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Sarah Lorenzen – Roadmap To Dropshipping Sales

Name Product: Sarah Lorenzen – Roadmap To Dropshipping Sales

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Price: $1497

It’s time to take the mystery out of Dropshipping and give you our step-by-step proven framework for choosing winning niches and creating online stores that turn your

browsers into eager buyers!

If you’re ready to build your lifestyle business and create your online store in the most efficient and effective way, get more bang for your buck with paid advertising and

get more visitors to consistently make purchases, keep reading about what’s inside our course.

Course Curriculum

MODULE 1 – Choose Your Winning Niche

With the right Niche, you’re already halfway to profitable! Learn insider secrets on how to choose profitable niches every time. Don’t waste your time on Bad Niches!

MODULE 2 – Build Your Dropship Website

Create a Functional and Visually appealing store. Design matters when it comes to creating trust and authority, learn how to create the kind of website that turns visitors

into buyers!

MODULE 3-How & Where to Get Products to Sell

Get approved with the right kinds of Suppliers. We show you where to find them and how to get approved. Copy our proven email and phone scripts so you know

exactly what to say.

MODULE 4 – Optimize For Sales

Supercharge your website Conversion rates! We show you how to convert EVEN MORE visitors into buyers while increasing your profit per sale at the same time,

without spending more money.

MODULE 5 – Get Customers & Go Live!

Get the BEST traffic & turn them into paying Customers. Generate laser-targeted traffic by leveraging and optimizing the best eCommerce traffic source. We show you

how to get Buyers, not window-shoppers!

Plus, You’ll Also Get These Bonuses!

BONUS #1 – Business Formation & Operations Guide

Setup, Launch & Grow Your Business! This guide walks you through how to correctly set up your legal business structure, how to maintain and run a successful

dropshipping business, how to scale and increase profits.

BONUS #2 – International Members Guide

For those living outside the US and still wanting to use the most profitable dropshipping method there is! This guide shows how you too, can setup a successful

dropshipping business from your own country.

BONUS #3 – Winning Niches List

Niche Cheat Sheet – Best & Worst Niches 2017. Never run out of profitable product ideas again! AND dodge the losing niches every time. This list is constantly

updated to stay current with what is and isn’t working NOW, so you can stay ahead of the game.

BONUS #4 -23 Day Launch Plan

Zero to Sales Hero in 23 days! Want a direct path to sales in as little time as possible? This plan shows you what to do every day to have your business up and running

in 23 days or less!



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Clicks Into Customers 2.0 By Billy Gene

Name Product: Clicks Into Customers 2.0 By Billy Gene

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Price: $1997



Here’s A Sneak Peak Of What We Will Teach You.

Facebook Fundamentals of 2017 – Last year, we targeted our Facebook ads to 5 million entrepreneurs on an average of 5 times per person. What would that type of

exposure do for your brand?
YouTube Remarketing – You know those annoying ads that show up before you watch a YouTube video? Well, they work and we will show you how to use them!
“Facebook Live” For Profit – This is one of the greatest features Facebook has ever released and we can teach you how to monetize it. It is the simplest way of

marketing and it’s FREE.
Facebook Messenger Ads – It’s amazing how many people will ignore your calls and emails but respond to messages. This is one of Facebook’s newest features. It is a

complete game changer and we will show you how to monetize it.
Instagram Ads – Think your niche isn’t on Instagram? Think again.
Facebook “Lead Ads” – Learn how and when to utilize this often cheap form of Facebook lead generation. Give one less step for your lead with pre populated forms.
NEW Facebook Guidelines & Compliance – Facebook changes constantly and we are here to keep you in the know. We don’t want your ad accounts suspended

because you might never get them back!
NEW Targeting Strategies – Targeting features are always changing and updating. We know about a lot of targeting tactics that you should be using but may not even

know about.Manufacturing Fame – How to become an affordable celebrity a.k.a. how to be the go-to person in your niche and be everywhere that your audience is.

Just think, everytime someone logs into YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram they will see your smiling face and buy your $h!t.
The G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Process – The 7-step process Billy created to help any business in any niche attract and acquire customers by leveraging automation.
The G.E.N.E.I.U.S. Workbook – A set of templates, exercises, and PDFs that you can follow along, step by step, to create an advertising campaign for any niche.
Email Marketing – An email list is your most valuable asset and it is STILL the most powerful form of marketing on the planet. We sent out millions of emails last year

alone and we’ll show you the emails that have made us the most money.
Distribution – Make life easier by replicating and automating your campaigns across all of the most profitable advertising channels.
Campaign Strategies – The most important skill you will acquire in this course is the ability to come up with a killer marketing strategy for just about any business. Come

up with the strategies that will set you apart from your competetors.
Payment Processing – If you don’t know how you should be collecting payments from your clients or for your clients, just listen to us. There is more to life than Paypal.
ClickFunnels & LeadPages – These are the 2 leading landing page / funnel creating programs. We’ll share some of our best performing templates with you so you can

easily duplicate them for yourself.

