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Luisa Zhou – Your First Paying Clients

Name Product: Luisa Zhou – Your First Paying Clients
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Price: $297

How to get your first paying coaching clients in 30 days

YOUR FIRST Paying Clients
This course is the trifecta(the who, what, & how)of business that you CANNOT afford to get wrong.

The only step-by-step, proven plan that cuts through the fluff and gives you exactly what you need – no less, no more – to start your coaching business and quickly get your first paying clients.even if you don’t have a website, aren’t tech-savvy, and don’t have a lot of time.

This course is the trifecta (the who, what, and how) of business that you CANNOT afford to get wrong. This is where overwhelm loses its stranglehold on you and you take full control of your success.

You’ll dive into:

Exactly where to find your first paying client online (and how to consistently do it again and again)
Mapping out a systematic, step-by-step action plan that’ll take you from 0 to 60 in the shortest possible time (even if you’re just starting out and still in a 9-5)
How to market yourself so people can’t get enough of you and be seen EVERYWHERE while only spending a few minutes online every day
How to win over dream clients who can’t wait to pay you (without being icky, pushy, or salesy)
You’re an action-taker. You don’t sit around chit-chatting about what you “should” do.

You just need a recipe to get started. This is your recipe.

No guesswork. No learning curve.

Just money in your bank.

Here’s how Your First Paying Clients will have you busting through the typical learning curve and getting the results you want in weeks.not years.
Step 1 – Clarity
Finally get clarity on what you feel passionate about.and how to make it profitable

Confidently create offers that people can’t wait to pay for

Dig up what makes YOU unique so that you instantly stand out no matter how much competition you have

Step 2 -Marketing
Find your perfect clients online

Create your day-by-day marketing plan that you can use in less than 10 minutes a day

How to position yourself as a likable authority from day 1.this is the secret to getting clients that happily pay your prices without any objections

Step 3 – Content
The only 5 types of content you’ll ever need to write

Proven formulas to write posts that gets hundreds of likes

Learn how to beat writer’s block and have an unending list of content ideas (that only takes minutes to write!)

Step 4 – Sales
The exact tactics my students have used to book 50+ sales calls from one piece of content

How to get potential clients interested in your offer and how to get them on the phone for sales calls

Word-for-word scripts that you can use for successful sales.that aren’t sleazy, pushy, or salesy



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Joe Soto – Marketing Agency Academy 2108

Name Product: Joe Soto – Marketing Agency Academy 2108
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Price: $379

10 Weeks, 8 BIG Modules With Over 82 Lessons
Here is what you’ll learn in this massive 10 Week Course…

Week 1, Module 1 – Getting Started: In this module we’ll cover the mindset that is the basis for how you approach your local consulting
business and your clients. You’ll learn the four key philosophies that drive your success with clients
and help you price your services. We’ll also cover the top 5 local niches to focus on and how to access
the local competition.

Week 2, Module 2 – Finding Local Clients (Prospecting): In this module we’ll focus on targeting the
right clients and how to approach client prospects. We’ll also dive into the 17 Ways to Find Clients.
Well cover how to market your value and how to get past the gatekeepers and how to properly set
appointments. You’ll get my Cold Call Email Letter Templates as well.

Week 3 & 4, Module 3 – Selling Clients (Presenting & Closing): In this module, perhaps the most
important in the entire course, you’ll discover how to price your services with confidence, how to
present your services and how to close. You’ll learn specific sales techniques to gain agreement
and position yourself as a trusted advisor. You’ll learn how to write proposals and you’ll get my
proposal checklist, proposal and agreement templates. Some of the additional lessons in this module
are how to have a discovery meeting, how to pre-frame, how to gain instant credibility, how to have
a sales conversations vs pitching, how to read your customer’s communication style, asking relationship
building questions, how to the prospects current situation and goals, how to demonstrate empathy,
educating and Positioning, how to gain permission to be critical, the art of telling stories to persuade,
how to give an effective and persuasive demonstration and presentation, and how to recognizing buying signals.
Then, you’ll learn how to close, how to ask for the business and how to get a decision on your timeline, not theirs.

