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Essential Lean Manufacturing for Management Consultants

Name Product: Essential Lean Manufacturing for Management Consultants
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Price: $89.99

Practical guide how to improve production and operations in a firm and analyze potential savings in Excel

What is the aim of this course?

This course will help you drastically improve your knowledge and skills in optimizing production, and operations of any company through a series of practical cases. It is

designed for people who want to become consultants, business analysts or have to run and optimize production on a daily bases. In the course you will learn 3 things:

How to understand any production or operational activities
How to optimize the production and operations in order to get more things done, cheaper at higher quality with less resources using elements from lean manufacturing,

theory constraints
Where to look for savings and improvements, how to calculate potential savings in Excel and implement them
I will concentrate here on lean manufacturing techniques as well as things related to theory of constraints (removing bottlenecks and critical chain).

The course is based on my 12 years of experience as a consultant in top consulting companies and as a Board Member responsible for strategy, improvement and turn-

arounds in biggest companies from FMCG, SMG, B2B sector that I worked for. On many occasions I had to optimize the whole production and operational side of the

businesses I was responsible for. On the basis of what you will find in this course I have trained over 100 consultants, business analysts and managers who now are

Production Directors, Operational Directors, COO, Investment Directors, Directors in Consulting Companies, Board Members etc.

I teach through cases so most of the lectures are case studies showing some business problems solved in Excel. There will be also overview of main techniques used in

optimizing and running production. To every lecture you will find attached (in additional resources) the Excels shown in the Lecture so as a part of this course you will

also get a library of ready-made analyses that can, with certain modification, be applied by you in your work.

Why I decided to create this course?

Most consultants and business analysts are terrible at organizing operational issues. They treat the operations, especially production, as a black-box and try to avoid it at

any cost. Technical things overwhelm them and they shy away from them. This approach is not the right one as you find elements that resemble production everywhere.

In hospitals most procedures performed are very similar to production issues. The same goes for running a call center, a chain of restaurants, a logistic company or a firm

delivering specialized services. Everywhere you have operations that you can optimize by using techniques that I will show in this course. Production influence heavily

other areas especially sales and marketing. Therefore, it is a good idea to have at least a general knowledge in production. The funny things is that to be good at

production you do not even have to be technical at all. I have not finished any technical school and I am pretty good in finding significant improvements in production.

One of the best Production Directors I know has finished Pedagogical Studies.

To sum it up, I believe that if you want to build or to find improvements in any business you should master techniques related to optimizing production. That is why I

highly recommend this course not only to consultants or business analyst that have to advice their customer but also to owners, founders of businesses as well as

production directors.

In what way will you benefit from this course?

The course is a practical, step by step guide loaded with tones of analyses, tricks, hints that will significantly improve the speed with which you find and analyze

production. There is little theory – mainly examples, a lot of tips from my own experience as well as other notable examples worth mentioning. Our intention is that

thanks to the course you will know:

How to understand production
How to optimize it
Where to look for savings and improvement in production
How to calculate the impact of proposed changes in Excel
You can also ask me any question either through the discussion mode or by messaging me directly.



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Marketing Strategy Best Digital Marketing & SEO Techniques

Name Product: Marketing Strategy Best Digital Marketing & SEO Techniques
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Price: $19

Digital Marketing Strategies: Marketing Psychology & Price Psychology, Marketing Funnel, Branding & Growth Hacking

Digital Marketing Strategies: Marketing Psychology & Price Psychology, Marketing Funnel, Branding & Growth Hacking

Most people encounter advertisement every single day and make buying decisions quicker than ever, but you are losing these sales to your competitors who knows how

to effectively do digital marketing.

The good news is you can change that now.

Get your strategies together and dominate the market. My complete Marketing Strategy & Digital Marketing course will show you the exact techniques and strategies

you need to build an effective marketing strategy that will attract and convert your target market into sales.

For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. 🙂

What Is In This Course?

Your Marketing Strategies Will Never Be The Same.

