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Traffic Manisto – OTO!

Name Product: Traffic Manisto – OTO!

Sale Page: _http://trafficmanifesto.org/live/

Price: $47

Traffic Manifesto + OTO!
Let’s Do Some Math…
Let’s do a quick example of the massive potential this method unlocks for you…

My method involves your own private traffic source, but more on that in a bit.

For now I just want you to understand this from a math perspective.

Affiliate marketing can be hard for most but the benefits are huge…as you get paid without needing your own product, and my

traffic method doesn’t involve tedious SEO…

These numbers are just some examples of what’s POSSIBLE…

Imagine being able to press a button and get tons of traffic fast and for free? That’s how my system works…

What if you pressed this button once a day, and pulled in 15 sales for $20 each?

That’s $300 a day, $9000 a month…with about 15-30 minutes a day of work.

There are people who are doing much more than this too using my rapid traffic method…

With This Rapid Traffic, You Can:

Make easy affiliate commissions
Get fast, free traffic whenever you want
Make money with adsense
Grow your brand
Anything else you need the traffic for…


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Ultimate Video Ranking – OTO

Name Product: Ultimate Video Ranking  – OTO

Sale Page: http://ultimatevideoranking.com/

Price: $67

What is Included in This Course?

Well, let me Give you a few Teaser Points just so you have a
Glimpse of what will be Revealed.

The exact silo method that Gives you More Authority than Aged YouTube Accounts, ones with AUTHORITY, Views, Back linked and Social Shares they may have.
And the Ability to PUSH those Pages down to where the dead Bodies reside. The Exact method of using your Targeted keywords in a way Google and YouTube just Loves and will Reward you for doing this way Every time.
The Most Powerful method of using RSS Feeds for your Videos that Grabs the Authority of major sites in your Niche and Transfers that Authority to you.
We show you which Rules you think you Know but are Myths and which ones that Apply you must Follow but, how they can be Manipulated to Benefit You. Penalty Free and Immune to any Changes by Google.
We show you the Secret of the Universe, where to get Backlinks so powerful they become Priority Links Over riding all Other links, even the Best Ones.
We show you not only just how to get an Unlimited Amount of Backlinks any time you need them and best of All these Backlinks never Break. These links Never Get Penalized and have so much link Juice they overwhelm everything else. We Expose All the secret Places inside YouTube, that most either Don’t Know About or Under Utilize.
We show you the Secret of How to work from inside the “SYSTEM” instead of trying to manipulate it from the Outside Looking In. Learn how to Notify Google your Video is Relevant to Specific Keywords (this is a Monster). So, are you.
Tired of Buying course after course in the hopes of finding a Nugget or two?

We have an entire System Loaded with Nuggets not found in any Course.
There is way too much to actually List it all. But we have tutorials of each step, each method as well as follow along Pdf’s for each section (7 Courses in 1).
Stop Buying Course after Course Looking for a Few Lonely Nuggets when you can



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[Special Offer] Adam Linkenauger – Video Traffic System with OTO

Name Product: Adam Linkenauger – Video Traffic System with OTO (Facebook Video Traffic Accelerator)
COST: $997
Size: 1.34 GB

The 5 Step System We Used To Generate Millions of Views, Hundreds of Thousands Of Leads And Over 7 Figures in Sales

Using FREE YouTube Videos…

Yes! Your chance to gain the AUTHORITY and CELEBRITY in your market that you’ve dreamed about is here…

… and you can do it by delivering amazing short, easy to film videos to your audience, they are desperately in need of…

…and do it without risking a single red penny.

And to be clear… This method will work, even if:

– You’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube before and are looking to start…
– You’ve used YouTube, uploaded videos, but weren’t able to get views…
– You’re struggling to come up with video ideas…
– You’re not tech-savvy when it comes to cameras  and complicated editing software…

Ever Wonder How Some Videos Get Millions Of Views In Your Market… While Your videos (even if they are better) Fail To Get The

Views and Reach They Deserve?


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $34.96 ($49.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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Mike Cooch – Simple eCom Launch System + OTO

Name Product: Mike Cooch – Simple eCom Launch System + OTO

Sale Page: _https://killmyjob.co/sels-special-2

Price: $97 + $67

Let Me Show You The Exact System We Used to Turn a $13.76 Investment Into a Seven-Figure eCommerce Business…And Sell 150,000 Units of a Single Product…in Just Six Months!
Without making risky bets on inventory, launching a Shopify store, or giving up all of your customers to Amazon!



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Eric Holmlund – ArbiCash + OTO

Name Product: Eric Holmlund – ArbiCash + OTO

Sale Page: http://www.imguruplr.com/specialplrsales/arbicashjv/

Price: $997

What Is ArbiCash? The primary component that you’re getting today is The ArbiCash System ebook written by me. This ebook is brand new, never released before. It’s in PDF format, so you can read it on any computer or device. You can even print it out if you prefer. Most importantly, it contains 62 pages packed full of step by step content showing you exactly how to use the ArbiCash System for yourself and start cashing in with Native advertising arbitrage.
What can ArbiCash do?

