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The “21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance” Course

Scientifically Proven and Field Tested Training
On How Top Earners Make 10X More… And How You Can
Double Your Sales In 35 Weeks Or Less!

It’s clear our world in the 21st century calls for some drastic changes in the way we do business, sell and earn our living. We’ve already talked about the “3 Sales Realities”. How technology, smaller wallets and higher competition can weed out even the strongest salesperson.

But more importantly, we’ve talked about how it’s a necessity to act like a high performer just to survive in this environment.
And as I mentioned, there are Seven Key Results Areas all top earners focus on. It’s how they’re able to earn 10X more than average… how they collect 80% of the income, leaving scraps for everyone else… how they close more deals, bigger deals and get all the rewards.
In other words — the Seven Key Results Areas is at the CORE of “21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance”… and that’s why I’ve expanded the lessons of these Seven Key Results Areas into 24 video modules.
Each module will be delivered to you — twice a week over the next 12 weeks. I do this to give you time to breathe, focus on one module at a time — and avoid overwhelm.

But first… let’s get a quick preview of what you’ll be adding to your arsenal. Let me quickly give you a brief tour of the modules you’ll discover in each of the Seven Key Results Areas…

– Key Result Area One: Prospecting And Getting Appointments
– Key Result Area Two [Part 1]: Developing Trust and Rapport
– Key Result Area Two [Part 2]: How To Read Different Types Of People
– Key Result Area Two (Part 3): The Secret of “Mega Credibility”
– Key Result Area Three: Getting The Truth From Your Prospect & Problem Identification
– Key Result Area Four: The Art of “Sales Theater”
– Key Result Area Five: Handling Objections With Ease
– Key Result Area Five (Part 1): Make “Price” An Issue of The Past
– Key Result Area Five (Part 2): Why “Price” Isn’t The Real Reason People Don’t Buy
– Key Result Area Six: Closing The Sale
– Key Result Area Seven: Getting Repeat Business And Referrals


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