Except if you’re already a successful life coach with more than enough quality clients or already know how to get someone from where they are to where they want to

be, you are going to lose your clients by not getting them results or will be forced to quit this business for having no clients. You can prevent this from happening by

knowing how to build a clientele and get your clients the results they want.



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Spring WebFlux: Getting Started

Name Product: Spring WebFlux: Getting Started
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Price: $97

This course will teach you the basics of Spring WebFlux and reactive programming by building a REST API. You will also learn how to use Reactor, WebClient, and


In the past few years, there has been a shift away from monolithic architecture (with for example its large centralized deployments) to microservice architectures with

small independent deployments, allowing much more flexibility and agile delivery. Traditionally virtual machines and containers were the main options for deploying

microservices but they involve a lot of operational effort, configuration, and maintenance. More recently, there has been a growing interest in Serverless computing due to

the increase in developer productivity, built in auto-scaling abilities, and reduced operational costs. In combining both microservices and serverless computing,

organizations will benefit from having the servers and capacity planning managed by the cloud provider, making them much easier to deploy and run at scale.

In this course we show you how to build an end-to-end serverless application for your organization. We have selected a data API use case that could reduce costs and

give you more flexibility in how you and your clients consume or present your application, metrics and insight data. We make use of the latest serverless deployment and

build framework, share our experience on testing, and provide best practices for running a serverless stack in a production environment.



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Learn clear English conversation for better communication

Name Product: Learn clear English conversation for better communication
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Price: $379

Learn from a real live native ‘BBC’ or ‘RP’ English speaker about real English phrases, great pronunciation & language

This course is for English speakers who want to improve their conversation, clarity, accent, communication skills, pronunciation and phrasing when speaking English.



You will listen to me, copy me and talk with me trying to make similar sounds to me.

This way you will understand how English sounds when spoken by a native with a neutral or ‘non-geographic’ accent.

The learning takes place as you listen and speak. It’s a gentle process – a conversation, not a strict educational series of lessons.

One student said ‘thanks for your effort but i dont benefit from the live confersation because it is boring and repeating the same sentence.’ PLEASE note that this course

IS about repeating the same phrase so don’t take the course if you don’t like repeating phrases.

Please don’t enrol if you are looking for language lessons, this is a conversation.



I’ll show you things that are not in the normal books!

But first let me tell you there is a 30-day money back guarantee so there’s no risk. If you don’t like the course I’ll refund every penny without question.

This is backed up by Udemy.

Why take this course? Communicating better will surely…

get you a better job
help you do better in business
help in social setting especially when you travel
help you be understood better
allow you to get closer to local people through language
how to speak fluent ‘everyday English’
But I’m NOT teaching you English language as such because you can already speak English.

I’ll show you which part of the word to emphasise, when to go up or down in pitch, how to pronounce words better, and many other communication tricks to help you

engage your listener and get them to trust what you say.

What’s in it for you?

Hopefully they will offer you that well-paid job or contract you are seeking
Your business will work better with improved communication
You will have more fun travelling with better English
You will be understood better
You will get to know people better with higher skills
This course is probably NOT for native speakers of English who have lived for generations in the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa or any other

naturally English speaking country – unless you feel you wish to change/reduce your accent!

But I guess if you wanted to change the way you speak for any reason you would have already done it.

This communication and pronunciation course is for people who can speak English already. If you don’t yet speak English please go and learn first then return here for

the finishing touches.

It is for people who want a job or to do business that needs good spoken English to help you progress.

For example, if you wanted to work for Google Analytics and you live in New Delhi this course is perfect for you. I recently had to speak to two guys on a certain

helpline; the first had such a strong accent I could not understand what he was telling me so I had to ring off and try again with someone different who had a much clearer

accent and I could work with him.

I didn’t report this but some people would have and the guy with the heavy accent might have had a tough time, I don’t know.

If you speak English as a second language and need to communicate well with a buyer in the US or the UK, the deciding factor could be your accent as you speak

English – a potential client may be put off if they find it hard to understand what you are saying.

