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[Special Offer] Perry Marshall – Rosetta Stone Seminar Recordings

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The business I’m in is not the business you think I’m in. This is only the exterior. I’m going to show you the whole thing.

Marketing is essential. You’ll never rule anything without a thorough knowledge of marketing. But it’s not enough anymore. And until you have a clear, simple, elegant road map to the big levers, you will be mired in a sprawling swamp-bog of complexity. Most marketing education stops here. It’s not enough.

Equity is mandatory. There are three kinds of equity: I) Cash Equity: You set aside enough money to invest in assets that throw off cash. II) 80/20 Lifestyle Equity: When you don’t have equity (i.e. baseball player or oil painter) but you do have other forms of leverage. III) Business Systems Equity: You build a business you can sell. Rosetta Stone is about getting Business Systems Equity – even if you’re in a type #I or #II business right now.

Scale is the hardest step. It’s also the step that looks the easiest! In nearly any industry it’s easy to scoop up 1% market share. Even if you’re a bit player, there’s low hanging fruit you can shake off somewhere. But… getting 10%, 20%, 30% of the market – everyone makes it sound easy but it’s very hard.

Moat is the most rare. Nothing determines the value of your equity more than your moat.

95-99% of businesses don’t have a moat. The world’s greatest moat is Network Effect. Network Effect is when Ebay has buyers, which attracts more sellers, who attract more buyers. Ebay might seem stodgy in 2018, but it’s more immune to attack than the presidential palace in North Korea. You could spend $100 billion and you’d still never get Ebay’s buyers and sellers to switch to a new auction site. And that’s the kind of moat you need. The problem is, nobody has worked out a formula for regular businesses to attain Network Effect. Before now.

Rosetta Stone is Network Effect for Everyman.

Castle is your personal financial protection. It’s your autonomy and freedom. It’s immunity from confiscatory tax laws. It’s your capacity to rule as a Wise King. It’s the fortress that enables you do to the things you care about. Superstars of Planet Perry like Clate Mask and Ed Harycki, Mark Ingles and Bill Seagraves; programmer Monica Snyder, dog trainer Susan Garrett and tennis champion Florian Meier, are not only accomplishing what they want financially, but their lifestyles support their personal priorities and deep convictions.




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Perry Marshall - Rosetta Stone Seminar Recordings

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[Special Offer] Perry Marshall – MAZE 2.0 (Bronze): Stealth Autoresponder Machine

Name Product: Perry Marshall – MAZE 2.0 (Bronze): Stealth Autoresponder Machine
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MAZE 2.0: Stealth Autoresponder Machine
Under-the-Radar Methods that Build Trust & Authority BEFORE and After Opt-in
Mobile, Social & Video are Strangling Your “1.0” Sales Funnel. You’re 2 Years Behind. 2 Weeks from Now You Can be 2 Years AHEAD – with Minimal Work

Dear Marketing Professional:

You’re doomed.

Seriously, you could be like the old-school stereo equipment guys.

Editorial in this month’s Stereophile magazine: ‘In the 1920s, the record companies were RAKING IT IN cuz the phonograph came out. In the 1980s, they were raking it in AGAIN with CDs. And now, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, YouTube… curse those evil bastards…’

Half the stereo mag editorials are nostalgia. The rest rant about Gen Y’s Beats and earbuds. The younger generation just doesn’t appreciate a truly great CD the way they used to.

There’s one person left in the record company office, a desperate attorney filing lawsuits.

That’s about to be you. And your internet sales machine. If you don’t change.


This is what happens when Mobile and Social and Video tunnel right under you, directly to your customers.

It all transpires invisibly, until suddenly it’s too late.
Five Symptoms You’re Losing Ground Fast:

The “free line” keeps moving… lately it’s like having to offer people negative interest rates. “Hey, I’ll pay you to borrow this money!”
Webinars don’t make the cash register ring like they used to. You’re lucky to get 40% of sign-ups to show up
Collecting email addresses is like pulling fangs from a deranged wolf with rabies
You got banned from FB for doing “perfectly reasonable” things … like promising real results and providing actual guarantees
You used to feel like you possessed a secret alchemy lab, but now you’re standing outside in the snow without a coat

Bottom Line: The beloved Pay Per Click Ad / Squeeze Page / Autoresponder Sequence / Sales Page is nearly obsolete.


The smartphone.

The smartphone has swallowed your watch, CD player, turntable, alarm clock, camera, taxi, map, guitar tuner, metronome, scanner, tape recorder, video camera, calculator, notepad, flashlight, kitchen timer, thermometer, barometer and Bible.

That phone is going to swallow your sales machine too if you’re not wary. Markets are slippery and you could lose traction fast.

Email is STILL critical. You still have to do the blocking and tackling like you used to…but if you don’t build trust before you get the email address, you’re in danger of never getting that address at all!?

But sleep with one eye open, cuz email is nowhere near enough.