WEEK 1: Learn the 7-step process Billy uses to take any business in any niche and bring them customers. Master these steps to become a master at customer


WEEK 2: We’re going to show you the right way to create a full campaign. Afraid of technology? Billy will literally share his screen with you so you can follow along step

by step.

WEEK 3: How do you become the go-to person in your niche? Start by being everywhere that your audience is. Learn how to show up on everyone’s Facebook,

Instagram, and YouTube for just a few dollars a day.

WEEK 4: Now that you know how to create and run a campaign, we’re going to teach you how to manage it, identify key metrics, calculate the stats that matter, and

create a report for your clients.

WEEK 5: There’s nothing more depressing than spending money and having no idea why it isn’t working. We’re going to teach you how to identify where the real

problem is and how to fix it.

WEEK 6: We know what it takes to scale an agency working with hundreds of different clients. There’s a lot of processes you need to have in place to take your

business to the next level. We’re going to pave the easiest road to success for you by sharing all of our processes and procedures with you.



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Selenium WebDriver with Java & Cucumber BDD

Name Product: Selenium WebDriver with Java & Cucumber BDD
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Price: $19

Build a start to finish web automation testing framework and simulate user behavior on a web application + LIVE TEST APP

Today’s software development uses TDD and BDD practices and requires continuous integration and continuous deployment. Automation testers are needed to develop

robust, clean, and thorough frameworks for regression testing, functional testing, and acceptance testing. Selenium WebDriver is the industry-leading, open-source tool

that allows scrum teams to deliver quality software fast!

Learn how to apply BDD principals and develop feature files with Given-When-Then structure using Cucumber framework and Gherkin language. Apply Cucumber

framework knowledge with Java step implementations to automate web actions with Selenium.

Build a robust test framework
Develop your own data-driven framework
Interact with elements on a web page
Use Java to automate web actions
Construct BDD tests with Cucumber
Implement the Page Object Model
Utilize popular test frameworks like JUnit and TestNG
This course has been taken from years of experience in training consultants and new hire orientation corporate training. Enroll in this course to get a thorough overview of

automation, frameworks, Selenium WebDriver, and BDD with Cucumber!

I don’t waste time on a lot of configuration
I don’t waste time on unnecessary topics
I focus on making Selenium WebDriver automate user actions
I focus on building frameworks
I focus on conceptual and technical concepts
I focus on applying our knowledge to build complete, realistic tests



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How to Manage an Open Source Project: The Test Proves It’s a Bug

Name Product: How to Manage an Open Source Project: The Test Proves It’s a Bug
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Price: $479

When submitting a pull request to fix a bug, it’s vital that a test accompanies your fix. The maintainer can’t just take your word for it. Show them what the problem is.

“Hey, if we take this specific route through the code, everything blows up. Here’s a test that proves it.”

How to Manage an Open Source Project
The GitHub Repository
Installation Instructions
Resolving Our First Issue
The Issue and PR Grind
Feature: Forum Reputation
Feature: Forum Reputation Refactoring
Feature: Displaying Reputation
Feature: Reducing Reputation
Licensing and Code of Conducts
Merging and Tweaking a Large PR
Continuous Integration
Syntax Highlighting PR With Refactoring
The Importance of Understanding a PR
Queues and Worker Bees
A Thread Can Be Pinned
Archiving Channels With TDD
Simpler Queries With Global Scopes
The Test Proves It’s a Bug
Squashing and Merging the New UI
Upgrading to Laravel 5.6



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Excel 2016 Beginning to Intermediate – Complete Course

Name Product: Excel 2016 Beginning to Intermediate – Complete Course
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Price: $379

Learn all the great features like Pivot Tables, Vlookup, Charts, Flash Fill, Auto Fill and so much more!

Microsoft Excel 2016 Complete Course

This Microsoft Excel course was recorded with the latest version of Excel 2016 to ensure it is up to date with all the latest features and enhancements. However it works

great with 2010 and 2013 versions.

Enroll now to get over 9 hours and over 70 lessons of professional training!

Enroll now to go from a beginner in Excel to an Intermediate user ready to tackle most day to day work in Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular

spreadsheet and business productivity tools in the world. I will be your guide using my 15 years experience as an instructional designer to quickly bring you up to speed

on Excel saving you months and even years of frustration.

Stop struggling through your daily tasks at work or wishing you had the skills to advance. Now you can quickly and easily go from beginner to intermediate step-by-step

with clear video lessons and easy to use practice files designed just for this course.

When you have finished this course you will be able to perform the most popular Excel functions and features and have the confidence to take on new challenges,

responsibilities and opportunities. Here are a few of the highly sought after skills you will acquire in Excel:

Create attractive and effective spreadsheets
Sort and format large sets of data
Create and format tables quickly
Master useful functions like SUM, VLOOKUP, IF, AVERAGE, and many others
Create dynamic Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Automate your tasks with Macros
Secure workbooks and worksheets
Use conditional formatting to highlight data



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Developing Spark Applications with Python & Cloudera

Name Product: Developing Spark Applications with Python & Cloudera
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Price: $499

Apache Spark is one of the fastest and most efficient general engines for large-scale data processing. In this course, you will learn how to develop Spark applications for

your Big Data using Python and a stable Hadoop distribution, Cloudera CDH.