I have a French friend who always apologises for his accent when he speaks English. He is embarrassed about his accent and many people can’t understand him –

except on email!

Another example – I buy harmonicas from Shanghai and the two factories I buy from each have a contact I speak to. They both speak good English but one has a very

strong Chinese accent and the other doesn’t.

I buy twice as many harmonicas from the guy with not much accent because I feel I can work with him and get what I need better.

When the order comes in it is what I ordered – but the order from the other guy usually is not what I think I ordered. That is why you might do better if your accent is


Or if you want to become a member of air crew on Virgin Atlantic/Jetstar Airlines or whatever you would stand a better chance of landing the job if you had very clear

English I believe.

So come and join me and see if it works for you.



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4 Bonuses for LiveReach

Name Product: 4 Bonuses for LiveReach
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Price: $197


Facebook & YouTube Both Realize It, Which is Why They Give Massive Priority to LIVE CONTENT in their News Feed and Organic Ranking Algorithms.

It’s time for your video content to jump to the front of the line – cutting through the noise of the loads of other content being published.

Live content also creates a snowball traffic effect, allow viewers to easily “Follow” your content, getting Email and Mobile notifications the second you “Go Live” in the future!

Live Video has proven to substantially increase engagement! Viewers of live video…



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Million Traffic Secret

Name Product: Million Traffic Secret
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Price: $3.08

Yes! Your chance to make more MONEY and gain AUTHORITY and CELEBRITY in your market that you’ve dreamed about is here…

… and you can do it by delivering amazing short, easy to film videos to your audience, they are desperately in need of…

…and do it without risking a single red penny.

And to be clear… This method will work, even if:

You’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube before and are looking to start…
You’ve used YouTube, uploaded videos, but weren’t able to get views…
​You’re struggling to come up with video ideas…
You’re not tech-savvy when it comes to cameras and complicated editing software…

If You Want To Make Money Online… YOU NEED TRAFFIC… AND LOTS OF IT…

Until now, struggling to get traffic is the #1 reason why most people NEVER make any real money online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a great offer…

…if no one sees what you’ve got, they won’t spend a dime.

The bottom line is this…

If you don’t have traffic, you will fail online.

Ever Wonder How Some Videos Get Millions Of Views In Your Market… While Your Videos (even if they are better) Fail To Get The Views and Reach They Deserve?

Simply put- YouTube, like all search engines and social media platforms, run on an algorithm.

This is how YouTube “decides” which videos to post under search terms, and which videos show up first.. or on page 50.

You must master the YouTube algorithm so that your content can actually be found by people that want to watch.. and need to watch it!

The secret sauce, is a combination of things like:

How to find the exact content your market is ACTIVELY searching for in waves… (Finding your next full YEAR’s worth of content, that your audience is DYING for you to make.. will take less than 30 minutes)
​Knowing which type of videos to create – so that once your market does find your videos, it delivers content that helps them, and gets them HOOKED to you! (without you giving away your best material)
​How to use proper “search engine optimization tactics” to get your videos seen on YouTube – by not only the right people, but at the right TIME… when they are actively SEARCHING for solutions to the problems you solve. (THESE ARE BUYERS!)
Knowing the proper equipment to use with out spending insane amounts on unnecessary cameras, softwares, tools, and equipment
How to schedule your content and editing to less than ONE day a month. (Imagine being able to shoot, edit, set and forget your entire YouTube Strategy for an entire month in a single Saturday afternoon)
How to use “congruent” call to actions to turn viewers into LEADS into your business. (One special secret tip will actually triple your leads per day overnight.. It’ll make so much sense once we show you..)



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Winter Vee, Tim Tarango – List Launch Pro Training Program

Name Product: Winter Vee, Tim Tarango – List Launch Pro Training Program
Sale Page: _

Price: $8,995

15+ High-Converting and Vetted Product Campaigns:

Everything you need to start generating leads and sales with your List Launch Pro Account, including: Pre-built lead-capture pages, “free gift” lead magnets with custom “thank you” pages, and video sales letters. All Integrated with the Clickbank Marketplace so you get paid consistently every single week.

