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Promote Affiliate Offer using Youtube – Amazon Aliexpress

Name Product: Promote Affiliate Offer using Youtube – Amazon Aliexpress

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Price: $150

Promote Affiliate Offer using Youtube – Amazon Aliexpress

Rank your video once for your Affiliate offer and get paid passive income for a very long time. Learn it all here

This is actually my 2nd course on youtube, the 1st course focus more on ranking video, while this course is focusing on how to

make money by promoting affiliate or cpa offer with youtube.

Do you know Youtube is the number 2 largest search engine in the world beside Google. Imagine what you can do if you are able

to rank any video you desire to the 1st page of youtube search engine

This Course will be focusing on how to use youtube to promote your affiliate offer. Whether it is a Amazon affiliate, Clickbank

Affiliate, or even a CPA offer.

If you can rank video on youtube, you can promote something on it

Find out which affiliate company you should join

Why I would never promote a clickbank product

How to create video, (it may not be easy but once you know it, you will appreciate it)

Rank video super easy and super fast

Focus on creating video and ranking it and the income will come

Youtube video once created and rank will stay on the top position for many years to come. I have video that I created 2 years ago

and it is still rank on the 1st page.

What do you think?

If you could rank 100 videos for different product and it all stay on the 1st page of youtube. Imagine the possibilities



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Create an Affiliate Niche Website for Amazon or ClickBank

Name Product: Create an Affiliate Niche Website for Amazon or ClickBank

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Price: $15

Create an Affiliate Niche Website for Amazon or ClickBank
Learn step-by-step how to build a niche affiliate website to profit from Amazon and ClickBank products

If you’ve ever thought about earning money from affiliate income, you must know how to set-up an affiliate website for success.

This course will walk you step-by-step through how to:

make money with niche websites
select a profitable niche (criteria provided)
which products have the highest conversion rates
how to select keywords to target
With your profitable niche selected, it’s time to build the website. Here we’ll look at:

how to select a domain name and hosting
which theme to use
what content to include on your website
how to outsource the content creation process
where to find images for your affiliate site
and more
By the end of this course you will know exactly how to target profitable niche products that convert and how to set-up your website for the most success.



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Create a Professional eCommerce Website like Amazon – Divi

Name Product: Create a Professional eCommerce Website like Amazon – Divi

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Price: $99

What Will I Learn?
Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress! FROM SCRATCH!
Create A Modern And Beautiful Website. Images Provided
Fully Control and Manage Your eCommerce Website
Set up Taxes, Shipping, and Manage Orders
Create Unique Coupon Codes!
Create all Kinds of Products and Manage Orders.
View Curriculum
You Should be able to use a computer at a beginner level.
No Skills Required
No Experience Required. Complete Beginners Welcome!
Why Select this Super Awesome Course?

Master eCommerce. Learn About all products and WooCommerce options!
Use The #1 Selling Theme for WordPress On The PLANET.
I Have Helped Teach And Create Over 500 WordPress Websites!
Get a Modern And Amazing Look For Your Website That Will Impress!
Learn From A Professional Who Creates Websites For a Living with over 6,000 Visits!
THE MOST UPDATED AND MODERN TUTORIAL. Don’t Settle For Outdated Content!
Get A fully Responsive Website And Mobile Responsive
Over 15,000,000 Minutes Watched. Over 4 Million Views. In 180 Countries.
Unlike Other Lectures. I Cover Everything. Don’t be left in the dark with other lectures that are only one hour long. I help my students and make sure they are 100% informed on all WordPress features. This lecture is very detailed and will make you fully understand how you can create your WordPress website from scratch as a beginner.

What Will I Learn From This Course?

Setting up your domain and hosting
Create Modern,beautiful, and STUNNING Websites!
START SELLING Your Own Products Simply and Easily
Create Pre-Made layouts for clients
Master The #1 Theme On WordPress
Master WordPress. Create Your Own Website Simply And Easily.
What are the requirements?

No Experience Required. Complete Beginners Welcome!
What am I going to get from this course?

Create An eCommerce Website With WordPress! FROM SCRATCH!
Create A Modern And Beautiful Website. Images Provided
Fully Control and Manage Your eCommerce Website
Set up Taxes, Shipping, and Manage Orders
Create Unique Coupon Codes!
What is the target audience?

Anyone. This Course is for anyone with a desire to learn
Anyone Who Wants To Start Their Own Online Shop
Who is the target audience?
Anyone. This Course is for anyone with a desire to learn
This Course is For Those Who Wants to Create a Professional Website for their Business, Profession, School or College, Personal Website etc.



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Kevin David – Amazon FBA Ninja

Name Product: Kevin David – Amazon FBA Ninja

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Price: $99

The Last Amazon FBA Course You Will Ever Need.
After Seeing Too Many Fake ‘Gurus’ Taking Advantage of People and Leading Them to Invest Their Life Savings into Terrible Products, I Knew I had to Do Something.

