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  • 31 Jan 2016
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Name Product: Yaro Starak - Blog Mastermind 2.0
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Cost: $997 ==> You Just Pay $39.95

Make A Minimum Of $10,000 To As Much As $55,000 Per Month, Blogging Part Time

The Only Step-By-Step Blog Program With Genuine Life Changing
Success Stories From Every Day People — And You Can Be Next!

A Proven Pathway To Full-Time Internet Income WITHOUT Selling Your Soul!

Blogging is one of the most straight forward methods to start an internet business. It is financially lucrative, personally satisfying, can be built on something you already enjoy, and (in my experience) is by far the best way to get started making money online.

You don’t need a lot of equipment, money, or even writing skills.

I’m convinced anyone can start a blog from scratch, build an audience, and have a genuine income potential of anywhere from $10,000 up to $55,000 per month or more, if they follow the steps I’m about to reveal to you.

Yes, you can do it, too.

Here’s what that means to you…
Pro Blogger
No One Controls Your Life…

Would you like to be able to add some serious excitement to your life…

…to create something that is uniquely your own…

…that has the potential to make you enough money that you can stay in bed on cold, blustery winter mornings instead of having to go to work…

…or would let you go to the beach on Wednesday if the surf is up, or to simply spend time chatting with friends whenever you wanted?…

If that sounds like something you want for your own life, stay with me because I’d like to share my simple system with you and teach you how to duplicate my results and start earning a full time income blogging part time.
I have a tested and proven system called Blog Mastermind. It’s a week-by-week coaching program in which I show you, step-by-step, how to:

Step 1: Set up and customize your blog

(even if you don’t have a clue about “tech stuff”!)

Step 2: Build your readership

(this has got to be the easiest way to get traffic ever invented!)

Step 3: …and make money!

(yes, a full-time income is possible working as little as 2 hours a day, like I do!)

Blog Mastermind is for:

- People who are tired of sitting on the fence and want to start earning a generous income online doing something you love
- Bloggers and online publishers who are looking for a way to generate MUCH more income from your blog with LESS time and effort.
- Coaches, Experts, Authors, Speakers, Trainers, or Entrepreneurs who want to use a blog as a marketing tool to establish authority, to “Build A Platform”, generate BUZZ, attract new business and create a massive competitive advantage in your niche.

A blog can make you the “Go-To” Guy or Gal in your marketplace – and I show you exactly how inside my program
“Blog Mastermind is about finally having the freedom to live life on your terms…
To wake up each day knowing you can do WHAT you want, WHEN you want”

Let Me Explain…

I’m writing this page you are reading from a cafe in the city of my hometown Brisbane, Australia.

It’s mid-afternoon. I’m sitting here enjoying an orange juice and watching hundreds of people, wearing suits and work clothes, rushing back and forwards going to and from jobs they don’t like, jobs that leave them feeling empty and unfulfilled but they have to ‘stick with’ to keep food on the table and pay bills for yet another month.

That doesn’t have to be the story of your life.

As a successful Blogger, a whole new world of options opens up to you. Suddenly things that yesterday were just wishes, hopes and dreams become real life choices.

Stop Trading Hours-For-Dollars

If you currently work a job, or freelance, coach or consult, or do any activity where your potential to earn an income is capped by the hours you work, then it’s time for you to change. It’s time to choose a better business model.

Instead of getting paid-by-the-hour, why not get paid even while you are sleeping! – I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true.

Your blog can sell digital products to people around the world 24 hours a day. Transfer what you know into passive income streams.

Blog Mastermind Is Live! (NEW Version)
I’d Like To Invite You To Enroll In The Next Round Of My Blog Mastermind Program

Here’s exactly what you get as a Blog Mastermind member…

The foundation of the program are the multimedia workshops, where I personally guide you through each of the key steps to create your blog business platform.

There are six (6) workshops in all, each broken up into concise modules that you can study at your own pace. I recommend you complete one workshop per week, which is just one module a day (a very realistic goal!).

All the workshops are video presentations you can watch online inside the Blog Mastermind private members area, or download and take them with you as portable files on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. They are also available in MP3 audio-only and text PDF transcripts with slides.

The content is focused on how to turn your blog into a full time income stream, with step-by-step instructions and actions for you to take at the end of each workshop, so you not only learn, you take action and get real results.

Here’s an outline of what you’ll find in each workshop:

- WORKSHOP 1: How To Set-Up Your "Blog Sales Funnel” To Make Money From Day One

The first workshop focuses on the BIG PICTURE – the overall platform you are going to create as the basis for your online business.

I teach a unique system called the “Blog Sales Funnel”. This means you are going to combine a focused niche blog and a problem-solving email list to sell your own digital products and services.

By the end of the first workshop you will have created your first Blog Sales Funnel.

- WORKSHOP 2: Email Marketing Mastery: A Step-By-Step Template To Create An Automated Email Sequence That Sells

This second workshop builds on the first one, giving you the EXACT EMAILS to write and the SEQUENCE TO SEND THEM to make sales of your digital products.

There is no point building up your audience until you are certain about what you want them to do once they get to your blog. This workshop will answer that question, and give you the exact process to take people through after they discover your blog.

This workshop is an email writing bootcamp, a complete course in and of itself. I promise if you apply what you learn in workshop two you will recoup the cost of Blog Mastermind more than three-fold at minimum.

- WORKSHOP 3: How To Create Blog Content That Magnetically Attracts Devoted Readers

Workshop three is where the serious blogging begins. The first two workshops establish your platform for turning blog visitors into customers. Now it’s time to build-out the platform with content and start to cement your authority.

- WORKSHOP 4: Advanced Traffic Techniques To Automate Your In-Bound Visitor Flow

These are what I call high-leverage traffic strategies and tactics. When you implement these techniques your traffic will grow AUTOMATICALLY. This is a key to a true 2 hour work day blogging lifestyle.

These are the strategies that can turn you from an average blogger with a few hundred readers, to an A-List blogger with thousands of regular readers and authority in your niche.

These are the Secret Weapons I used to build up my blog

- WORKSHOP 5: How To Create Your Entry-Level Front-End Product

Did you know that your own product will sell up to ten times more than affiliate products? Plus you make significantly higher profit margins when compared to other money-making techniques like advertising.

When you build a popular blog people want more from you. This is why almost all bloggers will say things really changed the day they started selling their own products (it certainly did for me!).

In this module you’re going to create your first product to sell from your blog, using my rapid product creation formula. You could literally have your first product up and ready for sale in a matter of days.

- WORKSHOP 6: How To Turn Your Blog Into A Real Business (Or, “How to Work Less and Earn More”)

This is all about Exponential Income Growth and the Exponential Freedom that goes along with that.

Learn how I can get away with only writing a few blog posts every month, yet make much more money than the average blogger AND even it do it while traveling the world. It’s all about lifestyle – blog WHEN you want, from ANY country and make enough money to live a FANTASTIC and relaxed life.

- Plus! – Checklists and Task Sheets

The workshops include checklists and task sheets that give you the exact steps to take to implement what you learn. This is where the “rubber hits the road” – it’s time for you to get out there and build your blog business following the step-by-step instructions I give you every workshop.

Ticking the box as you get each step done is an important motivation and accountability tool. Many of the graduates of Blog Mastermind have told me that it was the tasks that they appreciated the most because it was clear what they had to focus on each week.

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