Pre-Loaded Auto Responder with Professionally-Written Copy:

We’ve gone ahead and loaded your email autoresponder with an engaging and high-performing 30-day follow-up email campaign. You get to sit back and watch the system collect leads and send emails with your affiliate links automatically. You’ll have complete confidence knowing you have an automated system that is working for you 24/7 to turn your new email subscribers into raving fans and consistent customers…

“Tracking Made Easy” Custom Dashboard:

You will know exactly how many leads, clicks, and opt-ins your campaigns are generating. No coding, installation, or messy third-party applications required. Have complete confidence in launching and scaling your campaigns with this easy-to-read dashboard… integrated directly into your List Launch Pro account.

Access to The Traffic Referral Partner Database:

You’ve heard successful business owners say this for years: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” And that’s why we’ve hand-selected our partners with responsive email lists for you to partner with so you can quickly grow your email list. Get ready for “Traffic On Demand” and instant visitors, leads, and sales.

Look Over My Shoulder “Click By Click” Video Training Series:

Watch as List Launch Pro Co-Creators Winter Vee and Tim Tarango guide you click-by-click through the List Launch Pro Platform and reveal the email secrets that have generated them over 1.3 million email subscribers throughout their online careers. This is like getting private business-building coaching from two of the world’s best online business consultants… from the comfort of your living room!

Start-From-Scratch Step-By-Step 7-Part Video Training Series to Getting Your First 5,000 Subscribers

You’re going to get the complete 7-part video training program so you can quickly generate your first 5,000 email subscribers starting from scratch! In this “no-fluff” training we show you exactly what you need to know to grow your business in a way that fits your schedule… even if you come home tired and exhausted from a J.O.B. or you’re using this system to generate extra income part-time. Whatever your situation, you’ll have the clarity and confidence in running a successful online email-driven “lifestyle business.”

The “Next Level” Video Training Series – Fully Customizing Your List Launch Pro Experience

List Launch Pro is the World’s #1 List-Launching Platform because it allows you to start generating leads and sales “right out of the box.” And in this exclusive 8-part video training series we’re going to show you how to get even more value from this complete list-building training program. You’re going to discover the secrets of how professional online marketers do fast and easy niche research… how to create a high-converting custom lead-capture page in under 30 minutes… and what you need to know to bank big commission checks from affiliate promotion campaigns.

Millionaire Mindset Video Series

In this video training series you’ll learn how to “program your mind” for success in creating your online lifestyle business. Using powerful mindset techniques acquired from over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience in online marketing, six-figure “high-ticket” selling, direct-response copywriting campaigns, affiliate marketing strategies, marketing automation, leadership development, and more. This is like getting an “Online MBA” that can be more valuable than gold as you adopt these business-building strategies.



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Josh Turner – The Appointment Generator 2018

Name Product: Josh Turner – The Appointment Generator 2018
Sale Page: _

Price: $197

The Simplest, Most Effective Way To
Generate a Reliable Stream of Prospects & Clients for Your Business.
Remove all the stress and worry of finding new prospects and booking appointments so you can focus on what’s really important.


The Appointment Generator is a proven training and coaching program including automation software, for generating a consistent flow of leads, sales appointments and clients – FAST, without spending money on ads, sounding salesy, or slaving away at your computer all day..

The Appointment Generator is a proven system that you can rely on to bring you a GUARANTEED 10+ appointments with your BEST prospects every single month, without any ad spend, or being a slave to your computer all day.

When you have a system like this, here’s what changes in your business and life.

For one, you’ll never to have to worry about where your next client is going to come from.ever again.