The concept of THE MAZE, the same one I’ve been teaching more than ten years, must now extend its tentacles far beyond your email list… so the same “auto-responsive” systems that reliably hone in on interested prospects and leave others alone, also slash the amount of work you must do in Social Media.

True or False? Social Media is “74 things you’re not doing nearly enough of.” You’re pretty sure getting seduced into doing them will smear your carcass across 1,000 miles of dirt road. So you feel trapped.

Social Media can either drive you totally crazy, stringing you out and dissipating your energy, leaving you with nothing… or you can neatly fold it into a cohesive, efficient strategy.

Email is still the inner sanctum – especially for all forms of BUSINESS activity – but it’s only part of the picture. The MAZE concept now extends to everything.

Maze 2.0 is a way to conk out a bunch of social media tasks too, with modest effort.

The Maze 2.0 can extend into your customers’ smartphones and simplify your life… or social media can drag you through a cheese grater, subdividing you into 1,000 pieces, dragging you into a million useless conversations and diluting you into nothingness.
Ye Olde Internet Marketing Mousetrap is Rusty & Crumbling
The Four Horsemen of the Direct Marketing Apocalypse are Thundering Toward Your Sales Funnel

All of us cocky direct marketers (who are soooo much smarter than those silly brand advertisers) are going to have to eat some humble pie…or suffer the sword of the Horsemen.

Introducing: Maze 2.0 or “Your Plan for Surviving the Death of the Web”

– Maze 2.0 Onslaught #1: Thursday, February 25, 3:30pm Eastern

How to leverage the “Hidden Autoresponder” systems of social media.
How to implement Virtual Auto-Responders before they land on your site, then Virtual Auto-Responders when they land on your site.
The Swiss Army Knife approach to social media Pre-Autoresponders.
How to build your case, before the opt-in, like a lawyer presenting your case from different angles and approaches. They show up pre-sold, pre-convinced, pre-persuaded.
Marketing tactics for the age when Branding and Direct Response merge…if you don’t respect this shift in the cosmos you will lose lots of $$$.
How to convert traffic at a higher rate by honing in on your ideal targets before they get to your AR sequence.
Why your autoresponders still need to be written FIRST before you deploy your social media “pre-autoresponders”

– Maze 2.0 Onslaught #2, Wednesday, March 2, 4pm Eastern


Here’s the problem:

There are so few channels you’ve gotta worry about:


So what’s the problem?

Well, the problem is, your customers and prospects are scattered across ALL of these channels. Covering them all is all but impossible except for billion dollar corporations and as you know, even those guys do it badly.

So what do you do?

That’s why I’ve created “Resurrection of the Web” – Social Media and Maze 2.0

I’m going to give you a comprehensive Maze 2.0 strategy, the 2016-and-beyond sales funnel, that covers 80-85%. Beautifully, elegantly, and with as little work as humanly possible. Buying you much needed time so you can catch up with the new web.

– Maze 2.0 Onslaught #3, Wednesday, March 9, 1PM Eastern

“Foundational Autoresponder Principles”

Back near the turn of the 20th century, when inventors were racing to see who could be the first to design an airplane that would actually fly, there were two schools of thought.

First, the well-known men of science (like Alexander Graham Bell and Stanley Langley) focused all their attention on building powerful engines.

Second, Orville & Wilbur Wright focused their attention on designing an aerodynamic “system.”

In other words, instead of just pumping big, dumb power through the system, the Wright brothers made sure the plane had what it took to get off the ground…and stay off the ground!

The other guys strapped more and more powerful engines on to heavy, clumsy, earth-bound contraptions. It seemed they were merely trying to figure out how to crash in more and more spectacular ways.

And we know who won the race.

Your autoresponder sequences are what make your sales funnel fly. If you can design an “aerodynamic” autoresponder sequence, you don’t need big dumb traffic. You don’t have to pump streams of expensive traffic through your heavy, land-bound sales funnel.

No, suddenly the traffic you pump through your jet engine converts at a higher rate. And that means you can buy better, more expensive traffic. You can buy your competitors traffic. You can dominate your industry.

Maze 2.0 Bronze: $1497

–    Access to All 3 Maze 2.0 Webinars. 180 minutes of the most cutting-edge “Post web” marketing insights (see above).
–    You’ll get 10 email persuasion templates. Ten of my best emails ready for you to fill-in-the-blanks and send to your list. Copyright free.
–    A swipe file of 175 emails from my own Autoresponder system.
–    99 Questions to JumpStart Your Email Marketing Brain…can’t think of anything to write about? Never be at a loss for ideas again. Over 7,000 Planet Perry members have used this guide to generate ideas for email messages.
–    Autoresponder Guide…step by step guide for writing your Autoresponder sequence. Don’t know where to start? This guide will make it simple to craft your sequence.
–    Email checklist…handy list of questions for reviewing your emails BEFORE you send them out…eliminate 99% of the mistakes most marketers make.
–    Invisible Streams e-book by Perry Marshall, Rod Brant and Drew Bischoff…written over 7 years ago, but the principles hold true to this day…how to rack the shotgun, identify your hyperesponsives and make


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