Ryan Lee – How to Become Your Own Media Buyer

Name Product: Ryan Lee – How to Become Your Own Media Buyer

Sale Page: _https://gumroad.com/l/mediabuyer#

Price: $99

You will never be 100% independent until you’re able to generate your own leads and customers.

And doing simple “media buys” is the easiest way.

We’ve assembled four of the best step-by-step training sessions from the latest DotComXpo… showing you the best way to drive inexpensive, high-quality traffic to your site.

It’s called the “How to Become Your Own Media Buyer” POWER-PACK and includes…

Session #1: Facebook Ads (The best way on how to get traffic with Facebook ads)

Session #2: The “Secret” Search Engine Traffic (How to get traffic for pennies per click)

Session #3: Google Network Traffic (How to tap into the power of Google “Content” network for virtually unlimited traffic)

Session #4: Media Buying (How to become your own “media buyer” and get BIG traffic from 3rd party networks)



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