What if you could attract, connect with, and book sales appointments (or consultations, or strategy calls) with qualified prospects who turn into high-paying clients, literally anytime you need to drum up new business and cash?
What if you had a constant stream of quality clients coming to you, asking YOU if you’ll work with them?
Can you imagine how that would change your business, your life, and the lives all of the clients you help?
You’d never have to stay up late at night worrying and stressing out about being able to pay your bills.ever again.

You can finally take that vacation.

The Appointment Generator is the ultimate advanced training and coaching program (with automation software included) for generating all the appointments you can handle using the most productive tools and strategies available in the business world today.
And it’s all based on one THING: Trust.


Prospect faster and more efficiently than the competition by creating your own laser-focused ideal “Prospect Profile”.

Before you can start executing the advanced strategies in The Appointment Generator, you’ll need to have your foundation in place.
In this module, you’ll learn how to quickly.

Cut your “warm-up time” with prospects in half. You’ll quickly establish commonality and trust with your prospects using our process to find out where your prospects hang out and what they care about most

Master the art of turning your online presence into a client attraction magnet using our simple yet rarely used insider strategies.

Instantly put yourself in front of hundreds or thousands of your targeted prospects by using our systematic method of identifying, joining, and participating in the right groups.


Create a compelling name for your group that jumps off the screen, grabs the attention of your ideal prospects, and demands their attention.

After your foundation is in place, Module 2 will show you how to build your authority leadership platform from the ground up to establish yourself as an expert in your space.

In this module, you’ll learn how to.

Establish yourself as a leader in your market and attract more attention by setting up your own Authority Leadership Platform.

Quickly and effectively start valuable conversations with new members of your group (on either Facebook or LinkedIn) by crafting the perfect welcome messages.

Streamline your group for maximum engagement and lead generation by using our proven group management principles.

Launch your community in a way that will attract all the right prospects. FAST.

Identify and connect with targeted prospects on Facebook and LinkedIn by using our step-by-step process.


Find hidden gold in LinkedIn’s advanced people search using our LinkedIn advanced search strategy.

Module 3 puts everything you’ve learned about your ideal prospect in Modules 1 & the positioning you created in Module 2, and puts it to work to quickly get you connected with to hundreds or thousands of prospects. We call this process your “Database Build.”

In this module, you’ll learn how to.

Save time building your database while while filling it to the brim with hot prospects.

Pinpoint only the best prospects and weed out the cold ones by becoming a master at finding qualified clients on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Super-charge your prospecting by connecting with the right people andstarting productive business conversations.


Maximize your appointments booked with high value target prospects by creating a powerful messaging playbook that allows you to easily send personalized messages that start the relationship right, set you apart from the crowd, and culminate in real action being taken.

Here you’ll get our playbook to maximize your appointments booked with high value target creating a powerful messaging playbook that allows you to easily send personalized messages to start the relationship right, set you apart from the crowd, and culminate in real action being taken. And lots of appointments getting booked!

In this module, you’ll learn how to.

Leverage seven different messaging processes that will give you the ammunition you need to create compelling messages for a variety of different situations that will entice your prospects to interact with you and ultimately to take action. This lesson walks you through every single step to effectively use all of these powerful messaging strategies (and scripts).

Easily track and monitor your entire campaign by creating your own highly efficient tracking system. This lesson will show you a simple step-by-step process so you know exactly what’s happening with each of your soon-to-be clients at all times.

Mastering tools and processes to communicate quickly and effectively. The process of sending messages from your tracking sheet so it’s fast, easy, and efficient. – When you don’t have time to waste but want max results.

The Email Lead Gen Blueprint: You’ll get access to the complete training on simple strategies we’ve developed to automate personalized emails to your prospects, using our proprietary software Connect 365. By adding this process to your social messaging campaigns, this approach can generate a LOT more additional leads and appointments. On autopilot!


Now that you’ve got The Appointment Generator system in place, you’ll be booking appointments in no time! But you’ll want to have a rock-solid approach for handling these appointments, so that you convert them into clients

In this module, you’ll get our playbooks for.