At the core of working with large-scale datasets is a thorough knowledge of Big Data platforms like Apache Spark and Hadoop. In this course, Developing Spark

Applications with Python & Cloudera, you’ll learn how to process data at scales you previously thought were out of your reach. First, you’ll learn all the technical details

of how Spark works. Next, you’ll explore the RDD API, the original core abstraction of Spark. Finally, you’ll discover how to become more proficient using Spark

SQL and DataFrames. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of Apache Spark with Python and Cloudera that will help you as

you move forward to develop large-scale data applications that enable you to work with Big Data in an efficient and performant way.



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Social Recruiting for Recruiters

Name Product: Social Recruiting for Recruiters
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Price: $29

Recruiting talented candidates via social channels has become an important part of a recruiter’s job. But how does one best tackle this channel? In this course, instructor

Bert Verdonck shares strategies that can help recruiters efficiently and successfully recruit top talent on social platforms. Bert explains how social recruiting fits into the

overall recruiting process, which social platforms to focus on, and how to jump-start your social media recruiting presence. He also shares how to find and approach

ideal candidates, collaborate with hiring managers, and drive referral recruitment.

Topics include:

Why the social recruiting mindset is important
Benefits of social recruiting
Involving stakeholders in your social journey
Posting jobs and relevant content
Contacting job seekers the right way
Promoting your employer brand
Leaving a lasting impression
Driving referral recruitment



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The Expert Coaches Facebook Ads Mastery Course 2018

Name Product: The Expert Coaches Facebook Ads Mastery Course 2018
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Price: $19

A complete system for expert coaches, consultants and speakers to sell and advertise anything successfully on Facebook

A complete system for expert coaches, consultants and speakers to advertise anything successfully on Facebook by using Facebook’s Marketing and Ad functions to

boost posts effectively, promote your page and gain sales at a low cost

In this 4 module online course (with bonuses and resources), you get that very system from start to finish. I designed and used it over the years to build my own expert

business for me and my clients, and I’ve used it with clients to:
Build highly-engaged Facebook communities where people comment, rave about and share every day.
Attract a flood of new prospects to their expert businesses as coaches, consultants, speakers and authors.
Build engaged, high-quality lists of subscribers quickly (one of our members recently attracted 5,000 views of the videos in just 5 days, another client is getting leads

daily for there high £2,000 course and so much more)
Nurture that engagement and turn leads into profitable sales
How many people are there in the world that you know would love what you do?
If you could just get in front of them right?
Successful marketing is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time.
How is this course different? I know there are a LOT of ways you can learn about Facebook Ads. But my course is different. Here’s how:

I speak in plain English. I’m not a big fan of acronyms, fast-talking fancy marketing terms that you may not know, and skipping critical steps. This is a perfect course for

the beginner or intermediate user who needs to get better results with their Facebook Ads.
I use a case study of one of my clients (GTEX) and show how there generating leads using facebook way, not just in way but in multiple ways.
You get access to all the updates during the year. Facebook changes A LOT. So I update the course regularly and let people know about what’s happening in the private

Facebook Group.
I’m personally running Facebook Ad Campaigns for a variety of coaches, consultants and speakers as well as outside of this area for retail businesses on the high street

as well as ecommerce businesses, so I see what WORKS. Some instructors who are teaching are only running ads for themselves. They don’t get real-world results.
You get access to ME in the private Facebook Group. I am personally in the group answering questions – not an assistant.



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Advanced Applied SQL for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Name Product: Advanced Applied SQL for Business Intelligence and Analytics
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Price: $106

This example-driven course provides thoughtful and interactive commentary throughout. We understand the common mistakes and misconceptions you might make and

help you navigate tricky SQL concepts.

Window Functions are used in detail throughout the course to solve problems dealing with finding the first order or the Nth instance of an event, computing the timing

between events, and new and repeat purchase behaviors among customers. You’ll run through the workflow from SQL to a localhost connection in Tableau and also

analysis, all of which you’ll need in your professional life. Concepts such as CASE statements, common table expressions, and subqueries will be explained via case

studies. You’ll generate web analytics acquisition source data using Python and then create tables to store your information.

By the end of the course, you will have gone through all the examples and coded them out, and you’ll be ready to confidently tackle non-trivial problems. Supercharge

your data productivity today with this course and get 100x your time investment back in the next year or two!



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Become A Forex Trader – Forex trading like a professional

Name Product: Become A Forex Trader – Forex trading like a professional
Sale Page: _

Price: $17

Learn the Forex basics, master Forex price action trading and technical analysis

In this course you will learn the basics about Forex price action and indicator trading. I will show you the best Forex setups, technical analysis patterns and explain how

to read and understand a Forex price chart.

This Forex trading course is for beginning and intermediate traders. Build your foundation step by step and become a better Forex trader.

By the end of this course, you will have a good understanding of how to read any Forex price chart and how to find the best trades.



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