Week 5, Module 4 – Overcoming Objections: In this module you’ll learn the art of inoculating objections,
overcoming them before they come up. Lessons include, positioning against competitors, handling price
objections, overcoming stalls positioning the relationship, how to position a follow up and set expectations.

Week 6, Module 5 – Advanced Persuasion Skills: In this module you’ll learn some advanced strategies for
persuading clients. I’m going against the advice of others who have suggested I sell this module as a
separate course because there is so much material.

Week 7 & 8, Module 6 – Managing Clients and Getting Results: In this module you’ll access lessons
covering how to get client payment and invoicing, what services to outsource, how to outsource your
services, and how to manage your clients and their projects. We’ll also cover how to use digital
marketing to get results for your local clients, including how to leverage Facebook advertising to
drive market reach, build the client’s email database, and ultimately increase sales. Yes, I’ll show
you proven local marketing funnels that you can use to create the same results for your clients.
I’m going to give you the 75 page digital marketing plan template to use for your clients –
this alone is worth half the fee of the course because of the time it saves you.
We’ll also cover how to use email and mobile marketing for local clients, and how to sell these
services to make additional revenue for your consulting business or agency.

Week 9, Module 7 – How to Generate Ongoing Referrals: In this module you’ll learn how to leverage the
three type of referrals, 1) client referrals, 2) non client, and 3) indirect referrals. As you begin to
establish your consulting business, you’ll learn how to get clients coming to you.
Week 10, Module 8 – Your Next Level: Scaling Your Business: In this module you’ll learn some strategies
to scale your business from 6 to 7 figures. I show you exactly how to structure your business and team
for profit so you don’t have to worry about cash flow and your time being spread too thin.
Bonus Module – More than 10 lessons! You’ll get access to an updated slideshow PPT social media
presentation (180+ slides) that you can deliver via webinar or at an in-person local event – and you
can customize it to your business and brand. You’ll also get the new lesson on “How to Make Your Videos
Go Viral on YouTube.” In this module you’ll learn from a young entrepreneur how he exploded his
company’s YouTube Channel to over 700K subscribers, and how they’ve gotten millions of views of their
videos – without spending a dollar on advertising.



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Eric Worre – Social Media Summit

Name Product: Eric Worre – Social Media Summit(2018)
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Price: $297

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Social Media to Build and Scale your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing Pro & Eric Worre bring you:
You’ll learn all the best practices and strategies they used to achieve six and seven figure income status by harnessing the power of social media to scale and build their business

Session 1

  • Learn which social media platforms are best to use
  • Best strategies for creating a Facebook profile picture, cover photo, description, biography, and featured photos
  • How to start conversations that result in massive engagement & scripts to use for follow-up
  • Right approach and mindset to use on social media to position you for success

Session 2

  • 11 steps to follow when someone first contacts you on Facebook
  • Learn the different types of Facebook Groups to set up and how to decide which group a new contact should be placed in.
  • Teach your new recruits this step-by-step system to follow when they’re first starting out on social media.
  • Three types of videos you should do on Facebook Live to get massive engagement.
  • How to establish credibility on social media so you can attract more prospects.

Session 3

  • Learn how to build your personal brand by finding your niche and bringing more value to that niche than anyone else.
  • Learn the difference between passive and active prospecting.
  • How to find and contact the most popular people on Facebook so you can increase your following to add more prospects.
  • How to create a Facebook Business page, schedule and boost posts and use a chat bot effectively.

Session 4

  • Learn about Facebook algorithms and how to stay on top of them using a system called FEP (Friends List, Engagement, and Posts).
  • How to attract people to your Facebook page using the laws of purpose on social media . likeability, credibility, recallability, and profitability.
  • Best ways to find, attract and stay in contact with prospects.

Session 5

  • Learn all about Facebook Groups. which groups to create, how to create them, how to invite people to your groups, how to convert someone in your group
  • from a prospect to joining your team
  • Plus, the do’s and don’ts of Facebook Groups.

