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Instagram Bootcamp by Justin Cener

Name Product: Instagram Bootcamp by Justin Cener

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Price: $297

Coaching Videos: Hours upon hours of in-depth coaching videos walking you through every step needed to succced with Instagram and eCommerce.

Modules include Influencer Marketing, Automation Strategies, Instagram Best Practices, Paid Ads, Advanced Strategies That Are Working Right Now, Mastering Shopify, and way, way more. Each module is filled with numerous, inclusive videos.
I’m constantly adding new videos very week and have 2 to add this week.



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Print On Demand Master Class by Travis Petelle

Name Product: Print On Demand Master Class by Travis Petelle

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Price: $1997

Here Is My Step By Step Print On Demand System For Discovering HOT Niches, Finding Winning Products, & Building Lucrative Assets

My name is Travis Petelle and today, I am going to help you discover how you can dominate the print on demand and custom merchandising business model.

Dont worry! Its simple. there are only a few pieces to learn. the investment needed is minimal. and over the next 35+ days, Im going to give you a first hand look at every aspect to making it a huge success.

Ive been doing print on demand since late 2013 when selling t-shirts on Facebook was just starting to hit the scene and about to get hot hot hot. Teespring was the only solid platform available and Facebook ads were relatively new.
The ability to connect your product with niche specific targeted pockets of people showed to be hugely profitable.
Never before had farmers, football moms, elephant fanatics, turtle moms, or any other specific audience seen such products advertised to their likes and passions. This translated into great conversions across the board with even mediocre or poor shirts producing decent results.
Fast forward to today and things are much different. Its not as easy to jump into the print on demand market. It takes a much more strategic approach to connect with the same pockets of people.
Over the years, theyve gotten used to seeing hundreds if not thousands of these t-shirts on Facebook. Their closets are full. if they are going to fit one more in there, it better be a good one!
Its also more important than ever to plan long term. The days of drop shipping low quality products from China or bouncing around from niche to niche without any direction in your actions is fading fast.

You need to figure out your brand identity and set up your assets as soon as possible. If you dont do this, you are doomed with inconsistent months and way more stress than is necessary.

This is why shortly after having consistent success using the Teespring platform, we moved our winning t-shirts over to a Shopify store we called 9TEENTH. This gave us more control and provided the available features that we had always needed. upsells, email buyer leads, product collections, branding opportunities, and the list goes on!

This was still only mid 2015 and the platforms available today with all the options you have at your fingertips were not around just yet.

Shopify was definitely a blessing for my business. We had giant success with many different stores across multiple niches over the past 3 years. And nearly every store built began by finding a handful of print on demand winners that proved this audience was worth my time and investment.

The PoD Master Class
Im going to do everything in my power to help you overcome the roadblocks most people face when entering the print on demand market. You will get an over the shoulder, no stone unturned, no task un-shown workshop, where youll get to watch me on a day to day basis for 5 whole weeks as I launch print on demand products in search for new winners and lucrative niches.
Most of my courses and training over the past 1-2 years has been focused on Shopify stores, brand building, and advanced techniques like recurring box offers.
This workshop is going to cover the step that everyone is stuck on. FINDING YOUR FIRST WINNERS & establishing a system for what to do once you find them.
Without this first step taken care of, all that other stuff doesnt matter at all. You need to find a winning product and print on demand products are a great place to do that.
We have a huge added benefit to this program starting this time as well. Its the holiday season! During this 5 week program, well have a handful of money making holidays to play with.

Halloween. Veterans Day. Thanksgiving. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas.
The fourth quarter is the most lucrative time of year for most businesses. We can take advantage of those sales opportunities during this program to not only maximize results but also show you different strategies that may not be available during other times of the year.
Not only this, but I plan to cover a wide number of topics as the program goes along. Youll get to see.

The secret to designs that go viral and seller techniques for each product on the market.
An inside looks at the pros and cons to platforms like GearBubble Pro, ViralStyle, Gooten, etc.

