Using Kanban Jump Start

Name Product: Using Kanban Jump Start
Sale Page: _https://mva.microsoft.com/en-us/training-courses/using-kanban-boards-jump-start-8659?l=aGIVsCG1_2604984382

Price: $497

Does it seem like your dev team is bogged down in process and can’t get the ball across the goal line? If you’re looking to streamline the development pipeline,

Kanban-quickly becoming a standard tool in the agile toolbox-can help you. This first in our “ALM Wednesdays” series of Jump Starts goes in depth to show you how

Kanban is much more than a board with columns and stickies. Steven Borg and Cheryl Hammond show you, in very practical ways, how to move beyond boards to

see how Kanban can help focus your teams on the flow of value to your customers, help you identify and remove bottlenecks in your development pipeline, and most

importantly, shift your organizational culture toward creative problem-solving at all levels.



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