– The basics of native advertising.
– How to set up a simple website that anyone can create.
– How to drive massive page views from a single visitor.
– The best ad placement for maximum earnings.
– Which themes and plugins are needed for an ArbiCash site and where to find them.
– Where to find winning content ideas based on real performance data.
– The most effective sources for article and gallery topics.
– How to create the best article titles.
– How to create galleries like you see on so many sites, and where to get the content for them.
– A sample gallery article that you can actually import into your site and use as a template.
– How to cash in with affiliate articles.
– How to get maximum click through on your ads.
– The settings you need to know to create a profitable campaign.
– The best devices and geographic areas to target.
– How to get your ad campaigns accepted by the reviewers.
– How to get traffic accounts approved.
– How to track your campaign traffic.
– How to create 10 different ad variations in 10 minutes
– How to see exactly where your ads are being shown.
– 3 ways to scale up your arbitrage business
– The biggest risks and how to avoid them.
– 8 ways to optimize profitability.
– How to track your profits and campaign performance.

As you can see, this is a very comprehensive course teaching the exact system that I used to scale this business to $28,000 a month of profit in just 4 months.


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JD Yarger & Dimitris Skiadas – Eternal Scale System + OTO

Name Product: JD Yarger & Dimitris Skiadas – Eternal Scale System + OTO

Sale Page: _http://mastermindmarketingllc.com/10750sold/

Price: $47 + $97

People told me selling eCom stuff was harder than it looks… But when I got…

The #1 Selling Product On GearBubble With Over 10,700 Units Sold
Making $112,148.05 in 7 Months

The Nay-Sayers Shut Up

Best part? These easy steps will build you a DEPENDABLE business at the exact same time!

“You’ll see every step I took
to scale the No. 1 GearBubble Product
to over 10,700 units sold and counting.”
So if you’ve never sold a single eCommerce product…

Or if you want to have your own successful eCom store that can make you money and run on virtual autopilot…

Get in, and buckle up.



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WEB 3.0 Site Builder with OTO

Name Product: WEB 3.0 Site Builder with OTO

Sale Page: _http://web3sitebuilder.com/

Price: $17 + $37

Create stunning web 3.0 web sites that instantly capture site visitors and guide them through a complete funnel…right to a BUY NOW button or Contact Form!

WEB 3.0 format is used by leading internet companies including Paypal, GoDaddy, Flikcr and Clickbank to name a few. WEB3 Site Builder creates stunning WEB 3.0 sites that look like a million dollars! No HTML coding required and NO technical skills …it’s as simple as filling in the blanks!
WEB 3.0 is perfect for ANY business…
* Product launches *
* presentation /brochure sites *
* local businesses – business owners LOVE WEB 3.0! *
* ANY sites which need the ‘WOW! Factor *



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Brad, Tim and Stefan – Elite eCom Masterclass + OTO (Updated 7/4/2016)

Name Product: Brad, Tim and Stefan – Elite eCom Masterclass + OTO (Updated 7/4/2016)

Sale Page: _http://eliteecommasterclass.net/live/

Price: $250

Finally Revealed: The Simplest Formula to Make $300/DAY In Just ONE Week…

Elite Ecom Masterclass is an 18-video e-commerce masterclass which explains how to build a highly profitable e-commerce business that brings in hundreds of dollars per day and can be scaled further.

But at its core, Elite Ecom Masterclass, or EEM as we call it, is a SYSTEMIZED FORMULA that works and will stand the test of time.

Finally say NO to all the hype and understand how to make e-commerce your personal cash machine.

Elite Ecom Masterclass, unlike all other ecommerce courses out there, teaches a different way outside just Shopify, so you can have total freedom and low costs. However – if you’re a Shopify fan or you’re already set up on their platform – no worries – our system is also fully compatible with Shopify and it will work JUST as well.

Look – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing. If you want to make a financial KILLING online from E-Commerce without worrying about paying ridiculous monthly fees for the likes of Shopify Apps and others – EEM is made for you!

Plus – this is not the usual “follow the herd” training – it’s NOT the type that exploits loopholes either – it’s a proven formula that’s as easy as following several steps to success AND it’s here to stay for the long-term.

A simple, but deadly effective E-Commerce formula, which forces newbies and experienced marketers alike to the top of the pack and sticks them there!

