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Ryan Stewman – Funnel Closer

Name Product: Ryan Stewman – Funnel Closer

Sale Page: _https://hcwebinar.com/sales-letter

Price: $1997
“I WILL create 10 new millionaires in the next 12 months…”

My simple Funnel Closer system will work for you, if you are at the
bottom of your company… or at the top… or even if you’re a
lone-wolf who’s “self-employed” …
…I’ll show you my guaranteed system in a few minutes
In fact, if it DOESN’T work… I’ll PAY YOU!



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Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy 2017

Name Product: Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy (2017)

Sale Page: _https://thenextstep.clickfunnels.com/order-form11614446

Price: $2497

Discover the guaranteed fastest way to break past the six-figures per year “ceiling” and have a pipeline bursting with leads who WANT to buy what you’re selling (without EVER making a SINGLE cold call) …
“What Would You Pay To Sneak Into The Closed Door Meeting And Eavesdrop On The No Holds Barred Discussions Of Arguably The Most Elite And Extraordinary Salesmen Ever Assembled In One Place, At One Time?”

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wanted to have fresh, qualified leads flooding your inbox
… begging to be closed?
The truth is, you don’t need to cold call or do anything like that ever again… unless you want to.
You see, thousands of folks just like you are automating their prospecting and marketing…
letting them spend more time on more important things.
Things like closing deals and hanging out with family.

The days of “working the phone” for hours… hoping to find someone interested in your product or service are over.

A lot of sales people have a day that looks something like this…

You wake up, get ready for work… sometimes eat breakfast and once you get to the office, your job is to fill up your pipeline, follow up with past leads and close some damn sales.

When you finish work, you go to your car, drive to your house…
pull into your driveway and many times, feel exhausted and relieved to finally be home.
Then, when you walk into your house, you plop down on the couch, flip on the TV and realize that you didn’t make your numbers today…
so that means if you don’t make up for it tomorrow…

your check isn’t going to be very nice.
Look… your life DOESN’T have to be that way.?
Even if you’re a top-dog closer who’s shutting down deals all the time.
Chances are high that you’re putting in at least 7X more time and effort than you need to.

Yep… there is an easier way…



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Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy(2016)

Name Product: Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy(2016)

Sale Page: https://bfadigital.com/sales

Price: $1997

Here’s just a small taste of what it teaches inside:

An “almost magic” phrase you can say the first time you talk to a lead that will get them wanting to work with you (and ONLY you) right out the gate! (Best part: works like crazy even for brand new agents who have trouble closing deals.)

How to get your sleazy competitors (without them even knowing it) to help you get more leads for YOUR business! (Simply follow my instructions and they become like your unpaid interns generously making you deals day and night.)

The “Shawshank Redemption” secret for turning friends, strangers, and even competitors into dozens of hot, ready to buy/sell leads that are 100% eager to work ONLY with you. (This is something prison convicts do to stay alive and out of trouble – yet, not 1 in 100 so-called experts even knows about it. But you will if you get my system while it’s still available to the public.)

A little-known way to follow up with hundreds of leads per day even if you stay in bed or are out playing golf with your friends. (Just set aside 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening to do this and you’re done. If you want to scale your business and blow right past the $20k-$30k ceiling while having MORE free time, this is how you do it.)

A quickie “crash course” for making the Internet your own, personal 24/7 lead-generation machine working tirelessly on your behalf. (And don’t worry, if you can check email, you have all the tech skills you need to do this.)

How to make yourself the go-to agent in your market – even to leads who don’t like you! (It’s the easiest way to turn hostile leads into eager buyers I’ve ever seen.)

The single biggest mistake 99% of real estate professionals make each day that kills deals on the spot. (Nearly everyone I talk to – even “successful” people – does this, and it’s killing their sales. Chances are you are making this mistake, too, and are basically robbing yourself of money. Details inside.)

A ridiculously simple “fool proof” way to track prospects who aren’t ready to buy now. (And, how to arrange it so that when they are ready to buy, you’ll be the ONLY person they want to call!)