I Decided to Create the Only Course that Walks you Through Exactly How to be Hugely Successful on Amazon with Step by Step Tutorials for Every Step of the Way.
Here’s What You’ll Get!
I’ll Work With You One on One the Entire Way Through the Amazon FBA Process! Whether you’re brand new or an Amazon Veteran this course has a TON for you! With the most in-depth video walkthroughs, we don’t believe in high level, we show you EXACTLY how to dominate every aspect of Amazon from A – Z!

I’ll Show You Three Weird Methods to Find Home-Run Products With NO GUESSWORK I will show you how to find 10k/month Amazon Products with NO GUESS WORK. I will show you the ONE method that shows you real Amazon sales metrics and the fatal mistake new sellers make with Junglescout data!
I’ll Show You The One PPC Trick That REVOLUTIONIZED MY AMAZON BUSINESS! I will show you the PPC Hack I stumbled upon that completely changed my Amazon Business. I will show you how to quickly find keywords that convert, and how to optimize your PPC campaigns to get your huge sales for the lowest possible cost!

I’ll Show You How to Find Your Competitors EXACT Backend Keywords, and How to Use This Information to Generate HUGE Organic Sales and Profitable Automatic PPC Campaigns! I will show you exactly how to view your competitors backend keywords and how to use these keywords to give your new product a huge boost without the need to iteratively test the best keywords to index for!

I’ll Show you How to Use Secret Amazon Tools to Leave Your PPC Competitors in the Dust, How to Make Beautiful Landing Pages for your Products, and How to Advertise Directly on Your Competitors Listings to Easily Take Low Cost Sales! I will show you exactly how to use AMS to explode your Amazon business, I will also show you how to advertise directly on your competitors listings!
I’ll Show You How to Sell ANY Amazon Product Using Facebook Ads and Collect Your Customers Emails While Doing It! I will share and provide you the EXACT landing pages I use that you can copy for your own products to sell on Facebook WHILE collecting your new customers emails for subsequent product launches!



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GetUngated – Amazon Ungating Course

Name Product: GetUngated – Amazon Ungating Course

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Price: $230

The key to unlocking the potential in YOUR Amazon business

GetUngated Course
Do you want to unlock the potential in YOUR Amazon business?

Brought about by seeing how challenging it can be to get ungated in your preferred Amazon categories, we have produced an easy to follow guide on how to do it yourself. Our 15 module video course takes you through step by step, what you need to do to get yourself ungated in the main Amazon categories. We have even provided details of wholesalers currently accepted by Amazon!

Our GetUngated course is a 15 module video course which will walk you through, step by step, all you need to do to become ungated in apparel, beauty, health & personal care, jewellery, watches and grocery. We literally hold your hand all the way and even provide wholesaler information to make the process much simpler for those wishing to unlock the potential in their Amazon business.


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Amazon FBA How to Build your Own Brand Become a Top Seller

Name Product: Amazon FBA How to Build your Own Brand Become a Top Seller

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Price: $185

How to Build Your Own Brand on Amazon” is an online course that shows you the right steps to build a brand and grow that brand not only on Amazon.

This course is a guide to start your own private label product, you will learn techniques to find the best products and suppliers to negotiate like a professional, also I will show you real negotiations and how to avoid common mistakes.

One of the difficulties I had in the beginning was the part of managing the product in the Seller Central. Replenish Inventory, Listing the product on Amazon, creating discount coupons or creating ads on Amazon, this is something that at the beginning when you start in this business, maybe you will feel some insecurity, because you are afraid of making mistakes. I’ll breakdown every step-by-step to ensure that it will not be a struggle for you.

You will not only acquire information and techniques throughout the lessons, my goal is to offer you the right mindset behind this business. For example choosing your product, why choose a particular product to start your business? What should you keep in mind when choosing your products? Or how to approach suppliers so that you get what you want and not just what you see in your supplier’s images?

You will have the real report of my first product and the difficulties I had, especially in transportation.

The Module dedicated to transportation is very valuable and will help you a lot. I speak about the laws, necessary documents and which transport companies are recommended by Amazon and why. You will also learn from my transportation experience and you will avoid the common mistakes of the beginning of this business.

I want you to create a complete brand with excellent images, videos, website, marketing.

All of this you will learn here, but mainly I will teach you what you have to think when you create the images of your product and what feeling will awaken in the customer and how it will affect the decision of the customer to buy one, two or more products.

The name of your brand can not be any name, I’ll teach you to create a name that connects to your product and that the customer does not forget.

With the Website you can create a business parallel to Amazon and you will realize how.

Where to find professionals who deal in your logo, images and videos.

How to find the best suppliers?

