Winning the Game of Business

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  • 30 May 2015
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John Assaraf - Winning the Game of Business
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The business and lifestyle you’ve always wanted is within your grasp. Are you ready to make it a reality now?
It starts with scientifically changing your inner thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and your behavior, RIGHT NOW!

Winning the Game of Business: NeuroTraining System!

External forces can negatively impact the performance of your business, but more critical to your success is mastering the ‘Inner Game’ of business growth and success.This means controlling your own conscious or unconscious doubts, fears and self-limiting beliefs, so that no matter what’s happening in the economy, you and your business are thriving!

Is business success really that easy? One thing is certain, working harder is not the answer. To create real and lasting change in any aspect of your business, you must change your sub- conscious attitudes and beliefs, which in turn will change your perceptions, emotions and daily habits. This is how you transform your business—and your life—from the inside out!

No other program in the world today does this as well, as fast, and as easily as Winning the Game of Business. Based on decades of painstaking brain research, this program that combines the most effective evidence-based techniques with the most current scientific methodologies, including:

    Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
    Guided and Self-Hypnosis
    Embedded Positive Suggestions
    Brain Entrainment
    Sound Wave Patterns
    3-D / Surround-SoundTechnology
    Precision Affirmations
    Subliminal Messages
    Emotional FreedomTechnique
    Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
    Guided Visualization Sessions
    Meditation and Mindfulness

Alone, each of these are powerful methodologies. We have scientifically engineered all of them into a multi-layered, nine-level, synergistic audio-based brain retraining system that is the most powerful program in the world. It enables you to achieve a successful business
that is congruent with your values, and the life you have always desired and deserved.

Winning the Game of Business is a tiered, nine-level, proprietary system that accesses the part of the implicit brain that keeps people stuck. It will enable you to get unstuck, and get you focused on releasing the thoughts and negative behaviors that are keep- ing you stuck right now. In just a short timeframe, you’ll develop the thought patterns and actions of highly success- ful business people.

This is a progressive program that will transform your results in business. All it takes is 30 minutes per day of “Innercise” using this program for 90 days, and Winning the Game of Business will change your life forever. Imagine doing, being and having everything you’ve always dreamed of for your business, and making that a reality right now. Or…. you could continue to operate your busi- ness from scarcity and limitations, and wonder what might have been had you taken action and actually reprogrammed your brain to effortlessly increase your sales, revenues and profits.

Are you interested? Or are you truly committed to finally creating a busi- ness that gives you control of your financial destiny?

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