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Forex4noobs Course

Name Product: Forex4noobs Course

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Price: $199
Forex Education Basics

Basic Forex education is your first step towards mastering Forex trading and using price action.

If you are new to Forex, these lessons will show you what you need to know to start trading Forex. Why waste your time learning one hundred useless lessons, when you only need to learn twenty useful lessons to trade successfully? You shouldn’t! Your time is valuable, so I designed these lessons to teach you Forex basics as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have been trading for a while, you already know what a pip is.

. So, you should skip straight down to the “Price Action Basics” section where I show you Candlestick Analysis Basics. The lessons under “Little Ninja” and “Super Ninja” are vital if you want to learn Price Action trading.

The Forex Education Academy is split into three sections.
Learn The Basics

If you are brand new to Forex, you need to start with the basics. In this section you will learn:

How to get started trading Forex
What Forex is and how it works

All About Charts

Without charts, it is impossible to trade Forex price action. In this section you will learn:

What a “pip” is, what leverage is, and how to enter trades
The two basic types of Forex analysis
What types of charts and time frames you should trade

Price Action Basics

Now that you know your Forex basics, it is time to learn Price Action basics. In this section you will learn:

Candlestick analysis basics
Trend line basics
When to use Price Action.



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Jim Cockrum – Proven Merch Course

Name Product: Jim Cockrum – Proven Merch Course

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Price: $27
Course Description

Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s newest platform for content creators. It allows anyone to create and sell shirts right on Amazon’s website with no upfront costs or minimum print runs. Anyone can now easily create custom branded shirts that their fans will love to wear. This course will help you get started and learn how to use the platform both optimally and creatively.

This course includes video demos of shirt designs in Adobe Photoshop as well as actual creation of an Amazon product page for a new shirt design. If you want to learn how to take advantage of this incredible new platform to not only create awesome shirts but to also make money along the way, then this course is for you.
What are the requirements?

Students should have an Amazon account to take this course
Students should be comfortable entering banking and tax information into their Amazon account
Basic photo editing skills (Photoshop or Illustrator) are beneficial but not mandatory

What am I going to get from this course?

Create a Merch by Amazon account
Understand the digital file requirements for shirt designs
Use the Merch by Amazon platform to create their own shirt designs available for sale on Amazon
Become familiar with all of the Merch by Amazon account settings
Forward and mask domains
Create their own Amazon Associates account
Create their own Amazon aStore to market their Merch by Amazon shirts

What is the target audience?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about the Merch by Amazon platform
This course does not go into the details of in-app or in-game promotion of Merch by Amazon products


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Tradeciety Forex Training – Price Action Course

Name Product: Tradeciety Forex Training – Price Action Course

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Price: $347

Module 1: The Foundation

Learn the core and advanced price action analysis tips.

Trend Wave Analysis
Support And Resistance
Supply And Demand Zones
How To Trade With Trendlines
Trading with Fibonacci Extensions
How To Use A Moving Average

Module 1: Routine, Routine, Discipline

Acquire the mindset and tools of a professional trader in order to maximize your profit potential.

Organizing Yourself And Creating A Trading Plan
Setting Up And Integrating A Trading Journal Into Your Routine
Identifying Your Flaws And How To Conquer Them
Other Factors To Improve Your Performance
Example: My Personal Trading Plan

Pattern 1: Powerful Reversals

How to find entries with our first reversal trading setup. Here you will learn how to read a price chart like a pro.

Trend And Momentum Analysis
Finding The Best Entry
How To Trade With Divergences
A Powerful Moving Average Signal

Module 2: Market Environments And Why So Many Traders Fail

Knowing how to identify market environment is the most important thing before even thinking about taking a trade with ANY strategy.

The Different Market Environments And How To Identify Them
When To Trade Our Strategy, Market Selection
Classifying Highs And Lows, Reading Momentum
Wave Analysis: Depth, Length And Frequency

Pattern 2: The Trap Pattern

Learn how to find and trade the powerful trap pattern and understand how to trade against amateur traders.

