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Millionaires Brain Academy

Name Product: Millionaires Brain Academy

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Price: $199

Fill out the form below to officially apply to work with a One-on-One Coach, where our elite students are shown how to…

… Build Your Money Mindset
…Create an extra income source
… and Develop your financial future!

If you qualify, you will be advanced to stage #2 of the application process, where you will participate in a private telephone interview.

Have you ever wished that someone would teach you everything they know about creating success in your life and then make sure you do things the “right way” the first time.

Well, this is for you. We are currently looking for qualified people to work with our One-on-One Coach. As you can imagine, giving personal advice like this takes time.

Unlike the other programs you’ve probably seen, the team we’ve assembled dedicates their time and resources to helping you achieve your individual financial goals as quickly as possible.

Everyone is welcome to apply because it does not matter what position you are currently in:

>> If you do not have much (or any) knowledge or experience online, we will analyze your goals, desires, and situation and then work with you to achieve your financial goals.


>> If you already have experience, but you’re not making the money you’d like. We will show you our most powerful and proven strategies and how to apply them so you can make the changes you need to see more success.

We are currently looking for those who meet the following qualifications:

STEP #1: You must fill out the application form below to the best of your ability, explaining why you think we should work with you.

STEP #2: You must do a phone interview. We’ll call you to talk about your personal goals and needs, strengths and weaknesses… We’ll discuss your experience, your goals, and your desires. And then we’ll decide together whether or not this is right for you.



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Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 7

Name Product: Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine 7 (Mod0-3)

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Price: $1200

Discover Your Opportunity For the Ultimate Financial Freedom by Cashing in on Your Share of Amazon’s $ 136 Billion in Sales
Amazing Selling Machine is the most successful program for building a successful Amazon business. It’s about more than just learning how to ell on Amazon, it’s program designed for building an entire physical products business.



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90 Days To Freedom Business Training Programme

Name Product: 90 Days To Freedom Business Training Programme

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Price: $35

What Will I Learn?
By the end of this course you will be able to set up your own service based business and be signing your first clients!
Step 1 – Find your perfect business idea
Step 2 – Identify your ideal client
Step 3 – Write your pitch/marketing message
Step 4 – Create your signature system for working with clients
Step 5 – Put your services into a saleable product
Step 6 – Create your awesome lead magnet
Step 7 – Create your Authority Website
Step 8 – Start promoting your lead magnet and building your list
Step 9 – Learn how to have sales conversations that sell
Step 10 – Learn how to do Authority Marketing, and start implementing
View Curriculum
You should have an idea for a service based business.
Many people dream of a better lifestyle than that of corporate employment. That is why they start their own business to begin with. They would love to use their skills and talents to live a life on their own terms, to travel, work from wherever, whenever – while earning the same or more than their previous salary of course. But most coaches, creative and wellness practitioners never figure out how to make this happen.

But you have already done step one: you know the FreedomPreneur lifestyle exists and you have an idea or have launched your business! Congratulations! You have done well so far, most people don’t even get that far.

And it started well, you had a lot of interest and leads from your existing network, but they are drying up, and you are stuck. You lacking the proper strategy to market your business and create the FreedomPreneur Lifestyle you desire.

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Online Business Education

The 90 Days To Freedom programme is an immersive 90 day online business programme. It builds the foundations that many struggling coaches, creative & wellness practitioners miss out they first start in business. It brings structure and strategy to your business, letting your grow it toward the FreedomPreneur Lifestyle.

Done With You

This programme is not one sided, it is ‘done with you’. The team and your peers are available to review your work, and the content is structured so you learn AND do at the same time. Meaning that you make progress faster.


The 90 Days Alumni are amongst the most supportive and inspirational people we have ever met. And they are all there for you. During the group calls and in our online community you will have the support, experience and encouragement of other professionals – just like you. People that are driven, ambitious and striving for excellence.

Professional Experts

It is designed specifically for expert professionals, like you, who are already in business. You know what you are good at, you now you want to have an impact and grow a business that gives you more time, money and freedom then it does right now.

We Can Help You Reach Your Goal

Most new entrepreneurs and business owners have zero experience of running a business. You are talented at what you do, which is why you started your business, but you just don’t know how to make ‘the business’ work.