You will learn to negotiate with your supplier and the right techniques to create a good relationship. How should you approach your supplier so he can take you seriously? What should you ask your supplier first? The quantities or the prices and why?

You will know the tool to calculate your profit margins before you make a decision to move forward with a particular product.

We will talk about payments and how you receive your earnings, let’s see which countries Amazon can send your money directly to your bank account and if you do not belong to any of these countries, how can you get your money anywhere in the World.

In this course I show that keywords are a very important part of this business, teach you to find the best ones for creating your product title and with this, your product can be found more easily by the customers.

Teaching to find the most searched keywords by customers related to your product.

The title, descriptions and bullets are also very important and we teach the structure for each category always using the keywords most used by customers to find your product.

This course aims to teach you how to develop a brand using the Amazon FBA system. A system that allows you to do this business anywhere with the potential to be very lucrative.

You will realize that you can also create a business outside of Amazon. With this knowledge, the sky is the limit.

You will have support for any questions you may have and also learn from the questions of other students.


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Amazon FBA How To Get Amazon Reviews & Rank Page #1 In 2017

Name Product: Amazon FBA How To Get Amazon Reviews & Rank Page #1 In 2017

Sale Page:

Price: $80


Are you selling physical products on Amazon, but not seeing the results you want?
Do you feel like the competition is to fierce and it’s hard to get your product to rank?
Are you about to launch your first private label product with Amazon FBA, but are confused on what you should do to launch the product?
Are you concerned about Amazon’s new rules about fake reviews and afraid of losing your account?
Do you dream about building a sustainable, passive income stream from Amazon?

MY AMAZON REVIEW COURSE is all you need to launch or revive your product to page #1 of Amazon search. You will learn a step-by-step plan to getting your product to rank. At all of my methods are 100% Amazon Terms of Service compliant. Everything is taught step by step – no experience is required!

In October 2016, Amazon went to war on fake reviews that was plaguing the platform. They tightened the rules on getting reviews and started banning sellers left and right for violations.

This left a lot of Amazon sellers confused and stunned. What is allowed and what isn’t? How do you rank a new private label product in 2017?

My name is Ivan Westen. As a fellow Amazon seller, I have spent a looong time studying Amazons new Terms of Service, to make sure that I could rank my product effectively and in a way that Amazon approves of.

And i figured it out! And in this course, I will teach you all of the Amazon approved tactics that can realistically get your product to rank on page #1 or #2 in 2017 – even in niches with much competition.


How to rank your product to page #1 and triple your Amazon income
The 2 essential elements you NEED to focus on to rank your physical products on Amazon in 2017
The details of Amazons update to their Terms of Service regarding reviews and what it means to you
How to get massive amounts of sales in 2 weeks using Amazon approved methods
How to get massive amounts of reviews in 2 weeks using Amazon approved methods
How to build a brand around your products to launch your products easier in the future and diversify
FREE GIFT (Bonus lecture)


If within 30 days of buying the course you decide that it’s not for you, please get a Udemy-backed refund and spend your money elsewhere. I only want happy customers.


Who are you? My name is Ivan Westen. I have 10 years of experience running a business owner. I run several eCommerce businesses in Europe, do webdesign consulting and other online businesses. Selling on Amazon has been a passion of mine the latest 3 years and I have spent a lot of time studying methods to increase my sales on Amazon.

What’s in it for you? I get paid for teaching you step-by-step how to rank your products and Amazon and grow your business long term. I use the money you pay me to buy coffee and diapers for my kids + I love seeing my students succeed.

I’m have reviews for my Amazon product now – will it work for me? Yes it will. My course is meant for beginners with no reviews and even “death” Amazon products. With the right methods, your product can rank too.

How fast can I expect to get my product to page #1 of Amazon organic search? It depends on the competition in your specific niche. But generally, my methods help you rank on page #1 or #2 in 2-3 weeks, if they are implemented as taught in the course.

Can you guarantee that my product will rank on page #1 with your methods? You know what – I can’t. As in all business, there is always a risk. But the potential rewards of selling on Amazon, is in my opinion, outweighing the risks big time.

And if for some reason you do not like your results – just get a refund, no questions asked.



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Matt Clark Amazon Sellers Summit Barcelona

Name Product: Matt Clark Amazon Sellers Summit Barcelona

Sale Page:

Price: $199
With the Digital Access Pass, you get unrestricted live streaming access to all sessions of the live event.

This means you can watch right from your computer from anywhere in the world while the event is going on live.

Get Private Access to the Recordings of the Event

In case you can’t watch live or you want to re-watch sessions after the event, with the Digital Access Pass you get private access to all session recordings from the event.

Recordings will not be sold after the event. This is your only chance to access the recordings.