My simple to follow and proven Facebook ad strategy. youll literally see my ads dashboard each day.
Backend techniques that turn a single product sale into a high value lifetime customer.
How to make bonus sales every day by integrating your print on demand products with Amazon.
And best of all, setting this entire system up to be handed off to employees ASAP.

Im sure tons more topics will come up through the full 35 day program too as different scenarios pop up.
I will treat my situation as if I am a brand newcomer to the industry and looking to find my first winners. As we find our winners and gather data, well be able to take the next steps to setting up the foundations needed for long term growth.
Every piece of this will be recorded and nothing will be done off camera. You can be there LIVE or you can watch the recordings in our members area at any time.
The LIVE program starts on October 30th and this super special pre-launch offer will be closed for good October 29th at midnight.
If youre looking for the tricks of the trade to dominate print on demand. a consistent system for finding hot niches and winning products. a business plan with long term success in mind from the beginning, then the PoD Master Class is the program for you.



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Lisa Sasevich – Speak to Sell Masters

Name Product: Lisa Sasevich – Speak to Sell Masters

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Price: $497

ALL of these masters used my Speak-To-Sell Formula to get on the stage, give amazing value AND gross $20,000 to $200,000 sharing their expertise! How do I know this? Because all but one were on MY stage (and as ALL my events are $7-figure events, these speakers are a key part of my success).

Plus, as the Queen of Sales Conversion, I know a little something about converting on stage and on teleclasses in an authentic and non-sales-y way – which is what my Speak-To-Sell Formula is all about.
As you can see, these Masters cover the gamut of business messages. For instance:

. Do you sell a “soft” topic (i.e. you don’t sell “how to make money” products or services)? We’ve got you covered with JJ (health) and Tim (discovering your life’s purpose).

. Is your topic difficult to explain, very scientific (or maybe even a bit boring)? Check out John (brain research) or Michele (market research).order forms

. And what about putting a different spin on marketing or sales? Watch how Ari (sales), Mike (online traffic), Suzanne (branding), Lisa C (marketing), Ciara (events) and of course, me structure our talks.

So you can see for yourself EXACTLY how to tailor your talk to your specific message while giving FABULOUS content and STILL being paid handsomely!

(And best yet – ALL of these 10 talks WILL teach YOU a little something too! After all, they’re based on my Speak-To-Sell Formula which is all about the content!)

This is great Lisa – so how will it work?

Once you invest, you’ll be sent a thumb drive will all 10 talks and all 10 order forms. I suggest you set aside time to watch each talk a few times. The first time you’re probably going to get caught up in the talk itself and all the fabulous content from each speaker.

lisa sasevichThe second and third time you watch, you can start to dissect what each speaker did and how you can apply it to your talk. Are there things you really liked? Are there things you feel could be done differently?

You may find you want to “mix and match” – take what you love from all the different speakers and put it all together to create your own kick-butt presentation!

Another way you’ll probably want to use these talks is for inspiration before you get on stage or on a teleclass. I know I do that a lot – listen to other successful speakers to get myself pumped up before I get on stage. It’s a great way to get the energy flowing and create that back-of-the-room rush!

In addition, you’ll want to take some time to walk through each order form – again take the time to see what you like and don’t like, so when you create your own form not only will you love it but you’ll get BIG results!

What’s the investment?

I’m not going to waste your time comparing the cost of this to new shoes or Starbucks since it’s worth every penny of the $497 investment. After all, if you were to have seen all these speakers live, it would have cost you over $3,000 just for the event tickets, not to mention travel expenses, hotel, food and time away from your office. AND you STILL wouldn’t know how well each speaker did NOR would you have a recording you could go back and listen to over and over again.

Plus, once you actually nail your Speak-To-Sell talk, you could easily gross $20,000 to $200,000 (just like these speakers) in ONE talk! Imagine – no more frustration and heartbreak speaking with little to no sales, and instead cashing BIG checks and being invited back to speak over and over.