Even my clients with a traditional marketing background find themselves on a huge learning curve once they start their own small business.

There is so much to learn, and you have to become a jack-of-all-trades in the process – website setup, social media marketing, copywriting, tech, graphic design, accounting and more. When you’re starting out, it’s overwhelming. You don’t know what you don’t know.

Which Is Why I Created The 90 Days To Freedom Programme. I work with you to create solid foundation upon which you can grow a strong, viable business.

Fast Track With An Expert

Instead of trying to make it all up as you go along, use the formula or structure that has worked for someone else. A complete strategy that has been proven to create long lasting business success and momentum. Not just some snake oil marketing concept.

Get support from someone who has been there before, and understands not only the pitfalls, but also the common errors early stage entrepreneurs make.

Commit 100% to the process and achieve greater results.

Make sure you have a community of like-minded people around you, who understand your dreams and will give you the emotional support and motivation you need.

In other words, allow yourself to be shown the way and fast tracked through the entire business building process….



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Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

Name Product: Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

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Price: $200

What Will I Learn?
Build a Sales Funnel
Build or Increase a Social Media Following
Become an Affiliate Marketer with Clickbank and JVZoo
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Students will need a website. I recommend Bluehost or Hostgator.
Students should purchase OptimizePress plugin for WordPress.
Students will need to create their own content or use PLR products.
Are you ready to get more sales using a Sales Funnel, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing Strategies?

Are you ready to build a sales funnel? connections with customers on social media? and affliate marketers to sell your products?

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Periscope, Blab, and Google+ all have thousands of customers waiting for you.

Those customers will be lead to your website, that will be setup with a sales funnel, which means customers will be spending more money with you.

And, you’ll have affiliate marketers selling your products and sales funnels.

This course is the ultimate beginners guide into sales funnels, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

What does this course give you?

Social Funnel Strategies
Social Media Strategy and Best Practices
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Periscope, Blab
Social Media Automation
Working with Affiliate Marketers
The key is to create a brand that is consistent across all channels.

Click the “Take This Course” button straight away at the top right of this page because every second you delay is costing you money.

Who is the target audience?
Students who know very little about Building a Sales Funnel.
Students who have very little Social Media presence and want more of a following.
Students who want to become an affiliate marketer with Clickbank
Students who want to upload their created products to JVZoo.


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Creative Thinking Workshop: Exercises to Boost Creativity

Name Product: Creative Thinking Workshop: Exercises to Boost Creativity

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Price: $195

What Will I Learn?
Know how to use the environment around you to boost your creative thinking
Have hands on practice with 15 creative exercises to increase your understanding and boost your creativity
Understand the creative thinking mindset you need to be in to maximize creativity
Receive the instructors help if you have specific questions about creativity or if you are stuck creatively
Understand frustration and how to properly handle this negative emotion so it doesn’t interfere with your creativity
Be able to set up your own creative space so you can engage in creative thinking and creativity on a daily basis
Get into a neutral creative mindset by participating in a guided creative mindset meditation?
View Curriculum
View More
Have basic office supplies to complete some of the exercises (tape, scissors, paper, etc)
Please speak English due to not having any subtitles in this creativity course
>>> This BESTSELLING Guided Creativity Workshop on Udemy has over 3,200 students and 29 FIVE star reviews from previous creative students who have loved this course!

>>>This course was updated in January 2017! <<<

Are you stuck creatively and unsure where to find inspiration?

What if I told you that creativity is all around you, you just have to stop and look? In this introductory course I help you to think more creatively in any area of your life. I give you the tools to use the resources and the environment around you to think more creatively from here on forward. I use the knowledge from my BFA degree in Creative Writing and minor in Psychology to work your mind creatively with various exercises. Doing a couple exercises isn’t enough, I want you to have the entire creative treasure chest so you can draw creative inspiration from it, no matter where you are!

Creative thinking is not just for artists, anyone can think more creatively starting today!

I want you to gain knowledge and hands on experience as fast as possible. Almost all of the lectures will have a creative thinking exercise for you to complete. The best part is that not only do I walk you through the exercise but I complete the exercise with you and share my results at the end to keep you moving forward creatively.

