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If Your Email Copy Doesn’t Drive Sales,
It Doesn’t Matter If You’ve Got 30 or
300,000 Subscribers

If your email copy doesn’t sell, why are you working to attract more subscribers? Or more trial users?

Why are you collecting email addresses?

Why are you paying to push traffic to your lead gen pages and webinars? If your drip campaign doesn’t convert leads into clients, it’s like you’re burning money on ads…

Why are you building new product features to attract more trial users? If your emails don’t sell users on upgrading, you’ll just attract more users that churn out…

Why are you blogging and tweeting and writing ebooks? All that content is for nothing if your subscribers simply consume it and vanish. In the end, you’re building a list that’s just gonna sit there until a) it goes stale or b) folks unsubscribe.

Why keep pushing prospects into a brokedown flow?

You can add more people to your list. But without fixing your email copy, you aren’t actually fixing the business problem.

The old saying “the money is in the list” is only true if you send emails that bring in money.

Trial users need to become paying users. That’s what email’s for.

Leads for your services need to sign contracts with you. That’s what email’s for.

Newsletter subscribers need to share your free content and buy your paid stuff. That’s what email’s for.

Your business can sell more with email.

But only if you send emails that sell.

Does Apple do things that don’t work? Does Apple jump on bandwagons and follow trends and burn money on fruitless campaigns?

No. Apple does things that work and work measurably.

Apple sends emails that sell.

Lots of them.

So does Airbnb, Expedia and HubSpot. Even social media platforms – like Facebook and Twitter – send you email notifications, updates and other messages to pull you back to their sites. Why don’t they just fill your feed? Why don’t they just tweet?

Because email works.


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