How to Turn a First Call Into a Sales Call. A step-by-step approach to the first call with your prospects. This is the direct approach we teach our agency clients to increase their close percentages. You get the entire playbook

How to Turn a Strategy Sessions Into Sales. “Strategy Sessions” are a dime a dozen these days. So what’s the secret to getting them to work for your business? If you aren’t a ‘natural’ salesperson, utilize this training to ease yourself and your prospect into the sales process. This is a very integral, ethical approach that allows you to just be yourself and serve your prospects.AND get more clients signed up.

Approaching Strategic Partnerships. Looking to add jv or referral partners? Maybe you are trying to land guest speaking or guest writing opportunities? If you have an alternative strategy with the TAG system, watch this training to hear how we recommend conducting these calls.This is great for getting new JV’s, media opportunities, connections with influencers. you name it.

Ongoing Maintenance of Your TAG System. A review of the TAG System and the major points to maintain your system as you move forward. There are some best practices to make sure you continue your success with the TAG system. We’ll make sure you have everything you need for long term results.



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Jason Fladlien, Russel Brunson – Webinar Blueprint

Name Product: Jason Fladlien, Russel Brunson – Webinar Blueprint
Sale Page: _

Price: $47

“The Worlds Two Best Webinar Experts Share $200M Worth Of Webinar Secrets With You, But With This Catch.”
You Only Pay After You Complete The Training. And If You
Feel It’s 100X More Valuable Than The Asking Price!

Russell Brunson here, and webinars helped me grow ClickFunnels in a few short years from zero to over $100,000,000+ in revenue.

In my latest book, Expert Secrets, the primary vehicle I teach to become the expert – and to get paid for it handsomely is.

You guessed it.


And has it helped the 140,000+ people who have bought a copy of Expert Secrets? You Bet!

Which is why I’m reaching out to you today.

I am releasing a brand new training program called Webinar Blueprint. And get this.

It’s Better Than Free To You!

First, to get complete access to this brand new training costs you nothing upfront.

Only after you go through it. and only if you feel it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you or more. Only then we will process your credit card for a measly $100.

If, however, you feel the training was only worth tens of thousands of dollars to you. or it was 4 out of 5 stars, instead of 6 out of 5 stars. then you have 10 days after the training to drop us a line at

And you’ll be charged nothing.

Wait! It Gets Better STILL.

Jason Fladlien is known as the $100 Million Dollar Webinar Man because that’s the results he has produced from his webinars and webinar trainings!

I’m one half of The Webinar Blueprint product.

The other half is my friend, Jason Fladlien, who has personally taught me more about making money with webinars than anyone else on the planet.

When I combined all the powerful things I’ve discovered about doing webinars that make millions.

With the additional techniques that Jason showed me – techniques that have produced over $100,000,000+ in sales for him –

Well, it’s downright unfair.

That’s why Jason is one of the most-quoted individuals in my Experts Secrets book.

Yet, it’s hard to get advice from Jason without paying the big, big bucks – which puts him out of reach of most people, especially those just getting started online.

However, I know something about Jason.

He loves ClickFunnels. He’s one of our biggest fans, and uses it across all of his many different businesses. He’s in our Two Comma Club.

And even has built a ClickFunnels funnel that did over $10,000,000. He is one of our top ClickFunnels affiliates.

Using this as leverage – plus the enticing fact of helping tens of thousands of people all at once – was how I was able to do the almost impossible and get Jason to share his secrets with you for just $100.

And only allowing you to pay us for it after the training is over and you’re 1000% satisfied with it.

Here’s how it works.

The Webinar Blueprint

A successful webinar has two distinct parts. The webinar itself, and the funnel the webinar lives in.

A good webinar with a great funnel can do well.

A great webinar with a good funnel can do well.

Yet a great funnel with a great webinar isn’t just a small, incremental improvement. It’s exponential. It’s life changing. It’s when you put 1 and 1 together and you don’t get 2. you get 11.

With the right webinar and the right funnel, there probably isn’t anything you can’t accomplish in your business and in your life. True.