In this course you will:

Know how to use the environment around you to boost your creative thinking
Understand the creative thinking mindset you need to be in to maximize creativity
Participate in a guided creative mindset meditation
Understand frustration and how to properly handle this negative emotion so it doesn’t interfere with your creativity
Be able to set up your own creative space so you can engage in creative thinking and creativity on a daily basis
Have hands on practice with 15 creative exercises and complete 3 creative challenges to increase your understanding and boost your creativity
I give you 32 lectures (and expanding!) in just 1.5 HOURS! This class has ZERO time fillers because your time is valuable and I want you to start thinking more creatively ASAP with as many different exercises. This creative thinking class will always stay up to date and I check this course on a daily basis to answer any questions you may have for me and to offer any additional help that you may need. There are no stupid questions, so if you need help just let me know. I am 100% committed to improving your creativity and creative thinking skills!

>>>Click the Take This Course button today because you have nothing to lose! If this class was not a right fit for you, Udemy will give you a refund with their 30 day money back guarantee!

Sign up for this course today and let’s get you to not only to think more creatively but open your mind to the endless creative possibilities awaiting for you inside this course! Thank you for choosing me as your creative teacher!

Who is the target audience?
This creativity course for people that are interested in starting to think more creatively by utilizing the environment and resources around them. This course breaks down lectures into simple key concepts when it comes to thinking more creatively. Majority of the lectures include an exercise for the student to complete. These exercises vary in all forms of the art media and the teacher strongly encourages students to partake in each exercise to develop their creative skill and creative mindset.
This course will continuously encourage you to think outside the box, be open minded and willing to step outside your comfort zone to maximize your creativity.
This course is NOT for anyone looking for specific problem solving approaches
This course is NOT for anyone who isn’t interested in improving their creativity in order to be more creative.


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Growth Hacking, Business Development: Marketing Fundamentals

Name Product: Growth Hacking, Business Development: Marketing Fundamentals

Sale Page: _

Price: $185
What Will I Learn?
How To Grow Your Business Fast And Effectively
Master Business And Marketing Fundamentals
Top Goals In Business Development
How To Get Quality Traffic For Free Or At A Cheap Price
How To Survive The Startup Phase
Build A Long Term Business
View Curriculum
No prior knowledge or work is necessary to take this course.
Download the audio sections for future references
Pen and paper for precious notes
Course description

Explode Your Business With These Business and Marketing Fundamentals!

Note: This course includes straight forward techniques and marketing tips to explode your business and develop a powerful growth strategy. This requires practice and motivated people to put in the work. If you are serious about growing your business, this is for you.

What Is In This Course?

This will change your business.

If you’re looking to grow your business by knowing business and marketing fundamentals, let me tell you that you are at the right place. You can’t grow effective and survive in the business world if you don’t know these fundamentals!

I will show you the key to build a long-term stable business by surviving the startup phase, but how? With great knowledge of business development goals and stages of growth. You are in control of your business and life, you need to take the right decisions at the right moments. Can you take the right decisions and stay on top of your game and industry? Get better right now!

As what Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook says ”The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. ”

This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.

In Business and Marketing Fundamentals, you’ll learn:


Is This For You?

Do you want to grow your business fast and strong?
Are you wondering why you can’t create a long-term business?
Do you think you will be happy when you finally grow a real and stable business?
Then this course will definitely help you.

This course is essential to all business-minded persons, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. If you are looking to grow your business and build a successful startup, it needs to be built on the right business and marketing fundamentals. This can’t be accomplished if you do not know or master them! Did you know that 95% of businesses fails within 5 years?

Don’t be part of this number and build a successful business with long-term strategies and plans!


Why Knowing Business and Marketing Fundamentals?

Let me show you why you need to know business and marketing fundamentals:

1. You will know where to go. You won’t be lost anymore. What is the next step? You will clearly know where to go and how to get there. Without these business and marketing fundamentals, it’s hard to know what you need to work on first.

2. You will feel more confident as an entrepreneur. How? You will master these fundamentals which allows you to be confident in your work by knowing the strongest foundation a successful business needs.

