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How I Earned $785,350 Making Just 30 Blog Post

If You’re Not Achieving The Results
You Want Online Then Keep Reading…

I started doing business online back in 1994. I’ve sold a lot of products, both physical and digital. I’ve made a lot of money. I’ve lost big chunks of money too. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. And I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons.

But the most important thing I ever learned was back in 2005…September 14, 2005 to be exact.   That’s when I had two websites…both earning six-figures annually…practically disappear overnight.  The traffic was suddenly gone.  The money was suddenly gone.  I was left staring at my screen thinking “WTF?”.

What happened was that all of my traffic was coming from sources I had no control over.  And sweeping changes had hit the Internet marketing world (as they often do).  I had no backup plan.  Nothing in the pipeline.  And there was no miracle product out there that would solve all my problems.

So I quit. I quit doing everything the gurus were teaching. I quit doing what everyone else was doing. Shoot, I quit doing everything I had been doing. And I started testing my own ideas and strategies with one goal in mind…total control…to never be at the mercy of the Internet again.

This testing has continued on for the past 11 years.  And to be honest, some of the stuff I’ve tried has failed spectacularly. But some of it has worked…and worked really well. So much so, that the strategies I developed have become the ONLY things I use for all of my own sites, for all of my clients and for every site owned by family and friends.

Longevity Marketing 2
Is All New, From Top to Bottom

Every component from the original Longevity Marketing System has been re-visited, re-tested, re-tweaked and reborn.  It’s all fresh, all current and all proven to work.

Numerous new strategies have been developed, tested, proven to perform and added to the system.  Strategies that speed results, free up more of your time and give you even more control over your traffic and your profits.

Nearly 8 hours of brand new, step by step video lessons.  Easily, the largest, most detailed and most thorough course I’ve ever produced.  It’s a big course.  And it’s worth it.

And all you have to do is simply follow the recipe I lay out for you in the training.  A recipe designed with total control in mind…where you can make more money each and every year, while working less each and every year…and all without having to chase after shiny pennies, blow money on the next big thing or waste your time and money on gimmicks that disappear in just a few months.


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