About Lisa Sasevich

Lisa Sasevich, The Queen of Sales ConveresionRecently honored as one of America’s Top Women Mentoring Leaders by WoW Magazine, and recipient of the coveted eWomen Network Foundation Champion award for her generous fundraising, Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion,” teaches experts who are making a difference how to get their message out and enjoy massive results, without being “salesy.”

Recognized sales expert by Success Magazine, and as one of 2012’s fastest growing independently own companies by Inc. Magazine, Lisa delivers high-impact sales-closing strategies for turbo-charging entrepreneurs and small business owners to great profits.
inc 500
According to best-selling author Brian Tracy, “Lisa Sasevich is one of the greatest discoveries in America today!”

Kym and Sandra Yancey of eWomen Network say that “without question she is brilliant at teaching others how to leverage their unique gifts and qualities and convert them into a financial windfall. She is one authentic, heart-centered expert that delivers in spades!”

Robert Allen, author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers says, “She added a zero to my income today just by watching her. Lisa Sasevich. Watch that name and whatever you do, be part of what she’s doing. You’re going to love it.”

After 25 years of winning Top Sales Awards and training senior executives at companies like Pfizer and Hewlett-Packard, she left corporate America and put her skills to the test as an entrepreneur.

And in just a few short years, Lisa created a multi-million dollar home-based business with two toddlers in tow. Lisa is the undisputed expert on how to make BIG money doing what you love!



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Dividend Growth Investing The Guide For Passive Dividends

Name Product: Dividend Growth Investing The Guide For Passive Dividends

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Price: $150

Invest and screen dividend stocks to build a long-term dividend portfolio – The passive income dividend guide.

Let me ask you two questions:

1. What if there was an investment strategy that could provide you with a steady stream of passive income cash flow for decades?

2. What if this investment strategy allowed you to live off 2% – 5% of your portfolio WITHOUT having to sell stock to fund your lifestyle?

This may come as a surprise to you, but the best way to generate long-term stock returns is through dividends (NOT capital gains).

Buying dividend stocks is much better than chasing the next “hot” thing. Dividend Aristocrats have been around for decades and will provide you with a source of steady passive income.

Consider this CRAZY and amazing statistic:

*If you invested $100 in the S&P 500 10 years ago, you would have $197.91 dollars today.

*However, if you invested $100 in the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats index, you would have $254.25 today!

In fact, Warren Buffett is a big proponent of dividend investing—and he just so happens to be worth a cool $75 BILLION! He owns many classic Dividend Aristocrats like Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson.

Dividend growth investing (DGI) is simple to follow and easy to execute. Dividend investing is all about buying businesses that can pay and increase dividends over multiple decades.

Once your portfolio gets big enough you can actually live solely on the dividend payments and not have to sell stock to fund your lifestyle!

Not only that, but dividends receive preferential tax treatment in the U.S. So you could be paying a tax rate as low as 0% on your dividend income!

Many of the greatest investors have gotten rich investing in dividend stocks. And you too can follow in their footsteps.

Get this course to learn how to build a well-diversified dividend portfolio from scratch. I will teach you how to screen for these stocks using my EXCLUSIVE 9 factor checklist for successful dividend investing.

Start your journey towards passive income retirement!



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Andy Harrington – The Professional Speakers Academy

Name Product: Andy Harrington – The Professional Speakers Academy

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Price: $97

The Professional Speakers Academy is a comprehensive training program and membership for people who recognize that today the most highly prized skill of all successful leaders is the ability to speak and influence larger groups of people.

psapicIn each monthly module you will learn through online video every strategy, tactic and technique to become a confident speaker that people want to learn from. You can watch the videos and follow the manual in the comfort of your own home or office right on your home computer at a time to suit you.
In addition to the video teaching the tactics and techniques of the professional speaker you’ll also see demonstrations of each technique LIVE at a giant super-conference with a big audience so you know these techniques absolutely work.

Our members become great speakers because each month builds upon the success of the previous months training so step-by-step you become a more confident, more certain, more charismatic speaker.

As a member of The Professional Speakers Academy you’ll soar through the 7 modules of The Jet Set Speaker System and become a confident, and polished presenter with an increased income to match.