3. You will gain knowledge and see differently. When you know these business and marketing fundamentals, you will gain powerful knowledge and understand the business world differently. You will know what it takes and what separates great business from bad business.

4. You will not fall in common pitfall. By mastering these business and marketing fundamentals, you will not do the mistakes of many other entrepreneurs who did these mistakes.


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The best fitness training companion you can have – the rope

Name Product: The best fitness training companion you can have – the rope

Sale Page: _

Price: $20

What Will I Learn?
Use an inexpensive, mobile, accessible fitness companion to take on runs, use in your garden, a park or in nature.
Tie knots and make handles on and use a simple piece of rope
Understand the benefits of natural, outdoor movement – with increased strength & mobility
View Curriculum
You should have at least some interested in keeping fit and healthy
The rope course is part of – The SHINE Model series. Shine represents what I believe to be the key components of overall and complete holistic health. Sustainable Health Inspired by Nature and Evolution.

One of the main aims of The Shine model is to simplify our quest for health. We are ever bombarded with new fads, new ‘science’ and new scams which prey on our desire to be healthy but with the fastest track, least discomfort method possible.

SHINE suggests that we undertake health goals that are sustainable – which means they have to be fun and have purpose. They need to make sense – so in an evolutionary context and with ‘good science’ to back them up. We have to be inspired. Inspiration helps us quest for a new level or a new mode of health challenge. Nature provides us with the environment in which we, as humans, spent millions of years evolving, Nature can, very often, provide everything we need; peace, serenity, challenge, play. Our bodies and minds feel ‘at home’ in nature, and find a well balanced state of well-being.

The ROPE course gives you a glimpse into how, with a little inspiration and imagination, you can add literally hundreds of new movements to an exercise session. A simple length of light rope wrapped around your waist and taken on a run can turn itself into the most awesome piece of gym equipment, providing incredible possibilities for body weight, power, mobility, balance and postural exercise.

The course is quick and easy and for every level, from complete beginner to elite athlete.

There are three main takeaways from this course:

1. Why use a rope for exercise.

2. How to tie easy, safe and easy to untie (important having exposed them to your full body weight) knots and anchors.

3. A series of movements and exercises you can do with your rope. Hopefully this will be ever expanding with inspired ideas from students – and I will add more over time.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who would like a cheap innovative way to improve their fitness, strength & mobility levels
Anyone who likes to exercise outdoors
Anyone who wants to give their fitness regime a boost


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Darren Hardy – The Entrepreneur FastPass

Name Product: Darren Hardy – The Entrepreneur FastPass

Sale Page: _

Price: $199
“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of
comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge.”

Become a thriving entrepreneur.

This focused training will save you years of trial and error, and weeks of sorting through business advice books and blogs, newsletters and seminars.

Darren Hardy expertly breaks this essential material down into easy-to-follow video training modules and reveals the best practices used by the world’s most successful entr


This is THE entrepreneur training that will move your business and your life forward
This program includes hours of video, days of audio and years of experience. Every lesson includes new exclusive material from Darren Hardy
12-weekly video training modules
Lifetime access complete with audio and video programs and a progressive workbook
Transformational training is easily accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Audio files are downloadable so that you can listen on the go
Darren Hardy walks you through the best ideas, strategies and methodologies discovered over 20 years studying with the top CEOs and business mentors
Includes active workbooks, support, resources and action plans you need to get results
Discussion forum to share your learning and growth experience with ambitious, like-minded achievers



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Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation Course

Name Product: Brennan Dunn – Master Drip Email Marketing Automation Course

Sale Page: _

Price: $997

Grow your audience and increase sales by leveling up your automation game

You know how important email is.

You also know email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, despite whatever the guru-du-jour says about the latest social media platform.

And while marketing automation tools are all the rage right now, there’s not much out there that goes beyond the basics to provide advanced and in-depth strategies and tactics on how to use automation to measurably grow your business.

One-size-fits-all is hurting your sales

Many businesses use email marketing software to manage subscribers and send the occasional broadcast newsletter to their list.

If this is all you’re doing, you’re missing out.