Session 6

  • Discover the best strategies for creating powerful videos that spark curiosity and keep people coming back for more.
  • Time-management system for maximizing social media so you don’t spend all day on it.
  • How to conduct virtual parties online.

Session 7

  • Learn everything you need to know about Instagram from setting up your account to what type of content to post.
  • You’ll also learn the best apps to use with your Instagram account to increase your following and engagement.
  • How to use LinkedIn to connect with and sponsor people, including scripts on what to say when connecting.

Session 8

  • In this final session, you’ll be given the best advice for what to do and not do on social media. You’ll also be given strategies for projecting your best self, so you

can attract more people, get them to join your business, and ultimately grow your empire. all with social media.



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Amy Porterfield – List Builders Lab 2.0

Name Product: Amy Porterfield – List Builders Lab 2.0
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Price: $397

Growing a Profitable Email List of Future Buyers Is Easier Than Ever
If you’ve made it this far, you ALREADY know that building a powerful email list of eager buyers is critical to the success of you and your business.

No need to remind you of that

But maybe you didn’t know that by building your email list using the 3-Step Stacking Method that I’m about to share with you, you’ll also have the power to:

Have the solid foundation to start profiting from all those exciting and powerful strategies you keep hearing about (webinars, funnels, surveys, joint ventures,

Stack #1 :Activating Your List Building Foundation

Stack #2 : Accelerating Your List Growwth

Stack #3 : Amplifying Your Results With The Most Up To Date Paid & Organic Strategies




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Jonathan Levi – Become a Speed Demon

Name Product: Jonathan Levi – Become a Speed Demon(2018)
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Price: $249

The course starts out with a great foundation in theory, training you on the philosophies behind efficiency, productivity, and “speeding up.

Armed with these theories and strategies, the course then dives into more nuts-and-bolts recommendations on how to speed up some of the most time-intensive

activities we each do every day; working at the computer, cooking and fitness, interactions with others, and other general inefficiencies.

The course takes a holistic approach to productivity and efficiency, arming you with the mindset to kick butt and speed up every aspect of your productive and

creative life, in order to make time for the things that really matter. With that said, this course, as with the instructor’s other courses, will evolve, grow, and

improve based on your feedback, so get your front-row seat today!

Section 1: Introductions and Foundations

Section 2: General Principles & Theories for Hacking Your Productivity

Section 3: Speeding Up & Automating Computer Work

Section 4: Speeding Up Health & Fitness

Section 5: Automating your finances

Section 6: Delegation, Communication, & Saying No

Section 7: Conclusion




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Chris Lee – Authority SEO

Name Product: Chris Lee – Authority SEO(2018)
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Price: $199

Create Better Content, Stronger Links, And 10x Your Search Traffic
Learn how to build and grow ultra high-traffic blogs using SEO strategies that work.

The Niche Site Course is now: Authority SEO

For the past few years, The Niche Site Course has welcomed over a thousand students and received 100+ glowing reviews. Today, the course is rebranding to

Authority SEO. The course content remains the same as the strategies taught in the course are still crushing it in 2018. However, there are a few new changes.

Continue reading to learn more.


Module 1:

Niche & Keyword Research Over half the battle with succeeding with blogging depends on your research and preparation. I’ll show you how to

avoid the most common mistake that people make here.


Module 2:

On-Site SEO Set up your site for success, and plan out your authority blog structure. I’ll show you my techniques for setting up on-site SEO perfectly,

inter-linking strategies, my essential plugins I use for all my blogs, and how to plan and create content as you grow out your site.

Module 3:

Link Building Learn my complete backlink strategies for my authority blogs. Stop wasting time with ineffective techniques and spammy link packages.

Start link building like a real SEO.