The Bollinger Bands ® Signal
Bull And Bear Traps
Fakeouts And Traps
More Entries And Setup Examples

Module3: Different Types Of Retracements And How To Trade Them

Learn how to identify and trade all the pullback patterns that exist in the markets.

Break And Retests – Quick And Easy
Simple Pullbacks – Our Favorite But Most Uncommon Setup
Complex Pullbacks, Reading Local Highs And Lows VS Global Highs And Lows
Flags – Essentially Breakout Trades, These Require A Lot Of Patience
Angles: When Is A Pullback Too Deep And Steep?

Pattern 3: Trendline Setup

With our third setup you can find great entries and understand price action like a pro.

How To Find The Best Setups
Finding Strong Trendlines
The Trendline Flip Signal
Advanced Re-Entry Setups

Module 4: Patterns, Studies And Additional Probability Boosters For Our Entries

See how to improve the odds on our good signals even more by utilizing our probability boosters.

Traditional Continuation Chart Patterns
Stochastic Oscillator: Advanced Reading Techniques
Pivot Points And How To Know Whether They Will Hold
News Items And Market Open Times/Drives
Beginning Trends Vs Established Trends Vs Overextended Trends
Trade Assembly

Module 4: Re-entries, Stops, Targets & More

Now you know how to find great entries. Here we learn some advanced price action signals.

The Best Re-Entry Patterns
How To Set Stops
When To Cut Losses
Managing Trades
Settings Targets…



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Develop Amazing Confidence & Self Esteem – Certified Course

Name Product: Develop Amazing Confidence & Self Esteem – Certified Course

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Price: $200

What Will I Learn?
Become 100% Confident
Become Confident In Public Speaking
Become Confident In the Workplace
Become Confident in Social Situations
Be Perceived As Confident
Become Confident Instantly
Radiate 100% Confidence
Confidence At Goal Setting
Boost Your Self Esteem
View Curriculum
No prior requirements to this course!
Become 100% Confident, Boost Your Self Esteem & Become Unstoppable

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt stressed or anxious? Have you ever second guessed yourself and you didn’t take action? Have you ever felt an uncomfortable feeling in your body that prevented you from taking important actions?

Most people lack self confidence and they are not even aware! With a simple course like this one, people could finally dare to act for what they truly want, feel comfortable in their own skin, have the courage to be themselves, feel confident at work, in giving presentations, in interacting with people or even in goal setting.

How would your life improve if you could become confident at what you really want? Would you feel good? Would you feel amazing?

In this course, you will learn how to become confident at anything. How to be confident in your day to day life, at work, in giving presentations, in interacting with people, in goal setting and in any other situations. You will also learn how to boost your self esteem so you feel really great and ready to take action in life.

Enroll in this course right now to take your life to the next level. There is a 30-day money back guarantee so you can see what this course is about. Go ahead and enroll in the course now.

I am waiting for you on the other side.


Who is the target audience?
People who would like to become more confident in life in general or in specific situations such as work, social situations, giving presentations, goal setting or any other situations
People who would like to boost their self esteem
People who would like to dare to act in life for what they really want
People who would like to have less stress and become decisive



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Ken Stimson – Rivers of Gold Probate Course

Name Product: Ken Stimson – Rivers of Gold Probate Course

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Price: $1100

Probate offers a remarkable way to find property that no else knows is for sale. Since other people don’t know it is for sale, how can they bid against you? Well the answer is: they can’t! Because of this and because the address of the property never appears in print or on a multiple list as a property for sale, you can often purchase these properties at 30% or more below prevailing market values.

This gives you plenty of margin to work with during the renovation process and makes it far more likely that you can sell the property for a handsome profit, than if you were to buy a comparable property paying retail using a Real Estate Agent. Probate properties are often owned free and clear. In many cases this means you may be able to have the heirs take back a loan and help you finance the property with very favorable terms.

Frequently, probate properties also include valuable personal property including cars, boats, antique furniture, jewelry, and raw land that can make finding these properties even more valuable. Finally, you can provide a valuable service to the Estate by helping liquidate the property so that the heirs can get on with their lives. This is especially true if the heirs live some distance away from the property, or if the property is in need of substantial renovation or repair.

