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Vic Noble – Weekly Trading Examples 2013

Name Product: Vic Noble – Weekly Trading Examples 2013

Sale Page: http://www.forexmentor.com/coaching/weeklyexample/

Price: $297

Vic Noble is one of the coaches at ForexMentor. He is responsible for putting together a good bunch of the courses offered at this site either on his own or with the help of other coaches or former Forexmentor members. His trading is mainly based on support and resistance and market flow. His ideas on trading are very simple and effective which he successfully shares due to very good communication skills.

After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Commerce, Vic became vice-president of a family run sawmill in Vancouver that employed 200 people.

In 1988 the sawmill was sold and he then became the chief pilot and operations manager of a helicopter charter operation, which he ran until the later 1990’s, after which he devoted full time to trading.

Up until the early fall of 2005 he was employed by a large futures brokerage house in Vancouver, and has since left that job to concentrate exclusively on trading foreign exchange for his own account, and most importantly to help others find success in trading.

Vic has always maintained a passion for trading and as a result of his years in the brokerage business was able to gain unique insights into the habits of both successful and unsuccessful traders. It was the unsuccessful traders that really challenged Vic to want to make a difference, and so to that end he has now embarked upon a strategic relationship with Forexmentor.com with the sole purpose of helping people develop successful trading habits.



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RKMA Market Research Reports 2013

Name Product: RKMA Market Research Reports 2013

Sale Page: http://www.rkma.com/reports.cfm

Price: Total: $3565

Richard K. Miller & Associates (RKMA) market research handbooks focus on various consumer-related markets. Each of these comprehensive assessments includes market forecasts, sector trends, and statistics. In addition to in-depth analyses, handbooks include links to hundreds of websites for additional information.

RKMA publications serve as a convenient and reliable resource for executives of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, investment bankers, management consultants, market analysts, hundreds of college and public libraries, and more.

Consumer Behavior 2013
November 2012; 574 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-184-5; $385.

Healthcare Business Market Research Handbook 2013-2014
June 2013; 718 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-189-6; $485.

Restaurant, Food & Beverage Market Research Handbook 2013
March 2013; 695 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-188-8; $385.

Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook 2013-2014
January 2013; 637 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-186-1; $385.

Entertainment, Media & Advertising Market Research Handbook 2013-2014
January 2013; 362 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-185-3; $385.

Sports Marketing 2013
September 2012; 476 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-183-7; $385.

Retail Business Market Research Handbook 2013-2014
June 2013; 284 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-192-6; $385.

Casinos, Gaming & Wagering 2013
June 2013; 253 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-191-8; $385.

Leisure Market Research Handbook 2012-2013
January 2012; 388 pages; ISBN# 1-57783-174-8; $385.



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Social Media Superhero Summit 2013

Name Product: Social Media Superhero Summit 2013

Sale Page: http://www.socialmediasuperherosummit.com/store

Price: $297

Want to Generate More Qualified Traffic, Sales & Authority With Social Media in 2014?

Business owners all over the world asked us to bring them a Superhero Summit especially on Social Media so they could learn the very best and most cutting-edge strategies from people who are actually using Social Media right now to get huge results for themselves and their clients.

Yes, it’s true that social media can can drive an insane amount of traffic, leads, referrals & sales into almost any business, but unless you know what you’re doing, it more likely to be a confusing, overwhelming “black hole” of time and money.

If you’re like most people, you’ve had to work it out as you’ve gone along, so it’s no wonder you don’t have a proven strategy in place to guide you to real, sustainable profits.

Do you really know which networks you should be targeting right now? (Depending on your industry, the answer should change)
How much money should you be putting into it? (Depending on the network that’s right for you, again, your strategy should change)
How do you know if your strategy is working? There are only a handful of key indicators you should be watching. (Hint: You should ignore the usual “vanity” numbers such as number of ‘likes’, ‘shares’ etc..)

You’ve missed the live sessions, but it’s not yet too late to secure your own archive copy of these valuable session recordings.