Module 4:

Monetization & The Path Forward Putting all the pieces together. Dive even further how everything you learned from the course is put together using a

general timeline. The entire step-by-step strategy is broken down into a timeline to give you an even clearer picture of HOW to get started, WHAT you should

be doing, and WHY. What to expect in your first few months of building your site, what tasks you should be working on during this time, what goals to be




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Wolfgang Puck_Masterclass on Cooking

Name Product: Wolfgang Puck_Masterclass on Cooking
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Price: $90

Legend has it Wolfgang Puck came up with his famous smoked salmon pizza when his restaurant ran out of bagels—and ended up changing the way America cooks. In his MasterClass, the five-time James Beard Award-winning chef behind more than 100 restaurants brings you into his kitchen. You’ll learn not only how to master starters, mains, sides, and cocktails, but also how to take risks to create memorable recipes of your own.
01 Introduction

Welcome to Wolfgang Puck’s kitchen. In his first lesson, Wolfgang shares the goal of his MasterClass: inspiring you to feel confident in the kitchen, whether you’re a home cook or restaurant chef.

02 Training Your Palate

The key to perfect seasoning is learning how to taste—and adjust—the flavors in a dish. Wolfgang introduces some essential ingredients and then shows you how to turn a simple soup into a delicious meal using just salt, pepper, honey, and lemon.

03 Recipe: Tuna Sashimi

Wolfgang brings one of Spago’s most famous appetizers to your kitchen. Learn how to select ingredients, pair flavors, and utilize color to create this stunning dish.



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Thomas Keller_Masterclass on Cooking Techniques

Name Product: Thomas Keller_Masterclass on Cooking Techniques
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Price: $90

Fundamental techniques. Fantastic food.

Thomas Keller is the only American-born chef to hold multiple Michelin three-star ratings. In his first online class, the chef behind The French Laundry teaches you how to master the fundamentals of cooking. Learn about handling kitchen tools, preparing foundational ingredients (like vegetables, eggs, and pasta), and the science behind cooking. Gain the skills—and confidence—that will help you execute recipes to perfection.

01 Introduction

Meet your new instructor, Chef Thomas Keller. The award-winning chef shares an overview of what he’ll be teaching in his MasterClass: fundamental cooking techniques that will empower you to make great food in your own kitchen.

02 Kitchen Setup: Essential Tools

Before you start cooking, learn which essential tools—from knives to whisks—you should always keep in the kitchen.

03 Kitchen Setup: Essential Ingredients

Learn the key ingredients that you’ll need to enhance and add flavor to any dish.



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Stephen Curry_Masterclass on Basketball

Name Product: Stephen Curry_Masterclass on Basketball
Sale Page: _

Price: $90
Transform your game

Stephen was barely recruited by college coaches. Today, he’s a two-time champion and one of the best shooters in NBA history. Join Stephen on the court in his first-ever online class as he teaches you how to improve your shooting mechanics, and leads you through ball-handling, footwork, and scoring drills. Then see the game through Stephen’s eyes as he analyzes NBA game footage to help you elevate your basketball IQ.
01 Introduction: Write Your Own Story

Meet Stephen. The two-time MVP starts his class by sharing two turning points in his personal transformation from “nervous” junior varsity player to NBA champion.

02 Shooting: Stance, Alignment, and Mechanics

Stephen breaks down his shooting techniques and shares some common mistakes that shooters should avoid.

03 Form Shooting Practice

Now that you’ve got the mechanics down, Stephen teaches you how to practice your form every day on the court.



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Judy Blume_Masterclass on Writing

Name Product: Judy Blume_Masterclass on Writing
Sale Page: _

Price: $90

Write timeless stories

Judy Blume broke the rules. Her refreshingly honest children’s books were banned by hundreds of libraries—and loved by generations of readers, who bought 85 million copies of classics like Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret and Superfudge. In her first online class, the award-winning author teaches you how to invent vivid characters, write realistic dialogue, and turn your experiences into stories people will treasure.

01 Introduction

The honest, everyday struggles of Judy Blume’s characters resonate with millions of readers. Now, she’s your instructor. Judy invites you to discover your own process by hearing what worked for her.

02 Judy’s Childhood

Judy was an anxious kid and used stories she invented as companions and a creative outlet. Hear her talk about the early beginnings of her rich imagination.

03 Finding Ideas – Part 1

Judy believes the most powerful stories come from within, yet writers need to be highly attuned to the world around them. She shares her process for identifying and developing strong ideas.



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