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Smar7 Seven Figure SHOPIFY Course

Name Product: Smar7 Seven Figure SHOPIFY Course

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Price: $549

We’re Going To Turn You Into A 7-Figure eCom Expert
This isn’t like you’re “run of the mill” course… No not at all, in fact most courses just give you “theory” on how they found a single success in the past… However this course (which you’re getting absolutely free of charge) is a live AND over the shoulder view of a 7-Figure eCommerce expert (Matt Schmitt) setting up a store right before your very eyes…

So instead of just spewing theory your way, we’re going to give you a live, completely transparent look at how we build 5-Figure, 6-Figure and even 7-Figure Shopify empires. You’ll be able to see every single step along the way that allowed Matt to build store’s that get results like these

The 3-Steps To Success You’ll See FIRST Hand
You’ll watch first hand as we do the following right before your eyes (nothing censored, we show it all)
Find A Profitable Product: We’ll show you a simple way to do product research and find a profitable product right before your eyes
Set It Up In Our Store: Next we’ll show you how we add products to our store, what we include in descriptions and how we maximize our order value
Run Profitable Ads: Finally, we show you the final ingredient to the equation… How we run profitable ads, you’ll see FIRST HAND how we setup our ads and target



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Advanced Shopify Course For Building a Professional Store

Name Product: Advanced Shopify Course For Building a Professional Store

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Price: $150

Course Description
In This Course of “Advanced Shopify Course” Through Shopify, you will be able to start Building your E Commerce website in a couple of hours more confidently .

we will cover at this course, all of main topics for E-commerce store from A to Z to allows you to get the professionla knowledge in Shopify Platform.

We will discuss and explain how to create Categories and Menu`s at Shopify Store, how to add and edit Products through Shopify Store, how to choose a great looking for your store by adding Themes also you will learn how to customize your Theme, how to set up Domain Name of your Store, how to set up Shipping and Tax rates, also we will discuss how to set up Payments with all of Payment Options at Shopify.

What are the requirements?
Computer or Laptop
Internet Connection
Ability to Learn
Ability To Pay The Monthly Shopify Cost, It’s Not Free
What am I going to get from this course?
How To Understand The Shopify Ecommerce Platform
Build A Professional E Commerce Site by using Shopify
How To Set Up A Beautiful Shopify Website Quicky & Easily
Manage E Commmerce Web Site Commerce of Shopify
Manage and Customize Shipping Methods at Shopify
Manage and Customize Different Payment Methods at Shopify
Adding and Manage and Customize Multiple Products at Shpoify
Manage and Customize Categories at Shpoify
Manage and Customize Stats & Reports at Shpoify
Manage and Customize Themes & Slides at Shpoify
What is the target audience?
Anyone wants to work With E Commerce
Everybody Wants to earn at least 1000$ monthly
Take this course if you’re ready to work hard to build your Shopify website
Take this course if you’ve decided shopify is the right ecommerce website platform for you
Don’t take this course if you cannot take photos, write sales copy, or don’t have a basic comfort with online tools


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