Over the years, I’ve gone all-in on marketing automation. My business hums along at 7-figures, mostly on autopilot.

What’s really helped the most has been when I started to segment my audience and provide personalized content to my subscribers and customers, both in the emails I send and on this website.

I’ve created email courses that are hyper-personalized based off who’s going through it, and culminate with a weekly pitch for my premium course that drives thousands of dollars a week in new revenue.
I’ve setup advanced webinar registration sequences that capture and SMS subscribers before, during, and after the event, and use have systems in place for using the data I collect to optimize future events.
My website changes depending on who’s looking at it and where they are in my sales funnel. The call-to-actions, language, and even the images change depending on what I know about someone, data that I accumulate through passive subscriber profiling.
And as I’ve taken marketing automation to its limits, people started to notice. I’ve spoken at numerous conferences about what’s possible, and openly shared how automation is helping grow my business.

I’ve had a lot of companies approach me, wanting me to do replicate what I’ve done for their business.

The only answer I had was “hire me for $25,000+” (which was cost prohibitive for 95% of those who asked.)

Introducing Mastering Drip, my self-study course on becoming a marketing automation wizard

I’ve created a self-study course that provides over 8 hours of in-depth tutorials on how to create effective and profitable automation sequences for your clients.

Inside you’ll find lessons on personalized email courses, launch strategies, automatically generating testimonials and upsets, and more. All the strategies and tactics I use for my business, and the businesses of my high-profile clients, are included.

Here’s a sample lesson that covers how to create a successful Black Friday sale (that netted $8 per unique email open):

The tool I use for marketing automation Drip, which is one of the most powerful and affordable pieces of software available (free for up to 100 subscribers, paid plans start at $49/month.) But as long as you use an advanced email marketing automation tool, many of the lessons will still apply.

Not only will I teach you how to functionally use Drip, but you’ll also learn how to setup advanced automation. And best of all, what I cover will help any and all types of businesses: small mom and pops, Fortune 500s, non-profits, churches, personal blogs, and so on.

You’ll be able to apply what I teach you to directly and immediately help grow your business.

And there’s zero risk to you: If you join the course, go through what I teach, and aren’t able to generate the results you’re looking for I want you to write me for a refund. (I’m 100% confident that you’re going to totally change the way you work as a result of this course.)


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Chris Record – 3 Zero Club & Inner Circle

Name Product: Chris Record – 3 Zero Club & Inner Circle

Sale Page: _

Price: $120

How chris record gets facebook video views for $0.0003 each and builds 10,000+ email lists in various niches and monetizes them at $10k+ per month and more!
3 Zero Club Training Content:

3 Zero Club Introduction Video! – (orientation)
3 Zero Club Webinar Replay #1
3 Zero Club Webinar Replay #2
3 Zero Club Webinar Replay #3
What is the 3 Zero Club?
How to Get Into the 3 Zero Club
How to Get Viral Video Content
Applications that Can Help You Extract Youtube Videos
Creating a FB Page and Posting Viral Videos
Using Canva to Create Visually Engaging Links
Recap of The Viral Video Facebook Ad Process
Should I Create a New Facebook Account for the 3 Zero Club?
Should You Set Up an Entirely New Facebook Page to Run 3 Zero Club Ads?
How a Viral Video Spreads Through Facebook
How to Boost Facebook Ads and the Drawbacks
Placing an Ad on a Fresh Facebook Account
What to Do When Your Ad Account Gets Banned
Managing and Targeting Your Facebook Ads
How to Brainstorm Interests to Target Audiences
How to Scale Out Ads When They Are in the Three Zero Club
Recap of Three Zero Club Ad Campaign Process
If You Already Have a Facebook Page Targeting a Niche, Should You Use Viral Videos Related to That Niche?
Does Your 3 Zero Club Strategy Need to Be Related to What You’re Selling?
Once You Get Your Campaign to 3 Zeroes, Should You Stop the Campaign?
How Can You Edit or Screen Record Videos if You Do Not Have a Mac
How Long Do You Let Ads Run That Are At .0001?
Should You Make a New FB Page for Each Viral Video?
If They Ban an Ads Account Will You Need To Change Your IP, Physical Location, etc?



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