Jason has obsessed with becoming the best at the actual webinar itself. and I’m going to pull out every secret of his that I can. He has promised me that he’ll answer completely and fully any question I ask him for up to two hours straight.

I don’t think he realizes what he has gotten himself into!

Then, we flip it. Jason grills me on everything related to webinar funnels. Nothing is off-topic or out of bounds. I’m sworn to the same promise he made to me.

To reveal as much as a possible about profit producing webinars for up to two hours straight.

Here Is Just A Taste Of The Secrets Revealed On The Webinar Blueprint Training:

How Jason was able to sell $9.7 million dollars worth of product in 8 days as an affiliate. HINT: he was the only one to use webinars in this particular way.
What Russell has discovered analyzing over one hundred thousand funnels (others will have to spend years of trial-and-error to reap these benefits, while you’ll instantly get them handed over to you!)
How Jason’s biggest and most embarrassing mistake turned into his best webinar closing rate ever. And how you can ethically replicate it to make insane amounts of money.
The shift Russell made in his funnel when promoting ClickFunnels that catapulted his growth and success virtually overnight. (It doesn’t make sense on the surface, which is why nobody does it. but it works sooooo much better!)

Why you should NEVER handle objections in your webinar. and what you should do instead. It seems counter-intuitive, but it will make complete sense the second I say it.
How to double the sales of a webinar by promoting the same exact webinar to the same exact people twice. This means you can create less webinars, and make more money.
The #1 reason most people’s webinar fail (and what you can do to make sure your webinar is a massive success)
How to balance selling and teaching in your webinar. There’s a heated debate about how much you should and shouldn’t teach in webinars. But sales tell all – and after 100 Million dollars in webinar sales, Jason developed a simple equation that will show you exactly how much to teach and how much to sell, in order to produce the maximum profit for your offer.
How to create free bonuses that are even more valuable than your core offer. with ZERO extra work on your part! (Hint: this may be the biggest webinar secret of all!)
How to make limited offers on evergreen webinars, even if the offer can’t be evergreen.
Why webinars are perfect for the shyest people. (in fact, in this case, not facing your fear will likely make you even more money.)
How to sell on a webinar, even if you hate selling and are terrible at it. Maybe for you, selling is hard. scary even. And that’s totally normal. But here’s the good news. if you get this one part of your webinar right, you barely have to sell at all and you can still have massive success!

The scarcity compounder – this is the secret to getting people to take action. and no one else is teaching it! The truth is, nothing is better at getting people to buy than urgency and scarcity. But it works even better if you do something called scarcity compounding.
A proven psychological stacking technique that supercharges (and speeds up) your audience’s desire to buy from you.
How you can easily make an extra $5,000 by staying on the webinar for just 7 more minutes. This strategy alone has made us at least an extra $1,000,000.00
How to destroy writer’s block, and get your webinar done in half the time! Writer’s block is by far the biggest reason people fail with webinars. because most people never finish writing it! But I’m going to show you how one simple thought-shift can completely eliminate it, and allow you to effortlessly crank out your entire webinar in a single night.
The “10X Sales Template” for selling more of your products and services through webinars, no matter what industry you’re in.
A 4-part formula you can use to easily (and persuasively) sell almost anything. Simply fill-in-the-blanks and selling becomes almost effortless..
Jason’s “Webinar Content Roadmap” for creating valuable, engaging, “can’t-look-away” webinar content that gets people excited to do business with you and sets up desire for your offer, products, and service.
OFFER MASTERY: A simple formula for crafting compelling offers that 10x your cash flow. Jason reveals everything you need to know about cash-getting offers, and lays it out for you step-by-step in this 3-part formula.
The BIGGEST MISTAKE that prevents people from selling high-ticket items (and what YOU should do instead so you can easily sell high priced products and services.)
The single greatest proof element you can ever use in your selling, marketing and webinars. AND 4 ways to make your claims and promises more believable and trustworthy.



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