Top Keyword Rankings on Amazon for the Most Competitive Keywords in Days Using a Completely Unknown Dead-Simple Facebook Strategy

Discover a brand new strategy to secure top keyword rankings on Amazon. Our product above has only 13 reviews and is ranking above competitors with as many as 740 reviews!

How to grab top Amazon keyword rankings in just a few days even for the most competitive keywords! Top keyword rankings are the key to continual sales and profits on Amazon. This new strategy makes ranking on Amazon dead-simple and lightning fast.
The exact process to use a brand new, completely unknown Facebook hack to deliver coupons to your customers so you maximize sales WITHOUT the need for a dedicated coupon server and WITHOUT the risk of your coupon getting out to the public. The last thing you want is for your coupons to get out into the wild when you’re running a promotion. There’s a brand new trick on Facebook that NOBODY is talking about that makes doing this completely automatic.
The exact process we use to launch a product and nearly guarantee top rankings on Amazon (even with as little as just a few reviews)! Reviews are harder and harder to get these days. The good thing is, with what you’ll learn in this live workshop, you won’t need to wait to get tons of reviews to start getting big organic sales every day even for brand new products.
Simple and powerful Facebook ad targeting that drives Amazon rankings and sales. With what you’ll learn on this private workshop, you don’t need to be a Facebook ads expert to use the world’s largest social network to dramatically increase your Amazon sales. You’ll discover exactly what you need to maximize performance from Facebook to drive fast Amazon search ranking improvements.
Hosted by Amazon product launch expert Mike McClary. Mike is busy running multiple successful Amazon businesses and creating the brand new Amazing Selling Machine program. But, we knew we absolutely HAD to pull him away to do this workshop once we saw the POWER of this new strategy. He’s taking his valuable time away to share this cutting-edge strategy with YOU!
This strategy is SO NEW that it is not included in ANY existing training we or anybody else offers. Mike McClary is ONLY sharing this on this, exclusive workshop. By signing up for this premium workshop, you are agreeing to our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) policy.
Pure content – nothing will be sold or offered on this, premium workshop. The purpose of this powerful workshop is to walk you through every detail of implementing this strategy to grab top rankings on Amazon in your own business. Nothing will be sold or offered on this workshop.
Included with Your Registration:
The full two-hour training workshop.
One hour Q&A session following the live training workshop.
Access to the detailed workshop slides for quick reference and implementation.
Plus, an exclusive, special bonus: The New Amazon Launch-and-Rank System Guide! As a special bonus only available with this premium workshop, you get access to a powerful guide you an follow to grab top Amazon search rankings like clockwork! It uses the new strategy shared on this workshop AND Mike’s latest full product launch process to turn launching and ranking on Amazon incredibly simple and FAST!


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