If you want to:

Learn how to make Facebook work for you to generate a huge tribe…
Tap into the power of the next big thing (Google+) before your competition and profit,
Figure out why you can’t connect with the right influencers on LinkedIn…
Or any of NINE other Superhero Social Media topics that will be VITAL to your success in 2014, then …



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Paul Scheele – PhotoReading Mindfest 2013

Name Product: Paul Scheele – PhotoReading Mindfest 2013

Sale Page: _http://www.learningstrategies.com/PhotoReading/Intro1.asp

Price: $530

PhotoReading MINDFEST How to get through your reading at least 3x faster Learn to absorb all of the information you want with greater comprehension and retention

PhotoReading is the super-fast learning technology that helps you absorb information at least three times faster than you can now. PhotoReading is faster than speed reading, systematically easier, and more effective.

Whether it is books, magazines, computer documents, or even complicated business and technical information, you’ll absorb it as fast as you can turn the pages, and most importantly, remember it for years.



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SiteMile WP Themes Complete Pack 2013

Name Product: SiteMile WP Themes Complete Pack 2013

Sale Page: http://sitemile.com/

Price: $279

–    Quality Code

All the SiteMile premium themes have a quality written, well commented, and open code. The code is not encrypted so you can make your desired changes very easily.

–    Complete Solutions

Our custom wordpress apps and themes offer complete business solutions, like auction and classified ads systems, ecommerce, group buying, and many others.

–    Stunning Support

We offer to our users complete and full support and documentation for all our products. From installation guides to custom tricks, everything is offered unlimited for you.

–    Plug & Play

Our wordpress apps and themes are plug and play and you do not need any other plugins or other custom scripts to run them. Just push them in and you are ready!

–    SEO Optimized

Highly SEO optimized wordpress themes, putting your business up in top rankings in the first days from launching. Also the themes and the frame work come with great seo tools.



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Tapping World Summit 2013

Name Product: Tapping World Summit 2013

Sale Page: http://www.thetappingsolution.com/2013tappingworldsummit/upgrade-tws2.html#OrderNow

Price: $197

Dear Friend,

I’m excited that you’ve made it this far…
You’re about to be part of Tapping history.

This group of experts is going to be revealing some of the most astounding and life-changing information and techniques.

How do I know this is true? Because I know the power of Tapping, and the integrity of the Expert Team I’ve put together, and because I’ve received an unending number of emails from people who attended the event who agree!

This online event — the “Tapping World Summit”–is about giving you answers to your most pressing questions about Tapping as well as expanding your consciousness and understanding to take you to new levels of emotional and physical health, abundance, and overcoming barriers and traumas that may have been haunting you for years.

I’ve seen many people fail while trying to achieve this level of personal well-being… and I’ve also seen people succeed. The difference is actually quite simple. Those that succeed continue to learn and tune into events like this.

They don’t rest on their laurels. They don’t just listen once and then file the information away.

They devour any new bit of information they can and they learn from the very best. And that’s what we have provided for you, the VERY BEST…


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4hour Software – Earn Easy Monthly Income In 2013

Name Product: 4hour Software – Earn Easy Monthly Income In 2013

Sale Page: http://4hoursoftware.com/4hs.html

Price: $99

Imagine this…it’s based on a true story:

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, and you’re feeling a little antsy. You know that tomorrow, at the crack of dawn, you have to go back to the dreaded 9-to-5 (more like 8-to-6!) slave pits.

You know you’re overworked and underpaid, and you’re damn sick of it.

So, you walk over to your computer, sit down, and decide that you’re going to do something about it.

Over the next couple of hours, you use your imagination to write out the details on a simple new idea that you had been thinking about for a long time. You e-mail the full project details over to your personal virtual assistant.

Just a few minutes later, you get a response back…

“I’ll begin right away…thank you for the opportunity!”

You sit back and relax because you know that this isn’t your average virtual assistant…


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