How even a shy, introverted shut-in who’s scared to talk to people can dominate networking events. (Just do this and you’ll be the only person people you talk to remember. And, when they’re ready to buy, you’ll also be the only person they will have any desire to call.)

A scientifically proven way (discovered by psychologists years ago) to “hack” into your prospect’s brain so they trust you and feel like you’re their best friend. (And, because of that, won’t even think about doing business with anyone else but you.)

How to “jimmy” your cell phone so it does the work of 7 hardcore sales people making you deals all at the same time! (Doing this to your phone is the next best thing to cloning yourself and being in multiple places at once – almost guaranteeing you never lose a sales opportunity again.)

How to turn Facebook into your unpaid star sales assistant. (Follow these simple instructions and you’ll never have to pay through the nose for advertising again – plus, in many cases, the leads you get will be exclusive JUST to you!)
A free way to get up to 10x’s more leads finding your website via search engines. (These free leads seek you out and ask you if they can buy from you – basically turning you into a glorified and high paid order taker.)

How to generate hundreds of buyer/seller leads per year using social media sites – even if you have no friends on them now. (And, how to do it without breaking any of their rules or looking like a desperate spammer. In fact, do what I show you correctly and people might even THANK you for selling to them!)

How even people without a high school education and who have never touched a computer before can generate hundreds of leads per day online. (And, how you can start generating these leads in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show!)

How to use an ordinary cell phone camera to build a massive following of people eager to talk to you about buying a home! (Funny thing about this is, it’s so obvious and easy, practically nobody in our industry does it.)

How to “side step” the mistakes most agents make when landing clients and taking them through the sales process. (HINT: When you do it my way, the sale is closed at the beginning of the process, not the end, which makes it hard to fail even if you say something stupid or bungle an objection.)

Why so many paid ads generate nothing but horrible leads who have no intention of ever buying. (And, how to tweak your paid ads so you get nothing but hot, eager buyer/seller leads ready to get started the first time you talk to them.)

The “folk lore” secret of using ugly ad photos to get people practically standing in line to tour properties for sale. (This secret is admittedly a bit weird, but it’s still one of the most reliable ways to help sell homes ever invented.)

What to say on your ad listings to make leads feel completely comfortable contacting you and buying from you. (People only buy from sellers they know, like, and trust – say this in your listings, and you’ll almost be like an old family friend they can’t wait to do business with before they even contact you!)

How to contact people in a way where you never look like you’re needy or being a nag. (Nothing will kill a sale like neediness and nagging. If you ONLY did this simple thing I explain inside, you will automatically be more successful, even if you do everything else wrong!)

The “one click trick” method for making whatever property you’re selling automatically more valuable in your prospect’s mind. (I do this on my website listings all the time – and it makes nearly any property seem more valuable, regardless of its condition.)
How to avoid phone tag and long, tedious email threads with people you want to make appointments with. (Do this and your appointment setting becomes 100% automatic, and makes it almost impossible for you or your prospect to ever miss an appointment.)

How to quickly and cheaply “position” yourself as the best-in-the-industry – so buyers and sellers flock to you first and can’t even imagine doing business with anyone else! (If you have good positioning in your area, you can make big money even if you’re not the most well-known, most trusted, or best selling agent in town. In fact, this is one of the main reasons Break Free Academy has such an off-the-charts success rate.)

A clever way to look, sound, and appear highly confident even if you don’t have all the answers. and even if you don’t know what you’re doing yet! (If you’re brand new to the business, this one tip alone can shave years off your journey to becoming a top salesman.)

How to get other businesses to (1) reduce your ad spend (2) increase market awareness about you and your business and (3) make you a lot more sales with a lot less effort.

A sneaky (but completely legal and ethical) way to use LinkedIn to generate hundreds of leads per year for free. (And, in just minutes per day!)

Break Free Academy shows you the quickest and safest way ever discovered for building a big team while doing the least amount of work possible. If you’re just starting out, it can help you “glide” right into your first 6-figure year. If you’re already doing $20k or $30k per month and sick of working 70+ hour weeks to maintain your income, it can help you scale to 7-figures while working just a few hours per week.



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