The opportunity to help solve other people’s problems represents a golden opportunity to reap considerable reward.

The System

Most small businesses fail for lack of a system. The Rivers of Gold offers a complete business system, starting with an overview of the Probate process, the terminology and all the players involved.

The system includes segments on:

Where to look and how to find Probate properties
How to assess what they should be worth when renovated for resale
How to determine what you should offer to pay
Who to talk to, when to talk to them and what to say
How to work with Bankers to get them working on your behalf
How to work with Real Estate Agents and enlist their help and expertise when it comes time to sell your property
What to renovate and repair for maximum return on your investment of time and money
How to approach personal property
Plus, Diana offers tips and suggestions on how to organize your business to maximize profitability while minimizing your risk and tax exposure.



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Greg Davis – Blackhat Media Buying Course

Name Product: Greg Davis – Blackhat Media Buying Course

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Price: $1997

Here’s What You Get:

– Super Affiliate Cloaker 2.0

100% Secure, Easy to use
Large historical database of breach sources and fingerprints
Database is updated every hour with new IPs and fingerprints
Machine learning engine analyzes incoming traffic and historical fingerprints to predict future attempts
Engine is extremely fast and 99.9% uptime
System is evolving daily with code updates, breach testing, and performance monitoring
Run your highest converting pages
Used by 8-figure media buyers
Unlimited traffic
Bleed less than 3%
…and much more

– Bonus #1: $10k/Day Facebook Campaigns

3 Ready-Made Facebook Campaigns
Offers, The Ads, Images, Landing Pages, Targeting, Everything.
One Newbie Student Made $8K Profit – First Week

– Bonus #2: Super Affiliate Software Hacks

Super Pixel
Hide referrer
Disable back
Pixel proxy

– Bonus #3: Hardcore Advertisers Mastermind

IDGAF Certified
Private forum
Exclusive, profitable Skype Mastermind group
Monthly mastermind call
Sharpen your skills
Make deals

– Bonus #4: Super Affiliate Rockstar 101

A video course teaching the fundamentals of media buying
Learn the Right Way from the Best in the Business
Real campaigns, real money
How to get into Profit FAST
No theory, no fluff.
Media buying A -Z
Step-by-step campaign set up



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Lane Boland – Madrank Missing Link Course

Name Product: Lane Boland – Madrank Missing Link

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Price: $997

Lane Boland – Madrank Missing Link

Your Missing Link Between SEO and Success

Beyond SEO: Get certified with the only RESULTS based SEO and Internet Marketing training and certification program online



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GET Robert Coorey – Feed A Starving Crowd Course

Name Product: Robert Coorey – Feed A Starving Crowd Course
COST: $997
Size: 5.7 GB
Sale Page:

What You Get:
Robert Coorey – Feed Your Starving Crowd – ONLINE TRAINING – Early Bird

+ Features Rob Coorey and over 20 experts

+ 25 modules include Video, Audio, Transcripts, Checklists and Manuals

+ Book marketing, Event marketing, Leveraged Business Models, Land Speaking gigs, Native advertising, Leads through Facebook, Affiliate marketing and much more.

What you will learn:
#1 – How to get all the targeted traffic you can handle for 10c a click (hint: it’s not facebook or Google adwords)
#2 – How a leading nutritionist got 7,991 registrants to a live online seminar for less than $2,000 of advertising spend (most people struggle to get 100 on a webinar)
#3 – How a promoter sold out a multi-million dollar sales training national tour using none of his own money!
#4 – Three ways to find a “starving crowd” and the Juiciest markets to enter in less than one hour
#5 – How a business coach sold-out a multi-million dollar business event without any paid advertising
#6 – A sneaky way to “spy” on your competitor’s ads…and find out which ads are making them the most money


PRICE: You can get this course with only $34.96 ($49.95)
(Only VIP member can see the discount code)

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George Angell – Advanced Breakthroughs in Day Trading DVD course