Here’s what you will learn month-by-month:

Stress Free Speaker System – If you have seen my free videos you’ll know all about this but now we are going to deepen your knowledge and broaden your ability to have truly accomplished presentation skills so you can present confidently and comfortably without ever running out of something to say.

STAY and Pay Positioning – You’ll discover how to build the first 5-20 minutes of your presentation so you’ll have a captivated and motivated audience keen to learn from you from the very get go.

4-Mat Formula – You’ll learn how to design a workshop session so every possible learning style of your audience is covered. This means you’ll have the structure to build lucrative one-day and multi-day workshops so you get paid even more money for delivering them.

Unique Branded System – You’ll discover how to position yourself as an authority by having your own roadmap for people to follow. This step-by-step framework could become the basis of your book and your multi-day seminar. Think “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and you’ll know in a heartbeat how valuable this months training will be.

Kick START Content Creator – If you’ve seen my free videos you’ll have seen an overview of this module but now we are going to explode your ability to leverage this tool by giving you examples and exercises to build your talk point by point. Mastering this module means you’ll be the most captivating speaker your company, university or industry has ever seen.

Tri-Summit Storytelling System – Rather than having dry, boring predictable presentations and death by PowerPoint you will discover the art of making your points and illustrating them beautifully through stories and anecdotes with a system based on Hollywood movies.

Pitch and Grow Rich – At some point you may develop your own products and programs that you wish to offer for sale at the back of the room. This module is a comprehensive break down of everything you need to know to make massive profits from this lucrative approach to professional speaking.
So here’s how it works.

Every 30 days you will be sent a months worth of in depth training through high-definition video to teach you an exciting aspect of the critically acclaimed Jet Set Speaker System.

You’ll be able to watch this right on your computer

Step 1

Each month you’ll watch a 60-minute dynamic training video where I break down every element, skill and tactic to reveal the secrets of how to become a world-class presenter.

Step 2

As part of your learning you’ll also watch LIVE examples of every tactic and technique in action at a seminar where I spoke in front of thousands of people.

Step 3

You will be guided through powerful exercises that will improve your performance in front of groups whilst building the content of your next presentation.



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What Works NOW 2017-2018 from PotPieGirl

Name Product: What Works NOW 2017-2018 from PotPieGirl

Sale Page: _

Price: $47

Profitable & Actionable Tips, Tricks, Hints and Hacks for Affiliate Bloggers (from PotPieGirl’s personal testing)

Every year, after I review MY year, and see everything that has worked for me, I bundle it all up and offer it as my yearly What Works NOW guide for my readers.

This is definitely THE guide that everyone can’t wait to get their hands on each year!

Good News!

This year’s What Works NOW guide is READY!

What Works NOW 2017-2018 is 60+ pages full of time-saving, actionable, AND profitable tips and tricks that have helped MY business in the past year.

I test a LOT of things on a daily basis to make my blogging results, my time usage and my earnings the very best they can be.

At the end of each year, I sit down and review what has worked well for me and really helped me – and what has NOT.

In the past years, these What Works NOW guides were specifically for Amazon affiliates.

This year that is NOT the case – this year’s What Works NOW guide is for ALL affiliate bloggers.

(ie, if you blog or have a website and plan to make money with it, this is for YOU)



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Video Sorcery

Name Product: Video Sorcery

Sale Page: _

Price: $17

Hi, Adam Here,

As a full time Video Marketer and Trainer I’m constantly working to stay on the ‘Cutting Edge’ of YouTube Marketing and sharing that knowledge with my Students, Clients and Subscribers.

The fact is that YouTube is evolving, sometimes on a day to day basis, and all those Bogus ‘Loopholes’, ‘Tricks’ and ‘Short Term Solutions’ being marketed over and over again simply DO NOT WORK!

What every Video Marketer Really needs, are eyeballs on their content.

And then to direct those viewers to a website of their choosing

YouTube has Just thrown a Major Spanner in the works!
YouTube has added new requirements for users who link out to external sites in their videos.