Network via the Private Online Network Live During the Event

While you’re watching the sessions via live streaming during the event, you have the opportunity to engage and network with other Digital Access Pass holders online.

We host a private chat tool just for Digital Access Pass holders to discuss the sessions and meet each other remotely during the live event.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll be blown away by the quality and value of content at this event. But, you don’t have to take our word for it…

When you register for your Digital Access Pass, you can experience the first FULL day of sessions on January 27th, 2017 with zero risk. If after that full day of sessions you don’t think you’re getting 10X your investment, then just let us know and we’ll give you a 100% refund.

It’s that simple. No questions asked. No hard feelings. We’re taking on all the risk.



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Amazon Web Services – AWS Real Life Example and Practice

Name Product: Amazon Web Services – AWS Real Life Example and Practice

Sale Page:

Price: $100

Become a Master of AWS Service Deployment and Launch Your Own Website on AWS Cloud in 1 hour with AWS

You are interested in learning AWS and getting into the wide realm of programming and intense Tech Entrepreneurship. You have probably wondered what is the most practical way of learning AWS (which to be frank, gives you the key to ruling the technology industry)

Since technology is changing every day, I have to learn something new every time. The best way that you can learn how to catch up is “to work on it”.

Yet, nobody teaches in this manner and I suffer from the same pain when learning something new every time. Most courses are not designed to help you learn by example (immersion is the most potent way of learning in humans). Rather they bathe you with inapplicable information that you have to learn over and over again anyways.

This course is designed to cover all the basic concepts of Amazon Web Services and the syntax necessary for learning the advanced topics in AWS. Even though learning EC2 can open the door to working with Storage, Computation, and Databases and basically everything else with the word “AWS” attached to it, it has some new functionality and nuances that you have to cover and learn.

My job is to make this class a great and fun learning experience so that I can help you progress through your path to learning advanced AWS (whether it be just programming logic…setting up servers…designing application backends (fun stuff) or doing boring stuff like writing bash script).

In this course, I will walk you though EC2 Configuration, and you will learn about the associated structures of EC2 instance creation (we hear a lot about servers and computation and memory, but how do we put these three together?),

However, only a few videos per section are focused on information. I develop the rest of the details of the data structures and syntax through exercises that I walk you through in the course. There are 2-3 lectures on solving tough exercises on each subject so that you can understand not only the syntax and how to practically work on AWS.

There is no risk for you as a student in this course. I have put together a course that is not only worth your money, but also worth your time. This course encompasses the basics of Amazon AWS I urge you to join me on this journey to learn how to dominate the IT world with the one of the most popular Infrastrcture Services: AWS



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Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback – $0 to $100,000 on Amazon

Name Product: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback – $0 to $100,000 on Amazon

Sale Page:

Price: $100

$0 to $100,000 on Amazon: The New Blueprint to Build a Real Business Leveraging the Power of Amazon

Discover the step-by-step process to building your own real business to $100,000 and beyond leveraging

How to find the hottest product opportunities on Amazon right now. Product selection is absolutely critical and you’ll learn the latest strategies for making sure you choose the right product the first time.
The exact process we use to source any product in any market at the best possible prices. Getting good prices, especially when sourcing from China, is incredibly simple when you know what you’re doing. After this live workshop, you’ll be able to source any product like a seasoned expert.
Advanced Amazon product listing optimization strategies to produce sales for your new product FAST as soon as it’s live on Amazon. Optimizing your Amazon product’s keyword targeting, images, bullet points, and description are all critical to your success. We’ll cover exactly what you need to produce sales even before you start the real marketing!
The newest tactics for launching a brand new product on Amazon. Produce sales the first day your product is available for sale, outrank competitors, and start producing cash flow fast with what you discover in the Product Launch section of this live workshop.
Our proven system for scaling sales of any product on Amazon that anybody – even with zero marketing experience – can use to produce incredible results. The best way to promote a product on Amazon has changed a lot. During this live workshop you’ll get the latest of what’s working right now to rapidly scale sales of a brand new product.
Plus much more! We’re covering everything you need to start and scale your own business with Amazon from $0 to $100,000 and beyond!
Can’t attend live on Saturday? No problem! Your registration includes full access to the recording of Saturday’s workshop, access to the detailed slides, a recording of the full live Q&A session, and the special bonus (see below). So even if you can’t make it live, you can still get everything you need to start and scale your business on Amazon!
Included with Your Registration:
The full two-hour live training workshop on Saturday, February 18th, 2017 at 9AM Central Standard Time.
One hour live Q&A session following the live training workshop. Ask any queston about this business and Matt and Jason will answer live!
Access to the recording of the live training workshop. This is perfect if you can’t make it to the workshop live or if you simply want to rewatch parts of the workshop while you build your business!
Access to the detailed workshop slides for quick reference and implementation.
Plus, an exclusive, special bonus (see below).



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