Here’s just a FRACTION of what you’ll learn inside Elite eCom Masterclass:

The secret FREE platform for selling that NO ONE tells you about
Developing your e-commerce brand to double your profits
Collecting LEADS (not just buyers!) that you can sell to over and over again with zero ad spend
Our SECRET conversion booster tools that FORCE visitors into buying
Our personal PROVEN formula to finding the perfect niche and hand-picking the highest selling product
How to PRICE your product for passive ongoing sales
The ONLY method that allows you to fill up your store FAST with quality products
How to include certain elements to protect yourself legally (IMPORTANT!)
Our Never-Seen-Before FB research and ad strategy
How to test if a product converts with just $5 (that’s all you need really!)
Test, Analyze, Scale = Take your products profits to UNSEEN heights
Know EXACTLY when to shut down a campaign, or when to ramp it up
Build your email list and live off passive email promotions
Finally, automate and outsource the entire process

Really, this is THE ULTIMATE, actionable plan to crushing it with e-commerce. In fact, EEM forces you to take action by giving you assignments and homework to complete in order to move forward. This way, by the time you’re done with the course, you’ll also have your first profitable campaign set up!



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Ezra Wyckoff – Commission Bubble + OTO

Name Product: Ezra Wyckoff – Commission Bubble + OTO

Sale Page: _http://commissionbubble.com/

Price: $194

FINALLY: Copy The Exact System Portuguese Power Couple, Pedro & Mariana Used To Reach #2 Sellers on Gearbubble…
Find out how they quickly went from rookies to experts and how ANYONE can copy their success – yes, even you!

Gearbubble is the future

It’s true. While most people fix their attention on Teespring and Shopify, there are a number of people quietly killing it on Gearbubble.

There’s really no platform out there quite like Gearbubble.

As soon as your land on their website to register, you’re met with a simple interface that gets right to the point. Signing up is a breeze – you’ll be ready to start making money in less than 5 minutes FLAT.

Are you leaving money on the table by not adding the Gearbubble platform to your business? Well we’re here to help get you on the right track.

Wait, what’s Gearbubble? Well, if you haven’t heard of this awesome platform yet, don’t feel too bad.

It’s still fairly new on the market but the fact remains – if you like money, this hidden gem should NOT be ignored.



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[Special Offer] William Souza – CPA Evolution 2.0 with OTO

Name Product: William Souza – CPA Evolution 2.0 with OTO
COST: $297 + $497
Size: 7 GB
Sale page: http://blankrefer.com/?http://williamsouza.com/

CPA Evolution 2.0 by William Souza – Best CPA Training Course with complete software and step-by-step on how to build success online business with dozens of videos and case studies revealing the strategies they use to make 6 figures per month with CPA offers

CPA Evolution 2.0 by William Souza Features :
– This product includes everything that you need to get started on earning up to 6 figures online with affiliate CPA (cost per action) marketing.
– Complete training modules that include over the shoulder set up guides and videos that show you the step by step process of setting up everything from start to finish from basic to advanced.  It includes modules covering:
– Social Advertising that covers an introduction to social, Facebook and Plenty of Fish advertising.
– Media buying.  This is huge – there are people out there making 6 figures PER DAY with media buying!
– Mobile Traffic.  This day and age, you need to make sure that you know and understand mobile as well since a good percentage of traffic comes from thse mobile devices.
– Free Traffic.  A couple of excellent free traffic modules to help bring in traffic from both social and video sources.
– Copywriting.  Sure, traffic is good but if you are not a good copywriter, you won’t convert that traffic.
– Smart Retargeting. Learn how to increase your ROI immensely through retargeting.
– Audience building.  Build an audience that you can continue to market to over and over while still keeping them engaged and interested.
– Technology.  Learn about web hosting, website creation and more.
– 1 on 1 Support from the creator William Souza.
– Access to the CPA Evolution community – share experiences, exchange ideas and keep each other focused and motivated.  This is great because it puts you together with a bunch of successful and like minded marketers that are working on the same thing.  I cannot stress of valuable this is in itself!
– Case Studies to help you see how other campaigns went and allow you to get more ideas for campaigns.
– Action plans to keep you on track.  These blueprints include:
– CPA On A Budget – great for beginners and people with smaller advertising budgets.
– Next Level – if you already have campaigns that have become profitable, this will take you up a few levels and get you even more profit.
– Cracking The Code – if you have tried things with CPA marketing but are still not quite there as far as profitability.
– Running Against Time – for people looking for speedy fast results.
– More blueprints will be added in the future.
– Professional set of tools used to set up super high converting landing pages and proven ads with no technical knowledge needed – just a few mouse clicks!

This offer include:

Front-End Version
It cost about $297. It includes complete training, case studies and number of HD videos to help you make six digit income as soon as possible.

It’s an accelerated version. It is suitable for the people who look to making profits quick. ==> $497 value


PRICE: VIP members could get this course for only $24.96 ($39.95)

Payment Link
Discount code: (Only VIP members can see the discount code)

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