Name Product: George Angell – Advanced Breakthroughs in Day Trading DVD course

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Price: $99

Part 1: Lets Start At The Open Bell– Opening Gap Rules

The Basic Psychology behind a Gap Opening. What it means and how you can profit!!
How rookie traders “telegraph” their moves making it easy for professionals to take their money.
What a gap does to the off floor trader and exactly what to do next.
Why there is always confusion at the open and exactly how to take advantage it.
Why you must act immediately when you see a gap opening if you want to profit, and why if you miss it you better take the rest of the morning off.
The reason a gap often signal a reversal of trend and how to capitalize on that fact.
The difference between the two types of gap openings. Extreme and Normal and why you trade them both in a totally different way.
The 5 Gap rules you must know in order to succeed. If you violate any of these you will be out of the market in a very short period of time.
Why you have to take advantage of the “elastic cord effect’ by loading up with a bigger position than you normally would.
If you want accurate daily instructions on what price to buy the market at and when what price to sell at then you have to learn how to…

Part 2: Use The Buy and Sell Envelopes– Your Key To Pinpointing Today’s Trading Range

Exactly what Buy and Sell Envelopes are and the correct and way to create and use them.
Discover ways to trade non-trending markets…which occur 80% of the time.
How to calculate the exact price to buy or sell your positions at.
How and why calculating today’s trading range can make you massive profits.
How to trade a breakout from a trading range, without being “whipsawed.”
How to Develop a “Buy” Number to know exactly what price to buy at…and conversely a “Sell” number to know exactly what price to sell at.
Now my favorite part. One of the most accurate ways to determine market direction is to use…

Part 3: The One And Four Day Percent Method– Your Personal Crystal Ball To Market Moves

What the General Rules behind this method is. And why if you follow them you will be richly rewarded and why violating them will cost you a boat load of money.
How to calculate a Daily Volume Percentage so you know exactly where to position yourself for the next big rally or decline.
Why volume as an indicator is just as important as price.
Why the 10 day “average” range is so vital to this method.
An easy formula which will pinpoint tomorrow’s price action today. Here’s a hint: When the 4 day average is 50% or Greater its a BUY DAY!! And When the 4 day average is below 50% its a SELL DAY!!
How Money Management plays a part in this trading method and the secret spot where you should be setting your Stop Orders.
How easily generate Specific and Profitable Entry points and Exit Points.
Define easily reachable “Profit Targets” so you can make sure you get paid every day.
The Exact Number of Shares or Contracts to trade for this method and when you should “load up” doubling or tripling your normal allocation for more profit.
When exceptions to the general rules are valid and should override everything else.



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LKR – Social Media Marketing Course

Name Product: LKR – Social Media Marketing Course

Sale Page:

Price: $97/month

Social Media Marketer is an online classroom & community that walks you through exactly how to get results from all the social media sites step-by-step.

It’s a complete library of videos, checklists, and strategy guides created specifically for small businesses like yours.

Everything inside Social Media Marketer gets straight to the point right away – with materials like daily marketing checklists and step-by-step videos instead of long, put-you-to-sleep lectures.

Our video-based courses also include checklists, PDFs, audios and transcripts – whatever you like, we’ve gotcha covered!
The Complete Social Media Courses Included in Social Media Marketer

1. Intro to Social Media Marketing ($297.00)
2. Your Profitable Website ($297.00)
3. Blogging for Business ($297.00)
4. Zero to Facebook ($297.00)
5. Social Media Automation ($297.00)
6. Backstage Pass to Twitter ($297.00)
7. Advanced Content Marketing ($297.00)
8. Video Marketing ($297.00)
9. Zero to YouTube ($297.00)
10. Social Media List Building ($297.00)
11. Zero to Pinterest Marketing ($297.00)
12. Advanced Social Media Metrics & Data ($297.00)
13. Social Media Monitoring and Response ($297.00)
14. Zero to LinkedIn ($297.00)
15. Advanced Social Media Selling ($297.00)
16. Zero to Google Plus($297.00)
17. Advanced Business Systems ($297.00)
18. Advanced Email Marketing ($297.00)

Social Media Marketer Contains: Videos, PDF´s



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