Users must now join the YouTube Partner Program in order to add Youtube Cards or End Screens with external links — a common way for YouTubers to point fans toward landing pages, affiliate links, blog posts…etc.

You also need to enable your channel for monetization if you want to add links, which has further muddied the waters.

“Enabling monetization” essentially means applying to the Partnership Program, but only channels with 10,000 total public views or more can do this.

Newer folk or small channels are screwed.



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0 DECEMBER 2017 Updates – VIP Downloads Collection

Name Product: DECEMBER 2017 Updates – VIP Downloads Collection

Sale Page: _

Price: $97



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Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting

Name Product: Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting

Sale Page: _

Price: $180


Annie Leibovitz’s iconic photographs have appeared in museums, books, and magazines from Vanity Fair to Rolling Stone—and now she’s your instructor. In introducing her class, Annie reflects on her career and the power of telling stories with photography.*

Portrait Photography

Annie discusses portraiture and photojournalism, and what makes portrait photography so compelling for her as a medium. Learn why Annie loves the photo series and why a single image cannot truly “capture” a person.*
Creating Concepts

Annie breaks down her process for developing imaginative and creative concepts for her photo shoots, sharing examples from Tess Gallagher, Amy Schumer, Keith Haring, Whoopi Goldberg, and more.*

Show all 14 Lessons

Working With Light

Annie discusses her philosophy around photography equipment, working with natural light, and the value of keeping your lighting kit small.
Studio vs. Location

Annie talks about her approach to studio photography, her strong preference for shooting on location, and the role of environment in her portraiture.
Working With Your Subject

Annie shares how she approaches working with a subject for a photo shoot, including refuting the popular notion that it’s a photographer’s responsibility to put a subject at ease.
Photographing People Who Are Close to You

Annie discusses why your family and loved ones may be your best photography subjects and what opportunities come from photographing subjects who are close to you.
Looking Back at Your Work

Annie discusses the importance of self-reflection and explains why it’s so important for every photographer to look back at their work.*
The Technical Side of Photography

In this chapter, Annie shares how she approached transitioning from film to digital, and what starting out in the dark room can teach you. Annie also shares her perspective on focus and sharpness—and how above all else it’s the content that matters.
Student Sessions

Annie sits down with students from her alma mater, the San Francisco Art Institute, to critique their work and share her own approach to core principles of photography.
Case Study Part 1: Photographing Alice Waters

Annie brings you inside a photo shoot with the renowned chef Alice Waters. Learn how Annie built the concept for the photos, conducted research, and prepared for the shoot.
Case Study Part 2: Digital Post-Production

Annie gives you an exclusive look into her digital post-production process, and closes her MasterClass with her thoughts about what it means to be a photographer and creative artist.
Photographic Influences

Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Alfred Stieglitz, and Richard Avedon—Annie introduces us to the photographers who have inspired her, sharing the personal lessons she has derived from their work.*

The Evolution of a Photographer

Learn how Annie’s artistic journey impacted her evolution as a photographer—from the inspiration of family photos to the San Francisco Art Institute and Rolling Stone.



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Ray Edwards – How to Write Copy That Sells

Name Product: Ray Edwards – How to Write Copy That Sells

Sale Page: _

Price: $17.95

Writing copy that sells without seeming “salesy” can be tough, but is an essential business skill. How To Write Copy That Sells is a step-by-step guide to writing fast, easy-to-read, effective copy. It’s for everyone who needs to write copy that brings in cash – including copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Inside, you’ll find copywriting techniques for email marketing, web sites, social media, sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

You’ll also discover:

The universal hidden structure behind all persuasive copy.
How to avoid the most common copywriting mistakes.
A simple technique for writing copy that’s easy to read.
How to write powerful short copy for social media.
Sample headlines, bullet points, and openings – yours to “swipe” and use as your own!
Tons of templates, examples, and checklists guaranteed to improve your copy.
…And much, much more! Writing Copy That Sells is



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